Sunday, 19 June 2011

R.I.P. Brian Haw

 I’ve just heard the very sad news about Brian Haw; who passed away today from lung cancer. Everybody should know this man’s name. If we had more people like him; the world would be a much better place. 

  Brian began his protest against the UK’s recent illegal wars, as well as numerous other causes, back in 2001. His several year camp out in Parliament Square made him as much (if not more) of a London landmark as Big Ben or Buckingham Palace. 

  I briefly met the man several years back, and found him to be a very thoughtful, moral and gentle natured chap. Over the years, he was unfairly lambasted (sometimes physically attacked) by ignorant and narrow minded individuals who didn’t share his view on the immoral and murderous activities of the governments that rule our countries.

   After several attempts, he was ultimately removed from his encampment. Ludicrous reasons were cited such as: potential “terrorist threat”, “unlicensed protester” and noise pollution.

   What sickens me to the stomach is the amount of “public eye” figures that have, today, come out to express their sympathies! Many of these individuals despised the man for making his stand; some even played a role in having him forcibly evicted.

   What ultimately matters is the man and the cause. We who follow the truth try to do our part; yet it takes a brave person to put there fears and self concern aside, cross the line and fight the good fight with such passion. We can learn much from Brian Haw. I hope one day we’ll have many more like him.

For now though, May he find the peace that he spent many years seeking…

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