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9/11 - Part 5: "WTC 7"

   World Trade Centre Building 7 was a 47 storey building adjacent to The Twin Towers. I was aware of the building and it’s location (like many of the landmark buildings of New York), through years of interest in Americana and US pop culture… hence my interest in the unfolding events  of 9/11. I taped hours of news coverage on the day and was totally confused by the BBC’s reporting of the collapse of WTC 7. At 5.08pm,  BBC correspondent Jane Stanley announced that the WTC 7 had collapsed… not started to or about to collapse… actually gone. This was confirmed by the news anchor in the studio:

"The 47 storey Salomon Brothers building close to the World Trade Centre has also collapsed."

I knew where the building should have been in relation to the landscape and was bemused to see it standing in clear view, in the background, as she spoke live about the collapse. As eyewitness testimony (and official record) shows, it would not collapse for another 12 minutes. Did the BBC cock up and accidentally reveal that they had prior knowledge? This was one the key events of 9/11 that has since made me question the ‘official’ story. The collapse of WTC 7 got very little attention at the time. In the days, months and years since, those who manipulate and control the agenda  have tried to dismiss, even ignore it. Even the BBC have subsequently “lost those key tapes” from their archives. Thankfully, some of us had our VCRs running!

   WTC 7 allegedly collapsed as a result of fire… a handful of moderate fires on 2 floors to be exact. Like WTC 1 & 2, the building collapsed at free fall speed, into it’s own footprint. It was not hit by a plane and it was only mildly damaged by falling debris after The Towers collapsed. When examining the footage of this building, it appears obvious that it suffered little more than minor damage and burning. If we believe the ‘official’ account, then this must have been a very shoddily constructed building, to fall so easily! It would also make it the first steel high-rise building in history to collapse due to mostly fire.

   Like The Towers, there are oddities leading up to the collapse.  At 6.47am of 9/11, WTC 7's fire alarm system was placed on "TEST" mode for an eight hour period for "maintenance or other testing". Any alarms that were received from the system were not shown on the operator’s display, considered the result of the maintenance / testing and ignored. Several demolition teams were documented as being at Ground Zero (mid afternoon) and witnessed WTC 7 collapse. Several Ground Zero rescuers were heard (and filmed) saying the WTC 7 was going to "blow up" and will be "coming down soon". Others mentioned they were told around 3 p.m. that it was going to collapse and others were waiting around for it to fall. These accounts began about 3 hours before it collapsed. Indeed, the FDNY Deputy Chief Peter Hayden stated that at 2pm: “we  were pretty sure that 7 World Trade Centre would collapse”. At 4.15pm, CNN reporter Aaron Brown reported: "Building 7, in the WTC complex, is on fire and has either collapsed, or is collapsing” (this footage is available on Youtube).

   When the building went, A NYU medical student (who was watching the WTC 7) heard a clap of thunder, a shockwave rippling through the building, windows popping outward, then saw the bottom floor cave out followed by the rest of the building. Many researchers have pointed to footage of the collapse, that could indicate what looks like the central column supports “going” before the rest. The remaining debris from the WTC 7 was speedily removed without investigators having the chance to examine the wreckage at the scene to help determine the cause of failure. This was also the case with The Towers debris.

   Danny Jowenko was a Dutch explosives and demolition expert. He did not know about WTC 7 and was shown the footage of the collapse, but not told it took place on 9/11. After watching this he said, “Does the top go first? No. The Bottom… They simply blew up columns and the rest caved in afterwards. This is controlled demolition. This was a hired job performed by a team of experts.”

   Jowenko was then told by the interviewer that it took place on 9/11. His reaction was shock and surprise. “The same day?! Are you sure?!.. Are you sure this was the 11? That can‘t be”. After a long pause he said, “Then they worked hard!…. It‘s without a doubt a professional job. They knew exactly what they’re doing”. When asked to estimate how it would be carried out, he said that you would need experienced men: 30 to 40, 2 with a cutting torch, some to clear the walls, some to hook up the detonation cord and boosters and others to hook up the electronic systems. Jowenko subsequently went on to become an advocate of 9/11 truth.

   He sadly died in 2011 and his death has raised questions in the truth community. He was killed in a car accident, driving from church when he collided head on with a tree. There was also a dog in the car who survived.  If his death was related to his work to uncover the truth, we may never ultimately know.

   The significance of this particular building is not lost on some people. Despite the building being pretty much empty, some have claimed that Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s command centre (which allegedly orchestrated the events in WTC Plaza) was based in WTC 7. Whilst it is hard to prove this, it would be convenient to destroy evidence of said operation in the collapse. It has also been widely recorded that the CIA’s undercover “New York Station” was housed in WTC 7. Whilst it has been documented that over a billion dollars of gold were stored in WTC 4, it is also claimed that Gold Bullion was stored in WTC 7 too. This may be corroborated by eyewitness accounts of Gold Bullion being found in tunnels under WTC 5, when the site was being cleared.

It is also very well documented that key evidence in the ENRON scandal investigation was stored there and destroyed during the collapse. The ENRON scandal is inextricably linked to 9/11 through George Bush. ENRON Corporation was the biggest financial backer of Bush in the 2000 election and supported his career since his ‘Governor of Texas’ days. There is a huge amount of evidence linking Bush to Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling (both key players in ENRON leadership). Lay served on Bush’s transition team in 2000 and donated $290,000 to his campaign. Dick Cheney was also connected to ENRON, which he consulted at least 6 times before announcing US energy policy. ENRON collapsed due to manipulation of massive expansion of it’s global holdings, through the help of politicians on the payroll.  Executives sold their shares at the top of the market and encouraged employees to buy up shares. With the meltdown of ENRON, certain individuals made a killing. They so expertly played the system. It would make sense that exposing the activities of these people would reflect badly on the administration at the time. What a coincidence then, that key evidence in this case was lost on 9/11...

   Then, of course, there is the statement made by Larry Silverstein, the WTC leaseholder, who said (on record, viewable online in video form): "I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, "We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is ‘pull it‘". And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse" (PBS - 09/10/02). Any demolition expert worth their salt, will tell you that (what with all the road closures, debris and chaos) it would have next to impossible to set up the kind of operation needed for a ‘clean pull’ like WTC 7. Especially in only, a maximum window of, 8 hours. With this in mind, certain individuals must have had advance knowledge of 9/11 in order to set up the demolition of WTC 7.

   There may be some pieces of coincidental evidence to prove this supposition though.  In July of 2001, Larry Silverstein signed a 99-year lease for the rest of the WTC (just six weeks before the attacks). At roughly the same time, his insurance brokers changed WTC policy. The new policy allowed for the possible destruction of the towers to counted as two separate insurance claims (one per tower), instead of the original policy that counted both towers as one claim. On 9/11 itself, FOX reporter Jeffrey Shapiro said that several NYPD officers and Con-Edison workers had told him that Larry Silverstein was on the phone with his insurance carrier to see if they would authorize the controlled demolition of the WTC 7. The ultimate outcome of Silverstein’s foresight, allowed him to pocket $861 million (a profit of $478 million) for the collapse of WTC 7 alone. With the following court battles (to claim double payment for The Towers), he was ultimately awarded just under 5 billion dollars. Not a bad days work at the expense of such tragedy and loss of life…

   The overall ‘official’ account and investigation of the collapse of this building has been a whitewashed lie of the highest order. The FEMA report, regarding WTC 7 gives no concrete conclusion as to why it collapsed. It states only that it MAY have occurred through fire alone and that additional study would be required. The 9/11 commission report almost ignores it’s existence, saying only that the collapse was “highly improbable”. To this day, there has been no further ‘official’ investigation into the collapse of WTC 7. Exposing the truth about this particular aspect of 9/11 may bring us closer to definitive answers. Maybe that is why debunkers, the powers that be and the propaganda machine goes to great lengths to pretend it never, ever happened.

What THEY won’t touch on, is where WE may find the answers.
To Be Continued…

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