Friday, 29 April 2011

The Truth Seeker's Guide

Welcome to my first “Truth Seekers Guide” blog entry. My thoughts on the world of truth seeking, cover-ups, conspiracies, mysteries… whatever you prefer to call it. I thought I’d start by telling you a bit about myself and the sort of things I hope to cover here. I’ll try to post as often as I can and occasionally I may cover some off-topic things. I hope you’ll visit and have a read when you can.

My name is Carl. I am high school educated with various GCSEs & A-Levels as a result. I dropped out just prior to Degree to follow my dream of having a career in music & entertainment. It didn‘t go exactly to plan though! I managed to get some life experience in some well known coastal holiday camps: the highs being on stage & the lows being a stint as an amusement arcade bingo caller! After a season by the sea, I got disillusioned, returned home and somehow ended up working in the Healthcare profession. I gained further qualifications along the way and self-financed others in I.T. studies.

In 1998, my music became a big part of my life again, when I helped to form the band: Who’s Renown - a tribute to The Who. The band eventually went on to become one of the UK’s top tribute bands, performing/sometimes headlining at some of the biggest, unsigned live music festivals in the country. I also do a bit of Frank Sinatra now and again, but this is purely hobby and for the love of the music. Over time, my Healthcare job became very part-time and my singing took over the rest. I’ve been immensely lucky to do all I’ve done with the band, all the places we’ve performed… It’s given me a very privileged lifestyle: as a non-conformist! And, allowed me to spend a lot more time writing and painting (Finally putting to use my A-Levels in English & Art!) I’m sure “the good life” will all end eventually, all good things are fleeting. But, while it lasts…

The idea behind “The Truth Seeker’s Guide” came about very slowly. I’ve spent the last 10 years studying global socio-political events & the inconsistencies within the subsequent media coverage of said events. I’ve read 1000s of books and documents, watched countless pieces of footage and followed the truth community… albeit from a distance.

I was always fascinated in certain mysteries and events. In the 90’s, I took an interested in some of the UFO phenomenon, but only had some passing knowledge of the events surrounding Roswell & Rendlesham Forest. I strongly believed that there was more to JFK than a lone gunman, but still genuinely thought that many subsequent US presidents were on the level. This was about the limit of my interest. Like most, I voted bi-partisan, watched mainstream TV, always caught the evening news and accepted most that I saw in the world for what it was.
My wake up call began after September 11th 2001. I was just finishing a shift at work when the side of the first tower exploded and was lucky enough to get home within minutes to set my VCR recording. I jumped back and forth between 8 or 9 channels covering the events and taped about 8 hours as it happened. As 9/11 unfolded, I knew there was something there that needed a further look.

Over time, I have truly had the scales lifted from my eyes. I have thoroughly researched 9/11, aspects of the alleged global governance or New World Order agenda. Things like CFR, Bilderberg & Freemasonic connections. Psyops, Black Technology, UFOlogy, HAARP, Chemtrails, the list goes on.

I tend to be pragmatic… probably why I never got involved with discussion or writing about the subject. I like to have good, strong evidence or if that’s not available, evidence of mis-direction. If neither is there, I research the viewpoints and re-evaluate as any new indicators appear. This doesn‘t mean, I don’t believe though. I just believe in being cautious. I’m not a debunker and not everyone will like my opinions, but I will never bash other people’s beliefs. I’m not na├»ve but I am open. At some point soon, I will write about some of my personal beliefs. Areas that I think need to be brought to the attention of the mainstream, and other areas that I’m yet to get onboard with. The most important thing a person can do is question something, even if they don‘t like or agree with what they find. The worst thing is burying your head. Knowledge is power. Below, is an example from my own experience.

I can’t be specific with names and certain details for reasons of confidentiality in my workplace, but here’s what basically happened. In late 2009, a staff meeting was suddenly called one morning at work. Unusual, as we were given much more notice on previous occasions. A letter had come through from **** informing us that, due to the predicted and forthcoming Swine Flu pandemic, all staff and patients would be required to have the vaccination. If we’d had already had it or made an appointment to have the vaccination, this was fine. If we hadn’t, then a professional would come to the workplace within the next week and administer it.

Fortunately, I had looked into the history of Swine Flu, Tamiflu, the coming vaccine and their questionable chemical components and side-effects a few months prior and I firmly believed that not all was as it appeared to be. I spoke up straight away and was very surprised by the response, being told that we “had to have it” and that we “would have to have a very good excuse NOT to have it!”. Now, this could have just been a case of ill-informed management. A simple matter of believing the hype and thinking that they were only acting in our best interest. The irony of healthcare is that sometimes, professionals genuinely don’t know what is good or bad for us!

Fellow staff were understandably concerned. After all, the mainstream news media had been daily peddling scare tactics about the potential millions that could die from Swine Flu. Now, I’m not saying that Swine Flu is harmless. I do however know that neither is the medication given to prevent Swine Flu. The vaccination at the time was potentially very damaging to a persons’ health. This was what I wanted people to be aware of.

After finishing work, I went home and printed up two lots of comprehensive notes, research and articles and returned with them to work. My intention was not to tell fellow staff, “don’t have the jab!”; but rather to give them the information to make the choice themselves. BUT, more importantly tell them that they HAD a choice. That if they had concerns, they were within their rights to refuse it.
I took the info to administration, with the intention of leaving one there and asking that the other be placed in the staffroom to be read if so wished. The next day, no sign of the notes. Admin claimed they had lost them… (it was possible!)

But a strange thing happened next. Because I had made such a song and dance, fellow workers began to ask me: why? I told them what I knew and where they should go on the Net to do their homework if they were concerned. The day arrived when the professional came with her box of needles. The unfortunate patients didn’t get much choice and the less said about how it subsequently knocked them about, the better. Of the 30 plus staff though, only one lad had it. He was off work for over a week and when he returned, he said, “It was the worse it’d made me feel in a long time. I wish I’d listened to you!”. To counter this, several of my family (who don’t accept a word I say about these things) had the vaccination and said they felt fine. However, we all know how this “catastrophic pandemic” turned out, which begs the question: Why the hype? It was a great feeling when people I worked with started to question the system, rather than blindly follow it.

So there you go. The truth: stranger than fiction or not?! What is true, is that we live in a world that is not always what it appears to be. That control, fear, suppression & lies are used to manipulate us. By whom? I don’t know for sure. Why? Good Question! Don’t ask me, do your own homework! Question all you see. Then question yourself…. Christ, I sound like a Hallmark card!
Here’s someone more eloquent:
“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!” (Bob Marley)

Until next time,
Namaste & Peace Out!
The Truth Seekers Guide.