Saturday, 29 September 2012

Some Updates, Derby Event & New BBC Conspiracy Road Trips

The last few weeks have been a busy time for me. Aside from my truth album project and preparing my first talk, I’ve also had to deal with some work related glitches and juggle a few other things. It really is a shame that we live in a world where we are trapped within the money concept and therefore have to work in order to get any. I’m not a slave to material consumerism, but even finding the money to pay the bills and get the essentials, highlights the disproportionate gulf between the cost of living and wages. It is a vicious circle and therein lies the trap, not only is it incredibly difficult to get out of this system – but it was designed (and is still perpetuated) that way. Imagine what we could accomplish if we didn’t have our noses to the grindstone all the time! This is a subject for another time though…

This Sunday (30th September 2012) is the “Not on the Six O’clock News” event in Derby. I posted all the details in my last article and you can get the full lowdown here:
Times: 11am - 10pm (Doors Open 10:30am)
Location: YMCA Derbyshire, 770 London Road, Wilmorton, Derby, DE24 8UT.

I just wanted to remind folks about it because it really will be worth attending if you can. Not only is it a bargain (at £15 - for a full day event), but the speakers are also amongst the finest researchers around. Andrew Johnson is organising (and speaking at) the event, with additional 2 hour presentations from Richard D Hall, Neil Sanders and Lloyd Pye. I had the opportunity to see Lloyd’s latest presentation at Truth Juice in Birmingham just over a week ago and was staggered by the implications of his evidence regarding The Starchild Skull. The same can be said of the research of all the speakers who will be attending. It really is “open your eyes” stuff!

Also, don’t forget that the BBC will be airing the first of their new propaganda/hit pieces on Monday. The subject of the first Conspiracy Road Trip “programme” is 7/7. Although I would never recommend anything that “Auntie Beeb” excretes out the TV screen, it is worth watching in order to gain some insight into how the creation industry is dedicated to screwing with the perceptions of the masses. It also should allow anybody who has researched the true nature of this false flag event, to better set the record straight with those who might buy into the lies perpetuated in the media.
Here are some (ahem) “details”:
And the dates and times can be found here:

I should be back to posting more regular articles next week.
Until then, thanks for your continued support and readership. It really is appreciated.
Keep smiling and the best to you all.
Carl (The ‘Guide)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Not on The 6 O'Clock News

Sunday 30th September 2012 promises to be a treat for any respectable truth seeker. Check The Evidence is hosting “Not on The 6 O’clock News” at the YMCA Derbyshire.  This full day event will include four of the finest alternative researchers you could find; Neil Sanders, Andrew Johnson, Richard D Hall and Lloyd Pye. I have included some information below and the link for full details. I thoroughly recommend trying to attend, if you can. Not only does it promise to be a very informative day, but admission is a bargain at £15!

Date: Sun 30th Sep 2012
Times: 11am - 10pm (Doors Open 10:30am)
Admission: £15 (to cover cost of venue hire and speakers' expenses)
YMCA Derbyshire, 770 London Road, Wilmorton, Derby, DE24 8UT.
For full details of the event visit:
There are also links here for directions, inquiries and ticket purchases.

Timetable will be roughly this:
Parking at the venue is limited. There is an onsite Cafe, which we are hoping will be open most of the day - and the food / drinks will be very reasonably priced.
Details of the speakers (from the website.)
Neil Sanders - Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own: Media Manipulation Of Perception - Neil Sanders, BA, MA and a qualified Hypnotherapist, has spent years reading about and researching the subject of secret government mind control projects. Neil will be discussing how the media shape perceptions and use propaganda, and show that the mainstream media should be regarded with great caution when covering certain topics and stories. Just how much are our thoughts steered by the media? TV, advertisements, films, newspapers all have more influence over us than we realise. Neil's detailed research is about to be published in a book. Neil Sanders has been a regular guest on the Richplanet TV show and his presentation will tie in with some of Richard Hall's presentation. I am grateful to him for coming to speak at the event.
Andrew Johnson - The Control of Information: 911, Energy and Sequestered Technologies - In this presentation, Andrew who has a background in Software Engineering, tutoring and education, will look at the evidence for the cover up of “free energy”. Looking around us, we can see fantastic advances in many areas of technology – yet in ground transportation, we are still “stuck” with decades old internal combustion engine technology which has not progressed much. A look at the evidence tells us that we can exploit Radiant Energy, Cold Fusion, and other forms of “vacuum energy”. Andrew will also discuss another reason why we do not have access to this technology - because it has been turned into a weapon - one that was used on 9/11. He will discuss how this knowledge - uncovered by the careful research of Dr Judy Wood - has been covered up - even by many "alternative knowledge" researchers and websites.
Richard D Hall - Media, Mind Control and Raoul Moat / UFOs and Animal Abduction - In a 2-part presentation, UK engineer and Broadcaster, Richard D Hall will discuss his detailed research into some areas which are rarely if ever covered in the mainstream media . Richard has a weekly show "Richplanet TV" on the Showcase Channel (201) and I am grateful to him for coming to speak at the event. for more information.
Lloyd Pye - Starchild Skull - The New Evidence - Lloyd, who has worked as a Hollywood Screen Writer, author and lecturer, is a long time researcher into Hominids and Hominoids,  will be discussing the world-famous Starchild Skull, a real bone skull found in Mexico in 1930. Lloyd illustrates 25 major physical differences between the Starchild and a normal human skull. He shows that several parts of the Starchild are not seen in any other skulls or bones on planet Earth! Most importantly, he delves into recent research on the Starchild’s DNA, which clearly shows that as soon as its entire genome is recovered and sequenced, its genetics will confirm it is vastly more distant from humans than are chimps or gorillas. The Starchild Skull represents history about to be made as big and as important as history can be made, so don’t miss this personal introduction to a relic that will establish once and for all that we humans are not alone in the universe….and never have been! I am grateful to him for coming to speak at the event. for more information about the Starchild and for more information about Lloyd.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Eleven Years Later...

Today is the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. A year ago, I wrote over a dozen articles addressing certain factors that set the stage for the tragedy of that fateful day, the events themselves and the legacy that was left for the world. My views have changed a fair amount since posting those articles (the articles remain in the blog archive, should anybody wish to see my perspectives at the time) and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m glad they have.

The event itself remains (in my belief) the biggest cover up in history – not only the implications and the global changes that followed, but also the deeper levels of deceit that have distorted mass perceptions even further. In drawing these conclusions, I have often asked myself: how deep does the rabbit hole really go?

There are several factors that have reshaped my understanding of 9/11. I have a huge amount of respect for the people who have worked tirelessly to uncover the hidden layers of 9/11. Without sounding like I’m banging the drum for them, I genuinely believe we are indebted to them – not only for their work, but also for remaining true to their convictions and not selling out to a more “convenient” stand point. If you haven’t already, I hope you will take the time to follow up these areas of research. This is a brief look at some of the areas I feel are critical to a legitimate investigation of 9/11. I’ve also included some links to relevant information.

“Where Did The Towers Go?”
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Dr Judy Wood’s book is (in my opinion) the current “Rosetta Stone” of 9/11 truth. The information not only dismantles many of the myths about what happened to the WTC Towers, but also raises questions about the true levels of technological capabilities that may exist in the world today. It takes the evidence to a whole new level of meaning, with staggering implications for humanity. With this is mind, it is understandable that many people have fallen over themselves to debunk and discredit her and her work. It never the less remains a shameful act. Such activities are documented in:

“9/11 – Finding the Truth”
I accept that there will always be people who believe the “official” version of events without question, despite the fact (no matter how much it is denied) that the evidence tell a very different story. There are also those who have embraced a limited position of “truth”. Andrew Johnson’s book “Finding the Truth” exposes the lengths some of these folk will go to in order to rally those in the alternative community behind specific concepts – having the effect of muddying the waters so much, with regard to 9/11. The book also raises questions about the true motives of these individuals and reveals how they connect to a much larger agenda of suppressing the true levels of directed free energy technology, mass perceptual management and controlled opposition – which brings me to:


Activism and “truth seeking” often leads to the “movement” phenomenon. It is understandable that people (who feel the need to ‘do something’) would want to rally behind a group or movement, believing it is far more effective than going it alone. There are two flaws here. Firstly, activism can be achieved in many ways. Sometimes, revealing the information to others is more than enough. There is no real need to “recruit” people. Let the people decide for themselves and take their own path. Surely we can all agree that this should be the basic principle of finding truth. Secondly, individual thinking is far more productive than a mass of people all saying (virtually) the same thing. I know it may sound extreme, but there is something very “cultish” about it all. Most groups are “controlled opposition” – whether you want to admit it or not. The evidence is clear. Intelligence agencies have poured huge resources into creating or co-opting movements and groups. If your modus operandi for finding truth is so you don’t feel alone in your beliefs (although this not a very healthy motivation!), remember that you are never really alone. We are all in this together… you don’t need to sign up or anything! This dovetails into:

“The Alternative Community”
What we (collectively) are discovering is very dangerous and threatens any plans that the agenda players may have for our future. I believe that part of the reason for 9/11 occurring, was to reassert mass perceptions of the world. The effect pulls people in line with “accepted notions” and isolates anybody who can be bothered to think and question the bigger picture. This may be by design. There are growing numbers of individuals in the larger alternative community who are "limiters", disinformation agents and fear mongers. Others buy into the information ( these "truthers" spread) and unwittingly perpetuate it, often with nothing more than the best of intentions. With enough time and research, it is possible to recognise the contradictions in the information. You can usually find the reality somewhere in the middle.

Some other considerations regarding 9/11:

“Richard D Hall’s Video and Radar Analysis”

Like many people, I was drawn to Simon Shack’s film “September Clues”, which suggested that the visual footage of the “plane impacts” were generated (possibly CGI, etc.) Certainly, the footage displayed oddities in the craft themselves and the “cartoon physics” of said “impacts”. Richard D Hall’s careful analysis of the footage, combined with radar data and 3D modelling has revealed two “flight paths”. One is the “impact” path, while the other misses the towers completely. If we consider the nature of the “impact” footage, it is my belief that we what we are dealing with is, not faked footage, rather an aircraft (of some type, following the path that misses the towers) “projecting” the image of the “impact” plane into the sky – therefore appearing “real”... or something to that effect anyway. This also perhaps ties into one final area of study that seems to have been largely discarded in 9/11 research:

“The Pentagon
Whilst I still have a lot of questions about the research of the Citizen Investigation Team, their 2006 investigation of The Pentagon eyewitnesses appeared to show something of interest. A significant number of accounts put “an aircraft” in a very different position in the sky, to that of the “official flight path”. You have to wonder if this may mirror the “plane” scenario that has been raised in Richard D Hall’s research. The Pentagon aspect is difficult because of the lack of evidence. For this reason, many now ignore this part of 9/11. There may be something even more significant (yet to be uncovered about this specific event) that may add to the weight of overall 9/11 evidence in the future.

We must always keep in mind “the human factor” to 9/11. As with all these events, many often forget about the victims and their families. Without sounding trite, we owe it to their memory (as well as to future generations looking back on that day) to continue to talk about what really happened and support legitimate areas of research. By doing this, we may avoid having to witness something of its kind ever again.

Be vigilant, keep your minds open and spread the word.
All the best.

The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Paralympic Closing Ceremony - Stadium Layout

 Just a few more details now that I've had a better look at the podium designs and general layout of the stadium floor. The detail in this picture is pretty good. As I've said before, I'm no expert on interpreting such things, but one or two details have sprung to mind. The overall layout (including the symbols on the podium) are very similar to some of the many crop circle designs witnessed over the years. This is not really a debate about the validity of the phenomenon - some are clearly man made (even many of the very intricate ones), whilst some defy conventional explanations. Obviously, some unseen hand did not swoop down and design the layout for The Paralympic Closing Ceremony, but the parallels are interesting. Here are a few crop circle designs (how they were created is unimportant in this context) along similar lines:

There are also some aspects of the masonic / occult / magick symbolism that can possibly be interpreted from the design. I've included an overall layout here, with some examples for consideration. The most striking comparison is with The ‘Monas Hieroglphica‘ (one glyph) -

"an emblem proposed originally by Athanasius Kircher and expanded on by Dr. John Dee for his sixteenth century treatise on the creation of a mystical symbolic language of the same name. The figure is based on the Egyptian Ankh and contains symbols of the seven planets/alchemical metals: The sign of Aries, the cardinal sign of the zodiac: A cross representing the four primal elements: The sign of Sol, the sun, and alchemical gold: A lunar crescent, alchemical silver: The symbol appears in other places, notably, the “Speculum Veritatis,” or Mirror of truth, an alchemical text."

Strange stuff anyway! Whoever says that there simply is nothing to all The Olympic speculation, isn't really looking. If nothing else, the symbolism is clearly visible. What it all means... that's for you to decide.

The Truth Seeker's Guide.

Books available from Carl James:
Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda - Volume One -
Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda - Volume Two -
What Really Happened at the London 2012 Olympics -

The Paralympics Closing Ceremony

This will hopefully be my last look into the London 2012 subject, at least until I talk on the subject in a few months. To be honest, what I have noted here (with regards to The Paralympic Closing Ceremony) is merely an exercise in completion! I have posted articles on the “build-up” and the three previous ritual ceremonies, so it seems only fair that I do the same for the finale. These rituals are “much of a much-ness” now. They have the same effect on me as drinking a bottle of ‘Draino’ (I only suspect! Thankfully I’ve never actually had the experience!)

If it wasn’t for the implications and a feeling of responsibility to highlight the hidden meanings and symbolism in such pantomimes, I wouldn’t give them the time of day. With that in mind, I’ve decided to point out a few interesting aspects and leave you to hopefully set out and look for the true nature of these representations for yourself. I do find it telling that (early in the proceedings) the commentators quoted the artistic director of the ceremony. She apparently asked people "not to look for too much meaning in all this...."

The “Festival of the Flame” seemed a little blatant to me really. I found it curious that the Saturn aspects (the three ‘agitos’ hung above the stadium floor) were demolished within the opening moments, paving the way for all manner of “fire” related themes and several examples of ‘sun worship’. An early opening video featured a “book of fire” being passed from person to person. It also introduced an array of ‘steam punk’ style vehicles and machinery racing toward the stadium. The latter took the form of mechanical creatures (horses, a giant fish, a dinosaur called “clamposaurus”, etc.) Many of the contraptions had ‘horned’ and ‘winged’ riders. One device was a mechanical man (who was on fire!) riding a bicycle. The commentary pointed out several “fan” devices as “wind gremlins”, who charged ahead of the cavalcade to lead a battle against the guardians / “dreamers” of the agitos… honestly! I couldn’t make this stuff up!

The commentary was a little unusual. The talking heads called it “a symbol of beginnings and ends”, “unity and human spirit”, “hope for the future”, “the power of love” (all strangely out of context), punctuated by continual references to the military and “the war on terror”…

The flag parade commenced, with the bearers initially forming a blatant triangle (trinity, pyramid, make of it what you will) and then a heart. It was all very cardiac warming and you could really feel the love! In keeping with this love fest, “Clamposaurus”, a rocket car (with a red star on the side), and some black feathered demon crow type creatures on stilts joined the ‘hug-in’, followed by a load of snarling and growling dancers with flame throwers – who proceeded to torch the ground and anything else they could find… it was all very lovely!
Once again, a huge eye was formed on the stadium floor and the military aspect came to the forefront when Lance Corporal Rory Mackenzie (an athlete who lost several limbs in Iraq) told us how this would “set the heart alight”, described a seasonal theme (with Summer designated the ‘spirit of fire, energy and passion’) and shouted “hail to the festival of the flame.”
From here on, the ritual became a vehicle for Coldplay fans (of which I’m not), who pranced around in the midst of the spectacle. Some of their lyrics seemed to synch well with the themes on display: “open up your eyes” (when the eye was formed), “look how they shine for you”, “it’s gone… up in flames”, “hear Jerusalem bells a ringing”, etc. Their bass drum had a blue lion (sun theme) on it, which I initially took as a six horned goat head! The band also had hypnotic swirls (“Monarch” perhaps?), hearts and all-seeing eye designs on their clothes and instruments. The piano was particularly curious – decorated with a pyramid and a lightning strike to the capstone, several single eyes, swirls and the statement: “and I heard it on a TV show”, a clever reference to the mass method of assimilating information these days.
I noticed the return of the light bulb motif when a dozen or so female acrobats descended into the stadium attached to Chinese lanterns made of glowing bulbs. A troupe of dancers were dressed as Egyptian slaves, as a “sun king” structure (similar to The Olympic “Phoenix”) was set alight and raised above the audience. The design also incorporated a ‘Kundalini’ aspect into the lower half. There was a Snow Queen (“Narnia” presumably), a sphere of energy (although I’m not sure how successful they were in igniting it!), dancers spinning fluorescent rods that appeared to show the faces of clocks (‘time’ again), green laser lights shone into the sky (maybe the ET aspect wasn’t abandoned after all), and a load of stuff toward the climax about waterfalls, etc.
I mention the water aspect because it seems to factor into the contemporary music industry an awful lot. This seems to go hand in hand with the inclusion of Rihanna (initially covered in fire-red) and Jay-Z as guest performers. These two individuals (amongst several others) appear high up in the pecking order of the global agenda player’s machinations within the music scene. There have been claims made about Rihanna’s mind control status (she is referred to in one of her own videos as an “illuminati princess”) as well as Jay-Z’s position as a possible “handler”. He has made numerous references within his songs to “The New World Order”, “The Illuminati” and “I’m riding high like Rockefeller”. There is an excellent interview on Richplanet TV (where Richard D Hall interviews music/mind control researcher Jemma King) that is well worth watching. Researcher Neil Sanders has also talked at length about this connection.
In any case, the references were here. Rihanna sang (with Coldplay), “I’m just a puppet” and something about a “capstone” (although this was clearly audible, I couldn’t catch the surrounding lyrics. I will have to look them up.)


There was one other intriguing design that was obvious throughout. The floor of the stadium was set out in a weird “crop circle” style of intricate design. Not being that “up” on the subject, I would be interested to know what people made of it. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments. The close up shots were to brief to grab and the long shots lacked detail. I hope to get some better images in due course.

Toward the end, Bored Coe took to the podium and talked about how proud he was and how these Games were truly “Made in Britain” (via the global agenda players, of course!). He closed with a story of a doctor he had met on the train (who had volunteered as a “games maker”). Coe tried to thank him however the doctor said “no, I should thank you.” He said that he had been “witness” to the events on 7/7 and how volunteering for The Games had provided him with closure.

This prompted a reaction from me that rarely happens… I lost my temper. As I hurled words like “anus” and “contemptible” at Coe’s face on the TV, I realised I was accomplishing nothing and quietened down! You really do have to wonder who is responsible for these ridiculous attempts to shoehorn lies into all and sundry. Is it Coe himself or somebody higher up the chain? With the anniversary of 9/11 just upon us, it brings home the reality of the world we truly live in and reminds us how desperate the players are to reinforce their “truths” upon us. For many people, these tactics still work. For those of us who see through the lies, it makes a mockery of reason and critical thinking, as well as insulting the memory of the victims.

As I said in my previous Paralympic article: if these Games are meant to be about sportsmanship, skill and determination, then lies about the greatest crimes in history have no place there. However, London 2012 has shown itself to be much darker in nature than a mere celebration of sport. Even though I don’t agree with the inclusion of perceptual management via such events (or in any other way for that matter!), it would make sense that those in charge would see fit to place all manner of crap in them. The setting seems to fit.

I say, let them get on with it. We know the score and it’s enough to confirm that their efforts are ultimately pointless. I do worry about those who will be “riding the high” after The Games, if the feeling is palpable in the national consciousness, TPTB may feel the need to smash it down. They feed off such efforts. Although the summer of ritual is now over, we may need to cautiously keep an eye on things for a little longer.

Until next time,
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Songs For Chaotic Times

 It’s interesting how things can develop in the space of a few weeks. Recently I’ve turned some of my musical work on its head by feeding my alternative views of the world into my creative efforts. I have long laboured in vain to try and open a few eyes in the musical arena, specifically because I feel that the medium is an excellent platform for suggesting alternative ideas to a receptive audience – who may not have considered such notions under normal circumstances. It is a little bit of a cheat, almost subliminal in a way, but at least it is slipping positives into the public consciousness rather than how it is often currently utilised.
 The resistance to this idea, among the many musicians I know has, been staggering. Even if they are simply a low level, gigging band or artist, they see the move as “job suicide”. I can understand this sentiment though. We live in hard times and jobs aren’t easy to come by. This is especially true of musicians. Musical venues are closing left, right and centre, pubs have largely moved away from live bands/instruments (toward singers with backing tapes and the spawn of all evil that is “Karaoke”!) and the Festival scene has really tightened its belt. Added to this, people are turning less and less to musical “multi-taskers” (like me). They are buying cheap cameras and software to create their own multi-media promotional packages and doing much more session recording from the comfort of their own homes.
 This doesn’t change the fact that there is always an appetite for live music though. Even in the dark days of mass UK recession during the 1980s, the music scene was thriving. Musicians are always looking for the holy grail of the profession, an untapped source of inspiration that can set them apart from the well-trodden paths of the mundane. I believe that the vast subjects addressed in alternative community are a huge untapped resource, a new artistic muse as it were, that could tempt the egos of some of my fellow musicians to participate. Another sneaky move, I know, but the outcome would ultimately be a positive one.

 Despite this, I have met a wall of opposition and closed minds. They are happy to work with me on any other aspect of performance and creativity, but not this. One or two are happy to discuss the subject though, even participate anonymously, provided I don’t cite their names… strange, but I respect their wishes. I had recently been working on an original song, which I envisioned as a light hearted, well-meaning look at scepticism toward obvious evidence of hidden global agendas and lies perpetuated amongst the mass population. For this, I brought on board one or two musical friends as unnamed session musicians (I can’t play the drums for a start, so I’ve needed at least that much!) and was surprised how “into” the concept they were – at least in an advisory capacity!
 This has opened a window (for me) into their perceived notions of the subject. This is what one of them said: “I understand these are serious subjects, but it has the danger of being too preachy… like those Christian rock bands you see! It needs heart, a story, emotion. That’s what people want from music. They need to relate.” I understand this perfectly. Yet, music often walks a fine line between sentiments from the depths of the soul and trite emotional slogans. The balance is very delicate. Assigning soul to serious life changing matters and the pursuit of evidence is a tough nut to crack. As he (my musical friend) said, “You may as well read from the phone book, or the ingredients on the back of a packet of food, and set it to music.”
 I thought this was a bit mean spirited at first. I’m an open minded bloke though, so I asked them to sit down with me and “brainstorm” the whole concept. I soon came to realise that my first “truth” related musical piece was exactly like they had described, so (despite a month of work committed to the project) we scrapped a huge amount and went back to the drawing board. What they threw at me was this: forget how you might want to spread the word, wake people up, etc. How has it affected me? The story should be enough to give people pause for thought. I naturally knew this, but had perhaps lost sight of it in favour of the intent and message.
 Out of this has come something I’m incredibly buzzed about. Several weeks on, and I have written ten songs that form an overarching narrative – in other words: enough material for an album. Two songs (“Hypnobox” and “The Dream”) are at the production stage - with one, a reworking of my original piece (called “It’s Alright”), getting close to being finished. The collective named for this project is (ironically) “The ‘Guide” and the album is tentatively entitled “Songs for Chaotic Times.” What will come of this is anybody’s guess. I hope I’m not jinxing it all by sharing some details with you (at this early stage), but I have a positive feeling about it. Once I’m comfortable with the production, I will start making tracks available here and elsewhere for you to listen to. So watch this space.
 Amidst this busy time, I’ve also decided to take the plunge and do my first public talk, drawing upon much of the research I have compiled here on the blog. I am currently assembling a two hour presentation discussing “The Olympic Paradigm” and some aspects of the larger global agenda that relate to it. I hope to set a date for this soon (probably November-ish) and it will probably be in the Birmingham area (UK). As soon as I have nailed down the details, I’ll let you know more.
As always, I just want to say thanks to all of you who continue to read/visit my humble little corner of the web, and for all the support I have received along the way. I truly appreciate it.

Until next time… stay well, keep smiling and the best to you all.
Carl (The Truth Seeker’s Guide)