Monday, 14 December 2015

A Fake Confession of Stanley Kubrick's Moon Fakery

I have been asked by a number of people over the last week what my thoughts are on an interview that has appeared on YouTube purportedly showing an interview with Stanley Kubrick (shot shortly before his death) where he claims to have been involved with faking the footage of the Apollo moon landings. Firstly, before I explain my position on this video, I want to state where I currently stand on the subject of Kubrick and the Apollo hoax. I am firmly of the belief that something about the NASA Apollo missions was and still is being covered up. I am not sure exactly what has been and is being covered up, but I am convinced by the sheer volume of evidence that fakery of some kind was employed to muddle/cover up something. In a nutshell, I don’t believe that NASA did - with the Apollo missions - all that they say they did.

As for Kubrick, it is a little less cut and dried. Over the last six to twelve months I have garnered a degree of attention due to articles I’ve written and talks and interviews I’ve given on the subject of Kubrick and the NASA/Apollo connection. It is a subject that I have truly immersed myself in (research wise) probably due in great part to my lifelong fascination with the films of Kubrick and, to some extent, an interest in the life of the man himself. Recently, on occasion, I have been misquoted as a researcher who “believes that Kubrick faked the Apollo moon landings.”

I currently DO NOT KNOW if he did.

I am a researcher who likes evidence to back up my assertions. I will not tailor evidence to fit a belief or opinion. Very simply, I will only state an absolute position on grounds that verifiably evidence points to. That is not to say that I don’t have opinions or speculations about the matter.
It wouldn’t surprise me if Kubrick was in some way involved with the Apollo cover-up, although I don’t think there is enough evidence to close the book on the case as the majority of the evidence to support his involvement is pretty much circumstantial. There is, however, far more solid and quantifiable evidence to show that Kubrick KNEW OF the Apollo cover-up – even if he wasn’t involved. If you want to look at this evidence, I suggest you watch my interview with Richard D Hall (Carl James on Stanley Kubrick - 1 of 4 - ), my 2 hour talk at Birmingham Truth Juice (The Kubrick Conundrum 1/2 - ), my Kubrick blog series  ( - if you scroll to the bottom of this article you will find links to all eight parts of the series plus links to supplementary articles), and my book “Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda” (a new edition with loads of updated Kubrick material will be available very soon.)

So, to the video! I didn’t initially feel any compulsion to comment on this interview as it seemed pretty obvious from the get go that it was fake and I assumed that most people would recognise this as well. However, there are plenty of people out there who are stil lauding this as the genuine article. For the benefit of getting this story straight, I will break things down. There are some interesting points worth raising about the timing of this video which I come to shortly. Here is the full 27 minute length interview (entitled “fghfghfgfgfgfg”) on this YouTube channel - Take a few minutes to shut your eyes and listen to the man being passed off as Kubrick. Listen to the pitch of his voice, his enunciation, his “New York” twang and then compare them to established recordings of Kubrick. For example: Stanley Kubrick Interview (27th November 1966) - or Stanley Kubrick talks about 'The Shining' in 11-minute 1980 interview [audio] Now let’s go to his physical attributes. The man in the video in question lacks the same facial structure (including nose, mole, etc.) as the real Kubrick. Again, you can compare the two (more accurately in this case) by looking at his speech upon accepting the DW Griffith Award around the same time period as the alleged video. Another (pretty BIG!) giveaway is in the faked video itself at 14:09 when “Kubrick” is called “Tom” by the interviewer and told “you have to imitate him”.

I had a bit of a laugh about this video because there does appear to be precedent for multiple Stanley Kubrick impersonators. Check out the story of Alan Conway who went around passing himself off as Kubrick - . The timing of the release of this video is interesting for several reasons. Firstly, it comes hot on the heels of the announced US release of the movie Moonwalkers, the plot of which centres on the use of a piss-poor Kubrick doppelganger to fool a CIA agent who wants to hire Kubrick to fake Apollo moon footage.
Recent events got me thinking about misdirection and the discrediting of any notion that Kubrick may have been involved (or even known about) the Apollo cover-up. I was then reminded about the purported Roswell alien autopsy footage which convinced many of its alleged legitimacy. . Then, of course, we eventually had (not unlike “Moonwalkers”) a quasi-comedy film starring Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly called “Alien Autopsy” which muddled matters even more – most notably in the final section of the film when it is revealed that all the fakery was based on a allegedly real piece of footage that once existed. With this in mind, I now wonder if there may actually have been a real interview with Kubrick that once existed, one that may have held a confession or two. It may not have confirmed his involvement with Apollo fakery, but it may have revealed what he did know and his intentional embedding of clues to the matter in his films. I must make it clear that I am speculating at this point.

There is something much more solid about the timing though. Not to toot my own horn, but I have made great strides in exposing a “limited hangout” in relation to the Kubrick/Apollo cover-up subject. Although not on the same scale, it is comparable to the limited hangout that exists in the so-called 9/11 truth movement and aspects of Ufology. Although I have yet to nail down the true intentions of this hangout, I do know that they have at least two aims. One is to convince people that there was no discussion or articulation of a possible connection between Kubrick and the Apollo hoax subject before the early-mid 1990s - a conviction I have now 100 percent evidentially disproved. The second has been to generically muddle the entire subject to such a degree that people will stop digging and write it all off as mere “synchronicities” or wild “conspiracy theorizing.” I have managed to make quite a few people aware of the aforementioned limited hangout (along with some of their agenda) and the word does now appear to be spreading. For now though, we must remain vigilant. Like the whole “Flat Earth” thing, there are many people being suckered by videos with large viewing figures that (whilst initially intriguing) are total disinformation designed to mislead those who are susceptible to mild persuasion. I very much accept the idea that there may be a day when we can evidentially prove that Kubrick or somebody not unlike him in Hollywood helped to fake aspects of the Apollo footage. However, I also believe that such evidence will surface via a huge amount of cross-referencing of material from multiple disciplines and historical records. If there ever was a confession made, I doubt it will ever land in our lap in a ready-made form. You never know though!

All the best for now!