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Exopolitics GB - "ET Communication" Conference

This Saturday (30th June 2012) sees the first of the "Exopolitics Great Britain" conferences being held in Liverpool. These are extremely well organised events that are worth taking the time to attend, if you can. Here is a summary of this Saturday's event from the Exopolitics GB website (with the appropriate links), and links to the interview with events organiser Anthony Beckett - on Richplanet TV.

2012 sees the first conference on Extraterrestrial Communication to reach to shores of Britain. For the first time Exopolitics Great Britain brings together 5 lectures from UFO researchers and E.T. experiencers on the subject of Extra-terrestrial Communication.

For those who did not attend the 3rd Annual Exopolitics Expo in Leeds in 2011 we heard David Griffin of the UK Exopolitics Initiative pose a question - "Who speaks for Humanity in the contact scenario?" This is far from a theoretical argument and this question is at the heart of the Exopolitical debate. The very existence of UFO Secrecy indicates that over 60 years ago someone chose to answer that question for us.

In "Alien Contact, Government Cover-up" Staff Sergeant Dan Sherman (ret.) will present his personal account of working as an "Intuitive Communicator" for the National Security Agency (NSA) and how in that role he was trained to act as a conduit for communication between Extraterrestrials entities and a deeply classified U.S. governmental extraterrestrial program.

Yet goverments do not have a monopoly on E.T. contact. Human beings across the planet have had experiences they describe as "extraterrestrial contact" or "interdimensional contact" or similar. These experiences can be so challenging to the experiencer that even expressing the nature of that communication to family and friends is challenging.

Mike Oram is such an experiencer and in "Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?" Mike will tell his story - they story of his encounters and also the story of what happened that drove him to go public and tell his story to others.

People who take the time to study the complex and often bizarre subject of extraterrestrial intervention with humans cannot help but stumble across numerous examples of where the evolution of terrestrial knowledge was seemingly catalysed by extraterrestrial visitation. This directed influence of the human race may not be limited to antiquity.

It appears we are currently at a cosmic cross-roads as a species - some sort of transition is due which could vastly alter the way we see ourselves and our place in the wider universe. In "Saucer School - Are Visiting ETs Re-booting Terrestrial Language Systems?" David Griffin looks at this and the very nature of the communication itself.

With talks by Denis Denocla and Miles Johnston of the A.M.M.A.C.H. organisation this is one Exopolitics event that is not to be missed!

We will also be introducing our special guest host for this event being held at The Static Gallery in Liverpool. Neal Atkinson is a radio show host on City Talk radio whose radio program Planet X is broadcast on a Sundays from 8-10pm.

The event is being held at The Static Gallery, 23 Roscoe Lane (off Hardman Street), Liverpool, L1 9JD

Travel by bus : #86 bus route  from John Lennon airport to the city.

(This link also contains information on booking tickets)

Anthony Beckett speaks about the up coming Exopolitics events (and other related topics) on Richard D. Hall's "Richplanet TV":

The main "4th Annual British Exopolitics Expo" will be held on the weekend of the 4th and 5th of August 2012 - also at the Static Gallery in Liverpool.
List of the speakers for this conference:

Saturday August 4th
 •Andrew Johnson
 •Mike Freebury
 •Richard D Hall
 •David Cayton
 •Grant Cameron

Sunday August 5th
 •Gary Heseltine
 •David Griffin
 •Natasha Acimovic
 •Alan Foster
 •speaker to be announced

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The Star Trek Conspiracy - Part Three

 I have to admit to being utterly bewildered at some of the weirdness that I discovered whilst putting this blog series together. In the first two parts, I have covered the obvious (to me anyway) aspects of a possible hidden agenda (or at least a form of subversion) in the Star Trek franchise. Here I will look at some of the stuff that made me sit up and say, “what the bloody hell is that doing there?!!” This kind of thing goes well into the esoteric realm so try to keep an open mind! I will also cover the latter days of Star Trek and where it currently resides… in the hands of people who are doing some very questionable things with all they touch.

 If you do any internet searches into hidden aspects of Trek, you will first and foremost come across this notion that it is a thinly veiled glorification of the global agenda. Many people have highlighted that the obvious indicators are factors like: a world of GM style food replication, trans-humanism, genetic engineering, no currency, etc. These factors aren’t as clear cut as certain researchers would have you believe though… unless the writers and producers of Trek are operating on multiple levels of deception. A good example is the way in which Trek has gone out of its way to vilify genetic engineering.

 I recently listened to a podcast by Alan Watt, who was discussing Star Trek with a listener (who had phoned in) and he declared that Trek was total psychological manipulation of the masses. As an example, he said, “have you ever noticed how they are all vegetarians (except the Klingons, etc.) in Star Trek? Humans never eat meat!” Although I understood the point he was trying to make, it’s a bit of a blanket statement. If you look a little more carefully, you’ll see this not true. Many of the human characters eat meat stews, casseroles, steaks, etc. So people need to be mindful when jumping to conclusions in order to fit their perspectives. This is not me getting “Trek” defensive, I’m just saying that people don’t always get the facts nailed down.

 Take for example the concept of money in Trek. Some say that it being gone is good, some say otherwise. Although the exchange of currency has died out (something which the humans of the federation seem to pat themselves on the back about), it appears that a form of data currency is still used. For starters, how do they trade with other races that do use tender – The Ferengi “Gold Pressed Latinum” for example? There are also numerous references to the concept of “credits”, which are used for transportation on Earth, etc. This idea is a little more worrying if you understand the effect of taking the physical exchange of currency (or exchange of goods) out of our hands and into those of the mega-corporations. How easy would it be for them to simply “cut you off” on a whim?

 One of the most revealing ideas, I have noticed in Star Trek, is the position of a telepathic psychologist as advisor to the captain. Deanna Troi probably didn’t realise that she was in the most powerful position on the ship! I can’t help but think about how the psychological understanding and manipulation of the masses (via the likes of Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann), helped to make and break the puppet power structures of the last 100 years or so…

 As I said at the beginning, going down this route of research led me to some real oddities in relation to Trek. The first and most well accounted aspect is the “47 Conspiracy”. I only recently became aware of it, but it certainly appears to be the case. From the “Rick Berman era” onwards, came a number of visual and verbal references to the number 47 (or 4 then 7) and this phenomenon increased to a ridiculous degree throughout the run of Star Trek: Voyager. It has been claimed that it was a bit of harmless fun on the part of the production team – an in-joke, a way to pass the time, etc. Several staff members took credit for originating it, but it has never been clearly established who kicked it off and why. If you want to find it for yourself, it is there for all to see – although it would probably take you quite a while to clock the examples up and I suspect that most sane people would have better things to do with their time! Some folk have though and counted several hundred examples.  A few even claim that the count goes into the four digit region. You can see some examples here:

 You may say, “What’s wrong with this?” Well, ‘47’ obviously has serious connotations for those who study numerology and the occult/satanic angles to such symbolism, but I’ve also looked at another pertinent angle that could be considered. It seems that an entire “society” has been built around ‘47’ (in scientific and mathematical terms).  “They explore the belief that ‘47’ occurs in nature more frequently than other numbers and share their personal sightings in consideration of ‘47’ being ‘the quintessential random number.’” (Wikipedia) This movement stems from a group of academics at Pomona College, California who (in the 1960s) became fascinated with the number 47.

 It should be noted that Joe Menosky graduated from Pomona College in 1979 and went on to become one of the story writers of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wikipedia has lazily given a page over to ‘47’ and claims that Menosky “infected” other Trek staff members with the ‘47’ bug. If anybody has more in-depth knowledge about this or the greater significance of the number, please feel free to post your insight, links, etc., in the comments below this article. I’d really appreciate it. I should also point out that J. J. Abrams loves ‘47’ and inspired his fellow cohorts to do the same. I will come to him (and them) shortly.

 There is also a really amusing one about “tongue-flicking” – as in the flicking tongue of a snake/reptile. Although this is quite apparent in Trek (especially The Original Series), I’m not convinced it really means anything. Maybe they were all being flirtatiously suggestive with each other - a conspiracy of horny humans in the future! Maybe they were just thirsty…
 Another group of people have attached significance to the naming process in the show (characters, planets, races, etc.) and claim that a “Da Vinci-like” code has been embedded for those who want to find. I have yet to find any solid evidence of this specific theory, mainly because they don’t seem to explain it much beyond the assertion that “it is there!” As I have pointed out in the first part of this blog series, several aspects of Trek terminology can be associated with freemasonic, occult or esoteric fields. Maybe this is what they are referring to. Please be a little less vague folks!

 Star Trek has also collided with “coincidences” on a number of significant occasions. There is some fascinating insight out there, regarding Barack Obama and Trek. Whole articles have been given over to the Captain Sisko/Obama paradigm. Aside from the superficial similarities, Sisko was a human who eventually turned out to be “not born of human”, and you know what they say about Obama’s origins/place of birth!  Sisko was heralded as “The Emissary”, a man who would bring about huge change… you get the idea. Christopher Knowles (of the “Secret Sun” blog) has written several interesting articles that dabble in this area -

 There is also the “Jeri Ryan” angle to consider. Ryan (who played Seven of Nine) was married to Republican political candidate Jack Ryan. Without going into the legal specifics, certain allegations were made about Jack Ryan, some of which related to Jeri Ryan. This is what Wikipedia has to say on the subject:

“Jeri had accused Jack Ryan of asking her to perform sexual acts with him in public, and in sex clubs in New York, New Orleans, and Paris. Jeri Ryan described one as ‘a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling.’ Jack Ryan denied these allegations. Although Jeri Ryan only made a brief statement, and she refused to comment on the matter during the campaign, the document disclosure led Jack Ryan to withdraw his candidacy; his main opponent, Barack Obama, then won the 2004 United States Senate election in Illinois.”

It is almost certain that Barack Obama would not have been President, if this hadn’t happened.

 In April 2011, Jon Stewart (of The Daily Show) ran a tongue in cheek item, where he “identified Star Trek as part of a vast conspiracy.” The clip from this show was only available to view in the US, so I have not seen it. However an article covering the show, describes Stewart as addressing “some kind of conspiracy that involves Worldwide Communism, The Nielsen Company, the U.N., The French (represented by the croissant), Burger King and Star Trek!” He also connected John Birch, George Soros and The Manson Family! 
Although I am loathed to even say the name of such MSM representatives here, is it possible that he was skirting closely to something… albeit in a blasé kind of way? One aspect here that is provable: the cancellation of the original Star Trek series was directly responsible for creating the Nielsen ratings as we know them today.

 A big deal has also been made about the latter half of Star Trek: Enterprise and the “Xindi” storyline. This was an apparent attempt to take the state of post-9/11 America, the “War on Terror”, effects on civil liberties and national pride, into a Star Trek context. The perpetrators of a devastating attack against Earth (east coast of America actually) were singularly called “The Xindi” and everybody rallied together to hunt them down and “make them pay”. Eventually, it turned out that the concept of “The Xindi” was a multi-faceted one – with the true perpetrators of the attack being a Reptilian species, directed by a group of extra-dimensional beings with a lot of inside knowledge. The attack is also carried out via a huge experimental, directed energy weapon.

 This was not the first time that such an idea had been addressed in Trek. Long before 9/11, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine aired a two part story in its fourth season (“Paradise Lost”/”Homefront”) which told of a set of false-flag events on Earth (and incidentally blamed on the shape-shifting race: The Founders), orchestrated by Starfleet, done so in an attempt to militarise Earth (martial law), and all done under the guise of “saving humanity”. These involved “invisible craft” opening the Bajoran wormhole at random, an embassy bombing and a global power blackout. It also involved people having to have blood tests to “prove” that they weren’t the “enemy”. A little spooky to say the least!

 The conclusion to the metaphorical “9/11” story line on “Enterprise” also included one of the most bizarre moments in terms of Trek and a possible hidden agenda. The final moments involve a time traveller who removes Captain Archer from history as the chronological history of time re-aligns itself to “accuracy”. Images from major historical events flash past in the background. Of the last of these, is an image of the “plane impact” on 9/11. As we see this image, the time traveller says (referring to rewriting history), “It’s almost ready.” What this means is open to interpretation. It is possible that some of these factors were part of the reason why “Enterprise” was cancelled, although this is pure speculation.

 What have these people (behind the scenes on Star Trek) been trying to say? It’s the big question. Have they been trying to sneak little things out, whilst simultaneously subverting the viewer? The truth is rarely black and white in such cases. The same, however, cannot be said of the final group of people to seize control of the Trek franchise. It is as plain as day that these guys are definitely up to something.

 In the last few years, Star Trek has been removed from TV land and rebooted as the summer movie blockbuster. J. J. Abrams and several fellow writers/producers (that worked closely with him for many years) were given the keys to the “Trek” car and took the franchise where all of contemporary entertainment media has boldly gone – into the realms of mixed messages, subliminals and hidden symbolism. The only difference here (I believe anyway) is these guys are true masters of the art. This is blatantly apparent if you look over the material they have produced during their careers.

 The best example here is “Lost”. This show breaks my heart more than any other because I really liked it until I realised that it was a truly sinister piece of work. This program is crammed to bursting point with occult symbolism and numerology, global agenda principles, Monarch/mind control triggers, large scale child abduction, psychological experimentation, duality, fractured personality archetypes… the list is endless. AND, let us not forget that it was spearheaded by ABC - so it was effectively a Disney product. I don’t really need to say anything about Disney here other than if you don’t know what I’m getting at, then you owe it to yourself to get out there and do some research.

 Many of the people involved with “Lost” and other Abrams related shows like Alias, Fringe, etc., have gone on to be involved with the big guns of modern Hollywood – Super 8, Transformers, Mission Impossible, Cloverfield, Prometheus, etc. These guys are now controlling the content and direction of Star Trek. Whether they are knowingly playing the game or are being directed by the Hollywood upper echelons, it doesn’t really matter. They are still playing the game.

Take the time to look at (not “watch”) the 2009 Star Trek reboot. Like Lost, it is full of the same weirdness. People really do need to be asking why this stuff saturates our modern media. Even if they don’t know, surely it can’t be good that it is there? Does anybody really recognise this crap as sinister anymore? Is it so far gone now that it is just considered normal?! I’m despaired when I see people singing along to a Lady Gaga concert, as she walks the stage dripping blood, body deformed, mad imagery, shouting crazy slogans, and the viewer continues to watch as if it’s all wonderful! What the hell is going on in the minds of people?!! But I’m digressing…

 The ashes of Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry, were launched into space after his death. In the years following, his wife (Majel Barrett Roddenberry) spoke often about this. In almost every interview, she said; “He’s up there going around every 90 minutes saying, ‘what have you done to my show?!!’” Although it is clear that the true nature of Star Trek seems to have shifted over the years, I have often wondered what she really meant by this… What did she know? Sadly, I suspect WE may never ultimately know for sure.

 The things that people truly love about Star Trek - principles of exploration, peace, tolerance and harmony, a riddance of hunger, disease and war - are all noble goals. I would very much like to see this kind of utopia. In this regard, the message of Star Trek is very positive. However, we know that any future (of this kind) would ultimately be steered and manipulated by those with values that are incompatible with such ideals... especially if the current “state of affairs”  are anything to go by. Utopia via alignment, conformity and uniformity is a very high price to pay indeed. Also, within Trek’s timeline, this “Brave New World” seems to have come about as a result of a devastating Third World War. Is this predictive programming? Is it a portent of things to come? Is it a hidden clue to the desired roadmap of the Agenda Players’ plans? I don’t know about you (and you may disagree!), but I think this scenario is one that we can happily live without… after all, who (other than THEM maybe) wants a war like that? Take a moment to think about this the next time you look at Star Trek.

 More importantly, we must always remember the type of people that control the media. Is TV merely an expression of artistic creativity? Absolutely not! Nothing in the medium is ever that singular or innocent… There is a very good reason why TV’s output is called “programming”! One definite positive message from Star Trek though, according to an early episode of TNG, is that TV died out by 2040. Given what it has become, maybe that’s not such a bad thing…

Until Next Time,
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The Star Trek Conspiracy - Part Two

 The reduced involvement of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, heralded a new and entirely murkier direction for the franchise. Much of this can be blamed (ironically) on George Lucas and Star Wars. Paramount Pictures knew that they had a potentially huge profit making machine on their hands, however the involvement of Roddenberry became a huge thorn in the side of their franchise plans. Roddenberry, still very much interested in all things esoteric, wanted to make cerebral science fiction - along the lines of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. However, space battles and epic adventure were the call of the day.
Harve Bennett
 Despite the financial success of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Roddenberry was increasingly pushed into the background. This allowed Paramount to hand the reins of Trek over to others. Amongst those now in charge were: Harve Bennett, Nicholas Meyer and Leonard Nimoy. The following five movies took the franchise in a far more militaristic direction - no surprise, given that many of those involved in the overall production of the films, came from military families or backgrounds. Harve Bennett alone was decorated with the Outstanding Civilian Service Medal, the Department of Defence’s second-highest civilian decoration. The principle Art Director on the first movie of this new direction was Lee Cole, who had previously worked for Rockwell / Aerospace. The list goes on…
 Sets were redesigned along darker, more submarine like lines and costumes became literally ‘uniform’ in colour and style. The rank and insignia also (strangely) became far more freemasonic in nature, displaying a striking similarity to some of their medallion regalia. The writers also seemed to focus on some usual concepts that were either expanded from the original series or new. Harve Bennett said that at the core of the movies was “a trinity… a triangle… logic from Spock, passion from Bones and there’s Kirk, who has to say: ‘we have to do it this way’” Some interesting use of archetypes in that statement!

 The subject matter of the movie series could also stand a little scrutiny. ‘The Wrath of Kahn’ deals predominantly with the destruction of supporting mechanistic units – family, friendship… in other words: the dismantling of communities. ‘The Search for Spock’ tackles death and rebirth. ‘The Voyage Home’ is built around ecological issues. ‘The Final Frontier’ addresses organised religion, and ‘The Undiscovered Country’ deals with fear based, preconceived notions of “who the enemy is”. It is strange that documents such as ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ and ‘Report from Iron Mountain’ (as well as many others) highlight these specific areas as primary means through which a global agenda could control and manipulate humanity into willing servitude.

 Sensing the sea change, Roddenberry tried to reaffirm his perspective of Star Trek in 1986 when he approached Paramount in the hopes of bringing the franchise back to TV land. His efforts paid off and in 1987, Star Trek: The Next Generation was launched. By the third season, his deteriorating health reduced his involvement again to an advisory capacity for another year at most. By this point, a second group had stepped in to steer the franchise. Led by Rick Berman, this group included (at various points): Michael Piller, Jeri Taylor, Ronald D Moore, Ira Steven Behr and Brannon Braga. The importance of Trek, by this point, even prompted a visit by Ronald Reagan to the sets. Subsequent series became a curious mix of their own perspectives, contemporary television agendas, Roddenberry’s vision and the militaristic approach to the Trek universe as seen in the movie series.

 More obvious at this point (although it had existed for a long time) was the emerging role of Star Trek as a recruiting tool for the military/industrial complex - especially the likes of NASA. Trek had a longstanding relationship with NASA and is no more apparent than in its plans to name the first space shuttle “Enterprise” - despite the conviction that a 400,000 strong letter campaign was the catalyst for the naming decision. Something that I suspect came after the fact… 

 I have often found it curious that more people haven’t noticed the continued similarity in the logos of the branches of the Department of Defence – in relation to Star Trek. The various branches of NASA, JPL, Aerospace, Space Defence, and so forth, all incorporate the chevron aspect to their logos. This is also true of the space agencies of numerous nations across the world. It is the same chevron that has become synonymous with ‘Trek’. We really should ask the question – why?

 The serials had scientific advisors (predominantly Andre Bormanis and Naren Shanker) who had extensive connections with the various branches of the military/industrial complex. The Next Generation played host to the likes of Stephen Hawking and Dr Mae Jemison (NASA). Hawking played himself in the episode “Descent” and Jemison played a transporter operator in “Second Chances”. Many of the Starfleet shuttlecraft vehicles were named after prominent figures within the arena: the “Goddard” (for rocket scientist Robert H. Goddard), the “El-Baz” (for planetary geologist Farouk El-Baz), the “Hawking” (for Stephen Hawking), and so on. A prominent writer on the show was (son of Carl) Nicholas Sagan, whose father was name-checked throughout the history of Trek.

 The sets of the subsequent serials were frequented by employees of the establishment – no more obvious than when three naval officers from the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), Robert S. Pickering, Sara Elizabeth Pizzo and Timothy J. Whittington visited the “Star Trek: Enterprise” soundstages, presented a plaque to the producers, and were allowed cameos roles in this episode: “Desert Crossing” - as engineering officers. The involvement of the military is also carefully documented in David L. Robb’s book: “Operation Hollywood”. The producers of the fourth movie (‘The Voyage Home’) were allowed to film a portion of the feature on the aircraft carrier USS Ranger (which doubled for the carrier USS Enterprise) in exchange for extensive Pentagon rewrites to the script. Military P.R. at its best!

 Several of the ‘Trek’ cast members went on the have extensive involvement in these arenas. Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura) became an advocate of women and ethnic minorities in NASA. Nichols was perhaps spurred on by her infamous encounter with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (who encouraged her to remain involved with Star Trek), and certainly by the presence of Dr. Jesco von Puttkamer (NASA’s science director and a fan of the show) as a featured speaker at a convention in Chicago during 1975 – which Nichols also attended. Puttkamer’s presentation about the space program represented the first time that NASA had an official presence at a Star Trek convention. In her 1994 autobiography, Nichols described how she was “inspired” by his presentation and decided to address “the space agency’s poor record of inclusion”. Eventually, she was appointed to the Board of Directors of the National Space Institute (NSI) and was hired to head up an “outreach” program of recruitment into NASA. In more recent years, she has moved in much higher political circles and was cited as an “inspiration” by Barack Obama…

 Another cast member, Levar Burton (Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge), has also travelled a similar path. Burton became involved with numerous causes and his activist work has placed him in several political circles. Most notable of these is his involvement with The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) which was co-founded in 1973 by former astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell and investor Paul N. Temple to encourage and conduct research on human potentials (see also, Esalen). I could talk at length here about Dr Mitchell (and IONS!)… The short and long of it is that he is somebody who has changed his views on extra-terrestrial life, secret space programs, and so on, more times than I’ve had hot dinners! It appears likely that he has (over time) become an agenda disinformation agent. However, please don’t take my word for it. Take the time to do the research and I suspect you’ll see for yourself.

 In 2007, Burton was the host and executive producer of a documentary entitled “The Science of Peace”. It “investigated the science and technology aimed at enabling world peace, sometimes called peace science. The film explores some of the concepts of shared noetic consciousness, having been sponsored in part by the Institute of Noetic Sciences.” (Wikipedia)

 Robert Picardo (Voyager’s ‘Emergency Medical Hologram’) has been extensively involved with NASA/JPL and has served on the advisory board of The Planetary Society for (to my knowledge) at least the last 15 years. The Planetary Board is an interesting curiosity. Despite being dedicated to promoting mainstream scientific notions of space explorations (i.e.: Mars is red… even though it clearly isn’t JUST red!), it is interesting to note that The Planetary Society is (by its own admission) sponsored by the likes of Underwriters Laboratories… so a huge number of questions should be asked, especially given the connection between Underwriters and the 9/11 cover story.

 James Doohan (Scotty) also had an association with NASA. He is documented as having visited their Dryden Flight Research Centre in 1967 and was once praised by Neil Armstrong (an engineer before he participated in NASA's Apollo program), who told him on stage at Doohan's last public appearance, "From one old engineer to another, thanks, mate." In the mid-1980s, Deforest Kelley (Bones) guested on Bill Jenkins "Open Minds" radio show. Whilst discussing a UFO encounter he once had (as well as being witness to the 1942 “Battle of Los Angeles” event), he talked about the intimate relationship between NASA and Trek.  "We have perhaps the biggest university audience in the country. NASA works with us... there is always somebody there from NASA, because they feel that we have lassoed the youth so to speak and they're there to sell them on their program... (many enter) into all fields of the sciences as a result of the show."

 I don’t wish to claim that these actors have an ulterior motive. I am simply connecting the dots. Several actors have been involved with projects that also discuss hidden global agendas. Jonathan Frakes has worked on several documentaries that discuss (amongst other things) the likes of Ufology, weather modification and HAARP. He has also written several fictional books on similar subjects. James Doohan also narrated a feature that addressed (in depth) Cold Fusion, entitled: "Cold Fusion: Fire From Water."

As with many who work in the military/industrial complex, I suspect that they (in most cases) have no real insight into the true depths of these organisations. By this, I mean a set of hidden agendas… because they clearly exist. It is not a discussion about the true nature of ET life (for example), which is a subject for another article entirely… I know how some people love to debate the matter! It is really about the fact that something underhand is obviously going on, even if we don’t necessarily understand the shape of it.

 Under the original charter, it states that “NASA is an adjunct/division of the Department of Defence and it is beholden to the Department of Defence.” It is no exaggeration to state that NASA is part of a massive cover-up on the part of the establishment. When you question why there should be the existence of “ET retrieval teams”, why Gary McKinnon discovered references to the “transfer of non-terrestrial officers”, why NASA keeps a “Chronological Catalogue of Reported Lunar Events”, why astronauts have witnessed unknown craft in Earth orbit and around the moon, why various agencies feel the need to doctor many of the probe images that are taken of the planets in our Solar System… it becomes clear why many have redubbed the acronym NASA as “Never A Straight Answer.”

 Do the makers of Star Trek realise this? It would be naïve to think that there isn’t anybody behind the production who knows the score to some degree. Star Trek obviously served a purpose for the agenda players.

 This is not an accusation of blame directed at Gene Roddenberry, but it is telling that NASA posthumously awarded him the Public Service Medal in 1992. It seems that Star Trek was considered “a job, well done” by those in the military/industrial establishment.

 In the final part, I will look at some of the more downright bizarre aspects of Star Trek speculation on the part of the various alternative researchers. I will also look at the third and final group to take control of the franchise and create a particularly dark coda to the Trek story. Enter Mr J.J. Abrams!

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Friday, 15 June 2012

The Star Trek Conspiracy - Part One

“Space… the final frontier!”
 These four instantly recognisable words will forever be associated with the phenomenon known as Star Trek. Six shows (a total of 726 episodes) and 11 feature length movies later, the effect of this sci-fi landmark on the minds of millions cannot be underestimated. So powerful is it’s sway, that it has shaped academic careers, created new languages, influenced global policies and created a vision of the future where war, poverty and hatred has been eliminated and all of humanity is equal.

 So what happens when the suggestion is raised that not everything about this behemoth is what it appears to be? As with all things that fall into the sphere of mythical archetypes and cults of personality, questioning intent and purpose can be akin to sticking your head inside a bees nest! Holding up mass values and perceptions to the cold light of day can (at best) trigger an instant denial reaction or (at worst) the threat of reprisals. Just take a look at the mass reaction to the ‘Faux Paul’ research in relation to The Beatles…

 A superficial look at the possible hidden aspects of Star Trek won’t get you very far. Many of the knee jerk reactions consider that the ‘proof’ can be found in relation to various religious agendas (Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s Baptist upbringing in relation to the TV industry in the 1960s) although (in reality) there is very little evidence to substantiate these claims. This doesn’t mean that the idea of a Star Trek ‘agenda’ is unfounded though. In order to get an idea of a possibly larger picture, one needs to play a game of ‘degrees of separation’. Some may say that doing this only shows a bunch of coincidences, but I encourage any open minded person to look at these factors carefully before drawing conclusions.

 The first place to start is with Gene Roddenberry. Was he a Freemason?! Many speculate (and even state) that he was a 33rd degree of the Scottish rite, although there appears to be no obvious evidence in this case.  However, this doesn’t rule out a Freemasonic association entirely. It does seem interesting that the initial names of both the ship and captain have some significance. Roddenberry wanted to stick with Captain Pike (a name synonymous with Freemasonry: Albert Pike) although this link is tenuous. More interesting though is the ship itself. Roddenberry was determined, for a considerable amount of time, to name the vessel “Constitution”. Those who have looked into Freemasonic history will know that on March 17th, 1926, Major General Henry Knox lodge was constituted on the gun deck of the US Navy ship “USS Constitution”. More importantly, this was the only Lodge in the world ever to be instituted on an active ship of war. Although the starship name eventually became “Enterprise”, the ship remained a “constitution class starship”.  

 On a more esoteric level, the original series is littered with (what some refer to as “illuminati”) symbolism. Whilst many will argue for eternity about the true inferences of the Vulcan “live long and prosper” salute, more revealing examples can be found. The similarity of both the Starfleet uniform patch and the Vulcan IDIC pin to the Pyramid and ‘all seeing eye’ is a little strange. Indeed, the origin of the IDIC pin is explained in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode – “The Forge” – as an attainment of heightened knowledge upon reaching the summit of Mount Seleya on Vulcan. The Pyramid is also witnessed as a hand gesture on several occasions in one episode of the original series and in costume designs and set pieces throughout the original run. Jack the Ripper (freemasonic undercurrents) was also integral to the plot of the episode: “Wolf in the Fold”.

 This alleged connection between Roddenberry and Freemasonry is mere peanuts compared to the more extensively documented associations that he would have during his life. His connections with all branches of the military/industrial/ scientific complex, and various political arenas, were vast to say the least. He had contact with several high profile figures in the United Nations which, he admitted, played a huge part in influencing his notion of an all-encompassing “Federation” of various nations/planets who ruled “benevolently” over countless individuals. This influence is clearly noted in the similarities between the flags of the UN and United Federation of Planets.

Andrija Puharich
 This may not have been the only influence on the “Federation” concept though. From (at least) the mid-1970s, Roddenberry became associated with a little known group called “Lab9”. According to Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince (authors of “The Stargate Conspiracy”), Lab9 was a research facility based in New Jersey and was the brainchild of American Army physician and parapsychologist Andrija Puharich. “They included scientists interested in the interface between quantum physics and consciousness besides members of super-rich families, politicians and writers.” (“Behind the Mask: Aliens or Cosmic Jokers?” by Picknett & Prince)

Lucille Ball
  Puharich is infamous in alternative research. His ‘Round Table Foundation’ (of the early 50s) was funded by the likes of the Wallace Foundation (Henry A. Wallace, Vice President of the USA under Franklin D. Roosevelt), the Forbes family, the Astor dynasty, etc. He was also notoriously involved with various aspects of the CIA’s MK projects and ‘psychic spying’ efforts (‘An Evaluation of the Possible Usefulness of Extrasensory Perception in Psychological Warfare’ – 1952). Puharich will also forever be associated with the idea of “tooth implants”. “One of Puharich's hearing aids is called the "tooth radio", which is literally implanted inside of a person's tooth.” As a curious aside, Star Trek could never have gotten off the ground without the backing of Desilu Studios. Desilu was owned by Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. Ball famously stated that she once heard Japanese Military radio transmissions in her tooth fillings… Strange coincidence that!

 Roddenberry was recruited into Lab9 by former racing driver: Sir John Whitmore. Through his involvement with this group, Roddenberry came into contact with Phyllis Schlemmer – a psychic channeller – who conveyed alleged messages from the ‘Council of Nine’. The Nine are allegedly an extra-terrestrial/extra-dimensional outfit, who claim  to have played a huge role in influencing the affairs of humanity for a very long time. The nature and credibility of The Nine has been interpreted and studied in a vast variety of ways by esoteric researchers, which in turn has muddled what little we know of Lab9’s attempts to understand/cover-up the concept. It remains a fascinating (if slightly speculative) phenomenon never the less. The ultimate fate of Lab9 remains shrouded in mystery. There are claims that the New Jersey complex burned to the ground in 1979 amidst a flurry of alleged accusations of child related abuse. How much of this is true is anybody’s guess…

"The Eye of the Universe" Aka - The Bajoran Wormhole
 Roddenberry (through Lab9) found kindred spirits in SRI (Stanford Research Institute), Esalen and The Institute of Noetic Sciences.  His fascination with alternative concepts continued throughout his life. Even in the 1980s, he was documented as working on Trek related projects with the likes of Sean David Morton – of ‘Dulce’/Area 51 fame.  The influence of his Lab9 experiences continues to be seen in his latter science fiction creations such as his aborted “Planet Earth” pilot and the series “Earth: Final Conflict”. It is also apparent in latter Trek (even if only by influencing those who carried the “Trek” mantle after his death): 9 “TNG” cast members, 9 (with Worf) “DS9” cast members, 9 “Voyager” cast members, Deep Space 9, 9 Bajoran Orbs, the wormhole as home to celestial beings (“The Prophets”) who are revered as gods by the Bajorans, the list goes on…

 Many, including Schlemmer, have claimed that Roddenberry was very in tune with the concept of The Nine, long before his association with Puharich… possibly as early as the creation of Star Trek. The proof of this is obvious really. References to Telos, Vinod, The Archons, Sargon (The Saturn Cult), “NCC 1701” (1+7+0+1 = 9) and numerous others are abundant throughout the original series. Amongst the proposed scripts for the original series pilot, the aborted 1970’s series: Star Trek – Phase 2, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture is a concept that Roddenberry tried desperately to realise. This was the story of an external force that influenced humanity from outside our perceptual sphere and hides behind a “godlike” concept.  The early drafts of the first motion picture were named “The God Thing” and seem to reinforce Roddenberry’s belief that humanity would be better off abandoning religion altogether. Star Trek is often labelled “technology unchained”… in other words, ‘Science’ (Mainstream Science) is the only game in town. This can potentially be as narrow a perspective as faith in a dogmatic organised religion… especially in the hands of those with a hidden agenda.

Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy
 Curiously (and as a postscript to the “Nine” narrative), I recently sat up and paid attention to some strange factors highlighted in the book “Alien Interview”, which is built around the accounts of Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy – who claimed to have interviewed an alien during the Roswell Incident of 1947. The book has several references to the concept of the “Council of Nine” and mention of a symbol that was ‘shown’ to her by the creature. The symbol is used throughout the design of the book and is eerily identical to the Starfleet insignia. Was it inspired by “The Nine” or was the Starfleet logo simply used to embellish MacElroy’s account? The above highlighted section has been revised. For full details see the comments section below with points raised by "Alien Interview" Editor and Publisher Lawrence R. Spencer and a response from myself. Alternatively, you can see my follow up article here:

Roddenberry’s connections to the agenda players seemed to operate on many levels. Despite his fierce opposition to violence and militaristic values, Star Trek courted many in the Military/Industrial Complex… most notably NASA. It is interesting to note the involvement of Robert Wise as director on the first feature. Wise also helmed “The Andromeda Strain” and “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Both films are relevant to alternative researchers, particularly the latter – in relation to The Brookings Report and the suggestions of a perceptual management programme of UFOs/ETs in the media from the 1950s onward. NASA was integral to The Brookings Report and the perceptual agenda that was carried forward from then on.

 There’s also some peculiar imagery in that first movie. The NASA probe Voyager 6 sits at the heart of an almost megalithic structure in the closing moments of the film. The similarity between this imagery and the early designs for the Apollo 16 mission patches are bizarre to say the least!

 During the 1960s, whilst envisioning the original ‘Starfleet’ technology, Roddenberry extensively consulted JPL scientists, Douglas and Lockheed engineers, USAF and RAND experts, and the engineers who worked on NASA’s unmanned space probe program. The Enterprise bridge design attracted the attention of the US Navy, who dispatched three officers to the Star Trek soundstages. They were given extensive access and design blueprints, as well as the accumulated notes gathered from JPL, NASA, etc. A year later, Trek designer Matt Jeffries was contacted by the US Navy to thank him for his help. It appears that those original design notes became the touchstone for the creation of the then classified Naval Communications Centre in San Diego.

Top: Colin Powell on set in 1990
Bottom: Post 9/11 - Anthrax farce
 Even toward the end of his life, the connections remained apparent. In 1990, the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” character of Wesley Crusher (played by Wil Wheaton) was promoted to full ensign. Roddenberry was joined on set by General Colin Powell (then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) to present Wheaton with Roddenberry’s own military ensign bars. 

 Roddenberry gained the moniker “The Great Bird of the Galaxy” (“Great Bird” is an important aspect of freemasonic imagery – the great carrier of knowledge) and, despite his instrumental role in Star Trek, he is often given an all-encompassing position in Trek lore. It should be noted though that this driving force was only there for the original 60s series (reduced significantly in the third season), the first motion picture and the first few seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

 It remains undetermined what his true aims were with Star Trek. He is known to have favoured Science Fiction as a means to comment on the human condition because these hidden messages often escaped the censors. In this regard, he was no stranger to the concept of subliminal messages. Was his agenda to expose or conceal? Was Star Trek a form of predictive programming designed to acclimatise humanity for an oncoming “New World Order”, or an eventual form of disclosure? It is difficult to say.
 It is possible that he was akin to a poor man’s Kubrick – conscientious, even though he was (to an unknown degree) on the inside. By his own admission, he was no angel and led a very colourful life. Many accused him of being a plagiarist who lifted ideas from others left, right and centre. To followers of Star Trek, he is often considered a visionary of a peaceful, utopian future. I suspect the reality to be considerably less black and white…

 On October 24, 1991, Gene Roddenberry died at the age of 70. By this point, the “Trek” franchise had been commandeered by two groups of people (the movie and TV arms respectively), with a third group assuming control more recently. Via these groups, the franchise has been reshaped (in some respects) to suit more contemporary media agendas. However, it has also expanded upon Roddenberry’s connections to become a virtual recruiting tool for aspects of the military/industrial/scientific complex – especially NASA.
I will look at these aspects in part two.

See you then!
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Musical Interlude...

I'm often asked about my music and why I rarely discuss it here. Why the conspiratorial silence?! Has he got something to hide?... Well no. The reason is far from that exciting. I simply try to keep the various aspects of my life in nice neat little boxes. Far less hassle that way!

On this occasion though, I thought it would be good to share with you my return to the world of rock legends: The Who. Anybody who has read my articles regularly will know that six months ago, my 14 year association with the longest running UK tribute act to The Who - "Who's Renown" - came to an ammicable end. I've always kept very busy with other musical projects, so I was surprised to bump into my ex-associates (bass player and drummer) in the studio recently.

They were working on a project with a mutual guitarist friend of mine, who is heading off to work over seas for several months. Catching up on old times posed the idea of recording a few tracks for posterity with our guitarist friend (who incidentally had never approached the material in this environment before!). Armed with a knackered voice (after a day of singing other material) and my camera (which goes everywhere musically!), we recorded well into the night. I had a great time getting back together with the old gang, despite the sore throat, tiredness and bum notes. That's what you get for not playing the songs regularly!

Below are 3 tracks: "The Kids Are Alright", "5;15" & "Baba O'Riley" (Teenage Wasteland!), and I've also included 2 live recordings from our final show together in Santa Pod last year (well worth a look)... just for old time sake! Turn your volume up to eleven and I hope you enjoy.

Long Live Rock!
Carl - The Truth Seeker's Guide.

Live footage from final show:

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Queen of the Sheep

The Queen’s Jubilee has highlighted the true nature of herd mentality and effectively shows just how dangerous it can be under other more sinister circumstances. I try to avoid referring to humanity as willingly herded flocks of sheep, but when people blindly follow without questioning then it sadly shows just how far we still have to go in encouraging people to wake up.

You will find all kinds of speculation, accusations and political/social activism in relation to the British Royal establishment. There are those who reject the monarchy simply as a means to encourage the demand for an alternative structure to preside over our nation. Not to let the Royal family off the hook, but it must be remembered that ALL forms of hierarchical control are fundamentally flawed from the moment of inception.

Others will suggest much more disturbing reasons why we should play closer attention. There are many that allege all kinds of things from the involvement in the death of Diana to their extra-terrestrial genealogy. There are stories about children disappearing from orphanages, to their role as controllers of illegal international drug trafficking. Some even claim (through stories relating to the Coronation Stone) that Lizzie shouldn’t technically even be considered to be ‘Queen’. While some of these claims need to be viewed with a degree of open minded caution, there are still many things about our “beloved” queen (and her royal cohorts) that remain unreported and unlearned in the public consciousness. My fellow blogger Ben from HPANWO has written an excellent overview of several aspect that perhaps should be considered:

The most worrying aspect is the way in which so many people swear an unwavering loyalty to the concept of the British Monarchy. We are currently being bombarded with all the buzzwords and phrases: “national pride”, “patriotism”, etc. Whenever these token words of perceptual manipulation are banded about, it’s not hard to hear the sheep-like bleating as it approaches over the horizon.

My neighbourhood is awash with union flag bunting, novelty car extremities, and the like. I must admit I was amused by a chap who lives nearby – fiercely anti-royalist – who festooned his front window with jubilee regalia. I asked him about it this morning and he reasoned that to not join in would make him look like a killjoy… and that his house would look like the odd one out. I said to him, “If they all jumped off a cliff, would you do the same?!”

Heaven forbid that any of us should stand out from the crowd!  Not joining the mass chant should always be for the right reasons of course. You can be accused of being an anarchist, a misery, a social misfit, somebody that just wants to be different for the sake of it, but if you stand apart from the herd mentality because you know better… well, I believe that to be much more noble and enlightened.

The old standard by The Sex Pistols is equally and ceremonially trotted out on these occasions, almost as if to serve as a sanctioned counterpoint. I would suggest that something like “Sheep” by Pink Floyd is a more appropriate observation if ever one was needed:

We’re already dragged about enough as it, without willingly allowing it. It shouldn’t be considered a social crime to switch on the old grey matter every now and again, and conclude: “You know what, you have your little excuse for a ‘knees up’ (not that people ever need one) and I’ll go and find something more constructive to do instead.”

Don’t believe the hype!
Until Next Time.
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.