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The Star Trek Conspiracy - Part One

“Space… the final frontier!”
 These four instantly recognisable words will forever be associated with the phenomenon known as Star Trek. Six shows (a total of 726 episodes) and 11 feature length movies later, the effect of this sci-fi landmark on the minds of millions cannot be underestimated. So powerful is it’s sway, that it has shaped academic careers, created new languages, influenced global policies and created a vision of the future where war, poverty and hatred has been eliminated and all of humanity is equal.

 So what happens when the suggestion is raised that not everything about this behemoth is what it appears to be? As with all things that fall into the sphere of mythical archetypes and cults of personality, questioning intent and purpose can be akin to sticking your head inside a bees nest! Holding up mass values and perceptions to the cold light of day can (at best) trigger an instant denial reaction or (at worst) the threat of reprisals. Just take a look at the mass reaction to the ‘Faux Paul’ research in relation to The Beatles…

 A superficial look at the possible hidden aspects of Star Trek won’t get you very far. Many of the knee jerk reactions consider that the ‘proof’ can be found in relation to various religious agendas (Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s Baptist upbringing in relation to the TV industry in the 1960s) although (in reality) there is very little evidence to substantiate these claims. This doesn’t mean that the idea of a Star Trek ‘agenda’ is unfounded though. In order to get an idea of a possibly larger picture, one needs to play a game of ‘degrees of separation’. Some may say that doing this only shows a bunch of coincidences, but I encourage any open minded person to look at these factors carefully before drawing conclusions.

 The first place to start is with Gene Roddenberry. Was he a Freemason?! Many speculate (and even state) that he was a 33rd degree of the Scottish rite, although there appears to be no obvious evidence in this case.  However, this doesn’t rule out a Freemasonic association entirely. It does seem interesting that the initial names of both the ship and captain have some significance. Roddenberry wanted to stick with Captain Pike (a name synonymous with Freemasonry: Albert Pike) although this link is tenuous. More interesting though is the ship itself. Roddenberry was determined, for a considerable amount of time, to name the vessel “Constitution”. Those who have looked into Freemasonic history will know that on March 17th, 1926, Major General Henry Knox lodge was constituted on the gun deck of the US Navy ship “USS Constitution”. More importantly, this was the only Lodge in the world ever to be instituted on an active ship of war. Although the starship name eventually became “Enterprise”, the ship remained a “constitution class starship”.  

 On a more esoteric level, the original series is littered with (what some refer to as “illuminati”) symbolism. Whilst many will argue for eternity about the true inferences of the Vulcan “live long and prosper” salute, more revealing examples can be found. The similarity of both the Starfleet uniform patch and the Vulcan IDIC pin to the Pyramid and ‘all seeing eye’ is a little strange. Indeed, the origin of the IDIC pin is explained in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode – “The Forge” – as an attainment of heightened knowledge upon reaching the summit of Mount Seleya on Vulcan. The Pyramid is also witnessed as a hand gesture on several occasions in one episode of the original series and in costume designs and set pieces throughout the original run. Jack the Ripper (freemasonic undercurrents) was also integral to the plot of the episode: “Wolf in the Fold”.

 This alleged connection between Roddenberry and Freemasonry is mere peanuts compared to the more extensively documented associations that he would have during his life. His connections with all branches of the military/industrial/ scientific complex, and various political arenas, were vast to say the least. He had contact with several high profile figures in the United Nations which, he admitted, played a huge part in influencing his notion of an all-encompassing “Federation” of various nations/planets who ruled “benevolently” over countless individuals. This influence is clearly noted in the similarities between the flags of the UN and United Federation of Planets.

Andrija Puharich
 This may not have been the only influence on the “Federation” concept though. From (at least) the mid-1970s, Roddenberry became associated with a little known group called “Lab9”. According to Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince (authors of “The Stargate Conspiracy”), Lab9 was a research facility based in New Jersey and was the brainchild of American Army physician and parapsychologist Andrija Puharich. “They included scientists interested in the interface between quantum physics and consciousness besides members of super-rich families, politicians and writers.” (“Behind the Mask: Aliens or Cosmic Jokers?” by Picknett & Prince)

Lucille Ball
  Puharich is infamous in alternative research. His ‘Round Table Foundation’ (of the early 50s) was funded by the likes of the Wallace Foundation (Henry A. Wallace, Vice President of the USA under Franklin D. Roosevelt), the Forbes family, the Astor dynasty, etc. He was also notoriously involved with various aspects of the CIA’s MK projects and ‘psychic spying’ efforts (‘An Evaluation of the Possible Usefulness of Extrasensory Perception in Psychological Warfare’ – 1952). Puharich will also forever be associated with the idea of “tooth implants”. “One of Puharich's hearing aids is called the "tooth radio", which is literally implanted inside of a person's tooth.” As a curious aside, Star Trek could never have gotten off the ground without the backing of Desilu Studios. Desilu was owned by Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. Ball famously stated that she once heard Japanese Military radio transmissions in her tooth fillings… Strange coincidence that!

 Roddenberry was recruited into Lab9 by former racing driver: Sir John Whitmore. Through his involvement with this group, Roddenberry came into contact with Phyllis Schlemmer – a psychic channeller – who conveyed alleged messages from the ‘Council of Nine’. The Nine are allegedly an extra-terrestrial/extra-dimensional outfit, who claim  to have played a huge role in influencing the affairs of humanity for a very long time. The nature and credibility of The Nine has been interpreted and studied in a vast variety of ways by esoteric researchers, which in turn has muddled what little we know of Lab9’s attempts to understand/cover-up the concept. It remains a fascinating (if slightly speculative) phenomenon never the less. The ultimate fate of Lab9 remains shrouded in mystery. There are claims that the New Jersey complex burned to the ground in 1979 amidst a flurry of alleged accusations of child related abuse. How much of this is true is anybody’s guess…

"The Eye of the Universe" Aka - The Bajoran Wormhole
 Roddenberry (through Lab9) found kindred spirits in SRI (Stanford Research Institute), Esalen and The Institute of Noetic Sciences.  His fascination with alternative concepts continued throughout his life. Even in the 1980s, he was documented as working on Trek related projects with the likes of Sean David Morton – of ‘Dulce’/Area 51 fame.  The influence of his Lab9 experiences continues to be seen in his latter science fiction creations such as his aborted “Planet Earth” pilot and the series “Earth: Final Conflict”. It is also apparent in latter Trek (even if only by influencing those who carried the “Trek” mantle after his death): 9 “TNG” cast members, 9 (with Worf) “DS9” cast members, 9 “Voyager” cast members, Deep Space 9, 9 Bajoran Orbs, the wormhole as home to celestial beings (“The Prophets”) who are revered as gods by the Bajorans, the list goes on…

 Many, including Schlemmer, have claimed that Roddenberry was very in tune with the concept of The Nine, long before his association with Puharich… possibly as early as the creation of Star Trek. The proof of this is obvious really. References to Telos, Vinod, The Archons, Sargon (The Saturn Cult), “NCC 1701” (1+7+0+1 = 9) and numerous others are abundant throughout the original series. Amongst the proposed scripts for the original series pilot, the aborted 1970’s series: Star Trek – Phase 2, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture is a concept that Roddenberry tried desperately to realise. This was the story of an external force that influenced humanity from outside our perceptual sphere and hides behind a “godlike” concept.  The early drafts of the first motion picture were named “The God Thing” and seem to reinforce Roddenberry’s belief that humanity would be better off abandoning religion altogether. Star Trek is often labelled “technology unchained”… in other words, ‘Science’ (Mainstream Science) is the only game in town. This can potentially be as narrow a perspective as faith in a dogmatic organised religion… especially in the hands of those with a hidden agenda.

Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy
 Curiously (and as a postscript to the “Nine” narrative), I recently sat up and paid attention to some strange factors highlighted in the book “Alien Interview”, which is built around the accounts of Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy – who claimed to have interviewed an alien during the Roswell Incident of 1947. The book has several references to the concept of the “Council of Nine” and mention of a symbol that was ‘shown’ to her by the creature. The symbol is used throughout the design of the book and is eerily identical to the Starfleet insignia. Was it inspired by “The Nine” or was the Starfleet logo simply used to embellish MacElroy’s account? The above highlighted section has been revised. For full details see the comments section below with points raised by "Alien Interview" Editor and Publisher Lawrence R. Spencer and a response from myself. Alternatively, you can see my follow up article here:

Roddenberry’s connections to the agenda players seemed to operate on many levels. Despite his fierce opposition to violence and militaristic values, Star Trek courted many in the Military/Industrial Complex… most notably NASA. It is interesting to note the involvement of Robert Wise as director on the first feature. Wise also helmed “The Andromeda Strain” and “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Both films are relevant to alternative researchers, particularly the latter – in relation to The Brookings Report and the suggestions of a perceptual management programme of UFOs/ETs in the media from the 1950s onward. NASA was integral to The Brookings Report and the perceptual agenda that was carried forward from then on.

 There’s also some peculiar imagery in that first movie. The NASA probe Voyager 6 sits at the heart of an almost megalithic structure in the closing moments of the film. The similarity between this imagery and the early designs for the Apollo 16 mission patches are bizarre to say the least!

 During the 1960s, whilst envisioning the original ‘Starfleet’ technology, Roddenberry extensively consulted JPL scientists, Douglas and Lockheed engineers, USAF and RAND experts, and the engineers who worked on NASA’s unmanned space probe program. The Enterprise bridge design attracted the attention of the US Navy, who dispatched three officers to the Star Trek soundstages. They were given extensive access and design blueprints, as well as the accumulated notes gathered from JPL, NASA, etc. A year later, Trek designer Matt Jeffries was contacted by the US Navy to thank him for his help. It appears that those original design notes became the touchstone for the creation of the then classified Naval Communications Centre in San Diego.

Top: Colin Powell on set in 1990
Bottom: Post 9/11 - Anthrax farce
 Even toward the end of his life, the connections remained apparent. In 1990, the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” character of Wesley Crusher (played by Wil Wheaton) was promoted to full ensign. Roddenberry was joined on set by General Colin Powell (then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) to present Wheaton with Roddenberry’s own military ensign bars. 

 Roddenberry gained the moniker “The Great Bird of the Galaxy” (“Great Bird” is an important aspect of freemasonic imagery – the great carrier of knowledge) and, despite his instrumental role in Star Trek, he is often given an all-encompassing position in Trek lore. It should be noted though that this driving force was only there for the original 60s series (reduced significantly in the third season), the first motion picture and the first few seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

 It remains undetermined what his true aims were with Star Trek. He is known to have favoured Science Fiction as a means to comment on the human condition because these hidden messages often escaped the censors. In this regard, he was no stranger to the concept of subliminal messages. Was his agenda to expose or conceal? Was Star Trek a form of predictive programming designed to acclimatise humanity for an oncoming “New World Order”, or an eventual form of disclosure? It is difficult to say.
 It is possible that he was akin to a poor man’s Kubrick – conscientious, even though he was (to an unknown degree) on the inside. By his own admission, he was no angel and led a very colourful life. Many accused him of being a plagiarist who lifted ideas from others left, right and centre. To followers of Star Trek, he is often considered a visionary of a peaceful, utopian future. I suspect the reality to be considerably less black and white…

 On October 24, 1991, Gene Roddenberry died at the age of 70. By this point, the “Trek” franchise had been commandeered by two groups of people (the movie and TV arms respectively), with a third group assuming control more recently. Via these groups, the franchise has been reshaped (in some respects) to suit more contemporary media agendas. However, it has also expanded upon Roddenberry’s connections to become a virtual recruiting tool for aspects of the military/industrial/scientific complex – especially NASA.
I will look at these aspects in part two.

See you then!
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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captron52 said...

Hi Carl What an interesting entry! Lots of stuff I had no idea about. I do kknow that Star Trek was one of my all time favorite tv series.Even as a youngster i was intrigued by the shows and the plots of each one.I especially loved the show where they ladned on a planet for some r&r and it resembled our planet earth to a tee And in that episode whatever any of the crew thought about it would then appear. I remember Bones talking about Alice in Wonderland and then he sees a big white rabbit hopping past. And Sulu was talking about the attack planes used in WW2 and instantly they appeared and started shooting at them. If I remember correctly Sulu was even killed by one of the sniper planes.In the end the Beings that ran the planet showed up and made everythig back to normal including raising Sulu from the so called death. They told Cap Kirk they assumed that the crew actually wanted to experience everything they thought about so these beings made it happen.A great episode it was indeed with its parallel to ones thinking that made things so.Thanks for the entry! Great job

Andrew Johnson said...

Another really interesting post!

Many thanks for highlighting those links and also your observations about them!

I expect one could write a whole book about these aspects of Star Trek!

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Thanks Cap. I've been a lifelong Trek fan, but I tend to eye it a lot more cautiously these days!
I'd forgotten about the "Shore Leave" episode! Especially with the references to "Alice in Wonderland", given all the connections between it and Monarch/mind control triggers.
Thanks for jogging my memory!

All the best my friend.
Carl (The 'Guide)

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Thanks for your support, Andrew.
You're right about the sheer volume of oddities. I've had a recent, cursory look back over all the episodes and films and found a huge amount of strangeness. I suspect if someone were to look closely at each one, they would find a lot more.
The 'real world' connections are equally as bewildering in number.

All the best!
Carl (The 'Guide) said...

Namaste brother, I missed this post on Friday. Fantastic story line, everyone loves Star Trek. Just as a little addenda to your intelligent query about Pike. Most people carte blanche accept the Pike three wars story. Affecting research for my book, I was adamant about getting to the bottom of the story. In doing so I have this little tidbit to offer for your research file.

After reading a couple of the books in the above article, I am convinced the entire story is a fraud. Shame many so called researchers the likes of, David Icke, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Michael Tsarian, and countless others deem it appropriate to spew these lies without conducting even a sliver of research.

If this were to have been the only misinformation peddled by the aforementioned "researchers" then I could understand their misstep, however, their work is rife with errors, lies and terribly poor research (don't even get me started on the Central Bank issue).

The thing that really pisses me off Carl is that there is more than enough TRUTH out there to highlight what is going on. They don't need to fabricate nonsense, it only discredits their entire volume of work, which is unfortunate as all the aforementioned people do great work and are responsible for waking up many sleeping peoples around the globe.

In closing Carl, I link to you because you of your integrity, keep up the good work.

In Lak'ech, peace love and truth... said...

Almost forgot, if you get a chance Carl, read some of Pike's works. His essays and books are shocking. Occult Satanism was much more accepted back then which explains why his evil mental meanderings were so readily accepted.

If I were to tie Pike into a juicy conspiracy story, I would tie him into the Rothschild dynastic rule and then piece together one hundred quotes from his life's works. The end result would be much more shocking than the three wars nonsense.

By example research Pike's views on black people or non Jews really exemplifies the demeanor of the Masonic adoration of Satanic darkness.

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Many thanks Christopher.
Although I have gathered a decent amount of knowledge on the subjects, Freemasonry / Occult Satanism (respectively) are not my strongest suits. So thanks for the info and I will investigate further.

It's pretty obvious that the symbolism is out there for all to see. I can just never fathom why people don't seem to want to recognise it.

You're totally spot on about certain researchers. I will give them huge credit for spreading the word on some very important / life changing issues, but it often seems to get muddled up through (as you say) a lack of thorough research and numerous inaccuracies. I also don't like how one or two folks use it as vitual "fear porn".

Keep fighting the good fight my friend!
Peace and all the best,
Carl (The 'Guide)

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if anyone's noticed that the name «Kirk» means literally «church» in Scottish English?

Just an interesting little coincidence maybe?

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Thanks for the comment Arthur.
I hadn't considered that when putting these articles together.
Cheers for pointing it out.
All the best!
Carl (The 'Guide)

Stan Durinski said...

I will say this. A few things I've noticed about Star Trek. I am a new fan (Having put off watching Star Trek for years and years). I am now hooked. It seems that the messages are not intended to be of mal intended nature. If anything they are designed for insight (Like warnings). I say this because one thing I like about the series is that it is wholesome. It really puts emphasis on loyalty, honor, respect, compassion and doing right by your fellow man. It's hard to believe that this was really some tool used by the illuminati for negative reasons. I suppose the Illuminati have benefited from this series as well but I've seen nothing buy good come from the stories and character design.

Unknown said...

Your reference to the book ALIEN INTERVIEW says that it mentions a "Council of Nine". This is FALSE. There is no such reference in the interview transcripts with the Roswell UFO pilot, or by Nurse MacElroy who conducted the interviews. Further the "symbol" published in the book is a common symbol used the atheists. The original document I received from Nurse MacElroy did not include a drawing of the symbol of "The Domain". She provided only a verbal description. I arbitrarily used the symbol in the book as my sole and single addition to the text.

Lawrence R. Spencer
Editor and Publisher of Alien Interview

Anonymous said...

Star Trek definitely was 'inspired' in a number of ways through the occult:
Some is discussed here:
A lot of what your article says, as well as some other things. Utopian world, one world govt is also expressed in ST.

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment.
This article was written three years ago at a time when I had not researched this subject as fully as I have now. I have not the opportunity (despite the amount of time) to redress the wording of this article. This does not constitute an "excuse" for not updating the article. I will address the points you have raised here and highlight the section in the article to refer the reader to these comments. I will also include a corrected addendum immediately after the section in question. I do not wish to alter the original section of the article as I believe in allowing the reader to view the article in its unrevised state. If I delete and alter this original article it looks like I am trying to "cover my tracks" and I will not do that. I believe in honesty and I wish people to see when I am in error.
The "false" information that you refer to was due to a pdf version of your book which had been re-edited by an anonymous writer who had included their own "information". Unfortunately, I took this to be part of your original book. Since then, I have obviously discarded this version and obtained the original version of your book.
As you point out, there are no references made to a "Council of Nine" in your book.
Nevertheless, I do believe that there are some comparable themes/synchronicities in the material you published relating to MacElroy and other material published with accounts from those who have claimed communication with "entities" associated with "The Nine" (the "Nine" discussed by the likes of Andrija Puharich, Phyllis Schlemmer, and the like.) A number of "Nine" devotees have described communication with artificial/machine-like entities. In chapter one of your book, Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy describes an entity as “like the body of a "doll" or "robot". There were no internal "organs", as the body was not constructed of biological cells. It did have a kind of "circuit" system or electrical nervous that ran throughout the body, but I could not understand how it worked.”
She also says, “There was no verbal communication possible with the alien.” The ‘Official Transcript of Interview’ describes communication “THROUGH MIND /THOUGHT.” Alleged communication with entities claiming to be “The Nine” has been conducted in a seemingly “thought/mind” manner – via intermediaries and so forth. On occasion, these communications may have been conducted via electronic devices (i.e.: the telephone, etc.)
The inclusion of “a psychic research scientist” during the interview is comparable as psychics were heavily involved with alleged “Nine” communications AND the associated SRI research into psychic phenomenon.

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

….The following sections are also comparable:
"Airl told me her reasons for coming to Earth and for being in the area of the 509th Bomber Squadron. She was sent by her superior officers to investigate the explosions of nuclear weapons which have been tested in New Mexico. Her superiors ordered her to gather information from the atmosphere that could be used to determine the extent of radiation and potential harm this might cause to the environment.”
On page 139 of “The Only Planet of Choice”, the entity Tom (an alleged ‘Nine’ representative) expressed concern over the use of nuclear weapons and their effect on the environment.
To be honest these latter commonalities (thought communication, nuclear weapons, etc.) are inherent to many recalled accounts of alleged “extra-terrestrial” contact.
In your original comment you said “The original document I received from Nurse MacElroy did not include a drawing of the symbol of ‘The Domain.’” In the section of your book “The Letter from Mrs. MacElroy”, “This is the symbol of ‘The Domain’” The symbol I have referred to in my article – and the one you have used throughout the book – is shown on the same line directly after the word “Domain.” As you pointed out, “She provided only a verbal description. I arbitrarily used the symbol in the book as my sole and single addition to the text.”
I accept your word that this was an arbitrary choice. Yet it is unfortunate that it does infer that this is the symbol associated with “The Domain” referred to in the account. For the purpose of clarification, did this arbitrary symbol in any way match the description given to you by Nurse MacElroy? In any case the symbol is significant in the context of my article.
Whilst it may be a “common symbol used the atheists”, it is highly comparable with versions of the Star Trek/Starfleet logo. In fact, I would argue that if you showed the symbol included in your book to people (out of context, of course) there are a great many who would firstly mistake it for the Starfleet logo.
Whilst I am not trying to attach Star Trek to Nurse MacElroy’s account or your book, I can EVIDENTIALLY connect Star Trek to the Lab Nine phenomenon. In fact, despite the evidential trail beginning in 1974, there is a circumstantial trail that dates back to the very conception of the Star Trek franchise. It can also be demonstrated that those with a belief in “The Nine” had an influence over people like Gene Roddenberry and also over the shape of the Star Trek franchise.
These are the points that I should have made in this early article. The error here is that I should have said that I believe there is a commonality between some of the material in your book, Star Trek and (by extension) the Lab Nine phenomenon – even if it is purely circumstantial. For that oversight, I apologize. Fortunately, I have subsequently made these points in great detail in public talks and in my book “Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda”. I am currently updating this book and will include your comments, my own, and correct the original oversight. Once again, I apologize for any grievances this may have caused you.

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Hi Elelel,
I would have to agree with you. NASA and JPL heavily supported Star Trek and their origins are drenched in the occult. The "Lab Nine" effect (as I would call it) also connects to secret society beliefs (via SRI and the CIA) and the ritualistic summoning of "entities" posing as "ETs" (that is, of course, if the whole thing wasn't in actuality a CIA experiment to implant thoughts and transmit "channelled voices") It took me another three years after writing these simple articles to realize that Star Trek is a tangled web of high-strangeness!
All the best,
Carl (The Truth Seeker's Guide)

Unknown said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, Carl, thank you for writing it. I've long been a fan of Star Trek, and more recently I've been studying occult philosophies, mystery religions, and the pervasiveness of such symbology in the media.

During my studies, I did notice one esoteric symbol that almost immediately reminded me of the USS Enterprise. I wonder, have you done much research in to the design of the Enterprise from TOS? I know Jeffries designed it, but did Gene have any input?

I'd like to share a picture to better illustrate what I noticed. What is the best way to send it to you?

Loves my fellow man said...

Hi Stan, I'm like you and have only been into Trek for a few years. I also have noticed many good things about the series and the occasionally odd things. However like yourself I've often wondered if there aren't deliberate "heads up" idea's written into a lot of the stories. Especially as time goes by and since the new movies considering the huge money being spent on movie's with a guaranteed audience following. When I first started to see these rumors or links between Star Trek and occultism last year it definitely bummed me out. I tend to be a big reader of history and books that predate online copies of stuff because, thing's can be rewritten to suit a new generation. But, I've thought of doing a rewatch aimed at open discussion with out of the box thinking. I certainly wouldn't want to piss off fellow Trekkies though because, it could be akin to popping the bubble of what we've come to look at as being morally responsible and well the occult. And that would suck! 😛 However, this world is shady and filled with shadow figures... It seems like the truth is always questionable when it comes to the entertainment industry.