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Richard D. Hall at Telford - 2012 UK Tour

Television is one of the most dangerous elements of modern living. If the people of the world truly understood the nature of this WMD (weapon of manipulation and distraction), they would throw them out for the scrap man to collect and never look back. Yet if ever there were one single reason for keeping a TV around, it would be Richard D Hall’s excellent “Richplanet TV” show. I have never missed an episode, thanks to the continued quality of the guests involved, the thoroughness and dry wit of Richard D Hall, and the bravery with which he tackles any given subject matter.

This week I had the chance to witness Richard in action at the Oakengates Theatre in Telford (as part of his 2012 UK Tour.) Every time he has taken to the road I have had gig work that prevented me from attending, so this would be the first time I’d get to see one of his live presentations and I wasn’t disappointed. There was a huge amount of information to jot down in detail, so I apologise if I’ve condensed it a little in places.

The show kicked off at 7pm with a selection of highlights from Richard’s work, some previously unseen footage and the hilarious Bee Gees spoof: “9/11’s a Lie”. The section also included some important updates regarding the recent attempt on the lives of alternative historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.

At 7.30, Richard took to the stage and opened with a news round-up. Here he discussed the various upcoming sports competitions in London that are being ‘protected’ by (of all things) the RAF! He also mentioned the banning of bottled water at the Olympics in case they are ‘liquid bombs’ and joked about people having their bottles of Vimto confiscated. Here he reached for his trademark “Bulls**t Detector”, which got some laughs, applause and cheers from the audience. “We need to cut through the bulls**t and expose the lies”… couldn’t agree more.

He also discussed how Mervin King has stated that the ‘financial crisis’ is ripping the Euro apart. Richard pointed out that the real problems are caused by a flawed monetary system and the systematic theft on the part of the Central Bank. This machine, he said, “keeps the ordinary worker in a state of repression.” He also highlighted some recent cases of animal mutilations – a subject he would talk at length about later.

Richard then introduced himself properly and talked about aspects of his life – specifically his career in engineering. He reminisced about how his mum used to ask him, “Is it really necessary to have a car battery in your bedroom?!” and discussed his reasons for doing a tour, how it helps to fund the continuation of the TV show and his hope that it gives people a chance to meet face to face and discuss things that really matter – rather than solely on the internet where “people are faceless”.

False flag terrorism (and the implications) was the first topic. He pointed to Dr Judy Wood’s book: “Where Did the Towers Go?” Proof that advanced technology was used to carry out 9/11. He also noted 7/7 and the work of Nick Kollerstrom. He said, “you can’t bury your head, ignorance is no good… what I am doing is raising awareness to as many people as possible.”

“Human Race Get Off Your Knees!” Richard agrees with this assessment by David Icke, but thinks that humanity is more likely in one of those wrestling ‘head-locks’. Crucial to this control is The Media. He also expressed that David Rockefeller and the various foundations have controlled (in some form) the US presidents since the 1950s. “Just look at those eyes (David Rockefeller)… p*** holes in the snow!” He pointed to Webster Tarpley and his work “9/11 Synthetic Terrorism” which looks at the structure of false flag operations: ‘the patsies’ (those blamed), ‘the technicians’ (those orchestrating the event) and ‘the mole’ (those that spread the false narrative).
Richard examined the structure of control (that exists today) via five key areas: ‘Money’, the ‘Mind’, the ‘Military’, the ‘Media’, and the ‘Mouth’ (anything we consume). Within these five areas of control are several important issues to consider: how money is distributed, media manipulation and mind control (the direct kind also), false flag operations (which Richard correctly notes that politicians have no influence over), military operations, hidden technology (in use by secretive groups) and the control of commodities (oil, coal, food, water, etc.)

Don’t rely on the politicians, they are just “prostitutes in black suits… chosen because they are malleable.”  He voiced that many politicians are like ‘agony aunts’ who listen to the problems but do next to nothing of value. Richard states that politics is “Pretend Power”, consumed with fake scandals and non-existent issues. “17.5% or 20% VAT… does it matter?! Spending budgets are irrelevant.” In the last election, less than 25% of voters cast a ballot for David Cameron and he still became Prime Minister. Politics is sold to the public as valid. Richard directed us to those that sell us this false notion: the media, with the BBC (specifically Nick Robinson) cited as a good example and concluded that “it’s all bulls**t! They are trying to sell politics to you.” This therefore raises the issue of media control.

The “Hit Piece” has become the latest tool of media perceptual manipulation. It’s not about finding any truths, rather getting witnesses and making them look stupid. Any conclusions are made before the ‘program’ has even been produced. Richard refers to “Renegade Pictures” as a good example of a purveyor of this propaganda. I was interested to see if he would mention his position regarding the forthcoming “UFO Conspiracy Road Trip”, especially given the controversial internet debates about the position of various researchers in relation to this particular hit-piece. On record, he stated that he “is ignoring phone calls” from those involved.

Media attacks upon the individual are common place. An effective example of this exercise can be witnessed in the recent attacks upon Charlie Sheen. Richard mentioned those against David Icke, which have criticised (amongst other things) how his work makes him a bit of money and his past relationships. With this in mind, he asked if it possible to create a hit-piece about the nicest and most undeserving person. In this case, he decided to go with Bobby Charlton! This section presented a fake article (created by Richard himself) which attacks Charlton’s ability to manage a football club, his association with Ryan Giggs, Eric Cantona, etc., his “wayward” brother who “likes to hunt wild animals”, and concludes that the only lasting contribution Charlton will make to history is his bad comb-over! Whilst simply a bit of fun, it proves that it can be done and how effective these pieces can be in influencing public perception and opinion.

Nowhere is media manipulation more obvious than in the recent BBC ‘coverage’ of the developments in Libya. See: ( The Green Square footage, which was exposed by the inclusion of Indian flags being waved, shows the contempt that the media has for the public. He suggests that ITV could have had a field day with this revelation. Instead what do we have? ITV presenting combat footage from Libya which is actually a sequence of computer game footage, filmed from a computer screen by a camera. At this point he hit the ‘Bulls**t Detector’ button again!

All of this questions whether we are witnessing media blindness or (worse) media collusion. Here, Richard examines a hypothetic situation where Nick Clegg instructs his bodyguards to bump off a few fellow politicians. He rhetorically asks if this should be exposed to the public. To emphasise this point, he describes the activities of Iraqi vice president, Tariq Al Hashimi, who was exposed to have instructed his bodyguards to kill fellow ministers. This shocking case has remained unreported in the English speaking, Western media. He reminded us that these politicians (in Iraq, for example) were put in power by The West. The western media has a responsibility to monitor them and account for any untoward activities, yet it rarely ever does. Every bombing or attack in those countries invaded during the ‘war on terror’, is exclusively blamed on extremists and terrorists. He says, “The Media is blind to this completely distorted version of events.”

On the screen appeared the face of Rupert Murdoch. “Do not be fooled by this man!” Richard firmly believes that the phone hacking scandal was an orchestrated farce, with attempts to pull at the heart strings of the public and create an unfounded outrage, resulting in the closure of “The News of the World” newspaper. With the main event taking place over the 5th – 8th July 2011, it is interesting that Murdoch registered the domain name for “The Sun on Sunday” on the 5th of July. Richard asks how he could have had fore-knowledge of the hacking stories / “NOTW” closure. It suggests he was involved in creating the scandal. There is also the date to consider. At this time, there was increased exposure about the true nature of 7/7 via the likes of Muad’Dib and Tony Farrell. Was the hacking scandal also timed to quiet these exposing stories? Richard questions if Murdoch may have orchestrated the demise of NOTW in order to destroy evidence (not related to the phone hacking) and reminds us that he is a “shrewd operator… look at him acting at the enquiry. It’s not real.”

After a short clip from the movie “They Live”, we were asked to consider the nature of money as a form of “legalised theft” and a condensed overview of the fractional reserve system. Richard rightly states that “money should only be used for the exchange of goods and services… you shouldn’t need a bank. You would just need a safe to keep it in.” He proposes that JFK knew all about this (look at what happened to him) and that the Bank of England is at the top of the ‘Wealth Pyramid’. This subject is more fully explained in Richard’s ‘Debt Based Economy’ lecture:

The next subject was the notion of mind control, the effectiveness of hypnosis and the extent of psychotronics. He pointed to the research of Neil Sanders and Dr Rauni Kilde, noted the extensive study of alleged NSA involvement in the practice and discussed the possibility of mind controlled assassins or “Manchurian Candidates”. As an example, the audience was reminded of the demonstration by Derren Brown who instructed an individual to shoot Stephen Fry with a fake gun. The individual had no control over or recollection of the event. Brown himself has even suggested that Sirhan Sirhan was a programmed killer.

This steered the subject into, what some consider, a very controversial area. Richard cited whom he believes may possibly be modern day Manchurian Candidates: Michael Ryan (Hungerford), Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane), Sabina Eriksson (see: “Madness in the Fast Lane”), Derrick Bird, Raoul Moat, Anders Breivik (Norway shootings), Michael Atherton and Mohamed Merah. This is a huge subject to research in its own right, so I have made a few notes of interest for the those wishing to look into it further: Derrick Bird’s solicitor (Kevin Collins) who was trying to sue United Utilities for neglect that resulted in the Cumbrian floods (where a police officer drowned),  the resignation of Phillip Green (United Utilities – also once chief operating officer of Reuters), PC David Rathband who was reported as having committing suicide this year, and Lisa French - crucial to the 7/7 inquest narrative and believed to have undergone cognitive behavioural therapy / rapid eye therapy, which may have messed with her recollection of the event.

Richard moved onto the topic of military operations and hidden technology. He asked if we really need or want Predator-style drones in the skies over the UK – something currently being proposed. He then turned to the work of Dr Judy Wood and the use of directed energy weapons. At this point, Richard took a 15 minute break allowing for an apt segue way into his new video “9/11 Video and Radar Analysis”. Rather than try to explain the huge amount of work he has undertaken to produce the film, I suggest you watch the 20 minute film now and then continue to read the rest of my post:

The film is a revelation and raises a number of new questions which are crucial to 9/11 research. Is it possible that those supporting the idea of doctored footage (such as Simon Shack of “September Clues” fame) are barking up the wrong metaphorical tree? If Richard’s hypothesis is correct, it could mean that what people saw and filmed was a projection into the sky of a fake plane, projected by some sort of drone – as indicated in the Rades 3 US Military Radar data, and certainly consistent with the “cartoon physics” of the alleged ‘plane impacts’. In other words, the videos were real and the plane was fake, not fake videos of a real plane. Below is additional footage to go with the film & an article by Andrew Johnson:

After the video, a few people asked some questions regarding 9/11 in general and the alleged passengers of the alleged planes. Richard knows of a travel agent who checked the four related flights on 9/11. It appears that after 9/11, it was still possible to book flights on said planes. Curious that…

One audience member asked questions about Thermite and Richard asked Andrew Johnson to take the stage. Andrew managed to cover the relevant evidence in the space of a few minutes and set the record straight: The Qui-Tam cases, the field interference, The Hutchison Effect, Hurricane Erin, etc. On a personal note, I am always surprised by the continual referral to Thermite amongst the alternative community. I’m convinced now that Thermite is a dead end issue in 9/11 research, but that’s just me!

Richard continued with a look at the expansive work of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, and their discoveries regarding the real King Arthur and the true resting place of The Ark of the Covenant. Academia will not even look at their evidence, many ‘mainstream’ researchers have gone out of their way to discredit this alternative historical perspective and attempts have even been made upon their lives. He believes “they are valid researchers because of their King Arthur work… I have no idea if that Ark is there or not, but I do have confidence in their work.”

People often ask Richard about 2012 and what might happen. He joked, “Do I look like Mystic Meg!?” With regards to the London Olympics, he points to the curious disaster predicted in the Rockefeller Foundation document: “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” ( and refers to the work and death of Rik Clay. He admits though that he doesn’t know what may happen at the Olympics.

The work of Bill Cooper & “Behold a Pale Horse” was next. Cooper predicted the events of 9/11 ten weeks earlier (28th June 2001) and also noted how CNN managed to interview Bin Laden not long before. It therefore seems strange that the intelligence agencies couldn’t locate Bin Laden after 9/11!

He then ventured into the area of Ufology and hidden technology. Stan Deyo claims that the curtain came down on anti-gravity technology during the 1950s and Richard suggests that the global agenda of the last 60 years may be directly connected to this point. It is even more plausible if you consider the true nature of 9/11. On this subject, he referred back to Bill Cooper who reportedly witnessed UFO activity during his time in Vietnam. Cooper also noted the possible existence of an EBE (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity) that was captured in 1947 and lived until 1952, discussed NASA space flights that have been monitored by UFOs, structures and bases on the Moon, witnessed Roswell documents / autopsy photos and suggested the existence of underground facilities in Dulce, New Mexico. This is a commonly held belief. Timothy Good’s book, “Unearthly Disclosure”, documents at least 10 secret subterranean bases across the world.

Richard was trying to raise an important issue at this point. It seems that all these aspects of Ufology, mind control, secret bases, hidden technology, even ET communication (see: Dan Sherman), they all tend to circle back to the NSA. He also showed that the NSA runs GCHQ.

The final section of the night covered the bizarre phenomenon of animal mutilation and the question of whether a non-human intelligence is responsible. It appears that no one has ever been seen, caught or arrested in relation to these mutilations. Richard has worked extensively in the past with David Cayton and the Animal Pathology Field Unit, some of which has been documented in his films “Silent Killers” & “Silent Killers in Sussex”.

A possible explanation for this phenomenon is proposed in the research of Dr Phillip S Duke, who posits that these animals could be incubators to harvest some form of anti-bodies and that they have also been chipped/implanted for the purpose of monitoring and tracking. It is obvious that there appears to be a number of operatives who keeping an eye on these mutilations. Richard considers the work of Duke as a possible theory, but remains on the fence about it. He also noted the work of Mike Freebury – “Killers on The Moors”.

The mutilations are normally very precise and include the stripping of the jaw area (possibly the location of a tracking implant), removal of the reproductive organs, rectal coring, small holes with sealed edges, etc. The case of a mutilated seal on the Norfolk coast revealed an unusual spiral cut. The phenomenon is longstanding and continues to this day. Cases in January this year alone include: a pony (in Carmarthen) and 2 stallions (Cornwall & Devon respectively). Richard explained that animal owners are getting p***ed off with the authorities and their vague attempt at an explanation.

More strangely however, it seems that animals seem to be moving and disappearing en masse. In April 2000, 248 ewes silently vanished from a secure barn in Worksop. The nearby Sheepdog remained undisturbed all night, the yard was clean (no poo!) and it appears that it took place between 1.30 and 6am. Where did they go? Four miles away, 1268 sheep vanished over the course of 3 nights.

In Lincolnshire, 1500 sheep (597 ewes and 901 lambs) disappeared from a field. The BBC claimed that they had been “stolen” for an “illegal abattoir” and that it was likely done in the dark.  Detective constable Nick Jones stated that whoever was responsible “knew what they were doing”, that they were “organised” and needed “necessary transport”. At a quarter of an hour per lorry load, 1500 sheep would be noticed by somebody. Jones therefore states that the only option is that they had to have been slaughtered. All a bit Bob Lazar me thinks! There is no end of debate regarding the nature of animal mutilations. Richard suggested that they may have been taken as a source of food – just not in the conventional sense though!

He thanked everybody for coming and opened the floor to questions from the audience. These included views on The Titanic, Bin Laden and Team Six, the location of The Ark of the Covenant, and Russia Today / Julian Assange – somebody he warns to be very wary of. The audience seemed impressed with the night and continued to approach him individually for quite some time afterwards. I tried to do a head count to get an idea of how many people had attended, but it was difficult in the darkness of the theatre. I suspect it was easily in the region of 150 people, probably more.
There’s no denying that Richard is a consummate professional, who brings a touch of showmanship (in the most positive sense!) to all he does. His stage presence (combined with an ability to inform AND entertain) is part of the appeal to his large viewership. Yet it is the intention and conviction that sets him apart from the sea of vacuous media figures that saturate our culture.  Let us hope that “Richplanet TV” remains (and grows) in the public consciousness for many more years to come.

As a post-script to this article, I was lucky enough to be asked to go for a few bevvies with Richard and Andrew Johnson (who so kindly offered to ferry me to the event).We had a few laughs as Richard circumnavigated an island for about 5 minutes whilst he adjusted his satnav, prompting Andrew to sing the theme tune to “The Magic Roundabout”! It was great spending a few hours in their company and gaining some insight into their views on a variety of subjects. Both are well informed, a real good laugh and a couple of top blokes, and I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to spend some time with them.

Don’t forget that all of Richard’s shows are archived on his website: and can be viewed every week on Sky channel 201 / Showcase TV. They are well worth taking the time to watch, if you haven’t already.

Until Next Time.
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The Earth - But not as we know it...

On Tuesday the 15th of May, I was fortunate to
attend a presentation, at TruthJuice Birmingham, by Andrew Johnson entitled: “The Earth – But not as we know it.”

The talk was split into two related sections: the “Hollow Earth” theory and the “Expanding Earth” theory. The first section has intrigued me ever since reading Jules Verne as a child. I have been fascinated by the notion of lost civilisations and subterranean domains. It also dovetails into subjects such as Ufology, advanced technology and inter-dimensions, which I find equally as interesting. Despite being a subject that I remain unconvinced about, the idea of a “Hollow Earth” really does fire the imagination and I can’t resist a good story!

For those of you who haven’t a clue, the Hollow Earth theory speaks for itself. It is the idea that our world consists of a shell (of varying depth, depending on who you subscribe to), with holes to enter/exit the inner side of the shell that are located in the Northern and Southern Polar regions. The centre is hollow and usually contains a small, inner sun or heated core. Whilst we assume that the outer shell represents the world that we ‘see’ around us, it is alleged by many that the inner layer contains evidence of civilisations and (possibly) intelligent life.

Andrew began the presentation with a high quality video (by Nies Lighting – 2010 - which creates a 3D computer model of the interior/exterior of the earth in relation to the hollow theory, followed by a look at some possible early references to it. Proponents cite the many religious references to subterranean realms as possible examples: Christian “Hell”, Greek “Hades”, etc. The Buddhist belief in a subterranean world (called Shambala or Agharta), with “millions of inhabitants and many cities”, seems to have contributed much to these early associations.
In 1692, Edmund Halley stated that he believed the Earth to consist of a shell 800km thick and that the inner shell had a population. By the 1800s, the idea seemed to penetrate further into the social consciousness. Andrew pointed to Sir John Leslie and “Elements of National Philosophy” (1829) as one example. He also highlighted the infamous drawing by Max Fyfield, which seems to incorporate many of the disparate ideas into one image.

Despite the many strands to draw upon, Andrew decided to centre in (no pun intended!) on two of the most famous and oft-referred stories that seem pivotal to the “Hollow Earth” narrative. The first is the account of 19 year old Olaf Jansen who, along with his father (Jens Jansen), left Stockholm on the third of April, 1829, on a fishing/ivory expedition. They decided to sail onward in search of the “land beyond the north pole.” Upon leaving the North European coastal regions, they first encountered an island (which doesn’t appear on current maps according to Andrew) and stayed for a day. They continued north through fog and storms until eventually reaching a “pyrotechnic panorama of countless colours and shapes, while below could be seen the green-tinted sea, and above, the purple sky.” Jansen also claims they were sailing in freshwater at this point.

They eventually came across a land of sandy beaches and greenery, and were greeted by a huge ship crewed by several hundred “men of gigantic stature.” Jansen claimed that “there was not a single man aboard who would not have measured fully twelve feet in height.” The continuing account places them in the company of these giants, touring the inner-earth for two years, learning the language and customs, as well as witnessing advanced technology such as a vehicle, “doubtless some electrical contrivance. It was noiseless, and ran on a single iron rail in perfect balance… On the top of each car were high geared fly wheels lying on their sides, which were so automatically adjusted that, as the speed of the car increased, the high speed of these fly wheels geometrically increased… the fly wheels in their rapid revolutions destroying effectually the so-called power of gravitation.”

In time, Jansen and his father returned to the outer earth, exiting via the South Pole portal. On the journey home, his father, and their boat, fell victim to the Antarctic Sea and left Jansen stranded on an iceberg. He was eventually rescued by a Scottish whaling ship called The Arlington. He recalled his fantastic tale to the Captain – Angus MacPherson – who locked him in irons, claiming he was mad. Jansen tried in vain to mount a return expedition to the inner Earth with the help of his uncle. Sadly, his uncle became responsible for helping to get Jansen locked up in a mental institute for 28 years. Upon release, he made a new life for himself and settled in America. Toward the end of his life, he told the story to Willis Emerson – who published the story as “The Smoky God - A Voyage to the Inner World.”

It may seem difficult to verify Jansen’s tale, however he did leave a few aspects that Andrew has been able to clarify. Malcolm Archibald ( is a maritime author and has spent many years researching the whaling industry which was once so important on the East Coast of Scotland. Andrew has consulted Archibald and, according to him, there were no Dundee whaling ships in the Antarctica in that time period. He could also find no records of a whaler called “The Arlington.”

The other famous story relating to the Hollow Earth narrative is that of Admiral Richard E. Byrd. Many claim that Byrd made a secret flight to the North Pole in February of 1947 and that the so called “Missing Diary of Admiral Byrd” is proof of that flight. This ‘diary’ alleges that Byrd flew over a green, mountainous land with Mammoths, German flying disk and a city! Arriving at the city, he is greeted by “The Master” who says “you are in the domain of the Arianni, the Inner World of the Earth. We shall not long delay your mission, and you will be safely escorted back to the surface and for a distance beyond.”

Andrew pointed out several factors that contradict this view. Firstly, there is the well documented ‘Operation Highjump’ (detailed in the film “The Secret Land”), which places Byrd on the other side of the world (Antarctica) at this time: “The operation made front-page headlines around the world with reports about the Admirals personal movements broadcast around the world daily from January 2nd until his return to America on April 14th 1947. This would have made a North Polar flight during this time damn near impossible. So, the question we need to answer is: Where did the story of a February 1947 Arctic expedition actually come from?”

There are also sections in the ‘missing diary’ (like the engine failure) that match his logs from ‘Operation Highjump’ and statements he has made regarding his other polar missions: with Floyd Bennett - Flight Over North Pole May 9, 1926, and Antarctic – 1928-1930/1933-1935. As Andrew pointed out, it seems that at some elements have been muddled into a more fanciful creation.
It seems the ‘missing diary’ story originated in a book by Amadeo Giannini called “Worlds beyond the Poles: Physical Continuity of the Universe” (1959) and has been embellished ever since. Andrew noted that Byrd was a documented freemason - and I also think it is worth remembering that much of Byrd’s early expeditions were financed by the Rockefellers.

It would be relatively easy for existing temperate zones, close to the polar region, to be mistaken for strange lands in the early days of polar exploration. There is a volcano on Ross Island that would create a temperate zone, Antarctica has a chain of warm water lakes with an average temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit…  even the film “The Secret Land” documents the discovery of several of these freshwater temperate zones.
Next, Andrew discussed what is claimed tobe photographic evidence of “holes at the poles”. The most famous (that seem to perpetuate the theory) are those taken by ESSA-3 on January 6, 1967 and ESSA-7 on November 23, 1968. Despite the continued use of these pictures as evidence, they have been discovered to be composite photos, assembled to give an idea of cloud coverage and therefore don’t prove the existence of giant polar portals to an inner realm.

Andrew contacted a pilot friend of his who has flown within 60 miles of the North Pole on several occasions. Whilst he admits that no planes are allowed to fly over the pole (to avoid the creation of polar pollution), he has yet to witness any holes in the region. He also showed a clip from Michael Palin’s “Around the World in 80 Days”, which climaxes with a visit to the South Pole. Despite the US reluctance to allow the expedition to land at their plane, it became necessary due to a need to refuel. Palin was allowed into the National Science Foundation base (Amudsen), he filmed a huge scientific dumping ground and complex, as well as the pole itself – there were no holes…

Looking at the science also tends to lean toward the earth having a centre with mass - as opposed to being hollow. To begin with, the Earth’s centre is observable via vibration. There is also the measureable density of the earth – if the earth were hollow with a shell X kilometres/miles deep, it would need to consist of a dense material like osmium to match the measureable density. Also, mass creates gravity (according to mainstream science) which generally rules out the idea of the earth being hollow.

Brooks Agnew and others haveclaimed that Aurorae at the poles could really be the result of particles of interaction between the solar wind and polar holes. Agnew, a physicist, has spoken about THEMIS – 5 identical probes designed to monitor Coronal Mass Ejections from the sun and how they interact with the atmosphere. This measureable effect would differ if the Earth were hollow with polar holes, claims Agnew. Andrew mentioned how statements made by Agnew were, however, incorrect – he described an event detected by T THEMIS as a “cosmic bullet” when the correct term was “a plasma bullet”.

Nevertheless, this has not stopped the imaginations of those who still believe in the “Hollow Earth” theory. Andrew discussed Brooks Agnew who has been attempting to mount an expedition for several years. The NPIEE (North Pole Inner Earth Expedition) is extremely ambitious and well into the advanced stages of preparation. All being well, it should take place within the next few months.

Andrew closed the first section with a curious note of optimism: that there may actually be something occurring, that could account for some of the hollow earth stories. There is the possibility of the existence of inter-dimensional portals that intersect with our Earth. Maybe people have visited other realms – just not physically inside the earth. This was a fascinating notion that I would have loved to have heard discussed more (I could say the same about the stories of secret Nazi bases in Antarctica, UFOs rising from the southern oceans, the recent Google Earth images with ‘holes’, etc.), however I know Andrew and his motto “Check the Evidence” – he tends to stay with what is quantifiable… which is probably for the best!

The Hollow Earth perspective is not one that I align myself with. Whilst it never the less sparks the imagination, there does seem to be a considerable lack of evidence to support the proposition. I was encouraged that Andrew had made a huge effort to examine the wealth of material available on the subject before coming to his conclusion: that the Hollow Earth theory is unlikely to be anything other than that – just a theory.

The second half of the presentation looked at something that I was only vaguely aware of the idea of an “Expanding Earth”. This is the theory that continental shift is not random and that the tectonic plates don’t really move, rather they appear to move apart because the Earth is continually expanding. If true, this would mean that a point in the past, when the Earth was much smaller, the continents would have fitted together and covered the planet – meaning also that there would have been no oceans.

Mainstream science tells us that the Earth’s continents once formed a single super-continent called Pangaea. The process of ‘continental drift’ was proposed by Alfred Wegener in 1912 and has only been accepted, largely, since the 1950s. Andrew pointed out that continental “displacement” was replaced by “drift” thanks to detractors of the expanding Earth theory.

The first fascinating piece of evidence to support this theory is the age of the rock surrounding the continental shelves. Given the ‘official’ age of the planet (several billion years), rock at the shelves should be the oldest and reflect the planet’s age. Yet when the magnetic fields of the rock is measured (to date it in relation to the magnetic pole reversals), the oldest (in the Mediterranean Sea region) is a mere 180 million years old.

Andrew mentioned the controversial work of Immanuel Velikovsky in a book called “In the Beginning” (which was never published). His most well-known book is “Worlds in Collision”, which has been fiercely attacked by the scientific community – especially Dr Carl Sagan, who went out of his way to debunk it. With this in mind, he asked the question – where did the oceans come? Why such a disproportionate salt content? This is a question Velikovsky asks, but like everyone else, no one seems to have an answer.

At this point, Andrew presented some animations showing what the smaller Earth might have looked like and the separation of the continents as the planet expanded. He also discussed Professor S Warren Carey (“Theories of the Earth and Universe”) who has proposed a revised “slower continental drift” model. He also mentioned the work of Neal Adams who made some videos which show how the continents all fit together on a smaller globe. This work is quite well known on the web, but Neal Adams is not a scientist.

Next, we were presented with the possibility that other planets in the
solar system may also have experienced a similar phenomenon and looked at the work of Dr James Maxlow ("Terra non Firma Earth: Plate Tectonics is a Myth" - ) who presents diverse evidence about the earth’s expansion over millions of years. Andrew cited an article in Nature, published in 2002 which stated “our planet’s waste-line is mysteriously expanding!”

Through the use of geodetic measurements, it appears that it is – with the equator expanding at an average of 18 millimetres per year for the last 10 – 20 years. Some sections of the scientific community immediately assumed the data from which this figure was derived was erroneous once it had been calculated – even though people like Maxlow had independently calculated a similar figure.

Finally, there was a look at the nature of dinosaur anatomy
and how the reduced force of gravity of a smaller planet could explain some of the biological abnormalities in relation to the size of dinosaurs – as discussed in the work of Stephen Hurrell (

Andrew also mentioned J Marvin Herndon who has suggested the possibility that Earth once formed as gas giant with a thick atmosphere that compressed the core inwards. This atmosphere was then stripped off after a kind of giant solar flare, leaving just the core, which slowly expanded over time – although this doesn’t explain the apparent change in the force of gravity though.

The presentation was concluded with some interesting ideas to ponder. In order to keep the planet the same size, many scientists are now discussing “subduction” - which requires the notion of tectonic plate collision and overlapping. But where is the evidence of subduction? It appears that new plate is being created all the time and would thus explain the relatively young age of rock around the continental ‘shelves’.

The Q & A session at the end was great. Questions about the origins of life (absent the oceans), where did all the water come from, etc. Whether people subscribed to it or not, the idea certainly got people thinking! As for me, I remain undecided at the moment… watch this space anyway. The notes I made for the second half were a little sparse. Partly due to my limited understanding (so I had to concentrate!) and also because I got so engrossed and kept forgetting to jot things down!  I’d make a lousy reporter!

The turn-out was great. There was a nice sized crowd and a real mixed bag of age ranges. Everybody seemed really interested in the presentation, especially the second part. Andrew did his usual excellent and thorough job in presenting such a thought provoking subject. He made himself available for questions and general banter and was very approachable as always. Andrew's website is

I must also mention the sterling work of TruthJuice Birmingham ( )
They are a great bunch of dedicated and friendly people who always make everybody welcome. Long may it continue! And thanks also for allowing me leave some flyers for my humble little corner of the web! I really appreciate it.

Until Next Time.
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Sunday, 13 May 2012


   If truth were a tangible place, like a town or city, it would be a very dangerous place to live! Despite appearing like a utopian destination and for all the benefits and worth of getting there, there would be times when it would erupt into a bloody showdown like an old western frontier town. Other times you might feel like you were living in one of those Soviet based, mock American towns of the 50s or The Village – the one immortalised by the excellent 60s show: The Prisoner. Problems are always made by people though. The place is enormously incidental.

   Truth is almost always a contrivance, utilised by some as a means to manipulate and understood subjectively by others. We can partly blame the way our conscious/subconscious mind interprets information and our ‘trust’ in the source of it, some we can blame on our predispositions and bias, the rest of the blame lies firmly at the feet of those who understand perfectly how to manipulate these psychological processes in others.

   The architects of the hidden state of global affairs are singularly powered by the vast majority of humanity’s ignorance (of a situation), mass apathy or willingness to just let them get on with it. There are those that are a little more informed or proactive though. Knowledge really is power, but how can you be sure that you really do ‘know’? And if you ever do ‘know’, how do you decide to act on it?

Large scale realisations have always spawned large scale
reactions and thus, a movement is always born. History is replete with examples. From the Suffragettes and the New Age movement to Anti-War and 9/11, mass social stirrings become driven by the promise of justice, enlightenment or change.  The driving forces of these movements are decent, honest and well-intentioned people who want to make the world a better place. Without them there could be no movement. But is it naïve to think that these movements have been created solely from a collective sense of conscience? That everybody shaping, developing and driving them are equally as honourable as those with the best of intentions?

   Sadly, history also shows us that certain individuals and groups have played a hand in the nature of these movements. It shows us that while some movements have been co-opted and usurped at some stage, others have been created or instigated by agents of the global agenda players (for one reason or another) and given what we know about these agenda players, we can only assume that their intentions were not to benefit the social majority.

   In the 1960s, those opposed to the war in Vietnam were gaining momentum in bringing the injustice and hypocrisies of the conflict to the world’s attention. It became the mandate of western intelligence and military organisations to do everything they could to infiltrate and discredit those who had the ability to sway public opinion, and distract the rest. The exposure of the MKULTRA project era alone, shows how intelligence agency sourced LSD was introduced far and wide into society with the intention (amongst others) of disassociating many from their political activism.

   As for those with a visible anti-war profile (writers, artists and musicians), a leaked memorandum dated April 26th 1976 shows how several government branches were tasked with painting these individuals as “scurrilous and depraved”, highlight their “living conditions and habits” and attempt to discolour their character with sexual indiscretions, drug charges, planting narcotics, sending in women to break up marriages, misinformation (to confuse and disrupt) and alerting the media to their activities. They even obtained handwriting specimens to fake documents, enflamed existing personal conflicts and animosities, and provoked rival groups in the hope of inciting hostilities and murders. (see: “The Covert War Against Rock” – Alex Constantine)

   The Cointelpro days of the 60s and 70s are extensively documented, with everything from The Black Panthers to the Yippies being infiltrated by various agency. Officially, this infiltration was justified in order to protect the larger public from “disruptive subversion”. In reality, much of their activities involved agitating members of these various groups, often pitting them against each other through various forms of subterfuge (such as blackmail.)

On the other side of the spectrum, the apolitical New Age
movement was equally exposed to subversion via agencies such as the FBI, CIA and NSA. During the early 70s, institutions such as Esalen made it possible for a huge increase in the number of agents to infiltrate the “human potential” movement.

   These are just a few examples of the global players utilising their apparatus to redirect the power of the masses.

  In recent times, we have learned (all too painfully) how governments have advanced agendas by getting everybody on board with a certain belief system. 9/11 was the conduit through which the mantra of “threats” from new “global enemies” could dogmatise the masses into accepting not only wars of aggression, occupation of foreign countries and policies of “regime change”, but also sweeping changes that curtailed individual rights and freedoms.

   The West (particularly NATO countries) has also taken huge liberties with the desire for freedom that has grown out of the post-9/11 world. There have been claims that many of the uprisings of 2011 were infiltrated by "agent provocateurs”. According to former CIA counterterrorist analyst Michael Scheuer, the US intelligence agency gave training and logistical support to the anti-Gaddafi “resistance” and that “Obama secretly authorised this covert operation.”

   Of course, this is nothing new. You need only research Operation Gladio to understand the extent to which these operations have been carried out in the past. Gladio was a “far-right secret army, operated by the CIA and MI6 through NATO, which killed hundreds of innocent Europeans and attempted to blame the deaths on Baader Meinhof, Red Brigades and other left wing groups. Known as 'stay-behinds' these armies were given access to military equipment which was supposed to be used for sabotage after a Soviet invasion. Instead it was used in massacres across mainland Europe as part of a CIA Strategy of Tension. Gladio killing sprees in Belgium and Italy were carried out for the purpose of frightening the national political classes into adopting U.S. policies.” (see: BBC Documentary, “Timewatch: Operation Gladio”, 1992, Director Allan Frankovich) The “Timewatch” documentary (surprising for the BBC… although it was pre-9/11) shows in detail how Gladio was a quintessential example of cointelpro / agent provocateur strategy.

   The aftermath of 9/11 has also had the effect of mobilising popular opinion. One of the few examples of an effective social mobilisation appeared in the fallout from the invasion of Iraq and the WMD farce. Millions of people took to streets of numerous cities to protest against an illegal war. The sheer outrage against government policies and particular individuals, such as Bush and Blair, reminded the powers that be of the potential threat from genuine people power...  something which scared them witless.

   The 21st century is a curious time for truth. More people are now waking up to the reality of a hidden history / global truth and the alternative community has become a force to be reckoned with. For possibly the first time, a battleground of sorts has appeared with various psychological weaponry, infiltration and armaments being deployed on all sides. As much as we might want to think in terms of black and white, good and evil, goodies and baddies, there have never really been any clearly defined boundaries in truth… especially now.

   With the power of the movement now stronger than ever, there are some very controversial questions to ask. It is becoming a question of “pick your side”, rather than “what do you think?” This kind of boxed mentality makes ‘Truth’ a very dangerous place indeed… recognising and questioning it, even more so. Never the less, these questions are a responsibility of truth. Why does enlightenment need to have a representative middleman? They say that the truth speaks for itself, so why all of a sudden does it need to be led by the hand?

Questioning the nature and intentions of certain individuals in modern
movements is like opening Pandora’s Box. Every question asked by a researcher about facets of 9/11 Truth or The Occupy Movement often invites attack or counter questions of personal intentions. Yet these are important questions to ask. Andrew Johnson’s book “9/11 – Finding the Truth” raises some very important questions about the connections between certain prolific researchers and assorted military/industrial complex players and their associates. It also shows a clear and multi-pronged attack upon those supporting the idea of a connection between 9/11 and directed free-energy technology (specifically the work of Dr Judy Wood.)

   “Nanomanagement: The Disintegration of a Non-Profit Corporation” by Michael Armenia discusses (albeit from a biased perspective) the collapse of ‘Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’. Appendix C (page 236) includes the March 12, 2009 draft of the “Volunteer Vetting Procedures” of those wishing to be involved with the group. These extensive investigation procedures specify being careful to watch for those who could potentially be destructive for the movement. The ‘destructive’ criteria include those who have researched “no planes”, “directed energy weapons” and “Judy Wood.” Why is this so? ‘No-planers’ and ‘DEW’ researchers have something crucial to bring to any legitimate investigation of 9/11. Is this the reason why they are side-lined, attacked or discredited?

   I’ve heard it said that in order to get ‘non-truthers’ to take 9/11 seriously, the research needs to stay within the realms of possible /plausible reality. Only a cursory look at the directed free-energy research (relating to 9/11) shows something perfectly possible or plausible. The ramifications of this area of study are huge, maybe that’s the point. Such knowledge would need to be discredited and kept from mass public awareness, and therefore imply the necessity for subversion in some areas of 9/11 truth.

More recently, many have started to cast an eye over
aspects of the Occupy movement. Although it is much harder to point to specific concerns (unlike 9/11), it is hard to ignore the recent alleged connections between Occupy and say: George Soros, Adbusters, The Lucis Trust, and Ivan Marovic and Srdja Popovic . The last two chaps are intricately associated with OPTOR/CANVAS (Centre For Applied Non-violent Action And Strategies), which was founded as a “non-violent revolutionary group” by Serbians and responsible for driving the uprising that overthrew Slobodan Milosevic in the late 90s/early 2000s.

   Popovic claims that CANVAS is 100% privately funded with no involvement from the US government, yet it is alleged by many that OTPOR/CANVAS has become a powerful CIA front, creating the model for popular global uprisings. William Engdahl claims that OTPOR now operates as “revolutionary consultants” in over 50 countries and is geared toward finding ways to instigate “regime change”.

   Numerous individuals have come out in support of Occupy and spoken at various rallies. It is worth noting that some of these folk are big in the alternative world, yet whenever they take to these platforms of expression, they fail to even mention 9/11 or any other ‘bigger picture’ issues. Interesting that…

   On a more esoteric level, we have the likes of Kanye West (with his Rockefeller connections) spouting on about Occupy. The use of the human loudspeaker system (with its repetitive slogan aspect) and the bizarre uptake of the pyramid hand sign at rallies (allegedly symbolising a ‘point of procedure’ or something like that).

Also remember that Occupy was (in order)
totally ignored the mainstream media, then totally ridiculed, then labelled as a union-sponsored, anti-free market, pro-Marxist movement. Nowadays Occupy is often compared to the Tea Party and (much as it was) labelled as a “grassroots” movement… a buzzword that we should be very suspicious of. It almost appears as though it has now become credible in the eyes of the MSN and anything MSN speaks favourably about should be eyed very warily. I am always extremely cautious when the media changes their tune about something, let alone four times! There are also several pieces of footage floating around on the internet that show staged, small scale protests for the benefit of the cameras. One such piece was broadcast on RT, omitting the cue to the cameraman at the beginning.

   I suspect the origins of Occupy to be largely benign in nature, but this still doesn’t exclude the possibility of infiltration. It is well documented that the US Department of Homeland Security has already classified the Occupy movement as a “potential security risk”. Similar observations have been made by several western government agencies. They wouldn’t say such things and then let them just get on with it. It would actually be naïve to think that Occupy hasn’t already been infiltrated. The question is: to what extent?

   Before I am accused of sounding totally damning, I must make it clear that I have nothing against movements. I wrote, back in October, about the pride I felt when watching Occupy take to the streets across countless cities around the world. Social uprisings can change the world in wonderful ways. However, the voice of the few that starts to represent the many is exactly the same as that which we fight to expose. These people who steer or micromanage a cause (even with the best of intentions) can so easily be misdirected, misinformed or even corrupted.

   So what does this say about our little “town called truth” then?

   In order to decide what to do and how to act, we must first learn. As I pointed out in the first paragraph, the problems all stem from people. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an original thought. To learn, we must study what others have already accumulated and it is here that personal agendas (good and bad) can get in the way.  We all know that there are high profile individuals (researchers & authors in the alternative community) who are slanted by an extreme left/right political perspective, xenophobic tendencies or spiritual/religious leanings. This is a shame because within their bias lies some well researched, important and factual information. If people fail to separate stance from facts, they can be so easily and blindly led… even when it seems like a just cause.

   No matter how enlightened we think we may be, remember that we are only the hair of gnat’s knacker away from sheep! The facts remain that, with regard to our cognitive processes, we either want to be led or need to be from time to time and in the case of early age it is a practical necessity that literally forms those processes. 

Despite all this, it is important to keep in
mind that you only as powerful or awake as you want to be. It takes time but it gets easier the more you do it. A little common sense (not in the traditional sense!!) can go a long way. Learn all you can lay your hands. Get in the faces of the knowledge bearers and ask questions, get them to point you to all the places that inspired / informed them and make up your own mind. If you don’t ask, you won’t get… and never be ashamed of asking. With enough wisdom, you’ll know how to act and when. You’ll know when it is the right time to say “NO!”

Until next time…
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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Monday, 7 May 2012

Damning Documents - Part 5: “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”

In researching Global Governance 2025, I was led to believe (as were many others) that this was the infamous document that contained a fictional scenario that refers to an attack on the London 2012 Olympics, killing several million people. Whilst researching some forthcoming material relating to the upcoming Olympic Games, it seems I stumbled across the actual document with the reference.The “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” report was published in May 2010 and makes for very interesting reading. Straight off the bat, it is crucial to highlight those responsible for producing this opus: The Global Business Network and… The Rockefeller Foundation.

   Anything that pertains to these “Agenda Player” families should be a cause to sit up and pay attention. However, as with all these important documents, it is always worth remembering to read between the lines. What is ‘not said’ can be just as significant. The included letter from the foundation president Judith Rodin lauds the efforts and methods of those involved and the report itself, highlighting how such work is crucial to “improve the lives of poor and vulnerable populations around the world”. Very noble of them…

   Drawing upon foundation staff, grantees and ‘external experts’ (including SRI – Stanford Research Institute, Cisco & University of California-Berkeley), the report is an attempt to analyse some of the “driving forces that would affect the future of technology and international development”. The document utilises fictional scenarios and builds them around specific “critical uncertainties” to create four possible global structure outcomes over the next several decades. These include: “Lock Step”, “Smart Scramble”, “Hack Attack” and “Clever Together”. Each of these four ‘set-ups’ are triggered by a number of “shock” events in order to advance the narratives toward their conclusions.

   The report is very similar in structure to “Global Governance 2025” (possibly why the two have been muddled). Superficially, the “Clever Together” appears the favoured one. The title is a much less rigid/extreme use of language and sounds more positive than the other three. Further ‘proof’ of this can be seen in the tone and context of the “Clever…” narrative and also when compared to the other three. Remember though that more is often said in the greyer areas...
   The first scenario – “Lock Step” – presents a “world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.” It begins with the outbreak of a pandemic in 2012: “unlike 2009’s H1N1, this new influenza strain — originating from wild geese — was extremely virulent and deadly.” The virus would go on to infect “nearly 20 percent of the global population and (kill) 8 million in just seven months.”

   It would ultimately do devastating damage to the global economy, business, tourism, etc. The result would create varying forms of “top-down authorities” across the world (with numerous countries introducing mass bio-metric ID for example) and began the dismantling of international/global perspectives - creating regional trading blocs. “Cross-border ties proliferated in the form of official security aid. While the deployment of foreign security teams was welcomed in some of the most dire failed states.” The narrative paints the global masses as largely in favour of this until the mid-2020s.

   The report looks at the role of philanthropy in this situation: “Philanthropic organizations interested in promoting universal rights and freedoms will get blocked at many nations’ borders. Developing smart, flexible, and wide-ranging relationships in this world will be key; some philanthropies may choose to work only in places where their skills and services don’t meet resistance.” The technological effect of “Lock Step” is also discussed. “Most technological improvements are created by and for developed countries, shaped by governments’ dual desire to control and to monitor their citizens. In states with poor governance, large-scale projects that fail to progress abound.”

   The second narrative – “Clever Together” – is shown as “a world in which highly coordinated and successful strategies emerge for addressing both urgent and entrenched worldwide issues.” This sections catalysts are “environmental” and “climate” issues. A fictional flooding of New York due to a storm surge is also provided. It is interesting to note that this scenario posits that the global “economic crisis” of 2008 (and now, of course) would fizzle out by 2010 and growth would explode and prosper subsequently. “A functioning global cap and trade system was also established. Worldwide, the pressure to reduce waste and increase efficiency in planet-friendly ways was enormous. New globally coordinated systems for monitoring energy use capacity were rolled out.”

 “Centralized global oversight and governance structures sprang up, not just for energy use but also for disease and technology standards… Nation-states lost some of their power and importance as global architecture strengthened and regional governance structures emerged. International oversight entities like the UN took on new levels of authority.”

   The result here is global governance, with NGOs and companies playing huge roles. Hunger and disease is severely reduced via access to inexpensive technology, enhanced GMOs and “more effective vaccines”.  This scenario is painted in such positive tones (the section on philanthropy calls it a “virtual model world”), with only the prospect of global food shortages by 2027 being suggested as a negative.

   Scenario Three – “Hack Attack” – is described as “an economically unstable and shock-prone world in which governments weaken, criminals thrive, and dangerous innovations emerge.” The trigger here is the infamous “2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000.” It follows with “an earthquake in Indonesia killing 40,000, a tsunami that almost wiped out Nicaragua, and the onset of the West China Famine, caused by a once-in-a-millennium drought linked to climate change.” We are obviously encouraged here to see this as the “fear” scenario…

   The resulting humanitarian cost would damage the global economy and effect “citizen demands for more security, more healthcare coverage, more social programs and services, and more infrastructure repair.” Countries would turn their foreign policy back to domestic concerns, allowing crime, drug trafficking, violence and terrorism to have a free reign… according to the report anyway!
   On a technological front, hacking and cyber-crime would damage advancement. “The threat of being hacked and the presence of so many thefts and fakes lowered the incentives to create “me first” rather than “me too” technologies.” However, it does suggest that “genetically modified crops (GMOs) and do-it-yourself (DIY) biotech became backyard and garage activities, producing important advances.” By 2021, “Synthetic Biology” would be out of control and, by 2027, there would be the onset of “Water Wars” in various countries.

   The final scenario – “Smart Scramble” – is pictured as “an economically depressed world in which individuals and communities develop localized, makeshift solutions to a growing set of problems.” The trigger here is that the global economic situation of 2008 snowballed. Eventually “the United States lost much of its presence and credibility on the international stage due to deepening debt, debilitated markets, and a distracted government… the Chinese sharply curtailed their investments in Africa and other parts of the developing world.”

   Unemployment and xenophobia is presented as the result. ”London had been drained of immigrants, as they headed back to their home countries, taking their education and skills with them.” Decline in communities and poverty is blamed for the lack of reliable technological advances – “Internet access had not progressed far beyond its 2010 status… When cell phone towers or fibre optic cables broke down, repairs were often delayed by months or even years.” The scenario suggests an upturn toward the late 2020s but perhaps only “staying isolated, and survival and success would remain a local — not a global or national — phenomenon.”
   Many of these documents, presented by those continuously cited as being (or in close proximity to) controllers of the global agenda, are often very curious items. It is never truly clear what the intent is in presenting them. It is clear that most ordinary folk in the world will never read them, so suggesting that they are a form of predictive programming is a difficult call to make. Their readership will always be contained to those closer to the workings of the global machine. Are they possibly a strange form of ‘training manual’ for the facilitators and middlemen of the agenda? Are they orchestrated misinformation designed to create misdirection when some of us think we’re starting to see the bigger picture? Or are they a statement of intent on the part of the controlling elite – not obvious even in plain sight… hidden, but not really hidden?...

   As a final thought, I'm always concerned by the flippant inclusion of these cataclysmic events in many of these damning documents. They seem to serve no other purpose than to titillate the powerful, frighten the uninformed and annoy or confirm the suspicions of those who see the bigger picture. Maybe that is the point after all...

Whatever the real reasons, we should always be aware. Spread the knowledge. Do our best to think for ourselves and never, ever allow ourselves to be told what IS.

Open minds and level heads!
Until Next Time…
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