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Disney Darkside - Part Three

The bedrock of Disney’s global standard and reputation is that of “wholesome family values”. This is something of a twisted irony when one considers the many tales of state sponsored mind control in relation to the ‘Disney’ empire. This standard is further questionable should there be any validity to the claims that their guiding light, Walt Disney, was alleged to have had an unhealthy interest in their child stars – most notably, the likes of Bobby Driscoll and Kurt Russell, whose name was allegedly the last words spoken by Walt on his death bed.

Such claims aside, a little scrutiny of Disney’s output alone tells us a story that contradicts the much vaunted values and beliefs of ‘The House of Mouse’. Since their first animated films, Disney has produced (or joint partnered with other studios) a huge number of animated and live actions films, shorts and television programmes. There are many common themes which have run through these productions since their origins in the early part of the twentieth century.

The protagonist of these pieces often finds themselves on a physical and psychology journey. Usually they are lost or separated from their loved ones, perhaps trying to find a way home again or attempting to create a new life for themselves. The journey always involves a transformative experience, a metamorphosis into a new being. The journey will involve hardship and danger, peril and heartbreak. The protagonist will usually befriend some form of non-human individual or individuals. These are often animals, but over the years they have included supernatural entities, aliens, robots, even figments of their own imagination. Most people would describe this as a perfectly normal narrative for a children’s story.

However, the specifics of the journey are quite interesting and decidedly dark. Even as early as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), the story begins with Snow White’s jealous stepmother Queen ordering a reluctant huntsman to take her into the woods and kill her. Further on, after escaping and befriending various woodland creatures, as well as seven adult dwarfs, the Queen creates a poisoned apple that will put Snow White into a "Sleeping Death". The Queen even cackles at one point about taking Snow White and “burying her alive!”

It is worth pointing out that when the original “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was released in England; picture houses forbad any child under the age of 16 from seeing the film due to the scary content. Speaks volumes really…

Most people will argue that children have always loved a little fear, peril and gruesomeness in their stories. This is true in most cases. A case could be made for the concept of overkill though – something which Disney excels in. Case in point: Pinocchio (1940) - Stromboli turns brutal and locks Pinocchio in a birdcage to prevent him from leaving, and warns him that if he grows too old, he will chop him into firewood, Bambi (1942) - his mother is shot and killed by a deer hunter while trying to help her son find food, Alice in Wonderland (1957) – the Queen of Hearts orders Alice executed by decapitation, these are just a few early examples of many such occurrences.

If we consider Disney’s wholesome family values (a family unit, a loving environment, etc.) there appears to be a slight discontinuity within the films. I don’t wish to get into a debate about what is considered to be a so-called “family unit”, yet Disney’s view of this is a somewhat fractured and disjointed one. If you are aware of the various Disney plots or take some time to do a little research, it is not hard to notice the sheer number of films involving a central character / characters who are orphaned, fostered, adopted, abandoned, have no family at all, suffered the loss of one or both parents, etc. There are also numerous examples where an adopted, foster or step parent has treated their charge to contemptible, if not homicidal, tendencies! Are these good, wholesome family values? The latter is almost certainly not!

During the early days of Disney, another wholesome concept would have been one’s devotion to religious beliefs. Right from the creation of Fantasia (1940), the finale of the film (Night on Bald Mountain) treats the viewer to a ritual wherein the devil Chernabog summons evil spirits and restless souls from their graves. The spirits dance and fly through the air until driven back by the sound of an Angelus bell as night fades into dawn. Such rituals would have been the antithesis of accepted mainstream beliefs. Disney has returned many times to the notion of ‘selling your soul’ (e.g.: “The Devil and Max Devlin”), magic and occult aspects (“Summer Magic”, “Mary Poppins”, “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”, “The Black Cauldron”, “Hocus Pocus”) and the beliefs and symbolism of masonic and secret societies (“Treasure Island”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Candleshoe”, “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, “The Three Musketeers”, “National Treasure”, “The Prestige”)

Disney has also had a preoccupation with narrative devices such as mind experimentation (e.g.: “The Adventures of Merlin Jones”, “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes”) advanced technology  (“The Absent Minded Professor”, “Moon Pilot”, “Tron”, “Surrogates”) and the extra-terrestrial phenomenon (“Escape to Witch Mountain”, “Flight of the Navigator”, “Mission To Mars” and “Signs”.)

In all honesty, providing you have a little insight into the bigger picture, it is not hard to find such recurrent themes throughout these films. Is there anything a little more subtle though? If we return to the practice of psychological programming and conditioning, these notions are sometimes noticeable. The ideas of abuse, isolation and fractured psyches are used repeatedly in Disney’s output. The Bette Midler vehicle “Stella” immediately springs to mind as an example, as well as (one of my pet projects) “Lost” – made by Disney’s ABC television network.

It is conceivable that there is far more subtlety than perhaps initially realised. Aside from the far reaching mind control associations, a number of researchers have suggested a more generic and low level conditioning which may be more widespread amongst the general population – one such method is that of “Princess Programming”. The emotionally challenged “princess” motif is regularly at the heart of many a Disney film and serves as a mass consumerist tool of propagation. Researchers have pointed to this aspect as a tool to re-educate (largely female) mass perceptions.

The transformation (with monarch-style undercurrents) of the girl next door utilising her femininity to get all she wants is a very appealing psychological trigger in the female of the species. Disney’s consumerist machine has cornered the market in eye-catching, often plastered in pink, paraphernalia. Try going to any large store without noticing at least one row (if not many more!) draped floor to ceiling in this stuff. It is also worth checking out the theme of the product. Many of these items are a riff on princess/Disney themes, if not an actual Disney franchise.

The pink aspect is also worth addressing. In the book “Illuminati Formula”, Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler address the colour coded ‘Illuminati alter system’. This system assigns thirteen colours to a hierarchy of programming. Pink is the lowest. “These are core related alters. They maintain the true feelings of the true self apart from the cult programming and the cult family’s programming. These alters are viewed as weak because they are emotional and often break down and weep. They are fragile emotionally.” In 1997, Cooper Marketing Group made a survey of the usage and representations of colours in commercial marketing. Pink had a sizeable 27% share of usage, with the colour said to represent fragility. In certain Wiccan beliefs, pink represents beauty, friendship, acceptance and self-love.

Disney loves the pink motif: pink elephants (“Dumbo”), ‘Pink of Perfection’ (“Summer Magic”) and pink flamingos (“Alice in Wonderland”) are just a few examples. The latter is particularly interesting if you research flamingo occult related beliefs. Just don’t let your search engine distract you with pages of references to a certain John Waters film! It is also worth mentioning the huge number of female pop and movie stars who go through ‘pink’ phases. The princess aspect is also highly visible.

Another programming component (which links to the ‘princess’ experience) is Disney’s reliance upon the over sexualisation of younger viewers. Serious researchers of Disney’s dark side have suggested that the empire has covered it all: from child porn to S&M, to lustful envy to virgin naivety, gay, strait, bi and try-a-sexuality. Hard porn, snuff films, white slavery, mind-control, and the seduction of several generations into occult practices… you name it. I would suggest that nobody in the modern entertainment world has done more to sell the latter concept than Disney (did you know that nearly all of Disney’s 1920 movies had a black cat in them?!) and there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence to suggest the mind control association, but what about the sexual angle?

It would be hard to fathom that a film like “Consenting Adults” could be made by the wholesome “House of Mouse”, but it was – via Touchstone films. Touchstone was created so that Disney could specifically put out films with a more “adult” tone. Disney has actually ventured into soft porn content via cable access in the past.

But are there any adult undercurrents to the more (so called) “innocent” output? It is known that one of Disney’s earlier success stories was the animated feature “Bambi”. Perhaps less known is that Bambi was based upon a book written by a porn photographer named Felix Salten. Salten worked in a Viennese sex salon owned by the elite Hapsburg bloodline.
There are a number of claims made about subtle, almost subliminal inserts into various Disney features. It is claimed that there are castles made of male sexual organs in some of the promotional material for “The Little Mermaid”, as well as a minister conducting the wedding who (perhaps!) appears to have an erection.

In “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, Jessica Rabbit is thrown from an animated taxi which results in her flying through the air with her legs akimbo and revealing (for four frames of film anyway!) that she is indeed a member of the infamous ‘anti-panty’ brigade! The film also appears to show Daffy Duck sprout an erection during the ‘piano duelling’ scene. In "Aladdin", there is a scene where he flies up to Jasmine's balcony and is heard to whisper "Take off your clothes". Disney insists it's really "Take off and go", spoken to Jasmine's tiger. I’ll leave it for you decide. During airing of “The Clock Cleaner” animated short, WDIV -TV discovered that Daffy Duck was clearly heard to say "f*** you". When this was discovered, Wal-Mart pulled the video from the shelves. Disney edited it and re-released it for sale, despite insisting that it really wasn't there.

A bare breasted woman can be clearly seen in the background of a scene from the animated film “The Rescuers” and the word SEX is clearly visible after a cloud of dust is kicked into the air during a scene from “The Lion King”. Time magazine once described “The Lion King” as “the dirtiest, most perverse” and “more charged with violence than any other Disney film.”

Disney also once produced an animated film entitled “The Story of Menstruation”.
There have even been claims from animators who tell stories of sexual imagery being subliminally incorporated into the actual animated characters and scenes of Disney output. These claims have been dismissed as the rants of disgruntled employees, yet there are several examples (by quite talented artists) of how this can be done.

I genuinely believe that there is much more to Disney than meets the eye, even on a simply instinctual level. If Disney was able to convince large numbers of the populace that Lemmings like to jump off cliffs (which is actually untrue), then what else are they capable of conveying?
In alternative research, there are far more disturbing concerns. When a Tom and Jerry cartoon contains apparent examples of occult symbolism and blatant worship ( ) or a Duck Tales episode continues to flash variations of the word ‘Illuminati’  on a background eye chart ( ) perhaps there is some real cause for concern.
The masonic sci-fi writer H. G. Wells wrote (in his “prophetic” tome – “A Modern Utopia”) that there would be lots of “shows in the New World Order.” Disney is making these shows now.

The World Future Society in a book review in their publication Future Survey Annual, 1993, (ed. Michael Marien, Bethesda, MD: World Future Soc., p. 91) describes Disney:  “Control of commodities [such as entertainment] and access to commodities translates into control over people. The postmodern US is a massive rush of disconnected commodities, each seeking a moment of our attention… The world of commodities is our ‘soma’ and entertainment is the current form of public discourse.”
It has been speculated that part of the elite global agenda is the determination to fracture families and communities, whilst simultaneously distracting us with misdirection and triviality. It is possible that a fractured and disjointed view of the world and our existence, via the medium of the likes of Disney, is made manifest by our own hand… something we don’t even fully realise or comprehend. This is the potential danger from entities like Disney. My advice would be to just turn the damn thing off! I suspect far less harm comes from at least doing that much!
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Not On The 6 O'clock News - Full Videos

Here are the full length presentations given by Neil Sanders, Richard D Hall, Andrew Johnson and Lloyd Pye - filmed on  Sunday 30th Sept 2012 at the “Not On The 6 O'clock News” event in Derby. Individual dvds and 4 disc boxsets are also available to order through Andrew Johnson's "Check The Evidence" website. Full details and links can be found here:
Neil Sanders - Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own: Media Manipulation Of Perception - Neil Sanders, BA, MA and a qualified Hypnotherapist, has spent years reading about and researching the subject of secret government mind control projects. Neil will be discussing how the media shape perceptions and use propaganda, and show that the mainstream media should be regarded with great caution when covering certain topics and stories. Just how much are our thoughts steered by the media? TV, advertisements, films, newspapers all have more influence over us than we realise. Neil's book - of the same title -is available from his website
Richard D Hall - Media, Mind Control and Raoul Moat / UFOs and Animal Abduction - Richard D Hall discusses other and aspects of how the media control information and present issues with a “phony bone of contention”, He will touch on cases where the use of Mind Control seems to be involved. One case involves Raoul Moat and the shooting of PC David Rathband. Additionally he will discuss his research into the disappearance of 1200 sheep in Lincolnshire, UK, in September 2011. In both cases, he will highlight how stories in the media have omitted certain facts and failed to discuss or explain the available evidence relating to these events. See
Andrew Johnson - The Control of Information: 911, Energy and Sequestered Technologies - In this presentation, Andrew Johnson who has a background in Software Engineering, tutoring and education, will look at the evidence for the cover up of “free energy”. Looking around us, we can see fantastic advances in many areas of technology – yet in ground transportation, we are still “stuck” with decades old internal combustion engine technology which has not progressed much. A look at the evidence tells us that we can exploit Radiant Energy, Cold Fusion, and other forms of “vacuum energy”. Andrew will also discuss another reason why we do not have access to this technology - because it has been turned into a weapon - one that was used on 9/11. He will discuss how this knowledge - uncovered by the careful research of Dr Judy Wood - has been covered up - even by many "alternative knowledge" researchers and websites. See 
Lloyd Pye - Starchild Skull - The New Evidence - Lloyd, who has worked as a Hollywood Screen Writer, author and lecturer, is a long time researcher into Hominids and Hominoids, will be discussing the world-famous Starchild Skull, a real bone skull found in Mexico in 1930. Lloyd illustrates 25 major physical differences between the Starchild and a normal human skull. He shows that several parts of the Starchild are not seen in any other skulls or bones on planet Earth! Most importantly, he delves into recent research on the Starchild’s DNA, which clearly shows that as soon as its entire genome is recovered and sequenced, its genetics will confirm it is vastly more distant from humans than are chimps or gorillas. The Starchild Skull represents history about to be made as big and as important as history can be made, so don’t miss this personal introduction to a relic that will establish once and for all that we humans are not alone in the universe….and never have been! See for more information about the Starchild and for more information about Lloyd.

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Sodium Fluoride...

Following my recent bout of kidney stones, I decided to do some additional research into preventative measures. I suffered a similar episode about four years ago and I immediately tried to nail down the factors that are conducive to the appearance of stones in the body. What surprised me is the overlooked role of water fluoridation.
Many GPs will say that the connection between water fluoridation and kidney stones is only theoretical and cite the intake of calcium fluoride in the body as being harmless. This may well be the case, given that calcium fluoride appears naturally in underground water sources and even seawater. Enough of it can cause skeletal or dental fluorosis, which weakens bone and dental matter. However, it is not nearly as toxic (nor does it negatively affect so many other health issues) as sodium fluoride, which is added to many water supplies.

At the time of my initial kidney problems, I was not particularly aware of the intricate nature of our hidden reality and was shocked to learn of the history and implications of sodium fluoride. The introduction into many supplies of drinking water was dismissed in modern historical accounts as a “harmless” industrial by-product dumped in water sources or as an attempt to improve the dental health of the population. It is now generally accepted (although still covered up by the establishment) that water fluoridation for the latter purpose has a negligible, if not non-existent, benefit to our dental health. These are facts folks! There are enough legitimate studies out there to prove the case, if you take the time to look. Yet, it is left to those of us labelled as “kooky conspiracy theorists” to sound the alarm bells…

Further to this, there are historical precedents showing that sodium fluoride has been used (the best example being the Nazi era of Germany) to initiate docility in a segment of the population. The effect included decreased I.Q., lethargy, increased sleepiness and a general feeling of exhaustion. Sound familiar…?

Upon learning that, in the West Midlands (where I live), 100% of the drinking water (for miles in every direction) was fluoridated, I decided to invest in a distillation system for the household drinking water. I genuinely believed that this would be a big step in avoiding further kidney problems. It seems I was mistaken.

The reason may be the underestimated exposure of sodium fluoride intake amongst the general population. Nowadays, sodium fluoride has infiltration our bodies in ways we cannot conceive. Aside from the obvious contamination of many food sources by insecticides, pesticides, chemical spraying and irrigation by fluoridated water, we are also becoming aware of sodium fluoride being added to the actual food at the manufacturing stage. Pre-packaged meals often contain fluoride – either intentionally or via the water added to mulch the meal.

As somebody who is constantly on the go, it is impractical for me to continually transport large quantities of my bottled tap water with me. As a result, I drink a fair amount of commercial bottled water – water which is usually fluoridated.

It seems that there is no escaping the stuff. A cursory look at the phenomenon shows that it seems to be in so many unlikely products. Fluoride can often be found in the likes of milk, bottled juices, soda, and most well-known brands of tea. It is obviously in tooth paste and mouth washes, but it is also in chewing gum, Kleenex tissues, anaesthetics, antibiotics, vaccines, rodenticides, insecticides, household cleaning products, glass-etching or chrome cleaning agents, automobile wheel cleaning products, scotchgard, Teflon, cigarettes (no surprise there though!) and even mattresses! It is also in polluted air. If we further consider the chemtrail phenomenon and the inherent implications, it would not be a stretch to consider the possibility of fluoride factored into it.

In all likelihood, sodium fluoride is in every single cell in our body. When we aren’t exposed to sodium fluoride, we are being bombarded by aspartame, HFCS, MSG, or possibly all four. And upstanding figures within the scientific and medical fields tell us we have nothing to worry about…

I am not trying to jump on the old scare wagon with this. It is important that we become educated in the facts and spread the word. It is possible that with enough weight of awareness, we can stem the fluoridation tide and perhaps even reverse the process. I think of how some individuals have recently boycotted certain businesses because of their questionable tax dealings. Although this particular example will probably accomplish very little, the principle is a good one. Imagine the effect of millions of people boycotting fluoride contaminated products. It might be enough to start the process of significantly reducing sodium fluoride from our daily lives. There are a few products out there that are currently free of this toxic substance. We (including myself) need to work a lot harder to find the alternatives. Our health depends on it!

I realise that this subject is old hat in the alternative arena and we often get complacent when we feel there are bigger metaphotical fish to fry. However, my recent health issues have taught me that we should never get too glib about these matters. They creep up on you, if you take your eye off the ball!

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Here are some interesting websites for initial research:

For information about drinking water fluoridation locations in the UK, visit:
The website includes downloadable maps and location tables.

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One Of The Inmates...

A belated Happy New Year to you all! I hope you are all feeling refreshed and ready for what awaits us in 2013!
The last week or two has been a strange experience for me, to say the least. I headed off to work for a 12 hour night shift on Christmas Eve and witnessed, at most, a couple of hours of the seasonal spirit. I began to feel unwell and soon found myself crawling around on all fours in abject agony. It seems that the universe had decided to bless me (via a wonderful sense of irony!) with the birth of my very own little bundle of joy – a kidney stone!

Two canisters of gas and air (and a wonderfully trippy ride in the ambulance) later, I arrived in the A&E department of a nearby hospital… although I could have been in “La La Land”, for all I cared!

I spent the holiday on the male surgical ward amongst an assortment of elderly geriatrics, detoxing substance users and those not long of this world. The environment was absent any festive decoration due to our ridiculously over the top health and hygiene laws. The staff did their best for the patients. I’m sure they didn’t really want to be there, yet (apart from a couple of individuals who made no attempt to hide it!) they didn’t really let it show. It is certainly something I understand is part and parcel of the job – given my part time work in the same profession. I was very grateful for all the care they gave me though. However, being a patient, in pain, in this setting, at this time of year, surrounded by those less fortunate… well, it certainly puts things in perspective.
Eventually, after being poked, prodded, scanned and stared at by nameless doctors and specialists, I was doped up and left to my own devices! I had a few visitors, and friends and family kept in regular phone contact with me, which I was truly glad of as it helped to pass the time. Eventually, I learned that I had delivered my internal treasure, only to find that I was having twins! The latter didn’t seem to want to budge, so I was loaded up with bags of pharmaceutical goodies and discharged home.
Now it seems I am playing the waiting game! It has been difficult for me sit up (let alone type a blog entry) and have only managed to do any typing in the last day or so. I hope to get up to speed shortly (I still have yet to post the final part of the “Disney Dark Side” blog series!), so please bear with me!
Many thanks to those of my fellow truthers who got wind of my predicament and kept in touch – especially James who offered to catch the train over, just to take me up the pub for an hour (sorry I couldn’t manage it!) and Andrew for the hugely generous offer of a tablet to do some typing! The thought was truly appreciated.
Cheers to you all and the very best for now.
Carl (The Truth Seeker’s Guide)