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The Strange Case of Brenda Leyland

Bit of a controversial one this - but attention must be drawn to some of the levels of "high strangeness" surrounding the account. I have recently gathered a variety of "mainstream" media and newspaper reports describing the recent apparent death of one Brenda Leyland. There are number of issues that I have decided not to address on this website (at least not until I can verify certain aspects) that relate to this story. However, I will make a few cursory observations further on. Firstly, I would suggest perusing some of the reports below - I have highlighted a few sections from these pieces also - and see what you make of this story. Also note (objectively, of course!) if there are factors that can be read "between the lines", as it were!

Brenda Leyland dead: Madeleine McCann parents' 'troll' found dead after Sky News report (Sunday 05 October 2014) -
A woman alleged to have been an internet troll who abused the parents of Madeleine McCann has been found dead in a Leicestershire hotel. Brenda Leyland was believed to have posted abusive messages aimed at Gerry and Kate McCann Leicestershire Police were called to a hotel in Smith Way, Grove Park, in Enderby, Leicester, on Saturday. A police spokeswoman said the death was not being treated as suspicious. Last week Mrs Leyland was tracked down at her home in Burton Overy, Leicestershire, by Sky News, which reported that she was one of dozens of trolls targeting the McCanns on the internet. On Wednesday the broadcaster’s crime correspondent Martin Brunt confronted the 63-year-old and quizzed her about her online activities, saying Mrs Leyland had posted dozens of messages attacking the family using the Twitter handle @sweepyface. Mr Brunt asked Mrs Leyland why she was using her Twitter account to attack the McCanns, who live in Rothley, Leicestershire. “I’m entitled to do that,” Mrs Leyland replied. When Mr Brunt told her that she had been reported to police, she replied: “That’s fair enough.” Footage of the encounter aired on Thursday and the next day it was reported that Mrs Leyland had left the village. A neighbour of Mrs Leyland, who did not want to be named, told the Leicester Mercury newspaper: “Somebody took a photo of her on Thursday afternoon and then she was gone. I haven’t seen her since.” Another resident said: “While I wouldn’t condone what Brenda is accused of doing, I am worried for her safety now she has fled.” A Leicestershire Police spokeswoman said on Sunday: “Police were called at 1.42pm on Saturday to reports of a body of a woman in a hotel room in Smith Way, Grove Park. Officers have attended the scene and a file is being prepared for the coroner. Identification of the deceased is a matter for the coroner. The death is not being treated as suspicious.” An 80-page dossier containing hundreds of tweets, Facebook posts and messages posted on online forums was handed to the Metropolitan Police by members of the public sickened by the abuse in recent months. Many posts suggested that the McCanns should be tortured and killed. Madeleine’s younger siblings, nine-year-old twins Sean and Amelie, have also been subjected to threats.

Madeleine McCann: Police probe vile Twitter campaign against missing girl's parents (Oct 02, 2014 06:19) -

"Dead McCann 'troll' identified" (The Wandsworth Guardian Online - Monday 6th October 2014) -

"The 63-year-old was identified as one of the "trolls" posting hate messages aimed at the McCanns, whose daughter disappeared during a family holiday to Portugal in 2007 (…) Last Friday, Madeleine's father called for an example to be made of ''vile'' internet trolls who have been targeting the family."

Further in the article, Gerry McCann is quoted as saying,
"I'm glad to see the law around this area is being reviewed. But I do think we need to make examples of people who are causing damage."

Alleged Madeleine McCann 'Troll' Brenda Leyland Found Dead -

'Twitter troll' Brenda Leyland found dead in hotel after she was accused of sending abuse to the McCanns -

Internet troll who targeted McCanns found dead in hotel room days after fleeing home when she was revealed to be behind online campaign of vitriol (Published: 18:16, 5 October 2014  | Updated: 10:38, 6 October 2014) -

'Twitter troll' who abused Madeleine McCann's parents found dead (8:40PM BST 05 Oct 2014) -

'Twitter troll' Brenda Leyland 'flees Leicestershire home' after being accused of targeting Madeleine McCann's parents, Kate and Gerry (Posted: October 03, 2014) -

Brenda Leyland called a Twitter troll of Madeleine McCann is dead (October 06, 2014, 4:21pm) -

Body found in hotel room thought to be of woman accused of McCann trolling (The Guardian, Sunday 5 October 2014 19.31 BST) -
McCann's Twitter troll found dead in hotel room (Mon, October 6, 2014) -

McCann internet ‘troll’ found dead in hotel (Sunday 5 Oct 2014 7:33 pm) -

Internet troll who targeted McCanns found dead in hotel room (8:15AM, October 6 2014) -

McCann 'Twitter troll' found dead in hotel (6 October 2014) -

Woman accused of directing online abuse at family of missing Madeleine McCann found dead (Published October 06, 2014 Associated Press) -

Woman accused of harassing Madeleine McCann's parents on Internet found dead (October 06, 2014• -

McCann 'Twitter troll' found dead in hotel (6 October 2014) -

Then there is this:

Katie Hopkins blames ‘negligence’ of Madeleine McCann’s parents for ‘troll’ Brenda Leyland’s death (06/10/2014) -

There is an interesting comment posted beneath the article by one "JosephOConnor":

"Actually I think Katie makes some valid points. Is a troll someone that goes against the grain of the consensus or the media line? I pity the McCann family personally and in my opinion they are not to blame for Madeleine's disappearance, I am sure they must feel awful guilt anyhow. But there is room for another opinion. Why have we become so thin skinned? Surely we should be teaching people to toughen up. I think it is good thing to have free speech and robust opinions on all sides, the benefits of a truly open society outweigh both the dangers and the threats. My problem is with his namby pamby touchy feeling false nonsense we hear from people in the media. I rather liked the so call Sky News troll, I thought she looked charming and I think she should have defended her rights up front and on the spot. But she chose otherwise. Of course I am sorry for her but she should have been able to deal with it. The Sky News report was certainly biased, assuming that all those who don't agree with the PC line are trolls. The report was filled with vitriol against the poor woman even suggesting the she would have questions to answer with Scotland Yard. I am sure she broke no law. Even by their own admission it ignored the response from the vast majority of Sky News viewers who were outraged by the report. Why? What the hell is going on with the media?"

And this:

Missing Madeleine: alleged online troll found dead (by JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press, Monday, October 6, 2014) -
On Friday, Gerry McCann said the family had been subjected to threats of violence and kidnapping. "I think we probably need more people charged," he told the BBC. "I'm glad to see the law around this area is being reviewed. But I do think we need to make examples of people who are causing damage." Posts on the "sweepyface" account called the McCanns' "evil" and "criminals," but didn't appear to threaten the couple. The tweets expressed doubt about the McCanns' explanation of their daughter's disappearance and criticized their conduct in the years since.

This led me to attempt to document what Brenda Leyland had (allegedly) been saying about the McCann case. The following gives a vague and somewhat limited account:


The Madeleine McCann case periodically appears in the mainstream media, but more recently the story has gone a little quiet. I did initially wonder if the attention drawn by Richard D. Hall's excellent documentary film "Buried by Mainstream Media: The True Story of Madeleine McCann" had rocked a few metaphorical boats and inadvertently been the cause of this story regarding Brenda Leyland. I’m not implying for one second that RDH's film is somehow responsible for triggering a set of circumstances that culminated in the death of Leyland. Quite separately, the Brenda Leyland case has an almost "psyop" whiff about it.

I have no way of accurately verifying if this woman was indeed an "internet troll" or made threats against certain parties. I don't condone such behaviour in any form, but if she did behave in this manner, I have to wonder if it truly justified the proverbial "witch hunt" that descended on this woman. Further, why was Sky News at the centre of these proceedings? Sky is a key part of Rupert Murdoch's global media holding company News Corporation. What (or who) set Sky onto this woman? Why was the most powerful media organisation on the planet interested in this woman? It just doesn't add up. It is obvious that many people have an opinion about the Madeleine McCann case and I know that there are a sizeable number of people who have said and written some incredibly extreme and, perhaps, irresponsible things on the internet, but why have the powers that be taken notice of these comments now? Why all of a sudden this specific woman?

Interestingly, very few news media outlets have used a word that I believe is the cornerstone of responsible journalism or investigative research - "alleged". Brenda Leyland, in the vast majority of articles covering her story, was portrayed without question as a "troll", "abusive", "threatening", “vile" and so on. As far as these outlets were concerned, the terms were cut and dried "facts".

There is another strange factor to this case. Why, in all honesty, would anybody be making death threats against the McCanns? Regardless of what is becoming increasingly evidential about the Madeleine McCann case, I doubt there are many folk out there running around with a death wish! As if to answer these curiosities and the increasing questions being asked by certain "awake" members of the public (in the latter regard see: "Regulator receives 60 complaints about reporter confronting woman over abusive tweets about McCann family" -, we have subsequently been presented with a number of stories which seem to function as a "reinforcement" strategy. See: "Madeleine McCann troll tweeted 4,220 times about missing schoolgirl and her family in one year" -

A number of individuals have suggested that Brenda Leyland was a "patsy" of sorts, used to silence any and all discussion of the Madeleine McCann case. One or two others have even suggested that she may even have been a "plant" or "agent provocateur" for reasons similar to the aforementioned. It has even been suggested that (regardless of "what" or "who" she was) her death was orchestrated by the likes of MI5. Of course, such claims (although we know that they happen with alarming regularity) are purely speculative.

There is a final part to this story that may offer an explanation to all the curiosities and high strangeness of the case. The piece by Sky News that dragged Brenda Leyland into the spotlight centred on the nature of Twitter and Facebook abuse and threats of violence. This has inevitably dovetailed into discussions about the nature of free speech and what kinds of opinions are deemed "acceptable" in everyday life. But who polices such opinions? Ironically, this actually brings us (again!) back to Richard D Hall's most recently posted episodes of Richplanet TV. The links are in my previous article -

In fact, check out what he says about the changing of laws and threats to freedom of speech in episode 189 - "World Domination, Modern Slavery & More"

Is this whole case with Brenda Leyland an elaborate ploy - part of a new push for internet censorship and laws that curb freedom of speech that in turn silences anybody who questions corruption, clandestine cover-ups and elite control of the masses? There are number of recent stories that indicate this is the case.

David Cameron had called for a criminalization of “non-violent extremism” during a speech at the UN -

Theresa May plans new powers to ban extremists from TV appearances -

My regular readers know that I can't abide fear mongering. However, when you come across stories like this they serve to remind us that we DO live in uncertain times and that – thanks to the machinations of the global elite – trouble is never far away. The Brenda Leyland story reeks of something untoward. Thankfully, you don't need to be a farmer to smell bullshit when it’s in the air!

Until next time!
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Exposing Media Subversion

Here are the links to Richard D Hall's latest Richplanet TV shows:
Exposing Media Subversion (6 parts)
Episode 188 - The Most Subversive Shows on TV
Episode 189 - World Domination, Modern Slavery & More
This subject also directly ties into Richard's recent film
"Buried By Mainstream Media: The True Story of Madeline McCann"

These are important pieces of research that need to be watched as they highlight the all-pervasive power of the mainstream media. My regular readers will know that this subject is one of my main areas of research and something I like to discuss whenever I can. The mainstream media (whether it be in the form of so-called "informational" or "educational" programming or "entertainment") is a cancer on humanity that operates with the effectiveness of low-grade, widespread mind control. Most of our preconcieved "norms", ideas of "acceptable behaviour" and general perceptions of reality are engineered or readjusted via the programming of the proverbial "hypnobox".
I have extensively researched this phenomenon in relation to the Hollywood/TV industry in my recent book "Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda".
A free pdf version of the book can be downloaded here:
In terms of the more serious output of the mainstream media, I have been banging on about this subject for a few years now. Here is an earlier article I wrote in 2011 entitled "Propaganda! - Evidence Of Media Fakery"
I find myself still discussing the relevence of the subject. Here is a piece from September 2014 - "The Climate of Fear & 9/11 - Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up".

Understanding and breaking the spell of the mainstream media is one of the keys to realigning our true perceptions of reality. I was discussing this subject with a work colleague the other day and he quoted something that struck a chord.
"It's all lies. But they're entertaining lies and in the end, isn't that the truth?"
I thought this quite interesting and wanted to know where these words came from. How disappointed I was when I realised he was quoting an appearance by Leonard Nimoy on an episode of The Simpsons! Such is the power of the medium. It seeps into every corner of our lives. TV should come with a permanent onscreen disclaimer:
"Danger: Will Likely Rot Your Brain!"