Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Interview with Ben Emlyn Jones - HPANWO Radio Show No. 237 - Update

Hi Folks,
Now that my interview with Ben Emlyn Jones for HPANWO Radio has been archived, I just wanted to update you with the links to the interview - for those who might want to listen again or download it.
Many thanks again to Ben for taking the time to have me on his show, to all those people who listened in, and to those who gave me such positive feedback.
I really appreciate all your support!
All the best for now.
Carl (The Truth Seeker's Guide)

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Interview with Ben Emlyn Jones - HPANWO Radio Show No. 237 - Stanley Kubrick

I've recently had the priviledge of being interviewed by Ben Emlyn-Jones for his HPANWO Radio Show. I often get asked to share my thoughts on, and research into, Stanley Kubrick and this interview is no exception. In the course of the interview, we managed to cover quite a few diverse areas of non-Kubrick matter as well as discussing some Kubrickian aspects that I haven't had the opportunity to bring up in interviews until now. I really appreciate Ben giving me the opportunity to feature on his show and hopefully we will get the chance to talk about some other subjects in the near future. Strangely, without us even initially realising it, this show was numbered 237 in the HPANWO catelogue of interviews. Clearly, synchronicity was trying to say something... a message from Kubrick's Room 237 perhaps!?
The interview will air tonight (Thursday 18th May, 2017) at 8pm (UK time.) Details and links to listen to the full show are below.


Programme 237- Carl James
This Thursday evening on the HPANWO Show: Carl James, a researcher and author who explores mysteries, conspiracies and alternative knowledge. He is very interested in the esoteric messages in the works of the film director Stanley Kubrick, see: http://thetruthseekersguide.blogspot.co.uk/. Also: All the latest news, details of upcoming events and space weather. Tune in at 8 pm, UK time, on Thursday the 18th of May. Please go to this page to listen: https://www.spreaker.com/user/benemlynjones To talk to the host and other listeners, join the HPANWO Radio chatbox here: https://chatwing.com/chatbox/bdb05d70-3992-11e7-8d0e-17047dd3fe00.