Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Kubrick Conundrum on YouTube

My recent Truth Juice Birmingham presentation (3rd March 2015) - "The Kubrick Conundrum" - is now available to watch on YouTube.
The presentation has been uploaded in two parts.
Part one covers the possible connections between Stanley Kubrick and Apollo/Moon fakery.
Part two examines the myriad of esoteric symbolism in his films and discusses the larger implications of his last film Eyes Wide Shut.
Here are the links:
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
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Many thanks to Andrew Johnson ( for all his support and recording of the talk. As always, my gratitude to Clare and Andy who invited me and tirelessly continue to organise events at TruthJuice B'ham ( Also to all those people who took the time to come and listen, have a chat with me and generally show their support.
I really appreciate it folks!
All the best,

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Sunday, 8 March 2015

RICHPLANET - New Madeleine McCann film, 2015 UK Tour and updates

Richard D. Hall has produced another 3 hour documentary about Madeleine McCann, which again, exposes more of mainstream medias disgraceful coverage of this issue.
It will be released on 3rd April 2015 and can be pre-ordered here...
Richard will also shortly be touring the UK with several speaking events. For full details of these dates visit...
The latest show of Richplanet TV features an interview with researcher Neil Sanders. Well worth checking out...
Also don't forget to check out Richard's "subversion survey" to discover Britains most subversive hero or role model.  Please help by casting your vote, details here...
There are also new updates to Richard's film "UFO's and NATO" - which can be found here: "UFO's and NATO 2015 Update"...

Evangelisti's Rache

Here are the details for a smart and stylish new digital short feature film directed by Mariano Equizzi. Mariano recently interviewed me regarding my book for the Filmring website.
The film is entitled "EVANGELISTI'S RACHE (Revenge) - From The Nazi Empire To Fourth Reich" It is based on an important book by Italy's premier science fiction writer Valerio Evangelisti. Mariano Equizzi describes the film as a "story based on high octane speculations about Nazi genetics and the fourth Reich. No teens chased by zombies or other drivel! The reconstruction is well thought and it crosses Berlin, Guatemala and Romania."
What I find particularly interesting about the piece, is the speculative examination of what may have been researched during WWII and the intervening years. It certainly evokes the research of those who talk about Operation Paperclip and the like - particularly the claims of early genetic/DNA modification and manipulation.
The film has English subtitles, is 37 minutes long and can be purchased to watch for a very reasonable price on Vimeo on Demand. Here's the link to purchase the film or watch the trailer: