Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Thingy Everybody!

   It’s that time of year again! We argue over the name of it, create an idea in our minds of what it should turn out like (and fall out with each other when it doesn’t), use up our financial assets to adhere to the commercialism of it, listen to people tell us about the dogmatic religious symbology of it, eat even more toxic crap throughout it and finally end up drunk, stoned or asleep because of it!

   As you read this you may think ‘bah humbug’ or “here comes another ‘true meaning of the season’ lecture”... I wouldn’t waste your time or mine on such a worthless endeavour. Obviously, it is fair to say that this time of year should be no different than any other. Being a compassionate, understanding and loving human being is a worthy goal and something that should never be defined by a date on the calendar. Rarely do we truly achieve such levels of enlightenment on a permanent basis. Nevertheless, this week does present us with a wonderful opportunity…

   A few years ago, I decided to sell some of my artwork on the city craft market (an act now sadly made almost obsolete by extortionately expensive trading licenses) and I cynically chose the weeks leading up to the festive period, simply because I thought I’d sell more to the clamouring shoppers.

   ITV evening news had decided to come to the area and run a piece involving interviews with market goers about which hat they felt summed up their ‘Christmas Spirit’. The correspondent handed two hats to the hapless interviewees. One was red saying “Merry Christmas”, the other black saying “Bah Humbug”.

   I decided in my infinite stupidity to have a piece of the action and hand over some personal pearls of wisdom! With the camera rolling, I plied my trademark snarky laugh and chose the black hat. When I was asked why, I engaged in a concise tirade about the misperception of the holiday. My thoughts were the usual ‘true meaning’ malarkey, common sense, but far from the controversial and realigned views I hold today.

   The piece aired the following day and I was truly surprised to find that I’d been included! Inclusion being the appropriate word: about 3 seconds of me clutching a black Santa hat and grinning like a loon! If nothing else, the lesson taught me to avoid mainstream journalism like the plague. They are the master purveyors of perception realignment.

   Perception is at the core of Christmas. Our programming dictates our interaction with it. I have Church of England on my birth certificate, thanks to my parents, and was initially raised with Christian morality… if not the practice. These defining moments in our lives set many wheels in motion, wheels that are not easy to remove from the wagon! My perception of existence (now) is about as far away from organised religion as you can get. Despite this, I continually find myself calling this time of year: Christmas… for no other reason than habit.

   And that, my friends, is the true nature of the holidays: habits. Habitual behaviour usually manifests itself because we can’t be bothered to work hard enough to find the alternative perspective. How many people will simply fall in front of the Hypnobox on December 25th and allow its power to take hold once again? I don’t want to preach about the forgotten individuals this time of year: the lonely, the homeless, the suicidal, those in countries that have been ransacked by western wars of occupation, those suffering starvation… the injustice and despair that these people face, should matter every single minute of every day of the year. What I do want to say is this…

   All of us have infinite opportunities to change our existence by simply taking the time to psychologically step off the merry-go-round and think about our lives with a fresh perspective. This time of year gives us a chance that is not so readily available any other time. Many people get some time off work and escape the corporate machine. There is no better time to rethink our relationship with it, especially when we are away from it. We might get a chance to reconnect with friends and family (the emotional cement in our lives) and rediscover our kinship and sense of community. These are such two examples of ways to change our perceptions and those of the people around us.

   The point I’m trying to make here is that we are slaves to the system. The holidays give us a chance to have a day off and we should try not to waste that brief respite. Think how amazing it would be if everybody learned something profound from the experience and found that it lasted till the next day… and the next…
I can live in hope anyway!

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I hope you have a wonderful day.
Peace out folks!!
The Truth Seeker’s Guide

Friday, 23 December 2011

The War In Orbit - *UPDATE*

Forgot to include this video in my last blog, regarding the possible connection between the NASA/USAF/DARPA unmanned orbital space plane: The X37-B and some of the major earthquakes of 2011. It is from YouTube and directly relates to the subject. I have also included the link to the Youtube page.

Whilst I am not saying that I agree with every single aspect of the video (I sit on the fence with regard to John Lear...), I have included it here because it shows that more and more people are making the connections and starting to think outside the box... rather than always taking conventional explanations for granted. If nothing else, its worth a look!
All The Best.
The 'Guide

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The War In Orbit: The X37-B & Earthquake Weapons

   In the last few months, much has been written and discussed regarding the newer range of US orbital spacecraft: known as the X-37 program. The history of this technology is eyebrow raising to say the least, but it is the possible implications that have set internet forums alight. The craft is essentially an unmanned space plane, launched atop an Atlas V rocket. Weighing in at 11,000 pounds and measuring approx. 9.5 feet high, 30 feet long and 15 feet wide, it is capable of deploying solar panels to provide electrical power in orbit and has a cargo bay for numerous mission payloads. The nature of these payloads has raised questions, given that any specific mission details have remained a closely guarded secret.

   Acknowledged publically (at least) is a mandate to “launch a surge of small satellites during periods of high international tension. This would enable America to have eyes and ears, orbiting above any potential trouble spot in the world” (Pentagon sources). There has been speculation that it is testing spy technology, or is the first step towards a space weapon which could take out rival countries' satellites or drop bombs from orbit. The oddest indication of a more sinister project came from Air Force deputy under-secretary for space systems Gary Payton: “We, the Air Force, have a suite of military missions in space and this new vehicle could potentially help us do those missions better…. If these technologies on the vehicle prove to be as good as we estimate, it will make our access to space more responsive, perhaps cheaper, and push us in the vector toward being able to react to war fighter needs more quickly.” Interesting use of the term “War Fighter”…

   Examining the history of the project does have the effect of switching on some overhead light bulbs. What ‘officially’ began in the late 1990s was originally a NASA project. NASA awarded Boeing a $301 million contract for two X-37 vehicles in 2002, with the vehicles constructed by Boeing Co.'s Phantom Works. Due to ‘alleged’ budgetary problems, the project ended up in the hands of the Pentagon's Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 2004. The USAF also got on board by 2006. All these institutions have been involved in numerous black ops projects over the years and have given researchers just cause to question whether the X-37 is another covert operation. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on the X-37 program, but the current total has yet to be revealed. The budget for the X-37B, also called the Orbital Test Vehicle, is classified and the Air Force refuses to disclosed any of the craft's activities in space

   The project is always referred to in the same sentence as DARPA’s Falcon program or "Force Application and Launch from CONUS." This centres on a small "reusable Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle (HCV) capable of delivering 12,000 pounds of payload at a distance of 9,000 nautical miles from [the continental United States] in less than two hours." The budget for this program came at the same time as DARPA became involved with the X-37 program and was allocated by George Bush from a 2004/$459 billion bill that provided $100 million for a new "prompt global strike" program.  Global Strike could deliver a conventional, precision-guided warhead anywhere in the world within two hours, via a hypersonic platform.

   According to DARPA, the reusable vehicle could "provide the country with significant capability to conduct responsive missions with quick turn-around sortie rates while providing aircraft-like operability and mission-recall capability.” The vehicle would be launched into space on a rocket, fly on its own to a target, deliver its payload and return to Earth. With this in mind, one could argue that the X-37 & Falcon are under the same operational banner. One would therefore also assume that the X-37 is a military application.

   Within the Falcon mandate was the “X-41 Common Aero Vehicle (CAV), a common aerial platform for hypersonic ICBMs and cruise missiles, as well as civilian RLVs and ELVs. The prototype Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2) first flew on 22 April 2010; the second test flew 11 August 2011. Both flights ended prematurely.” (Wikipedia) There was also the controversial “fighter-sized unmanned aircraft called "Black swift" (also known as HTV-3X) which would take off from a runway and accelerate to Mach 6 before completing its mission and landing again.” DARPA & USAF signed off on the project in September 2007 and allegedly cancelled it within a year. “On 17 November 2011 there was a successful hypersonic glide test flight launched via rocket from Hawaii of the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW). The target was on Kwajalein atoll in the Marshall Islands. The AHW has a shorter range than the HTV-2 and is also part of the Prompt Global Strike program.” Many of the Falcon’s attached projects involved the likes of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Boeing, and ATK: something worth noting when you thoroughly research the darker corners of developmental or classified technology…

   You might say, “This is all well and good, thanks for the tech spec history lesson, but what does this have to do with Earthquakes?”

   Following the success of the first 270-day mission in 2010, the second launch (the X-37B - in March 2011) has been studied closely by numerous amateur and expert Sky Watchers. With the X-37B in Earth orbit for the large duration of this year, watchers have been able to track its trajectory, plot its orbits and post their findings at the SeeSat-L website ( and others. Greg Roberts of their group found the USAF's X-37B OTV 2-1 space plane which became identified as Catalogue Number 36514, 2010-015A, OTV-1. "If memory is correct, we have found and are tracking every single object launched in the past five years or more. The only objects we are not able to track are those stationed over areas of the earth where we have no active observers… mainly the central Pacific Ocean area."

   A number of researchers took these flight paths and attempted to match up times and locations with some of the Earthquakes of 2011. Eerily, many synchronise within a few hours or miles of each other. Is this just a coincidence? Speculation about EQ weapons has been around for a while now and despite claims from political leaders, scientists, geologists, etc., the ‘mainstream’ view is that of science fiction speculation. Such attitudes could be valid, if it were not for the ever growing research into exotic weaponisation, DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons), KEWs (Kinetic Energy Weapons), etc.

   The Pentagon’s allocation of military budgets becomes more bizarre with every passing year. Both the US Senate and the United Nations have discussed the weaponisation of Earth orbit on numerous occasions. Such discussions have rarely been confined to solely “conventional weapons”. The US military has long sought such measures.

   The 1995/1996 US Air Force research document: Air Force 2025 discusses The Global Area Strike System (GLASS) which consists of a high energy laser (HEL) system, a kinetic energy weapon (KEW) system, and a trans-atmospheric vehicle (TAV). The HEL system consists of ground-based lasers and space-based mirrors which direct energy to the intended target. The KEW system consists of terminally guided projectiles with and without explosive enhancers. The TAV is a flexible platform capable of supporting maintenance and replenishment of the HEL and KEW space assets, and could also be used for rapid deployment of special operations forces. Target definition and sequencing is managed externally using GIMS. The document also discusses space elevators, weather modification (HAARP and Chemtrails), various DEWs, Hypersonic Attack Platforms and much more. Here is the link:

   Some websites have also mused about KEWs, in relation to the X-37B. “A kinetic bombardment is the act of attacking a planetary surface with an inert projectile, where the destructive force comes from the kinetic energy of the projectile impacting at very high velocities.” (Wikipedia) “Rods From God” & Project Thor (Jerry Pournelle originated the idea for a weapons system that launches kinetic projectiles from Earth orbit to damage targets on the ground,  while working in operations research at Boeing in the 1950s) are discussed at length. Sadly, many of these possibilities are dismissed into the realms of Science Fiction…

   As a postscript, it is worth noting that the TR-3B (USAF Flying Triangle) had a similar route through the hands of the agencies that have steered the X-37B program. The TR-3B has been quantifiably connected to gravity warping systems, Phantom Stealth technology, noise cancellation technology and a host of Top Secret hardware. The craft has been down played as non-existent or extra-terrestrial in origin, however there are a huge number of engineers and scientists who beg to differ. How is it that we can accept this a little more readily than the possibility of an unmanned shuttle creating Earthquakes? I suspect it may be in the same way that people can believe in ghosts (as an example), but not a cover-up surrounding the events of 9/11 (No offense to believers in ghosts!)...

Maybe this connection between the X37-B and EQs is too intangible.
Maybe it lacks the publically fired imagination of other matters.
Maybe there just isn’t enough proof.
Maybe it’s all just a coincidence.
It’s up to you to decide.

Till Next Time!
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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Walking In A Winter Chemtrail-land!

This is what greeted me this morning (Saturday 10th December, 2011 - 7.20am onward). The first real winter morning in the UK this time of year. I'd just finished a night shift and got busily snapping away on my mobile. The resolution is pretty crap, but the colours and scale are representative of what I witnessed. In every direction, north to south, east to west... for nearly an hour! A huge grid of trails that coloured the sky like oil in water. Some were straight and ran parallel to each other, others snaked all over the shop!

Strangely, I didn't witness any being formed. To my best recollection, they were all there when I left work and pretty much remained as is (apart from a very minor amount of separation and drifting) for roughly the next hour. As per norm, the whole thing gradually coalesced into a milky-grey mess.

Chemtrails or Contrails? You decide...

On the subject of Chemtrails, I hope you will try to attend Andrew Johnson's talk on the subject (I was hoping to attend and cover the talk here, but work has got in the way!) on Tuesday 13th December 2011 @ Truth Juice - Birmingham, UK.

For more details visit:

Or visit Andrew's website -

Till Next Time!
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Monday, 5 December 2011

Time Enough At Last...

   Modern life is rubbish! Don’t take this comment literally… it is the substance and context, I refer to. Modern living is full of distraction and clutter, superficiality and unimportance. This is, of course, all by design. When recognising the ‘all pervasive’ role of the mainstream media weaponry, the established ‘norms’ of society, the promotion of a consumption culture, the educational “programming” we receive in youth (reinforced by family, unknowingly, because they went through the same processes) and the subtle manipulation of our fears and foibles, it’s understandable that everybody walks around looking like they haven’t had any sleep for 30 years…

   By utter chance, I recently had the opportunity to take off to a very remote part of northwest Scotland. A long lost friend invited several musician mates and me, to stay at his several hundred year old farmhouse, which he had partially converted into a huge recording studio. For those who don’t follow my blog… Music is my predominant livelihood and I am extremely lucky to have a (mostly) non-conformist lifestyle regarding work.

   I get asked why I don’t cover it much here. The truth is, I try not to mix the two worlds much… I don’t want to be seen to be shamelessly promoting any of my work here, because I don’t want to compromise the intent and message of The ‘Guide. For those who’ve asked, I am a jobbing musician, singer and lyricist, and I earn my crust as required by other bands, musicians, projects, etc. I also sing (mostly only big events now) with Who’s Renown (the longest running UK tribute band to The Who) and my other pet project: Crank Sinatra (not a tribute per se, more a mashing of styles with his music and the most fun I have earning a wage!).
Anyway, back to Scotland…

   I was asked to go and do some session work, with the bonus being that I had access to the means to start working on a project directly relating to The Truth Seeker’s Guide. I have long laboured on self-penned audio material that I could use for multi-media projects, without being subject to copyright! Unfortunately, I’ve had very little time free to get started on it. This jaunt was the perfect opportunity.

   My studio-owning friend is something of a fellow traveller and in his infinite wisdom(!) has decided to limit his contact with the outside world. He bizarrely has no outgoing phone line other than a payphone! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that his residence is also located (seemingly) outside of the existence of mobile phone networks. If you need an emergency service, that’s about the total sum of contact you’ll have with modern life. He also has no TV… which is fine with me!

   This situation certainly puts you in a position to take stock. The landscape (my paranoid friend wishes that I not be specific where!) is breath-taking and the air seems (although probably not much) cleaner. There is no noise or light pollution to speak of, meaning that views of the sky are incredible (and weird when you start noticing oddities!).

   There is something to be said for stripping away some of the tools of our modern enslavement. My fellow musicians and I joked about Henry Bemis, the character played by Burgess Meredith in the classic Twilight Zone episode: “Time Enough At Last”. For those who don’t remember (and shame on you!), he was the chap who loved peace and quiet in order to read books. Surviving a nuclear explosion gave him the chance to read all he wanted, that is, until his glasses broke and he couldn’t see a thing.

   It was my lack of access to the internet that made me wonder about the perils and the promises of modern technology. It is in the application where the fault lies. One person will use a tool to create, another to destroy. This is, never the less, one of the oldest clichés in the book, but it is painfully true however. We are at the mercy of technology when we become too reliant on it. What did I miss about it? What was the fuss all about? I had shamefully forgotten that making music doesn’t require apps and downloads! You can make sounds with anything and recording music only needs paper, something to write with… and the ability to write music, of course!

   None of these things should be a revelation though really. I remember in my childhood, when the only way to get to get in touch (whilst out) was with a phone box. Yet somehow, everybody managed. We only had a couple of TV channels in the UK, yet we were still programmed regardless. Computer meant ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64: no Ipads, DS, Blackberries, etc. You know it has all gone wrong when you hear stories about a teenage girl reportedly attempting to sell her virginity for an Ipad4, or the account of the 17-year-old Chinese boy who decided to sell his kidney for 20,000 Yuan to buy an iPad2…

   When you take it all away (like Bemis’ eyeglasses), what are we really left with? The other, deeper contemplation of my experience relates to my struggle with the concept of observational / perceived reality, the illusional construct, the Matrix or whatever you label it. I am painfully aware of the true nature of reality: perception is everything. Distraction in ALL forms is the existential wool pulled over our eyes. Being so much more detached from the attacks and bombardment of the encroaching New World Order, has presented me with something of an epiphany and a chance to exist as part of the larger tapestry, rather than react to it. This might sound trite to many, but it is nothing short of profound to me…

   Being away from modern life for a while was one of the best things that happened to me in a long time. How much I am prepared to sacrifice has given me food for thought. Am I willing to remove myself totally from the illusion? I’m not sure. It is always paramount to me that the word (even on a basic level) be spread to those who totally believe what they are fed daily…. to attempt to awaken the uninitiated. It is difficult to reach people, if not within the confines of “modern living” or the perceived reality. The internet remains, in my view, the only realistic way to propagate truth on a large scale. Until that changes, it’s role remains very important to me.

   Maybe I’m not there after all. That said though, the realisation has not escaped me. Upon returning, I have been telling all and sundry about the last few weeks and one individual took me to task, explaining that most people don’t have the opportunity, time and money to put them in a position to have a revelation and that I am one of the privileged few. Politely, that is an excuse and bluntly, it is horse manure! Realisation is a state of mind (or existence), regardless of location and conditions. Getting away helps, but it is not wholly inclusive of a result. When we stop being led, manipulated, programmed and lied to, we will all be a damn sight better off.
  When all is said and done, what are our choices?  Do we take the blue pill, and let the illusion of reality draw us back to a holodeck-like, slumber of manipulation? Or do we take the red pill and allow ourselves to venture beyond the façade?

   Thank you for letting me share my experience with you and thanks to those who have visited in my absence. Your presence has reminded me why I do this and that I'm not alone on the journey.

Till next time…
Namaste & Peace Out!
The ‘Guide

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Monday, 21 November 2011

I've Gone On Holiday By Mistake!

   Apologies for my sudden vanishing act this month! I had planned to blog at length (as usual), however I've had to down tools for a bit. Those who follow "The 'Guide", know that I'm a semi-regular, jobbing musician and periodical opportunities come my way that I try to take advantage of. Aside from a couple of impromptu & private events with Who's Renown - "The UK's longest running tribute band to The Who" (advert over!). I've also had the chance to ship off to a remote studio with some fellow musicians and work on a long delayed project.
   Thankfully, it hasn't been a "Withnail & I" experience (apart from a lack of modern communication). It's actually been an amazing experience so far, a reminder of the effect that modern life has on us - when we depart it for a while!- and something that I will hopefully write about soon.

   Whilst I'm only back for the day, I thought I would take a minute to let you know where I am.
I hope to return fully to the land of the living in early December and pick up where I left off.
Till then... Peace to you all.
The Truth Seeker's Guide.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Propaganda! - Evidence Of Media Fakery

   For the next few weeks, The Truth Seeker’s Guide is turning it’s attention to a huge subject: the “Perception Of Truth” and it’s specific and direct role in the mainstream media. Whilst I don’t want to venture too far into the notion of an all encompassing ‘illusion of truth’ and the nature of reality and existence, there are obviously much broader issues (in relation to the media) that do need to be addressed. Why is it so important for the purveyors of information to hold such sway over (and, more importantly, manipulate) the “Perception of Truth”? Are examples of these machinations apparent? Why (when you connect the dots) do intelligence agencies, health and psychological organisations and the military seem to be pulling the strings?  Why do some of these groups have a history of involvement with psychological, or dare I say Mind Control, experiments?

   To begin with though (and for the benefit of the uninitiated), it is important to remove a little of the broader context and look at some of the obvious examples of the Media conducting manufactured perception. For as long as can be remembered, art and photography has often distorted it's subject matter to create a manufactured 'perceived truth'.
There are numerous accounts of paintings that exaggerate the mood, appearance and stature of figureheads to present the air of heightened authority and strength or compassion and humility. The practice of Photoshopping images of our modern puppet leaders is commonplace, sometimes with mixed results…

   As imagery became inextricably linked with the media, the practice extended to other forms of tampering. Group shots of powerful individuals would sometimes be altered, to remove someone who had fallen out of political favour. Other images have been doctored to capture, heighten or distort the moment… usually to enhance or create a conveyed message. The doctored image of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest (left), is particularly interesting because it coincides with a study published in the journal: Applied Cognitive Psychology, showing how people’s memories of events can be altered by viewing doctored images. After viewing the altered image, participants recalled the event as larger and more violent.

   The most obvious practices relate to the art of Propaganda, which in turn often relates to war or conflict. It is here that the notion of ‘crisis creation’ often comes into play. The Media uses it’s ‘perception filter’ to bombard the population with the desired threat, as a means of manufacturing additional fear, anxiety and confusion. In addition to this, comes the offer of solutions and security. Firstly, in the hands of the media… which will always tell us the truth and keep us informed (!), then secondly, under the control of the puppet leaders and their various offshoots. To sum it up, I refer to Walter Lippman who called it: “The Manufacture Of Consent”.

   Propaganda may well forever be connected with the great conflicts and upheavals of the last century, but it is in more recent times that it’s role in the media has come of age. The numerous conflicts in the Middle East  and surrounding area, have given us increased insight into the elaborate practices of manipulation in the media.

   An obvious and almost laughable example came from CNN during the 1990 Persian Gulf War. There are several videos available on the internet showing CNN reporter Charles Jaco fooling about on a stage set with fellow CNN staff. The Saudi Arabian "hotel" in the background was a blue screen surrounded by fake palm trees. Additional videos show a live CNN satellite feed recorded onto VHS showing the final cut. Jaco is wearing a different jacket and a gas mask, whilst his fellow correspondent Carl Rochelle wore a helmet. The sirens and missile sound effects are part of the stage set. The camera never pans out or shows the sky.

   Nowhere is the practice more noticeable than in the events surrounding the fall of Baghdad in April 2003, when the mainstream media created an ‘event’ depicting the toppling of his statue surrounded by thousands of jubilant Iraqi onlookers. Thanks to the internet, wide angle footage of Fardus Square (which had been closely framed in MSN reports) showed the crowd around the statue was sparse and consisted mostly of U.S. troops and journalists. Images which purported to be from the mass celebrations, were dispersed to the newspapers for front page usage. Research into these images, show clear indications of extensive tampering. Numerous MSN outlets, including the BBC, later admitted that only “dozens” of Iraqis participated in toppling the statue. 

   Despite these revelations, most people remember this as an historic and large scale, ‘Berlin Wall-style’ liberation. The images are burned into people’s mind and detached from the greater reality. The numerous other accounts of image and news falsehoods prove that the MSN’s reportage of the ‘War On Terror’ has yielded a successful propaganda operation…

   Then there are the images of burning buildings destroyed during an overnight Israeli air raid on Beirut’s suburbs in August 2006. Whilst it is initially obvious that the smoke has been copied and pasted to increase the plumes, later investigations into the image revealed it to be a composite of several others.

   In 2007, Reuters News was forced to admit that since 2005, over a thousand of its news photos and stories were false, faked or entirely staged to “create” news.  There were even more accounts in July 2008 of the New York & Los Angeles Times faking news coverage. That year, Sky News was slammed for using footage of the  ruins of South Ossetian capital, Tskhinvali, when reporting on Georgia’s key town of Gori. The news outlet claimed that it was footage of the aftermath of a Russian air bombing. The footage used was identical to the footage aired by Russian TV channel Zvezda (2 days previously) when it reported about Tskhinvali. Sky also made a report about Russian tanks supposedly advancing towards Gori, which was later rebutted. What damned the report more so, was the inclusion of a preceding picture of a road sign displaying the name of the town (Gori), written in Georgian and English.

   Today, the practice appears to have gone into overdrive. MSN reported that the fallout from the Fukashima nuclear disaster was minimal… scientific data shows the reality to have been a very different picture. Then, of course, we had the ‘death’ of Bin Laden and numerous pictures of his corpse floating around the news media. Many of these images have been proven to be Photoshopped.

   We’ve also had the drum-banging in relation to Iran & Syria. In the summer of 2011, MSN began covering the story of Zainab Al-Hosni - The Flower Of Syria - who was reported as being killed and mutilated at the hands of the “brutal Syrian regime”. It was reported that her mother wept over her dead body, when she was identified. For the Western news, she became the symbol of a subjugated population and a rallying cry to deal (quickly) with Syria. However, it turned out that she was never mutilated, nor did her mother weep over her body, nor was she even dead! Al-Hosni appeared on television, alive and well, to prove her identity and disprove the Western media’s claim. The story went extremely quiet after this…

   There is also the farce surrounding the liberation of Libya and the death of  Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (notice how Western MSN now spells his surname ’Qu’, when it has always been ’G’ in the past… subtle that!). Ignoring the latter aspect (I have found 6 contradictory pieces of footage of his death, thus far…), the events in Green Square, Tripoli in August are very suspect. 

After ‘rebel’ forces captured the Libyan capital, MSN aired ‘live footage’ of jubilation and euphoria. The footage has been scrutinised by researchers who have noticed odd behaviour on the part of the reporter and oddities in the architecture of the buildings and landscape that don’t quite match the alleged location. State television also warned of this specific fake report a few days before, claiming that Libyan Intelligence had been tipped off about an elaborate recreation of the Bab Al’ Azizia compound in Doha, Qatar. Nobody has been able to solidly confirm this at the moment, yet the MSN coverage of the whole Libyan operation speaks for itself. There are already doctored images (that have been used in news stories ) showing a manufactured perception of events.

   These few examples are small peanuts, of course. They are merely examples that set the stage for a much more elaborate, complex and darker drama.

I will leave you with a biased (but never the less apt) quote from Edward Bernays:

“If all men had to study for themselves the abstruse economic, political, and ethical data involved in every question, they would find it impossible to come to a conclusion about anything. We have voluntarily agreed to let an invisible government sift the data and high-spot the outstanding issues so that our field of choice shall be narrowed to practical proportions."

The question here is: Practical for what or whom?!
To Be Continued…

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Damning Documents - Blog Series

People always say, "Show Me The Money!". If you want insight into any aspects of a global agenda, the evidence is often right under your nose. It may not spell it out like Noddy's Guidebook, but when you combine insight and common sense, and read between the lines... it's there for all to see. It can't all be disinformation can it? Agenda 21, Northwoods, The Brookings Report, The MK Ultra files, The Tavistock Charter... the list goes on and on. I hope to cover many more over time, but for now, I have focused in on four particularly Damning (or controversial, depending on your point of view) Documents that are regularly cited as "smelling of a rat". Below are the links to my overviews and discussions of the four items. The documents themselves are easy to find on the web. So if you have the time, please also give them a read.

Remember though... Open minds, folks!
The Truth Seeker's Guide.

Part 1 - PNAC: Rebuilding America's Defences
Part 2 - Report From Iron Mountain
Part 3 - Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
Part 4 - Global Governance 2025
Part 5 - Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

Books available from Carl James:
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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Andrew Johnson & Dr Judy Wood @ Truth Juice, Birmingham

   On Tuesday evening, I attended an event in Birmingham organised by ’Truth Juice’. These folks are an ever growing group of truth enthusiasts who hold regular talks by noted researchers on a variety of subjects across numerous venues in the UK. I was looking forward to this particular event because it hosted a talk by Andrew Johnson, who was discussing his ongoing investigation into 9/11 and the possibility of the more unconventional means used to perpetrate the event.

   It would also be an interesting night for several other reasons. For the first time, I would be going with a truth ‘novice’! My friend had only recently become aware of the possibility that 9/11 was something other than the illusion perpetuated in the mainstream, after hearing me talk on the subject. Secondly, I would also get a nice surprise when I found out that Dr Judy Wood (author of the seminal investigative work, “Where Did The Towers Go?”) had attended, unannounced, and would also be doing a presentation.

   The fact that 2 experienced researchers were now effectively fitting the time slot of one, meant that the event became slightly rushed at times. I was a little disappointed as I had to go to work at midnight and this resulted in my missing the closing minutes of Andrew’s Q & A session with the audience. I was also looking forward to a lengthy talk by Andrew, which had to be compressed a little to account for time. This is not to detract from the event though! Despite the breakneck speed (I was scribbling notes like the clappers!), Andrew was still as thorough as ever and he apologised to the audience, about the speed on several occasions. It also allowed for Dr Wood to speak as well, which I was pleased about and would have been impossible, otherwise…

   For those who don’t know, the work of Andrew Johnson and Dr Judy Wood (in relation to 9/11) considers the very strong possibility that some form of directed (and ultimately, weaponised) Free Energy Technology was utilised to destroy the buildings in World Trade Centre Plaza on September 11, 2001.

   Dr Wood kicked off proceedings with an hour long talk about the evidence relating to the destruction of the towers, beginning with a focus on the millions of tons of debris (or lack thereof) that should have remained. The audience were shown footage of the dust patterns, the upward “lathering” effect, the ground fumes (which many call smoke from heat or fires) that were in the immediate vicinity of very wet vehicle tracks, the unburned paper and trees phenomenon, the “glowing Cheetos” (as she called them) that sat atop unburned paper and the strange ‘slicing’ effect that had totally removed parts of buildings and, yet, left the adjoining sections seemingly untouched. Dr Wood stated that the term ‘pile’, at Ground Zero, was misleading and should be, more appropriately, renamed “the leftovers”.

   Next came some interesting facts about the location of WTC Plaza: bedrock, located 70 feet below the water table. The area also has something called the “Bathtub Wall”, which prevents the flooding of New York. It is strange to note that on 9/11, the “Bathtub Wall” suffered insignificant damage; inconsistent with the level it should have sustained if buildings of this size had ‘collapsed’. It was also interesting to note that the tunnels under the Hudson remained dry after they had been pumped of excess water. Wouldn’t they have sustained, at least, some cracks and leaks?

   The focus then came on to the seismic readings on 9/11. Seismographs measure something called a P-Wave (which precedes the main shock wave) during most Earthquakes or events which would produce a readable tremor. The destruction of the towers apparently produced readings absent a P-Wave. The readings were also inconsistent with an event of that magnitude. WTC 7 only measured 0.6, WTC 1 was the equivalent of a 20 storey building collapse and WTC 2 was the equivalent of a 16 storey building. Dr Wood also presented some in depth analytical data showing that a building collapse of that size should have taken at least 31 seconds.

   At this point, proceedings were interrupted briefly by somebody smashing a glass at the back of the room! Somebody at the back complained that they couldn’t hear Dr Wood and accused her of mumbling when she turned to face the projector screen. Whilst I appreciate people wanting to hear clearly (the microphone system was unfortunately down, so both speakers had to manage without), I felt it was disrespectful to called Dr Wood a ‘mumbler’. I will come to this individual shortly.

   Things quickly settled and proceeded onto the subject of the infamous ‘scorched’ and ‘rusted’ cars. Dr Wood acknowledged the debate over the towing of cars to locations much farther away from Ground Zero. She said that whilst this may be the case for many vehicles, it is not the case for all of them. She also pointed out the missing door latches on several vehicles and the eyewitness accounts of cars along West Broadway, that seemed to suddenly and inexplicably “spontaneously combust”. She also looked at the “Rolled Up Carpet” effect, the buckling of the tower’s outer wall cladding that should have occurred, but didn’t and the twisting and buckling effect on many of the steel girders.

   Dr Wood then discussed the behaviour of Hurricane Erin (that was due to make landfall on the morning of 9/11) and it’s abrupt change of direction. We were presented with several pieces of weather report footage that totally omitted Hurricane Erin from the weather maps, audio of a CBS weather anchor saying that the weather was “as nice as can be” and a bizarre commentary from a news anchor (after 9/11) saying, “If only a hurricane had hit on 9/11! The attacks may never have happened!”.

   The final segment, the principles of ‘field effect’ and, specifically, The Hutchison Effect was analysed. I am no scientist, so some of this difficult to explain. However, Hutchison’s work is well documented on the internet and extensive overviews of the Effect can be studied on both Andrew Johnson and Dr Judy Wood’s websites. The links for which are in the left hand ‘Links’ column and at the end of this post.

   Dr Wood closed the talk with the rhetorical question: “where did the towers go?!”. Some bright spark at the back of the audience shouted, “China!”. Dr Wood wittily replied, “Yeah! The upper atmosphere of China!!”.

   Dr Wood did a one on one Q & A session to speed up proceedings, by allowing others to go and get another drink, go to the loo, have a cigarette (my vice!), etc. Whilst outside having a smoke and chatting to my novice friend, I overheard a couple talking about the chap who had made the ‘mumbling’ remark. They remarked that this was the same individual who, not only broke the glass, but also made the “China” witticism. Shortly after, said chap came outside, with what was presumably his partner and said, “I don’t know why I’m listening to this!”. She replied, “Well why don’t you go home and complain to yourself, while I stay here and listen!”. At least somebody in the relationship had an open mind…

   Next up, Andrew Johnson began his talk about the various aspects of the notion of “Cover Ups” and the specific relationship with 9/11. I got the impression (I apologise if I’m wrong, Andrew!) that Andrew had picked up on the odd voices of dissent in the audience. He said, (re: the subject at hand) “If you think we’re lying, all the information is there… you can even email me!”. He pointed to the various areas of research and where to look for it. This aspect of the attempts by certain individuals to debunk and discredit the Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and ‘No Planes’ research, was also a component of his presentation.

   Andrew Johnson pointed out a very important aspect of truth research and is something that I also try very hard to stay true to in my research: “Evidence is key before drawing conclusions”. Any such issues should be treated as akin to a “Forensic Investigation”. He pointed out the work of Dr Morgan Reynolds: far too much to discuss here so, please, investigate. Andrew launched into some mathematical equations for calculating the various aspects freefall time and speed, etc. Whoosh, over my head! Jotted them down and checked them out with a mathematician friend today. They are sound, by the way, but if you want to understand them more fully, please visit Andrew’s website or contact him.

   Following this was a fascinating dissection of the concept of the “Illusion Of Truth”. Perception is everything. He cited numerous examples throughout history, where perception is key. The Iraqi incubator babies incident was given as a very good example. The witness to this, who incidentally was cited endlessly in the MSN (and testified before the US Congress) as a simple nurse, turned out to be nothing of the kind and was in fact, the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US and who was part of the PR firm Hill & Knowlton.. Who were believed to have been hired to create a ploy as a pretext (or excuse) for the first war in Iraq.

   He also cited various examples such as The Project For The New American Century (“a new Pearl Harbour”) and Operation Northwoods, although he did raise some questions of validity regarding the Northwoods documents. Finally, this section covered the Zapruder film and inconsistencies between the locations of fatal wounds to JFK in the film and the wound locations in the autopsy photographs, suggesting that one or the other is fake. Andrew also highlighted the movements of eye witnesses (in the Zapruder film) which seem to defy the laws of physics. It would seem that there is a clear indication here, that the film has been tampered with (i.e.: re-edited). This prompted an “Oh My God!” and look of amazement from my novice friend. Result!

   Andrew then discussed the notion of the ‘No Planes’ perspective and the controversial debate regarding the use of ‘Holograms’. He looked at various pieces of footage of the ‘plane impacts’ and raised questions regarding the large ‘exit’ explosion… something that should have been confined to the ‘impact’ zone. It is strange that upon ‘impact’, the plane seems to disappear into the building completely, before any reaction or damage occurs. It does seem that there is almost certainly a delayed ‘fireball’ effect. There is also the issue of a plane which is substantially constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium… could this penetrate 3 inch steel girders, let alone the rest of the buildings?! He pointed out that many have said, “Well it was the speed of the plane… 500 mph is pretty fast”. However, he noted that 700ft above sea level, a plane can only travel, at most, 300 mph because the air is thicker. The plane would have literally shaken itself apart. Despite this, there were no bits of the plane breaking off before ‘impact’….
He also discussed the dispersal and damage pattern of fuselage sections and the landing gear, which don’t seem to match the damage that a plane (hitting these buildings in the way they did) would have sustained.

   Andrew played an audio section of a phone call between Michael Herzakhani (who captured key footage of the impact) and Canadian researcher Jeff Hill, where Hill asked Herzakhani to confirm that he shot the footage. “You have to call CNN”, he says. “They have all the rights to the video, I can’t even talk about it…sorry”.

   As time was against him, things sped up and I tried to make notes as quickly as possible. Further discussion included: Edna Cinton viewed in the hole… no heat or flames, contradictions in the Black Box story, No serial numbers of any plane parts at WTC have ever been published and the various eyewitness accounts: some hearing a plane but not seeing it and others, vice versa. It was interesting that 2 witnesses that stood right next to each, totally contradicted each other’s account of the second plane. He also posed the notion that maybe the numerous exercises taking place on 9/11 have been woven into (possibly the source of) the ‘official’ accounts of the events of 9/11.

   The talk then moved onto the apparent attempts by many 9/11 (and non 9/11) researchers to distance themselves from, discredit and even debunk the work of Dr Judy Wood, Andrew Johnson and anyone else who follows a similar line of investigation. Andrew explained how he was invited to be a member of 9/11 Scholars For Truth and that he did get involved for a while. He cited people like Steven Jones, who he assumed was a genuine individual. He felt it was of the utmost importance to educate people about 9/11, this being the original perspective of the cause. He eventually realised that a key component of the cause was also discerning the possible cause, but found that more and more, this seemed increasingly unimportant to some. Andrews says, “I was being used to put out disinformation. I trusted these people”.

   He now believes that the focus of the cause has become exclusively: Thermite, Thermate, Space Thermite, Nano Thermite, Paint on Thermite, etc., yet, “No one wants to analyse it for fear of exposing the flaws… (People are) being trained to think about this and this alone: Thermite”. He cited various individuals involved in the movement who once supported Dr Wood and now lambaste her work. He also referred to John Moffet who said about Dr Wood, “She is not a scientist, she is a crackpot… she does not follow the basic tenets of science”. This seems an unusual remark given that Dr Wood’s research is almost exclusively scientific in principle and she has more letters after her name than I’ve got fingers and toes!… That’s a slight exaggeration, of course!

   Andrew briefly discussed the Qui Tam cases, highlighting that NIST have been sued twice for fraud relating to Data Quality Act (DQA) and the issue of correcting fraudulent documentation. As was pointed out, NIST and contractors have had extensive involvement with Directed Energy Research and Development projects. Bit of a coincidence me thinks! Several other companies of note (of a similar nature) include Applied Research Associates, Boeing, Lockheed Martin (of which Norman Mineta was Vice President, prior to joining the Commerce Department) and SAIC. If you’re not in the know, please look into them. Andrew also pointed out the interesting inclusion of a plane in Architects and Engineers For 9/11 logo…

   The talk rounded off with a quote from Lenin: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”. Andrew made it clear that he didn’t want people to just believe him. “I want you to check the evidence. Think for yourself and use your initiative”. Wise words to anybody looking for the truth…

   My novice friend was disappointed that the latter end of the talk became centred around the attempts by some to debunk the DEW / No Planes perspective. As I explained, if somebody was continually discrediting your work in order to create a wholly inclusive perspective (that is incidentally difficult to prove), wouldn’t you want to expose it? My friend said “In an ideal world, the evidence I’ve seen tonight should speak for itself”. “Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world”, I said.

   This seemed to be reinforced in the closing Q and A. When asked about the ‘molten metal’, Andrew said, “we don’t know what it was”. Some donkey in the audience (I’m not as magnanimous as Andrew, sadly!) said, “it looks like Thermite to me!”. Andrew wisely replied, “It might be, it might not… we don’t know”. From my perspective, I believe that “The beginning of wisdom is… I don’t know”.

   Some have unfairly said that proponents of the DEW perspective are aggressive, rude and unwilling to listen. I’m beginning to think that is an apt description of those who oppose the DEW perspective. Both Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson were accommodating, polite and friendly to everybody that attended, even the nay-sayers. They really went out of their way to give the audience a thorough and thought provoking night.

   As an aside, I must stress that I don’t believe that the DEW debunkers are indicative of the entire Truth movement. In fact experience has shown me that the majority are often open to alternative perspectives. Sadly though, it is the minority that are influencing the movement and, as a result unfairly influencing some in the larger community.

   I must also thank those who organised the event, for making me welcome and for the tea and cakes! They did a great job and I really hope that Truth Juice is around for a long time to come.

I had a chance to natter with Andrew before his talk, about various, serious and amusing, aspects of our work. We chatted about Project Pegasus (of all things!) and he told me that I could become a life time member of Project Pegasus for only $100!!: 

He knows of my blog, that I would be covering it in this post and if he didn’t mind this. He said, “I know where you live so if you write anything bad, I’ll come round and kick your arse!”
I hope I’ve dodged the bullet!!
Till Next Time.
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.
(P.S. Andrew has read my post and said my
arse is safe - in fact he offered to send me a nice cushion to sit on!!)

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Monday, 17 October 2011

MSN - Part 2: "Occupy Together..."

   From the moment Gil Scott-Heron penned the classic  - “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, countless individuals have searched for the true meaning of his words. Since the advent of television, it is claimed that many a revolution has unfolded on the box, for all to see. The truth is that, really, all we see are varying amounts of people making a statement about something for a period of time. This is not to trivialise such matters… as I will explain.

   Context is everything. Why does a revolution happen? There can be a million reasons. Television shows us what it wants us to believe. It sometimes gives us the numbers, the cause, the purpose, the goals, etc, but where is the true context? In terms of television, the only way to know for sure, is if it was a revolution of one person and it came directly from his/her mouth. Even then they could be lying! In which case, you would never truly know what it was all about.

  Years after “The Revolution Will Not…” was written, Heron shed some light on it’s meaning. He said that, “modern revolutions take place in the mind”. This cuts to the heart of the role that the media (and specifically MSN - Mainstream News) plays whenever it goes anywhere near uprisings, protests and revolutions. MSN wants to control your mind - it’s as simple as that! The only time you will get close to understanding what is really unfolding during an uprising, is if it matches with their agenda and suits their purposes.

   The current “Occupy Wall Street” campaign has finally gone global and MSN does not have a clue what to do about it! It may have started as a protest against the”1%” that controls the world economies, but it has become (nothing short of) a mass social awakening. Beside the financial issues of unemployment, job losses, austerity measures, healthcare, pensions, student debt - that have been on display, there are also people taking about censorship, government corruption, oppression, slavery and imprisonment. There are anti-war campaigners, civil liberty groups, anti-nuclear groups, 9/11 truthers, anti-N.W.O. protesters… It is an amazing sight to see and it’s still growing in numbers.

   Naturally, many will not realise this. The MSN has it’s own varied takes on the matter and quite frankly, if it wasn’t such a serious matter, their coverage would be laughable. Several news outlets have ignored it as much as possible and when they couldn’t, their approach was typically dismissive. American MSN (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc) coverage centred on painting campaigners as “Hippies, Students and Antagonists” who “stunk of sweat and urine”, whilst “sitting around playing Peruvian Bongo drums”. One anchor said it was time that they “stop crying and leaching off hard working tax payers, so that you can hang out, like hippies, complaining on Wall Street”. Another said that the those involved were “nasty and ridiculous”. All this from the great minds behind a multi-billion dollar funded, social engineering, mind control Psyop. They certainly got bang for their buck! I personally find it utterly offensive and derogatory.

   In the UK, ITV and SKY have also avoided it where possible. They have bombarded us with 20 minute long stories about Wooten Bassett, the ‘tragedy’ that is the resignation of Liam Fox and (in the case of SKY) hours of coverage of the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor! On Saturday 15th October (the big day for the campaign), one outlet stated that the total number of campaigners in London numbered just over a hundred people. This was clearly a lie. Many reputable web sources can prove that the number was a LOT more.

   The BBC probably realised that not discussing it was damaging their credibility (as if they have any left!) and decided to give the protests SOME attention. However, within every report was the conviction that the movement was “disparate, with no real coherence”. They also showed (on what seemed like a loop) a alleged ‘campaigner’ who said, “When people lose faith, the only option is to riot!”. There’s that old BBC favourite again - Riot…

   Despite MSN’s attempts to underplay the significance of events, the scale of it is getting through. Both RT News and Press TV have devoted significant time in their schedule to show the numbers involved and report some of the lesser known occurrences. It seems that by weekend’s end the number of cities that played host to some form of protest, was over 1500. I have extensively sourced the locations and have put together a US and Europe map to give you an idea of the scale. It is by no means definitive though:

   This is doesn’t even include cities in the Middle East that have taken to the streets in solidarity. There has also been numerous cities in Australia, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Hong Kong, to name a few that have participated. A huge number of cities in Latin America have also taken part in the weekend’s campaign.

   RT News has also reported some interesting factors. In London, police have used the controversial “kettling techniques” on protesters. In Rome, police used tear gas and water cannons against them. There are also claims from several eye witnesses of ‘agent provocateurs’ in Rome. The strangest case occurred in New York when 20 people were arrested by police for attempting to withdraw their savings from Citibank! WHY?!

   The movement has suffered some criticism for appearing leaderless. I actually prefer it this way! Leaders are often nothing more than puppets of the hidden controllers. There is no way to be sure that any form of leadership that comes to fore, will not be usurped in the ‘usual’ way. This movement needs time to grow for it to be truly realised. It may be that the very thing that I often hope for: “conscious (not conscientious) objection and rejection of control”, can grow out of this. Who knows… When somebody does come to the plate, I hope they stay true to their convictions and the spirit of the movement. 

   Patience allows growth. When you leave your parents for the first time, it’s very tempting to run back for safety. We have the chance to outgrow our masters, whilst avoiding becoming them ourselves. I have strayed a little from MSN in this post. Despite being connected, the “Occupy” campaign is too important to ignore…

Till Next Time.
Namaste and Peace Out!
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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