Saturday, 16 February 2013

Russian Meteor...

Yesterday morning, the world awoke to the announcement of a meteor blazing a trail across the skies of the Russian Urals region. According to the mainstream media, the object broke apart in the atmosphere releasing a huge amount of energy. The combined shockwave and sonic booms allegedly damaged buildings and shattered windows for miles in every direction. This event sat amongst a bevy of strange ‘coincidences’ and references to other events – events which are now viewed by numerous alternative researchers in a slightly different historical light.

As the story continued to be reported throughout the day, I began to feel that there something about all this that didn’t feel quite right. Not long after the event took, one mainstream news (MSN) channel referred to several eyewitness accounts of rockets/missiles having been fired at the meteor. The impact of these shattered the meteor in the atmosphere and prevented a larger impact with the ground. Nothing more of these accounts were subsequently reported by MSN.

I came across a few references to this scenario (including alleged eye witness mobile phone footage of these missile impacts), however nothing of significance materialised on the internet. Is it possible that this really occurred and accounts/footage has been removed from the net? Who knows for certain…

The MSN ‘talking heads’ compared the event to the infamous Tunguska scenario of 1908. Tunguska was referred to in these discussions as a meteor which exploded in the sky above the region and flattened hundreds of miles of forest.  Any keen eyed alternative researcher will know that there is more to ‘Tunguska’ than meets the eye.

Many of the eyewitnesses on that fateful day spoke of seeing “an oval-shaped mass moving across the sky, as well as seeing the object change course, and of having a very low speed.” The object was described by a traveller on the Trans-Siberian Railway as “moving erratically.” For many decades, following the event, respected academics mounted many expeditions to study the region and continued to fail to locate any remnants of a meteorite. Sergei Korolyov, the father of Soviet space science, became convinced that an alien spaceship had exploded over the region. Russian engineer E. Krutelev published his analysis Tunguska in the ‘Rabochaya Tribuna’ newspaper in 1991 and concluded that what occurred was actually the “take-off” of a craft. Many who have studied the Tunguska event conclude that the object was (if nothing else) of “artificial origin”.

More unusual are the claims that the explosion was a result of an experiment originating from the research of Nikola Tesla. On December 8th, 1915, The New York Times carried an article entitled “Tesla’s new device like bolts of Thor.” It is claimed that his designs could transmit large amounts of “wireless energy” and produce destructive effects at any point on the globe. It is widely believed that Tunguska was precisely the location where Tesla chose to test the invention.

Never the less, the MSN chose to ignore all the Tunguska research and describe the events as an exploding meteor.

But the strangeness doesn’t end there.

Yesterday also heralded the closest fly-by of asteroid 2012 DA14. “Experts” in astronomy and space science were paraded onto the TV screen and exclaimed that there was no danger of 2012 DA14 hitting the earth. The morning events in Russia were considered nothing more than a “Cosmic Coincidence” and had no relation to the 2012 DA14 fly-by. Coincidences do happen, of course!

Despite the reassurances that we were in no danger of catastrophic asteroid/meteor impacts, it was curious that almost all of these interviews contained speculative “what if” scenarios. These discussions included scenarios of flattened cities, extinction level events, etc. These news pieces appeared to carry all the hallmarks of social engineering tactics, including perceptual management, engineered consent and propagation of fear.

Such earth shattering scenarios have been alluded to in many of the damning documents that discuss psychological means to control the masses. The usurping of climate change, international terrorism, etc., is as much a part of these tactics as “the object from space” is. All branches of the media reinforce this. The news gives us the main “talking points”, the documentaries and current affairs programs flesh out the case in point, and the movies/TV shows either reinforce the dogma via predictive programming, or provide a “plausible deniability clause” should those in control wish to do a U-turn at a later date. The meteor / asteroid predictive programming has been managed to great effect in films like Armageddon and Deep Impact, with occasional “top-ups” – such as the recent Derren Brown “Apocalypse”.

It is also curious that, within the last week, an interview with the infamous “Bomber Harris” was released into the public domain. The timing of this was very peculiar and didn’t seem to make much sense. The root of the interview seemed to be a justification of state sponsored, mass civilian casualties during times of crisis or war. What is particularly interesting is the “strategy of terror” (ironic name!) inflicted by both sides during WW2. The overall architects of this strategy of fear were the psychologists and psychiatrists employed by the likes of The Tavistock Institute. Is there a connection between this and the confusion, muddle-up, and fear tactics employed yesterday?

If something amiss occurred, then we shouldn’t be in the least bit surprised. I recall how I felt on 9/11, when the pieces just didn’t seem to fit right. The footage of “planes” impacting The Twin Towers seemed “Hollywood”, almost “hyper-real”. The air of the “hyper-real” struck me again yesterday. Clear blues skies (just like 9/11) to accentuate the footage, clips tightly edited so as to avoid/muddy the clarity of the moment of impact/explosion (just like 9/11), talking heads almost immediately telling us exactly what has occurred (just like 9/11), a nice dollop of fear mongering to keep the masses wondering (just like 9/11), and, of course, the story seemed to overshadow everything else being reported.

Maybe I’m reading something into nothing here. It is unfortunate that this story with probably disappear from the public consciousness very quickly, making it almost impossible to investigate further. As with all these events, I believe it crucial that we keep a level headed, but open, mind.

I realise that I have not posted much here lately. Unfortunately, I continue to be plagued with a number of health problems which make it very painful for me to sit and type (or research for that matter), let alone stand up. The dates have been set for my treatment/surgery so I hope to get back on board with everything soon.

In the meantime, thank you for all your continued readership and support, and remember to take care of yourself and each other.

All the best!
Carl (The Truth Seeker’s Guide)

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