Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Paralympics, Saturn Worship and Other Oddities.

Just when you thought it was safe to forget about “Olympic weirdness”, along comes The Paralympic Games opening ceremony! I’m not entirely sure why I decided to clock it, but I have to say I’m stunned! Did they get all the hoopla wrong? Should these two events have been the other way around in terms of global attention? Who knows if there were less or more eyes on this spectacle, but it seems that those who infiltrate the proceedings with imagery and symbolism have been having a field day with The Paralympics opening ritual. The event made the London Olympics rituals look like a dress rehearsal. I made some extensive notes whilst analysing it, however keeping it in some sort of narrative chronology or context was next to impossible given how downright bonkers it was. I will, never the less, make an attempt.

The title was “Enlightenment”… yes they really were being that brazen! The theme was allegedly liberty and progress through advancement (science and literature featured heavily). On the surface, this seems all well and good in relation to the notion of Paralympic athletes. It didn’t take long to realise that there was a mass of underlying imagery meshed into the proceedings.

Beginning with Stephen Hawking, we were soon presented with 600 dancers with umbrellas (many of whom were flying around the stadium) and quick flashes of words like “flawless” and “precise” across the stadium seating pixels. The inclusion of the umbrella (rain / cleansing) motif is often associated with (what some call) “illuminati” symbology, yet it is also readily connected to the Monarch Mind Control phenomenon. It was also telling that the soundtrack to this was (“Illuminati Princess”) Rihanna’s “Umbrella”. The Tempest / Miranda paradigm was also flagged with a red (Monarch again) umbrella and also included a section where the Miranda character set sail on a red upturned umbrella / “brolly boat”.

The central point of the stadium was a black umbrella. I nearly had a seizure when I thought it had six sides, effectively forming an almost two dimensional representation of the “black cube” – intricate to the Saturn Worship, which is a widespread aspect of the freemasonic / illuminati / agenda players’ belief system. It turned out to have seven sides though! Perhaps six would have been a little too obvious…

The Saturn imagery was still in attendance though. The logo for The Paralympic Games is effectively a graphic of Saturn and its rings and appeared on monitors and flags throughout. The logo consists of 3 “agitos” ("I move" in Latin) orbiting a single point. It is interesting that it sits within the large square (cube) of the 2012 logo. The Paralympic motto: "Spirit in Motion", is also noteworthy. It was also interesting that this flag was raised to the strains of Holst’s “The Planets”. The piece in question was (No not “Saturn”!) “Jupiter”.

How is this relevant? It reminds me of how Stanley Kubrick originally went with the “black cubes” motif, and Saturn as the location of the “stargate” portal in his classic film: “2001 – A Space Odyssey”. It is well documented that his effects team worked on Saturn footage for almost a year before the men in suits stepped in and said, “Absolutely not! We’re going with Jupiter!” Those within the agenda have long laboured their efforts to shift the significance within belief systems (for the perceptions of the masses only) from Saturn to Jupiter. So a nice subtle touch there then!

Despite all of this being hidden within the themes of science and astronomy, anybody who has started to look beneath the surface will know that celestial deification is the root of “accepted” belief systems. In the section: “A Tribute to Navigation”, the nature of the imagery could not have been more apparent when the whole spectacle was flanked by a huge number of dancers forming a hexagon (Cube) pattern across the stadium floor, with lines (rings maybe?) trailing off either side… showing a representation of Saturn as the dominant planet. An unusual hexagonal atmospheric formation has also been photographed on Saturn in the past. Weird eh?!

Another recurring idea that quickly became obvious was the notion of these impaired athletes as “superhuman”. This was reiterated in the accompanying commentary by suggestions that science and technology makes it all possible. They repeatedly explained how “better equipment” makes for “better, more likely to succeed, competitors.” There were also nods (within the literary references used) to “Men like Gods.” This seemed to be backed up with scenes of impaired sports folk flying around the stadium and walking in mid-air. It really does play into the “post-human / trans-human” scenario that is continually applauded by those in the upper echelons of power.

More worrying was the emphasis on military personnel who, having suffered loss of limbs in combat, had gone on to become athletes in The Games. One of those who delivered the ritual torch (who incidentally “flew” into the stadium from the Orbit Tower) was such an example. This, combined with a possible trans-human agenda, is eerily close to the notion of “super soldiers” – an area that more and more alternative researchers are paying close attention to.

As usual, the concept of light and fire was in abundance. There was an action replay of the ritual cauldron lighting from The Olympic ceremony and continual references to “looking to the light”, chanting (close to the start) about “believing in the light”, the song lyrics “eternal source of light divine”, even Bored Coe called the proceedings “a landmark in the progress of mankind toward the light.” The black umbrella eventually became a giant reading lamp (source of light), which broke into seven triangular sections to reveal a golden sphere – incidentally made of several rings.

As the event unfolded, I was struck by how bizarre things were really getting. In the midst of the trippiness, I have to admit to being amused (unintentionally) by the sight of Orbital playing a track with samples from Stephen Hawking. Hawking was placed in the midst of this chaos and the camera tracked past him for a second. It was a surreal sight, like he'd fallen asleep in the middle of an outdoor rave back in the 1990s!

As is often the case with these things, I began to lose the will to live (amongst the incoherence) and simply made notes.There was the usually black, white and red costume/set pieces, several checkerboard patterns, one or two butterflies (again), a maze, a load of green dancers wearing masonic masks and headdresses and several references  (within the framework of “The Tempest”, but ultimately Huxley) to “Brave New World.” There was a giant moon globe hanging over the head of the stadium floor and a sneaky nod to mind control when Miranda is urged to “transform our perceptions” and “break the glass ceiling and set us free.” Even Jon Snow joined in afterwards by saying that he hoped the ceremony would encourage people to “open up our minds and take the next step.”

It was also curious to see just how many royals and politicians were in attendance this time.

A couple of final thoughts: I’ve noticed a few researchers pointing out the heavy involvement of several perception steering groups such as Common Purpose with The Paralympics. Although this wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest (they have affiliations with the London Arts Council, who in turn are associated with these Games), I have yet to look more closely into this. I hope that the likes of Brian Gerrish (who has revealed an awful lot about such activities) will endeavour to highlight any evidence that points to this.

There has also been a disturbing link between 7/7 and The Paralympic Games. Channel 4 (who are broadcasting The Games) presented a film immediately before the commencement of the opening ceremony. The film was about a Team GB Paralympic athlete who has become such as a result of being involved in the tube explosion on that day. Whilst I truly don’t wish to trivialise the traumas suffered by anybody involved in 7/7, I also know that there is a hell of a lot that the mainstream media (and the powers that be) are hiding about it. Continually reinforcing the dogma of half-truths and fear mongering about said fictional terrorists destroys all credibility within the media (as if they have any now anyway!), makes for piss-poor investigative journalism and undermines any attempt to get to the truth of the matter… but I suppose that’s the point in doing it.

At any rate, it should have no place within this setting and certainly not as a sentimental tool to pull at the heartstrings of the masses.

I’m not entirely sure why the organisers of The Paralympics Games have decided that now (rather than a few weeks ago) is the time to pull out the big “illusory” guns. If nothing else, it proves what sick, twisted little minds they have… and why I really should stop paying attention to it.

If we did that though, they’d probably pull a fast one while we weren’t looking!
History has already proven that much.

Until next time.
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Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda - Volume One -
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What Really Happened at the London 2012 Olympics -

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

AMMACH Conference - Nottingham

AMMACH will be holding their "Disclosure With Exposure" conference this Saturday (1st September 2012:  9.30am – 9.30pm) in Nottingham at The Britannia Hotel, St James Street. What was originally planned as a three day event has now been reduced to one day, due to low ticket sales. Tickets are £50. Although I realise that this is a little out of the price range for some people, I hope that folk will still make an effort to get to the event if they can. I had planned to try to attend but work (as is often the case) has prevented this.
Although some of the subject matter is a source of heated debate and not to everyone’s taste, I believe there is still a wealth of interesting information available at this conference. The work of AMMACH and Miles Johnston has often discussed how the alien abduction phenomenon connects to the military (and by extension the global agenda players) and aspects of the perceptual manipulation / mind control agenda. In this regard (and my opinion!), the inclusion of researcher Cathi Morgan makes the conference worthwhile alone.
I’m also pleased to see the inclusion of Dave Hodrien from The Birmingham UFO Group. BUFOG have amassed a huge number of case studies on their website (see my “Links” to visit the site) and I recommend you taking a look.
Full details of the speakers can be found here:
General details about the conference itself can be found here:

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Neil Armstrong

It is a frustrating thing to know something and not be able to share it with others. Often times I feel the inner drive (as, I’m sure, do many “truthers”) that compels me to impart information to others. The frustration is most obvious when it falls at the feet of those who don’t care or cannot see. It takes a tolerant person to look inside oneself, rise above such feelings and move on.
Not everybody operates from this standpoint though. Circumstances dictate all manner of motivations and outcomes. A person who is “in the thick” of history usually has no such luxuries. This was driven home to me last night upon hearing the passing of Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong. Today we are being presented with an “account of history” that is considered indisputable. Any speculation about the true nature of those infamous lunar missions is largely mocked by many and consigned to the fringes of tin foil hat wearing “conspiracy theorists” – a term which, in this context, is meant in the most derogatory sense. People have said to me, on several occasions, “I suppose you’re one of those loons who think we never went to the moon!?” To which I usually reply, “of course we went to the moon!!” In quieter tones, I also add, “just not in the way you think we did.”
For the benefit of the naysayers, there is a lot more information out there than just photographic anomalies and the practicalities of science and engineering during the 1960s. Although I would be hesitant to say this information is damningly conclusive, it is akin to somebody being sentenced to murdering another with a brick… only to find a DNA laced gun, as well as a knife, rope, etc., at the crime scene. It is perhaps irresponsible to ignore all the available data simply because the circumstances have now become far too contrived to be bothered with.
There has been much speculation about what really went on with the Apollo astronauts. On many occasions, suggestions have been made about some form of mind control having been inflicted upon these individuals. Although it is incredibly difficult to establish this with cold hard facts, several notable mind control researchers have connected a number of NASA operations with the practice. The men themselves have also behaved very strangely during the years since their “moment of glory”. Considering the life affirming nature of such a monumental “journey”, you would think that their accounts would be etched into crystal clarity and delivered with gushing enthusiasm. However, from practically day one, their recollections have often been sedate, emotionless, almost too traumatic to recall, confused and contradictory.
Without going too far off on a tangent, I also believe that the “Stanley Kubrick” factor is incredibly difficult to ignore. I have sat on the fence regarding this issue until quite recently. It does appear more and more likely that he knew a hell of a lot about what was ‘really’ going on in the grand scheme of things. With this in mind, it is possible that the extensive research available (relating to Kubrick and his possible association to the Apollo missions) needs to be taken a little more seriously.
I feel quite ambivalent about the death of Neil Armstrong. Whilst I don’t wish to take anything
away from his memory and the importance he obviously holds for so many people, I also feel sad for other reasons. It is clear that he was a different creature to his fellow astronauts. Unlike Buzz Aldrin (who became a media darling) and other astronauts like Edgar Mitchell (who has flip-flopped all over the place regarding the hidden nature of the space exploration programme), Armstrong largely shunned the spotlight - becoming somewhat reclusive. He often appeared ill at ease with the mantle he had been forced to carry. Although it may be a controversial thing to say, I am glad that he no longer has to carry the burden of knowledge that may have troubled him.

Of all the men involved, I always felt that he might have been the one to one day (perhaps in his twilight years) “spill the beans”. With his passing, this now appears impossible. I’m not
sure why I considered this possible… just a (possibly misguided) feeling I’ve often had. Now that he is gone we find ourselves, perhaps, further away from knowing than ever before. The unfortunate truth about the mainstream excuse that is laughingly called: “the force of history”, is that such things are inevitable… which really does p*** me off sometimes!

You may say that addressing this matter in the manner I have, is incredibly tasteless. I mean no disrepect. Despite my beliefs about the accepted version of the "space programme", I would like to put it in a much more personal context.
I'm not ashamed to admit, irrespective of my stance on the nature of the “Moon landings”, that Armstrong was something of an inspiration for me. Even if he never went to the Moon, the mere notion of leaving the Earth should give anybody pause to think. Although I am becoming more acquainted with the true nature of our existential “reality” construct, I still sometimes struggle with the notion and readily find myself slipping back into the illusion. The most enlightened folk out there, can’t deny that this happens… despite their protestations to the contrary.

However, within our “reality”, the idea of escaping our terrestrial confines and the possibility of having a “little wander out there”, can be the first baby steps (as it was for me) into a larger realisation. Neil Armstrong was a symbol for this. As a child, these stories encouraged me to look up, far more than keep looking down. Whatever I may have come to believe subsequently, I still maintain that’s not such a bad way to look at things! In a strange way, I owe that to Neil Armstrong... and although it may seem like a contradiction, I am eternally thankful for it.
Until next time.
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Environmental and Weather Modification

I recently discussed how I could use my musical work in a more positive light.
Well here is my first outing!
I recently produced and recorded a cover version of Kate Bush's classic song "Cloudbusting", in order to create a short video highlighting some basic issues regarding environmental and weather modification. The original tune addressed the work of the groundbreaking scientist and psychologist Wilhelm Reich. In this regard, I felt the song fitted the wider subject perfectly.
I hope you enjoy the song and the video and hopefully give me a "thumbs-up" on my new youtube channel!! I will be posting other videos there (and here) in due course:
I've also embedded the video below.

Until next time!
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Monday, 13 August 2012

The Who Sell Out - London Olympics Closing Ceremony

 The London 2012 Olympics have come to a close with what the media dubbed “the greatest party in the world”. Watching the proceedings was an uncomfortable experience for me and gave me the unfortunate opportunity to address a few concerns I’ve had of late about my own life. But I will come to that in due course.

 Much as I’d come to expect, the Closing Ceremony was yet more ritual of subtle (maybe not so for some) imagery and mass perceptual manipulation. From the moment Timothy Spall appeared as Churchill reciting The Tempest, surrounding by a landscape covered in newspaper style slogans and literary references (including one reading “A Martian sends a postcard”!), it was this would be more of the same trite that was unleashed on the population two weeks ago.

 The ceremony lurched from the sublime to the ridiculous: a shedload of all-seeing eyes, checkerboard patterns, butterflies, images of crying athletes, bowler hats adorned with light bulbs, fashion models bedecked in gold, silver and the odd Egyptian headdress, Monarch numpty Russell Brand, Annie Lennox looking like a zombie –surrounded by black and red, atop a flaming sail boat from the River Styx, a giant white pyramid (constructed from 303 boxes – to represent the 303 Olympic events, apparently!), the band Muse getting all demonic, and a huge luminescent octopus with its 8 sucker tentacles spread across the union jack! The only bright spark in all this was Eric Idle’s rendition of “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”.

 The Queen was, unusually, absent – perhaps she’d used up all the expressions from her scorn face, first witnessed during the Opening Ceremony. An announcer bleated on, at one point, about “these days (of) the cult of instant celebrity status” and Bored Coe received a deafening seal-clap from the stadium crowd when he extolled the success of “the people who stood guard to keep us safe” during The Games. Yeah right…

 I had heard the rumour that The Who would perform and really hoped that it was just a rumour. However, by the end, it became apparent that the rumour was true. It is bad enough that these performers (The Closing Ceremony was built around live music) agree to take part in such tub-thumping, mass distractions… although I perhaps expected more of The Who.

 Watching Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend beneath a giant flaming Masonic Phoenix (ritualistically born from the ashes of the extinguished “Olympic Cauldron”) really did unsettle me and bring home certain truths about the damning nature of the music industry. When Townsend penned the songs from “Tommy” (of which “See Me Feel Me” / “Listening To You” were performed at The Closing Ceremony), he was addressing many issues such as child - based isolation and trauma and (most importantly) the cult of personality / mass, blind followings.

It was insulting to see how these songs became an anthem supporting the very subject they had once condemned, when played in The Ceremony. The phrase “sell out” could easily be applied to the changes made to the lyrics of Baba O’Riley in the performance. For the occasion, Daltrey sang: “Don’t cry. JUST raise your eyes. THERE’S MORE THAN teenage wasteland.” As the final act of the show, I couldn’t escape the feeling that they were effectively the final ingredient in the casting of a large scale, ritualistic spell.

 I suppose this is ultimately the true nature of much of the entertainment “mass distraction” industry. As a musician who makes a fair amount of his financial “bread and butter” from the trade, I am aware of the potential trap inherent in the field. I have often walked a fine line between a passion for performing / doing the right thing, and “selling out” to some degree. I sometimes find this disturbing and there are times when I truly want to get out of the game altogether. Thankfully, my association is low to moderate level (and unlikely to ever change, given my age and convictions!), yet it doesn’t change the fact that I am worryingly a very minor part of this “distraction trade”.

 Worse still, as my regular readers will know, I was (until recently) front man of a quite successful tribute band to The Who. My first reaction to The Who’s involvement in the event was one a hypocrite. I literally felt like I had been “fooled again”! This initiated a “long night of the soul”, where I contemplated many aspects of my life and just how little I had perhaps “awakened”. I discussed this the following morning with a musical friend who (maybe a little unfairly) said that all musicians are ultimately “sell outs”. She did, however, sensibly remind me that I have a knack of taking these matters a little too seriously sometimes. I initially felt that by being even remotely dismissive and brushing such things under the carpet, totally undermines any efforts made on the part of those waking up to the reality of the world.

 Eventually, I got things into perspective, lightened up and realised that I had been a little hard on myself… especially when she reminded me that, as a musician, there are things I can do to redress the balance. So watch this space in that regard…

 Did The Who “sell out” in time for The London Closing Ceremony? Maybe they did such a thing long before… who can say. I will certainly be eyeing them with a little more caution from now on though. I am not na├»ve to the reality of the music biz, but it is unfair to tar all musicians with the same brush. There are many artists who have always maintained their integrity and avoided any “serious” level of “sell out” – a good example would be Bob Marley. This is not me making excuses for the profession… but it is in some cases true.

 I realise I have been absent from posting articles recently. Ironically, this has been caused by a heavy musical workload! I do have some projects close to completion that will hopefully mark the beginning of my using music in a more positive light. I will post this material fairly shortly. For now though: stay well and sane, be happy and try not to let the ball get too far out of sight!

Until next time.
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

4th Annual British Exopolitics Expo

 This weekend will be the 4th Annual British Exopolitics Expo at the Static Gallery in Liverpool. The event will be held over two days - 4th and 5th of August 2012. In previous years, the Exopolitics GB conferences have hosted some of the most informed and relevant researchers in Ufology and (by extension) the alternative research community. This year is certainly no exception. Unfortunately, my work commitments have got in the way of attending (yet again!), so I’m hoping that somebody out there will take the time to cover the conference in some form and (crucially) help to get the information to a wider audience. Exopolitics always has a good turn-out, but I believe that it deserves a much larger platform of recognition (this no fault on the part of the organisers - their promotional work is tireless). In my opinion, it is one of the best conferences on the map, so please try to attend if you can.

 Here is a list of the confirmed speakers (as of this week) and a brief synopsis of their presentations. The information may be subject to last minute changes, so please check in with the website:

Saturday 4th August, 2012

Andrew Johnson – “The Taboo of Disclosure”

In this presentation, Andrew Johnson will look at how the technology which caused the destruction of the WTC on 911 is central to the Disclosure process. The true nature of this secret, revealed by the research of Dr Judy Wood, is still “taboo” in much of the alternative research/disclosure community. We will look at why this issue is so important and how other researchers have either ignored, misrepresented or mischaracterised the significance of the available evidence – and possible reasons as to why they have done this. The evidence itself has vast implications for all of us – and the way it has been handled by the “Disclosure” movement also offers us important clues as to the agenda being followed by certain groups.


Mike Freebury - "Killers on the Moor

Mike will begin his talk with the events of 2000, when he became involved in researching a horrific and bizarre incident involving the deaths of fifteen Dartmoor ponies in 1977. Mike will give an overview of the case and will say why this case is so important. The Dartmoor ponies led to the investigation of the Dartmoor sheep attacks, which began in January 2005 and continued to 2008. In three years there were eighteen attacks and nearly seventy victims. Mike will review the evidence of this very important case and will give details of the all-night surveillances carried out by him and his colleague, Dave Gillham. Animal mutilation attacks, inter dimensional beings, UFOs, government cover up and phone hacking, this case has many factors to it.

In the part of the talk sub titled The Dead Sheep Scrolls, Mike will give the full details of his major Freedom of Information Act legal battle with the Police in order to obtain disclosure of vitally important crime scene images. He will describe how he eventually won a landmark judgement and its implications for him and other researchers. Finally, Mike will give his views on these two major cases and the possible implications for us all.

Joint Lecture:

David Cayton and Richard D Hall - "Bizarre U.K. Animal Mutilations & Mass unexplained Animal Disappearances Continue!"

After showing Richard D Hall's excellent introductory documentary "Silient Killers" the joint lecture by Richard D Hall and David Cayton will provide evidence and up to date information on the current situation involving animal mutilation cases in and around the UK.

Grant Cameron - "Consciousness and mathematics - the missing links?"

Pulling in evidence collected over his 37 years researching UFOs, Grant Cameron will show that consciousness is a key part of the UFO mystery, and that officials in the US government have known this almost from the beginning. Grant Cameron will show the patterns in the evolution of the UFO mystery and demonstrate that the forces behind the UFO phenomena are clearly in charge and that they are gradually disclosing their presence on Earth. Quoting key high ranking people such as Wilbert Smith, Dr. Eric Walker, General Wesley Clark, and Ben Rich - Grant explores key UFO events such as the Rendlesham Incident, the CIA 1959 psychic incident, and the Uri Geller Henry Kissinger encounter.

Sunday August 5th, 2012

Gary Heseltine - "The Rendlesham UFO Incident"

Gary Heseltine is a serving police officer with the British Transport Police. He created and runs the PRUFOS Police Database which collates UFO sightings reports by serving and retired Police Officers.

David Griffin - "Gotcha! - Previously Unknown Extra-terrestrial and Exopolitical Elements to the Falklands War with Argentina."

"Gotcha!" was an infamous headline and photograph in a British tabloid at the start of the 1982 conflict between Britain and Argentina. However in addition to the war footage that was played out for several months for the public - it appears a whole other dimension possibly triggered the initial invasion by the Argentinian forces and the response by Mrs Thatcher's government. In this novel presentation I will provide an in depth look at these so far un-acknowledged elements and detail the ramifications of this to the well-known "Marconi deaths" of British scientists. Why do several highly popular films of recent years refer to the alleged, highly-advanced ET technology that seems to be part of the core story discovered at the root of the conflict??

Natasha Acimovic - "The Hybrid Consciousness in the ET Encounter Narrative."

Natasha's lecture will look at how specific experiencers’ encounters with ETs create the sense of a fragmented identity and a dislocation from the human environment. How the dualistic view, often perceived as inherent within human consciousness, begins to dissolve and is replaced by a hybridised human and alien world view. How the middle ground of spoken and written forms of alien language may be preparing human consciousness for the hybrid enterprise, and a multi-dimensional way of perceiving the world. How the hybrid enterprise is represented is visual art forms and why dream encounters with ETs may prove to be more than just the individual unconscious processing of thoughts.

Alan Foster - "The Next Stage of Evolution"

With increasing evidence of Extra-terrestrial involvement in Human affairs, and growing recognition of unprecedented changes to the Planet’s Biosphere, the next question we need to ask is - how is this affecting our evolution as a species? Alan explores the evidence for this evolutionary step, and shows how Spiritual, Environmental and Cosmic events around the globe can guide Humanity through these profound changes.

Grant Cameron - "Disclosure: The Inside Story of How We Are Being Told the Greatest Story of All Times."
(There will be two presentations by Grant Cameron – one on each day of the conference.)

On June 23, 2012 35-year veteran of the CIA Chase Brandon went on national radio in the United States to tell the story of a box he found at CIA headquarters which confirmed to him that the 1947 UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico was indeed an extra-terrestrial event along with extra-terrestrial bodies. At the same time a shadowy figure of the 1980s named Falcon, who claimed he was representing a high level group in the government who wanted the UFO story disclosed, was recently revealed to be a high level CIA official. Was Brandon telling the truth? Was his public outing of the CIA on Roswell a signal that we are about to get disclosure? Was Falcon actually on a high level UFO disclosure mission?
Were these two men the only government leakers or is this part of a pattern of disclosure that has been going on since the dawn of the modern UFO era? Grant Cameron has been on the inside of both of these breaking UFO stories that have caught the attention of all UFO researchers worldwide. Whether you are a believer that disclosure is imminent or someone who believes that the government is telling the truth and knows nothing, this is a lecture you should not miss. This lecture will recount the many stories over many decades that show a pattern of gradual disclosure. You may not be convinced but be assured you will hear a lot of stories from the inside that you have never heard before.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wake Up This Is Your Alarm!

Thanks to Andrew Johnson for bringing this to our attention.
A great little tune by UK musician Charlie Pound about 9/11, entitled:
"Wake Up This Is Your Alarm!"
Reminds me a little of REM!

Hope you'll give it a listen.
The Truth Seeker's Guide.