Thursday, 2 August 2012

4th Annual British Exopolitics Expo

 This weekend will be the 4th Annual British Exopolitics Expo at the Static Gallery in Liverpool. The event will be held over two days - 4th and 5th of August 2012. In previous years, the Exopolitics GB conferences have hosted some of the most informed and relevant researchers in Ufology and (by extension) the alternative research community. This year is certainly no exception. Unfortunately, my work commitments have got in the way of attending (yet again!), so I’m hoping that somebody out there will take the time to cover the conference in some form and (crucially) help to get the information to a wider audience. Exopolitics always has a good turn-out, but I believe that it deserves a much larger platform of recognition (this no fault on the part of the organisers - their promotional work is tireless). In my opinion, it is one of the best conferences on the map, so please try to attend if you can.

 Here is a list of the confirmed speakers (as of this week) and a brief synopsis of their presentations. The information may be subject to last minute changes, so please check in with the website:

Saturday 4th August, 2012

Andrew Johnson – “The Taboo of Disclosure”

In this presentation, Andrew Johnson will look at how the technology which caused the destruction of the WTC on 911 is central to the Disclosure process. The true nature of this secret, revealed by the research of Dr Judy Wood, is still “taboo” in much of the alternative research/disclosure community. We will look at why this issue is so important and how other researchers have either ignored, misrepresented or mischaracterised the significance of the available evidence – and possible reasons as to why they have done this. The evidence itself has vast implications for all of us – and the way it has been handled by the “Disclosure” movement also offers us important clues as to the agenda being followed by certain groups.


Mike Freebury - "Killers on the Moor

Mike will begin his talk with the events of 2000, when he became involved in researching a horrific and bizarre incident involving the deaths of fifteen Dartmoor ponies in 1977. Mike will give an overview of the case and will say why this case is so important. The Dartmoor ponies led to the investigation of the Dartmoor sheep attacks, which began in January 2005 and continued to 2008. In three years there were eighteen attacks and nearly seventy victims. Mike will review the evidence of this very important case and will give details of the all-night surveillances carried out by him and his colleague, Dave Gillham. Animal mutilation attacks, inter dimensional beings, UFOs, government cover up and phone hacking, this case has many factors to it.

In the part of the talk sub titled The Dead Sheep Scrolls, Mike will give the full details of his major Freedom of Information Act legal battle with the Police in order to obtain disclosure of vitally important crime scene images. He will describe how he eventually won a landmark judgement and its implications for him and other researchers. Finally, Mike will give his views on these two major cases and the possible implications for us all.

Joint Lecture:

David Cayton and Richard D Hall - "Bizarre U.K. Animal Mutilations & Mass unexplained Animal Disappearances Continue!"

After showing Richard D Hall's excellent introductory documentary "Silient Killers" the joint lecture by Richard D Hall and David Cayton will provide evidence and up to date information on the current situation involving animal mutilation cases in and around the UK.

Grant Cameron - "Consciousness and mathematics - the missing links?"

Pulling in evidence collected over his 37 years researching UFOs, Grant Cameron will show that consciousness is a key part of the UFO mystery, and that officials in the US government have known this almost from the beginning. Grant Cameron will show the patterns in the evolution of the UFO mystery and demonstrate that the forces behind the UFO phenomena are clearly in charge and that they are gradually disclosing their presence on Earth. Quoting key high ranking people such as Wilbert Smith, Dr. Eric Walker, General Wesley Clark, and Ben Rich - Grant explores key UFO events such as the Rendlesham Incident, the CIA 1959 psychic incident, and the Uri Geller Henry Kissinger encounter.

Sunday August 5th, 2012

Gary Heseltine - "The Rendlesham UFO Incident"

Gary Heseltine is a serving police officer with the British Transport Police. He created and runs the PRUFOS Police Database which collates UFO sightings reports by serving and retired Police Officers.

David Griffin - "Gotcha! - Previously Unknown Extra-terrestrial and Exopolitical Elements to the Falklands War with Argentina."

"Gotcha!" was an infamous headline and photograph in a British tabloid at the start of the 1982 conflict between Britain and Argentina. However in addition to the war footage that was played out for several months for the public - it appears a whole other dimension possibly triggered the initial invasion by the Argentinian forces and the response by Mrs Thatcher's government. In this novel presentation I will provide an in depth look at these so far un-acknowledged elements and detail the ramifications of this to the well-known "Marconi deaths" of British scientists. Why do several highly popular films of recent years refer to the alleged, highly-advanced ET technology that seems to be part of the core story discovered at the root of the conflict??

Natasha Acimovic - "The Hybrid Consciousness in the ET Encounter Narrative."

Natasha's lecture will look at how specific experiencers’ encounters with ETs create the sense of a fragmented identity and a dislocation from the human environment. How the dualistic view, often perceived as inherent within human consciousness, begins to dissolve and is replaced by a hybridised human and alien world view. How the middle ground of spoken and written forms of alien language may be preparing human consciousness for the hybrid enterprise, and a multi-dimensional way of perceiving the world. How the hybrid enterprise is represented is visual art forms and why dream encounters with ETs may prove to be more than just the individual unconscious processing of thoughts.

Alan Foster - "The Next Stage of Evolution"

With increasing evidence of Extra-terrestrial involvement in Human affairs, and growing recognition of unprecedented changes to the Planet’s Biosphere, the next question we need to ask is - how is this affecting our evolution as a species? Alan explores the evidence for this evolutionary step, and shows how Spiritual, Environmental and Cosmic events around the globe can guide Humanity through these profound changes.

Grant Cameron - "Disclosure: The Inside Story of How We Are Being Told the Greatest Story of All Times."
(There will be two presentations by Grant Cameron – one on each day of the conference.)

On June 23, 2012 35-year veteran of the CIA Chase Brandon went on national radio in the United States to tell the story of a box he found at CIA headquarters which confirmed to him that the 1947 UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico was indeed an extra-terrestrial event along with extra-terrestrial bodies. At the same time a shadowy figure of the 1980s named Falcon, who claimed he was representing a high level group in the government who wanted the UFO story disclosed, was recently revealed to be a high level CIA official. Was Brandon telling the truth? Was his public outing of the CIA on Roswell a signal that we are about to get disclosure? Was Falcon actually on a high level UFO disclosure mission?
Were these two men the only government leakers or is this part of a pattern of disclosure that has been going on since the dawn of the modern UFO era? Grant Cameron has been on the inside of both of these breaking UFO stories that have caught the attention of all UFO researchers worldwide. Whether you are a believer that disclosure is imminent or someone who believes that the government is telling the truth and knows nothing, this is a lecture you should not miss. This lecture will recount the many stories over many decades that show a pattern of gradual disclosure. You may not be convinced but be assured you will hear a lot of stories from the inside that you have never heard before.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother, looks like it will be a fantastic few days of discussion, have a great time wish I was there.

In Lak'ech, brother Carl, searching for truth in a world of lies...

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Sadly, I'm not able to go because of work commitments, so I'm very envious of those attending.
I'm sure it'll be a great weekend though - plenty of legit researchers... thank goodness.
All the best.
Carl (The Guide)

Simon Baush said...

I do agree with most of what I've read on this great blog. But I can't help but doubt the legitimacy of these so called UFO experts. Most of them are basically ensuring that the alien agenda follows its 'convenient' path. The few men who dared to bring challenging information were William (Bill) Cooper and Philip Schneider. Why were they banned from speaking at UFO conferences and eventually murdered? Because they connected the dots between the alien agenda and the NWO. This is definetly NOT what will be discussed that the conference.

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

There are various agendas amongst the researchers in Ufology. You do wonder sometimes why certain folk meet untimely ends, etc. Whilst I don't support the views of all of the speakers at conferences like GB Exopolitics, some certainly deserve our attention.
I know that Richard D Hall has discussed the work of Bill Cooper extensively in his talks in the past and the connection between the alien & global agendas.
Both he and researchers like Andrew Johnson could NEVER be accused of taking a "convenient" path in their work.
I agree though that these important issues do need to be raised more frequently.
Many thanks for your thoughts.
All the best.
Carl (The 'Guide)

Simon Baush said...

I had never heard of the two speakers you mentioned and will definetly look into their work.

The amount of disinformation about the NWO far outweighs the facts. MI5-6 and CIA agents were planted nearly everywhere, making it more and more difficult to find reliable sources. Perhaps the most blatant agents I can think of right now are Alex Jones and David Icke. Both of which I used to follow a couple of years ago. I found a nice list (altough lousy in details) about possible disinfo agents. Hope that helps.