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Damning Documents - Blog Series

People always say, "Show Me The Money!". If you want insight into any aspects of a global agenda, the evidence is often right under your nose. It may not spell it out like Noddy's Guidebook, but when you combine insight and common sense, and read between the lines... it's there for all to see. It can't all be disinformation can it? Agenda 21, Northwoods, The Brookings Report, The MK Ultra files, The Tavistock Charter... the list goes on and on. I hope to cover many more over time, but for now, I have focused in on four particularly Damning (or controversial, depending on your point of view) Documents that are regularly cited as "smelling of a rat". Below are the links to my overviews and discussions of the four items. The documents themselves are easy to find on the web. So if you have the time, please also give them a read.

Remember though... Open minds, folks!
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Part 1 - PNAC: Rebuilding America's Defences
Part 2 - Report From Iron Mountain
Part 3 - Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
Part 4 - Global Governance 2025
Part 5 - Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Andrew Johnson & Dr Judy Wood @ Truth Juice, Birmingham

   On Tuesday evening, I attended an event in Birmingham organised by ’Truth Juice’. These folks are an ever growing group of truth enthusiasts who hold regular talks by noted researchers on a variety of subjects across numerous venues in the UK. I was looking forward to this particular event because it hosted a talk by Andrew Johnson, who was discussing his ongoing investigation into 9/11 and the possibility of the more unconventional means used to perpetrate the event.

   It would also be an interesting night for several other reasons. For the first time, I would be going with a truth ‘novice’! My friend had only recently become aware of the possibility that 9/11 was something other than the illusion perpetuated in the mainstream, after hearing me talk on the subject. Secondly, I would also get a nice surprise when I found out that Dr Judy Wood (author of the seminal investigative work, “Where Did The Towers Go?”) had attended, unannounced, and would also be doing a presentation.

   The fact that 2 experienced researchers were now effectively fitting the time slot of one, meant that the event became slightly rushed at times. I was a little disappointed as I had to go to work at midnight and this resulted in my missing the closing minutes of Andrew’s Q & A session with the audience. I was also looking forward to a lengthy talk by Andrew, which had to be compressed a little to account for time. This is not to detract from the event though! Despite the breakneck speed (I was scribbling notes like the clappers!), Andrew was still as thorough as ever and he apologised to the audience, about the speed on several occasions. It also allowed for Dr Wood to speak as well, which I was pleased about and would have been impossible, otherwise…

   For those who don’t know, the work of Andrew Johnson and Dr Judy Wood (in relation to 9/11) considers the very strong possibility that some form of directed (and ultimately, weaponised) Free Energy Technology was utilised to destroy the buildings in World Trade Centre Plaza on September 11, 2001.

   Dr Wood kicked off proceedings with an hour long talk about the evidence relating to the destruction of the towers, beginning with a focus on the millions of tons of debris (or lack thereof) that should have remained. The audience were shown footage of the dust patterns, the upward “lathering” effect, the ground fumes (which many call smoke from heat or fires) that were in the immediate vicinity of very wet vehicle tracks, the unburned paper and trees phenomenon, the “glowing Cheetos” (as she called them) that sat atop unburned paper and the strange ‘slicing’ effect that had totally removed parts of buildings and, yet, left the adjoining sections seemingly untouched. Dr Wood stated that the term ‘pile’, at Ground Zero, was misleading and should be, more appropriately, renamed “the leftovers”.

   Next came some interesting facts about the location of WTC Plaza: bedrock, located 70 feet below the water table. The area also has something called the “Bathtub Wall”, which prevents the flooding of New York. It is strange to note that on 9/11, the “Bathtub Wall” suffered insignificant damage; inconsistent with the level it should have sustained if buildings of this size had ‘collapsed’. It was also interesting to note that the tunnels under the Hudson remained dry after they had been pumped of excess water. Wouldn’t they have sustained, at least, some cracks and leaks?

   The focus then came on to the seismic readings on 9/11. Seismographs measure something called a P-Wave (which precedes the main shock wave) during most Earthquakes or events which would produce a readable tremor. The destruction of the towers apparently produced readings absent a P-Wave. The readings were also inconsistent with an event of that magnitude. WTC 7 only measured 0.6, WTC 1 was the equivalent of a 20 storey building collapse and WTC 2 was the equivalent of a 16 storey building. Dr Wood also presented some in depth analytical data showing that a building collapse of that size should have taken at least 31 seconds.

   At this point, proceedings were interrupted briefly by somebody smashing a glass at the back of the room! Somebody at the back complained that they couldn’t hear Dr Wood and accused her of mumbling when she turned to face the projector screen. Whilst I appreciate people wanting to hear clearly (the microphone system was unfortunately down, so both speakers had to manage without), I felt it was disrespectful to called Dr Wood a ‘mumbler’. I will come to this individual shortly.

   Things quickly settled and proceeded onto the subject of the infamous ‘scorched’ and ‘rusted’ cars. Dr Wood acknowledged the debate over the towing of cars to locations much farther away from Ground Zero. She said that whilst this may be the case for many vehicles, it is not the case for all of them. She also pointed out the missing door latches on several vehicles and the eyewitness accounts of cars along West Broadway, that seemed to suddenly and inexplicably “spontaneously combust”. She also looked at the “Rolled Up Carpet” effect, the buckling of the tower’s outer wall cladding that should have occurred, but didn’t and the twisting and buckling effect on many of the steel girders.

   Dr Wood then discussed the behaviour of Hurricane Erin (that was due to make landfall on the morning of 9/11) and it’s abrupt change of direction. We were presented with several pieces of weather report footage that totally omitted Hurricane Erin from the weather maps, audio of a CBS weather anchor saying that the weather was “as nice as can be” and a bizarre commentary from a news anchor (after 9/11) saying, “If only a hurricane had hit on 9/11! The attacks may never have happened!”.

   The final segment, the principles of ‘field effect’ and, specifically, The Hutchison Effect was analysed. I am no scientist, so some of this difficult to explain. However, Hutchison’s work is well documented on the internet and extensive overviews of the Effect can be studied on both Andrew Johnson and Dr Judy Wood’s websites. The links for which are in the left hand ‘Links’ column and at the end of this post.

   Dr Wood closed the talk with the rhetorical question: “where did the towers go?!”. Some bright spark at the back of the audience shouted, “China!”. Dr Wood wittily replied, “Yeah! The upper atmosphere of China!!”.

   Dr Wood did a one on one Q & A session to speed up proceedings, by allowing others to go and get another drink, go to the loo, have a cigarette (my vice!), etc. Whilst outside having a smoke and chatting to my novice friend, I overheard a couple talking about the chap who had made the ‘mumbling’ remark. They remarked that this was the same individual who, not only broke the glass, but also made the “China” witticism. Shortly after, said chap came outside, with what was presumably his partner and said, “I don’t know why I’m listening to this!”. She replied, “Well why don’t you go home and complain to yourself, while I stay here and listen!”. At least somebody in the relationship had an open mind…

   Next up, Andrew Johnson began his talk about the various aspects of the notion of “Cover Ups” and the specific relationship with 9/11. I got the impression (I apologise if I’m wrong, Andrew!) that Andrew had picked up on the odd voices of dissent in the audience. He said, (re: the subject at hand) “If you think we’re lying, all the information is there… you can even email me!”. He pointed to the various areas of research and where to look for it. This aspect of the attempts by certain individuals to debunk and discredit the Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and ‘No Planes’ research, was also a component of his presentation.

   Andrew Johnson pointed out a very important aspect of truth research and is something that I also try very hard to stay true to in my research: “Evidence is key before drawing conclusions”. Any such issues should be treated as akin to a “Forensic Investigation”. He pointed out the work of Dr Morgan Reynolds: far too much to discuss here so, please, investigate. Andrew launched into some mathematical equations for calculating the various aspects freefall time and speed, etc. Whoosh, over my head! Jotted them down and checked them out with a mathematician friend today. They are sound, by the way, but if you want to understand them more fully, please visit Andrew’s website or contact him.

   Following this was a fascinating dissection of the concept of the “Illusion Of Truth”. Perception is everything. He cited numerous examples throughout history, where perception is key. The Iraqi incubator babies incident was given as a very good example. The witness to this, who incidentally was cited endlessly in the MSN (and testified before the US Congress) as a simple nurse, turned out to be nothing of the kind and was in fact, the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US and who was part of the PR firm Hill & Knowlton.. Who were believed to have been hired to create a ploy as a pretext (or excuse) for the first war in Iraq.

   He also cited various examples such as The Project For The New American Century (“a new Pearl Harbour”) and Operation Northwoods, although he did raise some questions of validity regarding the Northwoods documents. Finally, this section covered the Zapruder film and inconsistencies between the locations of fatal wounds to JFK in the film and the wound locations in the autopsy photographs, suggesting that one or the other is fake. Andrew also highlighted the movements of eye witnesses (in the Zapruder film) which seem to defy the laws of physics. It would seem that there is a clear indication here, that the film has been tampered with (i.e.: re-edited). This prompted an “Oh My God!” and look of amazement from my novice friend. Result!

   Andrew then discussed the notion of the ‘No Planes’ perspective and the controversial debate regarding the use of ‘Holograms’. He looked at various pieces of footage of the ‘plane impacts’ and raised questions regarding the large ‘exit’ explosion… something that should have been confined to the ‘impact’ zone. It is strange that upon ‘impact’, the plane seems to disappear into the building completely, before any reaction or damage occurs. It does seem that there is almost certainly a delayed ‘fireball’ effect. There is also the issue of a plane which is substantially constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium… could this penetrate 3 inch steel girders, let alone the rest of the buildings?! He pointed out that many have said, “Well it was the speed of the plane… 500 mph is pretty fast”. However, he noted that 700ft above sea level, a plane can only travel, at most, 300 mph because the air is thicker. The plane would have literally shaken itself apart. Despite this, there were no bits of the plane breaking off before ‘impact’….
He also discussed the dispersal and damage pattern of fuselage sections and the landing gear, which don’t seem to match the damage that a plane (hitting these buildings in the way they did) would have sustained.

   Andrew played an audio section of a phone call between Michael Herzakhani (who captured key footage of the impact) and Canadian researcher Jeff Hill, where Hill asked Herzakhani to confirm that he shot the footage. “You have to call CNN”, he says. “They have all the rights to the video, I can’t even talk about it…sorry”.

   As time was against him, things sped up and I tried to make notes as quickly as possible. Further discussion included: Edna Cinton viewed in the hole… no heat or flames, contradictions in the Black Box story, No serial numbers of any plane parts at WTC have ever been published and the various eyewitness accounts: some hearing a plane but not seeing it and others, vice versa. It was interesting that 2 witnesses that stood right next to each, totally contradicted each other’s account of the second plane. He also posed the notion that maybe the numerous exercises taking place on 9/11 have been woven into (possibly the source of) the ‘official’ accounts of the events of 9/11.

   The talk then moved onto the apparent attempts by many 9/11 (and non 9/11) researchers to distance themselves from, discredit and even debunk the work of Dr Judy Wood, Andrew Johnson and anyone else who follows a similar line of investigation. Andrew explained how he was invited to be a member of 9/11 Scholars For Truth and that he did get involved for a while. He cited people like Steven Jones, who he assumed was a genuine individual. He felt it was of the utmost importance to educate people about 9/11, this being the original perspective of the cause. He eventually realised that a key component of the cause was also discerning the possible cause, but found that more and more, this seemed increasingly unimportant to some. Andrews says, “I was being used to put out disinformation. I trusted these people”.

   He now believes that the focus of the cause has become exclusively: Thermite, Thermate, Space Thermite, Nano Thermite, Paint on Thermite, etc., yet, “No one wants to analyse it for fear of exposing the flaws… (People are) being trained to think about this and this alone: Thermite”. He cited various individuals involved in the movement who once supported Dr Wood and now lambaste her work. He also referred to John Moffet who said about Dr Wood, “She is not a scientist, she is a crackpot… she does not follow the basic tenets of science”. This seems an unusual remark given that Dr Wood’s research is almost exclusively scientific in principle and she has more letters after her name than I’ve got fingers and toes!… That’s a slight exaggeration, of course!

   Andrew briefly discussed the Qui Tam cases, highlighting that NIST have been sued twice for fraud relating to Data Quality Act (DQA) and the issue of correcting fraudulent documentation. As was pointed out, NIST and contractors have had extensive involvement with Directed Energy Research and Development projects. Bit of a coincidence me thinks! Several other companies of note (of a similar nature) include Applied Research Associates, Boeing, Lockheed Martin (of which Norman Mineta was Vice President, prior to joining the Commerce Department) and SAIC. If you’re not in the know, please look into them. Andrew also pointed out the interesting inclusion of a plane in Architects and Engineers For 9/11 logo…

   The talk rounded off with a quote from Lenin: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”. Andrew made it clear that he didn’t want people to just believe him. “I want you to check the evidence. Think for yourself and use your initiative”. Wise words to anybody looking for the truth…

   My novice friend was disappointed that the latter end of the talk became centred around the attempts by some to debunk the DEW / No Planes perspective. As I explained, if somebody was continually discrediting your work in order to create a wholly inclusive perspective (that is incidentally difficult to prove), wouldn’t you want to expose it? My friend said “In an ideal world, the evidence I’ve seen tonight should speak for itself”. “Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world”, I said.

   This seemed to be reinforced in the closing Q and A. When asked about the ‘molten metal’, Andrew said, “we don’t know what it was”. Some donkey in the audience (I’m not as magnanimous as Andrew, sadly!) said, “it looks like Thermite to me!”. Andrew wisely replied, “It might be, it might not… we don’t know”. From my perspective, I believe that “The beginning of wisdom is… I don’t know”.

   Some have unfairly said that proponents of the DEW perspective are aggressive, rude and unwilling to listen. I’m beginning to think that is an apt description of those who oppose the DEW perspective. Both Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson were accommodating, polite and friendly to everybody that attended, even the nay-sayers. They really went out of their way to give the audience a thorough and thought provoking night.

   As an aside, I must stress that I don’t believe that the DEW debunkers are indicative of the entire Truth movement. In fact experience has shown me that the majority are often open to alternative perspectives. Sadly though, it is the minority that are influencing the movement and, as a result unfairly influencing some in the larger community.

   I must also thank those who organised the event, for making me welcome and for the tea and cakes! They did a great job and I really hope that Truth Juice is around for a long time to come.

I had a chance to natter with Andrew before his talk, about various, serious and amusing, aspects of our work. We chatted about Project Pegasus (of all things!) and he told me that I could become a life time member of Project Pegasus for only $100!!: 

He knows of my blog, that I would be covering it in this post and if he didn’t mind this. He said, “I know where you live so if you write anything bad, I’ll come round and kick your arse!”
I hope I’ve dodged the bullet!!
Till Next Time.
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.
(P.S. Andrew has read my post and said my
arse is safe - in fact he offered to send me a nice cushion to sit on!!)

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Monday, 17 October 2011

MSN - Part 2: "Occupy Together..."

   From the moment Gil Scott-Heron penned the classic  - “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, countless individuals have searched for the true meaning of his words. Since the advent of television, it is claimed that many a revolution has unfolded on the box, for all to see. The truth is that, really, all we see are varying amounts of people making a statement about something for a period of time. This is not to trivialise such matters… as I will explain.

   Context is everything. Why does a revolution happen? There can be a million reasons. Television shows us what it wants us to believe. It sometimes gives us the numbers, the cause, the purpose, the goals, etc, but where is the true context? In terms of television, the only way to know for sure, is if it was a revolution of one person and it came directly from his/her mouth. Even then they could be lying! In which case, you would never truly know what it was all about.

  Years after “The Revolution Will Not…” was written, Heron shed some light on it’s meaning. He said that, “modern revolutions take place in the mind”. This cuts to the heart of the role that the media (and specifically MSN - Mainstream News) plays whenever it goes anywhere near uprisings, protests and revolutions. MSN wants to control your mind - it’s as simple as that! The only time you will get close to understanding what is really unfolding during an uprising, is if it matches with their agenda and suits their purposes.

   The current “Occupy Wall Street” campaign has finally gone global and MSN does not have a clue what to do about it! It may have started as a protest against the”1%” that controls the world economies, but it has become (nothing short of) a mass social awakening. Beside the financial issues of unemployment, job losses, austerity measures, healthcare, pensions, student debt - that have been on display, there are also people taking about censorship, government corruption, oppression, slavery and imprisonment. There are anti-war campaigners, civil liberty groups, anti-nuclear groups, 9/11 truthers, anti-N.W.O. protesters… It is an amazing sight to see and it’s still growing in numbers.

   Naturally, many will not realise this. The MSN has it’s own varied takes on the matter and quite frankly, if it wasn’t such a serious matter, their coverage would be laughable. Several news outlets have ignored it as much as possible and when they couldn’t, their approach was typically dismissive. American MSN (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc) coverage centred on painting campaigners as “Hippies, Students and Antagonists” who “stunk of sweat and urine”, whilst “sitting around playing Peruvian Bongo drums”. One anchor said it was time that they “stop crying and leaching off hard working tax payers, so that you can hang out, like hippies, complaining on Wall Street”. Another said that the those involved were “nasty and ridiculous”. All this from the great minds behind a multi-billion dollar funded, social engineering, mind control Psyop. They certainly got bang for their buck! I personally find it utterly offensive and derogatory.

   In the UK, ITV and SKY have also avoided it where possible. They have bombarded us with 20 minute long stories about Wooten Bassett, the ‘tragedy’ that is the resignation of Liam Fox and (in the case of SKY) hours of coverage of the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor! On Saturday 15th October (the big day for the campaign), one outlet stated that the total number of campaigners in London numbered just over a hundred people. This was clearly a lie. Many reputable web sources can prove that the number was a LOT more.

   The BBC probably realised that not discussing it was damaging their credibility (as if they have any left!) and decided to give the protests SOME attention. However, within every report was the conviction that the movement was “disparate, with no real coherence”. They also showed (on what seemed like a loop) a alleged ‘campaigner’ who said, “When people lose faith, the only option is to riot!”. There’s that old BBC favourite again - Riot…

   Despite MSN’s attempts to underplay the significance of events, the scale of it is getting through. Both RT News and Press TV have devoted significant time in their schedule to show the numbers involved and report some of the lesser known occurrences. It seems that by weekend’s end the number of cities that played host to some form of protest, was over 1500. I have extensively sourced the locations and have put together a US and Europe map to give you an idea of the scale. It is by no means definitive though:

   This is doesn’t even include cities in the Middle East that have taken to the streets in solidarity. There has also been numerous cities in Australia, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Hong Kong, to name a few that have participated. A huge number of cities in Latin America have also taken part in the weekend’s campaign.

   RT News has also reported some interesting factors. In London, police have used the controversial “kettling techniques” on protesters. In Rome, police used tear gas and water cannons against them. There are also claims from several eye witnesses of ‘agent provocateurs’ in Rome. The strangest case occurred in New York when 20 people were arrested by police for attempting to withdraw their savings from Citibank! WHY?!

   The movement has suffered some criticism for appearing leaderless. I actually prefer it this way! Leaders are often nothing more than puppets of the hidden controllers. There is no way to be sure that any form of leadership that comes to fore, will not be usurped in the ‘usual’ way. This movement needs time to grow for it to be truly realised. It may be that the very thing that I often hope for: “conscious (not conscientious) objection and rejection of control”, can grow out of this. Who knows… When somebody does come to the plate, I hope they stay true to their convictions and the spirit of the movement. 

   Patience allows growth. When you leave your parents for the first time, it’s very tempting to run back for safety. We have the chance to outgrow our masters, whilst avoiding becoming them ourselves. I have strayed a little from MSN in this post. Despite being connected, the “Occupy” campaign is too important to ignore…

Till Next Time.
Namaste and Peace Out!
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

MSN - Part 1: "OFCOM axes Press TV in the UK"

   In preparing some articles about Media Censorship and Bias, I have heard some news today that I felt needed bringing to the top of the list. It easily serves a contextual footnote to my forthcoming posts and complements the ongoing “Media War Against The Mind”, that is now reaching alarming levels of obviousness. Maybe not obvious to everybody, but more and more people are doing a ‘double take’ in reaction to apparent contradictions, one-sidedness and, often, bare faced lies in ‘Mainstream News’ (MSN).

   The current news relates to the Iranian news broadcaster Press TV. All news outlets have an agenda of sorts, they only vary in degrees.  There is no such thing as an independent news media. Discretion is always the watchword. It’s pretty obvious (to me anyway) that certain US and UK outlets (who shall remain nameless) should be avoided where possible, for they serve little more purpose than an Agenda orchestrated Psyop. The only valuable reason to keep an eye on them, is to observe the mechanisms of the said Agenda.

   Others like Press TV have the agenda of serving their respective national interests, which often skews against Western (sometimes UK and American political, military and financial) interests. Press TV is obviously going to criticise the West and it’s supporters because it is Iranian.  In the same way I am VERY wary of Western MSM, I must also apply a level of caution with Press TV. Nation, cultural and religious bashing (to serve ones own goals) serves no real, good purpose in the grand scheme of things. And it is something that I simply don’t and won’t do in my truth seeking.

   That said, you can’t avoid the implications of certain stories that Press TV have brought to public attention. They have highlighted the extensive use of and resulting deaths from Unmanned US Drone strikes in dozens of countries across Africa and The Middle East. They have also given us an alternative perspectives of the public uprisings and crackdowns in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc, etc… a perspective that almost totally contradicts what the western MSN reports. The same applies to the ‘War’ in Libya, the recent UK ‘Riots’, the western attempts to move on Syria the “Occupy Wall Street” protests in the US and the global 'financial crisis'.

   Since spring this year, Press TV has been embroiled in a complaint made against them by the UK’s Office Of Communication (OFCOM) organisation: those responsible for regulating UK broadcasting standards and complaints. Without going into detail, OFCOM is worth having a look at… as with all broadcasting aspects, it is not unbiased.

For the purpose of referring to the allegations, I point you to an article from May on The Guardian’s UK website which refers to the case that has been made:

OFCOM commenced proceedings to remove Press TV’s UK broadcasting license. It seems this week that they have succeeded. Very shortly Press TV will be removed from it’s UK broadcasting platform and (with the exception of the internet, for now anyway…), will no longer be accessible in the UK. Press TV has been criticised by MSN and state officials alike, so it does seem coincidental that the ruling has coincided with the increased attempts to get a resolution on Iran and numerous calls from politicians and MSN that “it is time to deal with Iran”…

   I also find it extremely strange that within the same week, we hear about two Iranian plots: one to carry out a terrorist attack and one to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador.

In the context of this post, however, this issue is solely relating to concepts of media censorship and control of public opinion and perception. Why aren’t other well known MSNs being held to account by OFCOM for many of it’s practices? This is a rhetorical question, of course! Whether right or wrong, we need news from many perspectives. If we end up with TV news, all telling us exactly the same thing, how can we know we're getting the full story? The answer is: We won't though. Regardless of the case or Press TV's views, I find it disturbing that a large news outlet can be totally removed from sight. The implications in a so called 'free society' are very disturbing...

  I don’t believe I have stated anything controversial here. There are thousands of articles on the internet writing about this same piece of information. There is a huge story (with far reaching consequences) here to found, but I’m not going to be the one to spell it out to you. Get out there and research...

   As a disclaimer: I avoid 99% of all news on the TV like the plague. I get my news from the net and trust my better judgement! However, censorship being what it is, I’ve backed up all my posts ( just in case!) and if The Truth Seeker’s Guide disappears…  you’ll know why!!!
Censorship perhaps?!

Till Next Time (I hope!),
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Great Truism

   To paraphrase a well known saying, “the road to enlightenment is paved with varying intentions”. Whilst we on the road of truth and discovery sometimes lambaste those with a dark agenda, we are equally guilty of having ulterior motives. Granted, they may not be vicious, evil or manipulative… but we do have them. My intention here at The ‘Guide has always been to show those who may not grasp the full scope of the global agenda, a little evidence for the case. My hope is that this may spur them on to find some greater truths. I also hope that, through mass awareness, the people will recognise the systems that control them. Maybe if enough people can’t be fooled anymore, the agenda players will eventually find it impossible to proceed… and the mechanisms and goals will collapse under their own weight.

   This had led me to a degree of belief and faith!… something I once thought impossible. I’ve always believed that knowledge and awareness is enough to find the greater truths. This may have been tainted by my misunderstanding of the term ‘belief’. It is a word I generally associate with religious / spiritual concepts or scientific principles, given that both require a degree of faith. Both Science and Religion require an unwavering  faith in established principles. Both allow for reconfiguration if the circumstances change, but the belief always remains.

   The underlying principle is a degree of conformity to these beliefs and it is here that I struggle. Conformity has never been my strong point because not all principles of conformity are flawless. Religion rests on so few evidential facts… Science constantly changes the rules… How can we place our faith in so little. Faith is not blind, but it does suffer from tunnel vision!

   Despite all this, much of the world’s population subscribes to one, the other or both. This is the great contradiction. Religion, at it’s core, promotes the fellowship of mankind and helps to remind us that being good, kind and loving is a noble aspiration. Yet, the divisiveness of organised Religion has been the cause of more wars and bloodshed than anything else. In much the same way, Science has advanced us from the point where we would be doing little more than standing around scratching our heads. It has shown us that we are all part of the same cosmic tapestry. But have we learned those lessons?!… Not really. Science has created tools for nightmare scenarios and allowed for the bastardisation of all that is natural.

   This is the great contradiction. How can beliefs that are potentially so wonderful, be so cruel?
What is largely ignored, is the alternate path. Spiritual beliefs that exist away from organised religion can be tailored to accommodate and enhance our existence, without caging us. In much the same way, Fringe and Esoteric Science allows for the capacity to contemplate inconceivable notions… notions that allow us the imagine the impossible. Like organised Science and Religion, this path is also not without it’s flaws. It opens itself up to cranks and fly-by-night merchants who prey on those desperate for quick answers. But it is, free of dogmatism.

   The great truism of existence is that we all desperately need answers and aspire to meaning. Today, more than ever in history, people need to know that all the suffering and confusion was not in vain. This is where I get controversial… however remember that this is simply what I believe. I don’t wish to take anything away from others.

   The ‘true’ great truism is that the answers (mostly) are not there to be found… not anytime soon anyway. This doesn’t mean that we should give up though. For if we cant find out what life IS, we can definitely find out what it is NOT. Take truth seeking for example: I don’t know definitively what happened on 9/11 (the cause, the motive, the culprits, etc). But I DO know that it was not what they told me. I know something was covered up and until they can prove without a shadow of a doubt that it was not what the truth community (whichever belief you hold) believe… I will hold fast to mine. I personally don’t think they’ll manage it though!!

   Another case in point would be the UFO and Extra Terrestrial phenomenon. Whilst many UFO sightings could be attributed to natures abnormalities or top secret / experimental military aircraft, it simply doesn’t explain them all. With the abduction aspect, the nay-sayers point to sleep or psychological disorders. Yet, how does this explain multiple person abductions or people being taken in the presence of several other people? Also, it may sound trite, but it is so arrogant to assume that we are the only sentient life to occupy the universe… Or even our little corner of the galaxy. As before, I may not have the answers, but I know it’s not the answers I’m being told.

   A final thought would be the spirit phenomenon. Ghosts and paranormal activity are usually associated with the afterlife (and by extension, a divine or deified one). I have absolutely no proof of a divine hand in the creation or afterlife of humankind, or even the vaguest concept of what   occurs in the ‘great beyond’. The believer has no monopoly of proof here. I have, however, witnessed what could be called ‘ghosts’. I  cannot prove that it is confirmation of life after death, but I know for certain it wasn’t the hallucinations of a tired or maniacally delusional mind. As before, I only know what it was NOT.

   For some this would not be enough.  For others it can be. To coin a phrase, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”… Perhaps we were never meant to get even close to all the answers. The most important thing is recognising that there actually is more than we perceive around us. Whether you think it’s all an illusion of trickery and this ‘reality’ is a complete façade or you get just the faintest whiff of something being ‘not right’, you’re on the right track.

   The great truism is that, whatever it is or means, we are here for the duration. We can make our ‘existence’ much more than we ever dreamed if we want to. We’re all in the same boat and perhaps we should stop more often, look about us and remind ourselves of our commonality. We can make this ‘existence’ a whole lot better if we were just a little nicer to each other, show a bit more patience, tolerance and love. It doesn’t have to be like it is; we only buy into that because we are programmed on a daily basis. Turn off your TV, throw your newspaper in the bin and stop letting people control you. Show them a better path and if they don’t want to know, just walk away. It’s their loss, not yours.

   As for our perception of reality, you only have look at the true majesty of nature… a sunrise, the night sky. This sounds like a total cliché, but it’s pretty amazing when you stop and look. I’ve heard people say: a gilded cage is still a cage, but what you gonna do in the meantime… wait for it all to fall away, ready for the big reveal? What if it never does? What if this is all there is?
It’s a hell of a long time wasted on simply waiting!

Whatever your beliefs, faith and convictions,
Sceptics and Believers alike,
Peace and love to you all.

Till next time!
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Damning Documents - Part 4: Global Governance 2025

   Reading between the lines is sometimes the only way to get an idea of the bigger picture… the hidden agenda, as it were. Such is the case with the 2010 document: “Global Governance 2025: At A Critical Juncture” . This curiosity is the brain child of a collaboration between representatives of the US National Intelligence Council (NIC) and the European Union’s Institute For Security Studies (EUISS). The former is very important, not only because it falls under the  control of the US President, but also due to the direct connections it has with the National Security Council, the Homeland Security Council, the National Intelligence Program and numerous branches of the US intelligence community. The latter is also hugely influential in matters of European security, defence and intelligence.

   “Global Governance” also had extensive input from the Atlantic Council of the US (ACUS), The Trans-Atlantic Policy Network (TPN), The US State Department, The Committee On Foreign Relations of The European Parliament, The Centre on International Co-Operation (New York University), The World Economic Forum, PFC Energy  and contributions from 8 different multi-national organisations involved in international affairs, media, research, strategy and security studies. So “Global Governance” is no hoax document!

   Despite being largely unknown to many and almost totally ignored by mainstream media, the document is totally unclassified and easily downloadable from the internet. In fact, it has been estimated that there are over 5.5 million articles written on the net about “Global Governance”. So what is the significance of this opus?

   Upon initial reading, there appears little that is damning about the contents. However this impression is extremely misleading. The report represents one of the first ‘official’ partnerships between US and European institutions, although anybody who knows anything about the history of The Bilderberg Group (for example) knows that that a document like this is simply building upon what has been a long established collaboration… and a, just as long, established agenda for global affairs. Like many other “damning documents”, it also makes use of a complex system of forecasting (or creating) trends and future shocks.

   The report was created “to assess the framework and long term prospects of a global governance process”. It makes numerous references to an “international agenda” applied with “mutually agreed instruments”. However, it also goes out of it’s way to stress that it is not a proposal for ‘Global Government’, which the authors claim is a totally different and undesired outcome. What is being said here is technically true.

   For a long time, I have been frustrated with certain notions that The New World Order or Agenda is a plan for a single government, single authority, single currency, etc. and taken, by some, literally. I have always believed that the agenda is a multi-tentacled beast, with no obvious face and certainly not wielding such obvious and blunt weapons as a global ‘whatever’…

   In line with my belief, “Global Governance” seems to confirm this. With a universal agenda, it doesn’t matter how many faces there are, they’ll all be ultimately dancing to the same tune. The report states that “the main risk to be averted is the creation of different formats that mirror competing geopolitical conditions. Such a development would defeat much of the basic purpose”. It asserts that “a needed precondition is for all the stakeholders to trust the system, commit to collective action, and accept stronger perogatives of international institutions over their domestic governance”.

   Initial to the process are organisations such as the G8 and G20, The BRIC countries, the IEA, OPEC, the OECD, the IMF, the Federal Reserve, The World Bank, etc. Regarding the perceived idea of G20 currently being centred on economic matters, the report states: “as issues become challenging or crisis driven, common interests may expand beyond facilitating an economic recovery, requiring the G20 to expand it’s AGENDA further”. You don’t have to be labelled a “conspiracy theorist” to see this happening right now.

   Key also, is the involvement of NGOs (Non Government Organisations) and embracing “hybrid, public-private partnership (PPPs)… emerging as an important feature of global governance innovation”. Under the proposed ‘agenda’, it is interesting to see that the report notes: “There is institutional Darwinism and we will see the survival of the fittest institutions”.  The rhetorical question should be asked, who sets the standard of ‘the fittest’? Those dictating the agenda presumably…

   It also strangely refers to other institutions such as international business, big pharma, security agencies, the media and crisis management outfits like WHO and FEMA, as integral to the overall process. In relation to this, “Global Governance” hammers home this idea of ‘global threats’. Terrorism is obviously discussed, but also ‘Climate Change’, energy security, overpopulation and migration, dwindling resources, threats from biotechnology, infectious diseases and pandemics. This is where the report seems to have an epiphany of multiple “new pearl harbour” musings. An air of foreboding and fear is created in these discussions, however one conclusion is reached in relation to all these aspects: being able to control the outcome would ultimately advance the agenda.

   On the matter of terrorism, security and potential state conflicts, a “proactive management of state fragility” is proposed. Including “political intervention” and “the threat of or use of military force”. This one speaks for itself really. The Japanese participant in the report, tellingly reveals “the world will be a sad place if by 2025 we have not legalised quick military intervention for humanitarian causes in case of failing states. We will need a new legal system for sending quick military intervention squads”. Humanitarian my arse! It’s just an excuse for quick regime change in those regions that won’t capitulate to the agenda.

   Regarding ‘climate change’ (or more accurately, the myth of it), there is another example of seizing opportunities (engineered or otherwise): “a crisis such as an environmental catastrophe… could spark co-operation”. As for an event triggered by a bio weapon: “ a biological attack has a psychological impact that outstrips lethality, placing democratic governments under severe pressure to respond forcefully”. Is this a false flag event in the making?! Notice the emphasis on “psychological impact”…

   In relation to the health of the population, “Global Governance” praises the work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their work with the Global Alliance on Vaccines and Immunizations. Firstly, I wouldn’t touch Bill Gates with a barge pole and I trust vaccination programs even less. Never the less, the report does mention flu pandemics and emerging diseases on several occasions… and emphasises that prevention is paramount.

   The report also mentions that “rapidly falling costs will bring biotechnology within reach of the hacker community”. A remark presumably designed to point out that such advances can only be safe in the hands of the ‘agenda’ players. However, I don’t feel very safe when they make comments like: “future capabilities open the possibilities for designing humans with unique physical, emotional or cognitive abilities”. Sounds like The Borg to me!

   One thing that all “Damning Documents” have in common, is the crucial role that modern communications and media outlets will play in shaping the agenda.  “Widespread use of the internet - probably has been the most important vehicle spurring the expanded role of civil society groups and public opinion at large in ‘agenda setting’”. The report spells it out clearly with the following: “persuasion and legitimacy (require) as much attention as military, economic and political weight”.

   What gives “Global Governance” an edge in the ‘damning documents’ stakes, is the inclusion of several “fictionalised scenarios”. These take place between now and 2025 and are used to highlight the preferred outcome of a global agenda in the future. The scenarios are real oddities though, given that they include events such as food shortages, pandemics, economic breakdown, the rise of China as the dominant superpower, the threat of a nuclear conflict between the US and China and huge tidal waves that wipe out millions of people.

The significance of these doomsday scenarios remains unclear. Are they shock tactics leading us to conclude they can only be avoided if the agenda exists? Are they subtle warnings of false flag events to come? Who knows.

   What I have presented here is only a brief overview of a handful of the main “Damning Documents“ that relate to a global agenda for the future of mankind.. To really makes sense of any document that paints a suspicious picture, I suggest you seek them out and read them for yourself.

If nothing else, they confirm what we see around us everyday.
When presented with the facts, it becomes harder to dismiss these perceptions as the musings of paranoid nutters.
I could easily be called a nutter!
But I’m a nutter in the know!!
Knowledge is power.
Till Next Time…
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Un-Natural War - Blog Series

   As requested, here are the links to my June/July blog series entitled "The Un-Natural War", which covers some of the aspects of the unseen and man-made war against human beings. The blog series covers Chemtrails, HAARP, Exotic Weapons, Weather Modification, Fluoridation, Aspartame, Toxic Food, Vaccinations, Swine Flu, etc.


Part 1 - Chemtrails
Part 2 - Exotic Weapons
Part 3 - Toxic Goodness
Part 4 - Vaccinations

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Damning Documents - Part 3: Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

   When examining the numerous “Damning Documents” that indicate the presence of a planned global agenda,  the most hotly debated is the unusually named “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars”. For not only does the item itself convey a seemingly unconventional approach to it’s subject matter, it also has a (now infamous and ambiguous) origin story… something that I will discuss further on.

   “Silent Weapons” or SWFQW, purports to be  an “Operations Research Technical Manual” (TM-SW7905.1). It is dated as being produced in 1979 and is discussed by many as being part of a series of similar training manuals. Claims have been made that it is a CIA training manual issued to high level agents, though this remains unconfirmed. The document also states that the principles of the work evolved from the “Operations Research” (O.R.) developed through the strategic and tactical methodology of military management in England in WW2. This line of research is intrinsically connected to the work of The Tavistock Institute. What a lovely pedigree… if true!

   I will start with a brief overview of the document, so if you’re already familiar with it and want to read the rest of my post…   skip the next few paragraphs! The aim of SWFQW is to explain the processes that have been engaged upon an unwitting public in order to better distract and control said population. These processes include an advanced (for the time) system of economic engineering which incorporates varying and all pervasive degrees of social control. However, the system would be applied through a system of automation (with checks and balances), take advantage of the inherent psychological and emotional flaws in human nature (ultimately using our own nature against ourselves) and enhancing those aspects of our day to day lives that advance the “quiet war”.  The masses must absolutely not become aware of this self-proclaimed declaration of war. Therefore the approach would be need to be systemic and stealthy… hence the name: Silent Weapons.

   Unlike “Report From Iron Mountain“ (which only vaguely states the use of a complex system), SWFQW goes to great lengths to explain it’s included methodology and models. The declaration of a “quiet war” was made possible by advances in engineering, electronics, computing, simplex methods of linear programming, the transistor and the creation of the Maser (throughout the 1940s and 50s), combined with the Rockefeller funded: “Harvard Economic Research Project” and US Air Force involvement. SWFQW states that “the combination was irresistible”. It also states that the process was initiated at a meeting of the “International Elite” in 1954. Some have claimed that this was the first Bilderberg Group meeting, but remains difficult to verify.

   What makes SWFQW more unusual is the inclusion of mathematical equations and schematic diagrams to represent the processes. “These are used to apply values to human consumption, commodities, the ebb and flow of currency, etc, to establish a model for which predictions and  manipulation methods can be developed. Methods that would have a controlling effect on the people and benefit those controlling the economic system”.

    It also talks about the use of economic “shock testing” (based on the aviation model of measuring echoes or reflections of the recoil impulse in airframes), “paper inductance / inflation” (exchanging true value for inflated currency), “future shock”, “computer association of personal preferences” (via UPCs, bar codes, etc.), “identifying consumers” (initially via credit cards and ultimately through a “permanent tattooed body number invisible under ambient illumination”) and finally, “balancing the system” (via gradually “killing off the true creditors of this exchange” - the public).

   What has truly earned SWFQW it’s damning label, is the “ruthlessly candid” approach it takes… “with no agonizing over religious, moral or cultural values”.  It makes numerous references to the people as “beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent”, that a “world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals”, and that “low class elements… must be brought under control, i.e., must  be housebroken, trained and assigned a yoke and long-term social duties from a very early age”.

   The document also discusses the finer details of specific factors in the process. Monitoring all associations, relations, communication, loyalties, documentation, banking, assets, debts, claims, eating and drinking habits, fuel consumption, entertainment likes and dislikes, religious faiths, political tendencies,  hobbies, hospital records… in fact every aspect of our lives in relation to this continuing system. It also proposes creating controlled situations such as: the availability of opportunities and commodities, output of advertising, news and the media, emotional distraction and the disintegration of the family unit.The ultimate goal seems to be the creation of ignorance, preoccupation, conformity, apprehension, and isolation; and the removal of self identity, defence mechanisms, faith, knowledge, awareness and social cohesion.

   SWFQW’s opening passages make a claim of authenticity, based on the inside knowledge of several  (one retired) individuals employed by or connected to Military Intelligence. For a long time, the story of  it’s origins, placed it’s discovery in an old surplus IBM copy machine (in 1986) by a Boeing Aircraft employee. This story was never truly substantiated though.  Through inclusion in his various writings, some have laid claim of authorship at the feet of William Cooper (of “Behold A Pale Horse” fame), although he has fervently denied this. Another writer, Delamar Duverus (of the American Sunbeam), was also associated.

   It seemed for a while that the mystery had been put to bed, when one Hartford Van Dyke stepped up to the plate. However, this is where the story starts to be become, at worst, murky; at best, truly Twilight Zone! Maybe I have been negligent in my research or I‘ve simply overlooked some information, but I can’t seem to get a consistent profile of Hartford Van Dyke. He appears to be an enigmatic and factually elusive fellow, who’s story initially appears contradictory from source to source and finally seems to vanish off the face of the earth.

    From 2003 onwards, one Joan d’Arc (a writer for Paranoia Magazine) began researching Van Dyke in relation to SWFQW. This lead the publication of some letters written by Van Dyke (who was, at the time, involved in a legal dispute that led to a prison sentence), where he claimed to be the document’s author. He explained how his father had been involved in the true history of the “Pearl Harbour” incident. His father’s silence, regarding his knowledge of the incident, spurred Van Dyke Jr. down a ‘truth’ path.

   Van Dyke claimed that he came clean about SWFQW, after somebody voiced concerns regarding it becoming a source of disinformation. He mused on how, in the early days, he had distributed numerous copies to several individuals. One such person was a military officer at McChord Air Force Base, Washington. It has been debated that this may have been the source of the ‘IBM Copy Machine’ story.

   Van Dyke’s character and credibility has been coloured by much speculation. He has described himself as a "Non-Union Lawyer" and also as a "Commercial Lawyer", an exponent of the Commercial Lien Strategy of placing liens on law-breaking public officials on account of specific wrongdoing.  It seems that this may be the reason for his incarceration, although he has never been fully specific himself about this. One source claimed that the official federal courts website contained the details of his trial, although a thorough search shows nothing relating to him. It seems that around the mid 2000s, he was still in prison…corroborated by letters he wrote about a hunger strike he had partaken. Although unsupported, one individual claims he was still in prison in late 2008. Other than this, I can find nothing more concrete. Is he still in prison? What was the true nature of his crime? If anybody knows, feel free to comment.

   His crime may relate to allegations that have been levelled at him from other sources. One website claims he was allegedly convicted of "trying to pass $3 million in bogus currency that featured a photo of the Queen of England". Another site connects him with Roger Elvick, who some  credit as the founder of the “Redemption Process” or “Commercial Redemption”. These movements connect to the fraudulent nature of The Federal Reserve and aspects of the current legal and economic system, amongst other things. Others have associated Van Dyke with the “Freeman On The Land” movement. One, bizarrely, claims he is a proponent of The Theosophical Society! Those who have an interest in decrying Van Dyke’s claims seem to support him and vice versa. The whole thing is puzzling and for these reasons, I simply don’t know what to think about his claims of authorship.

   Regardless of ownership, some have questioned the authenticity of SWFQW through it’s use of terminology and language. Some say that it is clumsily written. Others say that a government or think tank document would not use terms such as: “ruling elite” and “pecking order”. There are also the references to UPCs, bar codes and credit cards… which some say didn’t exist at the time. If SWFQW was written in the late 1970s, then they were all in existence. Even if written earlier, there is evidence of these inventions from the 1950s onwards… even if only small scale applications or theoretical.

   There is also the question of the equations and diagrams. A few weeks ago I spent a huge amount of time contacting some trusted individuals who were either trained, educated or worked in the fields of electronics, mathematics, engineering, physics, etc. I also contacted some fellow truth researchers who had a similar background. Not everybody got back to me (fair enough, they’re busy people!), but a good few did (many thanks… you know who you are!). There were also a couple of other people that I’ve more recently got acquainted with and wanted to speak to on the matter, but time was against me! Not having a huge understanding of this area (I get the basics!), I wanted to pick the brains of some reliable and learned folk. I posed the question: (trying to ignore the nature and implications of “Silent Weapons”) Do the included equations and diagrams have a basis in fact?

   The almost unanimous conclusion was this: taken alone, the equations are difficult to dismiss. They do have a fundamental grounding in electronic, mathematical and scientific principles. They are not simply gibberish. Whoever conceived them, knew what they were doing. What did surprise me was: they all (even fellow researchers) did not want me to refer to them individually for fear of damaging their credibility. Maybe that was because of the context in which I’m writing… who knows, but I will respect their wishes.

   Lastly, there is the obvious factor. It’s not proof, but it makes you wonder. Above and beyond most damning documents, “Silent Weapons” shows an incredible amount of foresight regarding the times we now live. We have all become prisoners of a corrupt and corporate banking system that exists on the principles of usuary, paper currency with no intrinsic value. We have a system based on inflation and interest rates, that would not continue without debt, loans and bailouts. We may as well have a currency system based on the value of pin pong balls for all the good it would currently do us. More tellingly, few ordinary folk realise the scale of obfuscation regarding this monetary enslavement.

It is the quintessential ‘Silent Weapon’…

Furthermore, the degradation of our privacy, communities, emotional and psychological well being, independent media and culture is shockingly real. Even if “Silent Weapons” doesn’t exist as a bona fide “official” document, it still serves as a stark reality call regarding the world being pulled over our eyes today.

Next Up: Global Governance 2025
Till Next Time!
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