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The Un-Natural War - Part Two: Exotic Weapons

   There are some things that I don’t know anywhere near as much I’d like to! Some things are just too damn hard to get to grips with. Take for example: Particle Physics or Seismology… I have a very basic grasps of the principles, but I wish I understood so much more. One of the reasons I do, is when I write about subjects like the following. I wish I could understand the science and say: “that could be plausible” or “that’s just too far fetched”.

   The Un-Natural War (grammatical error intentional!) goes on all around us, everyday. Before I come to the provable aspects of a seemingly intentional attack on our natural world and the human masses that dwell in it, I want to expand on something that I began to discuss (in part one of this blog) regarding the theory of Chemtrails: The notion of “Nature Modification” and “Exotic Weapons”.

   I know, as do most people, that something has started to go badly wrong with regards the weather and the like. You don’t need to work for the MET Office or have invented a new Earthquake detection method, the eyes in your head will tell you that things are changing. Everybody you speak to (of all ages) says that the weather never used to be like it is now. The sceptics will say that we’re just more informed in this technological age or it’s simply Climate Change. Well, we Brits love to watch and talk about the weather! We above all others would know if something was amiss! As for the Climate Change issue (a buzz phrase created by Agenda P.R. man and merchandiser of ideas, Frank Luntz), there is now a lot of good research to suggest much of it is riddled with scientific inaccuracies. The leaked emails from East Anglia University are only the tip of that particular iceberg (no pun intended!).

The increase in earthquakes and tsunamis is troubling, in and of, itself. In studying the subject, I’ve come across the ‘High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program’ (HAARP), near Gakona, Alaska. This is an alleged C.I.A. funded experiment that fires powerful radio waves into the sky creating a patch of ‘artificial ionosphere’, mimicking the uppermost portion of Earth’s atmosphere. For over 2 decades, it has probed Earth’s magnetic field and ionosphere, creating lights in the sky that are similar to the Aurora Borealis. It is dismissed by many as harmless, however the project has managed to induce strange bullseye patterns in the night sky. Team leader Todd Pedersen once remarked (re: this phenomenon),”This is the really exciting part - we’ve made a little artificial piece of ionosphere”. Mike Kosch, chair of Experimental Space Science at Lancaster University, UK, said: “It shows something completely different and new that we hadn’t expected. We didn’t know we could do that from a radio array on the ground”. This shows that the project is capable of creating a basic form of nature modification and begs the question: Is this all it can do?

   It is claimed that there are many more of these research stations dotted around the world and despite not being be able to fully explain the science; I was interested to see that several people of note have pointed a more ominous finger at these projects.

   On 21st January, 2010, FOXNews (of all places!) ran a comment along it’s news tickertape from Venezuelan principle, Hugo Chavez. He stated that HAARP was an “Earthquake Weapon” and was responsible for the catastrophic quake in Haiti, killing over 200,000 innocent people! A Venezuelan news website subsequently claimed that a similar method had been used to trigger earlier quakes in Eureka, California and the 7.8 magnitude quake in China (which killed nearly 90,000 people in 2008).

   Even more bizarre is a video posted on Youtube showing an interview between investigator Benjamin Fulford and the former Japanese Finance Minister. The Minister claimed that the US had asked Japan to accept aid from the IMF. When this was refused, Japan was threatened with an "Earthquake Weapon"! The video has subsequently vanished from the net (some claim it can still be found, but I haven’t found it as of yet), but videos of Mr Fulford making this claim can still be found: YouTube - “Ex Japanese Finance Minister confirms USA have threatened with Earthquake weapon”. Sinister indeed!

   Further oddities add to this claim. In the weeks leading up to the Japanese Tsunami, thousands of people across the far eastern countries, filmed bizarre, “Auroral-like” light formations in the skies. Similar footage was filmed in the weeks leading up to the Boxing Day Tsunami, with researchers citing Indonesia’s unwillingness to open the Straits Of Malacca and join the international community in it’s fight against terrorism; as a possible reason for the following disaster.

   These accounts seem like the stuff of a Hollywood movie, however most people said the same thing about 9/11! Even that scenario has some very interesting questions that need answering. Many have pointed to the possible use of Energy Weapons to bring down WTC 1 and 2. I won’t say much about that here (I’ll be covering the whole gamut of 9/11 in the weeks leading up to the tenth anniversary), but if you want to understand more about this point of view, I would recommend Dr Judy Wood’s superior research source: “Where Did The Towers Go?”.

   The whole science behind “Exotic Weapons” is sometimes tough to get your head around. Not being very versed in this type of science, I don’t want to go about making claims that I might do an injustice to. There is some fascinating reading out there though. Please take the time to be open minded and give it a look. Some areas I might suggest are:

  • Scalar Beam Weapons - invented in 1904 by Nicola Tesla. There are some oddities surrounding his (alleged) death in 1943, with claims that he was sped off to the UK as a result of his sabotaging an ONR “invisibility” project. An entire boxcar full of his research was shipped off to Los Alomos for storage after his death. His work suggests the possibility of all kinds of unconventional weaponry having fallen into the hands of the military in several countries over the years. Scalar Weapons were allegedly tested off the east coast of the US in 1977.
  • Wilhelm Reich’s “Cloudbusting” experiments in Maine, USA in 1954. The idea of cloud seeding is a precursor to the idea of “Nature Modification”. Earlier this year, China was openly reported in the mainstream media as “Cloudbusting” in order to increase crop yields after droughts. If making rain is so easy, why is there still so much starvation through lack of crop growth? Is it also an explanation for the more bizarre flooding we see around the world? Example: Australia! There have been some very strange anomalies filmed in the skies above this continent, but I digress!
  • The C.I.A. weather modification project over Hue, Vietnam in 1963, Cuba in 1966 and $21 million rain-making project over Asia in 1967.
  • The ARPA (Advance Research Projects Agency) sponsored Walter Reed Army Institute in Washington DC. Set up in 1965 to study Electromagnetic Weapons. Also, subsequently, Pentagon’s “Project Pandora”.
  • Dr Andrija Puharich’s "Global Magnetic Warfare”, published in January 1978, chronicles Soviet and US research as well as Tesla aspects. He was a veteran of MKULTRA, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1978.
  • The Soviet ELF Grid at Woodpecker Facility. Functioning throughout the mid and late 1970s. It was claimed, in the January ‘78 issue of Specula Magazine that the effect of the Woodpecker signals could create standing waves in the Earth, create earthquakes at a distant point and severe atmospheric disturbances over a target area (i.e.: The Tesla Effect). See also: The Russian Super Magnet of 1977, allegedly purchased from the US for use in weather modification & connections between Woodpecker and Chernobyl Disaster.
  • 1988 Popular Science Article detailing US Super Magnets, each capable of 9 Teslas (180,00 times the strength of Earth’s Magnetic Field).
   There are also subtle references made to “Nature Modification” and the more nefarious agenda of population reduction in: “The Project For New American Century”, “Report From Iron Mountain”, “The Brookings Report” and “Silent Weapons For A Quiet War”.
Playing god is as much about us, as it is about our surroundings. That’s something I will look at in Part Three.

To Be Continued…

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