Thursday, 29 November 2012

Disney Darkside - Part Two

We know that there is truth to the concept of state sponsored, mind control experimentation. With enough time and research it cannot be disputed. Yet many alternative researchers will state with absolute certainty that Disney has a complex association with the recruitment and programming of mind control victims. Some will even say that Disney is total MK – with everything else merely a front. Whilst it is difficult to hold up the absolute proof of these claims, my gut tell tells me that there is a certain “whiff” to them. If it is ever proven to be the case, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised. However, for the purpose of these articles, I intent to retain a degree of caution… probably why you will encounter my liberal use of the word “alleged”!

The first time I came across any of these allegations was when I read Cathy O’Brien’s harrowing life story – “The Trance-formation of America”. Her account of ritual/sexual/occult based abuse and torture as part of her “Presidential model” mind control programming is disturbing enough. Yet within her story is a claim that many mind control victims have been conditioned within Disney associated locations, with further programme “triggers” caused by underlying imagery and archetypes seen in numerous, world famous Disney films.

In her book, she elaborates: “My Father…took us to see Walt Disney's Pinocchio, explaining that my brother and I were his puppets still in the carving stage. The distortions of reality that these and other Disney theme movies provided when coupled with my father's government trained conscious and subconscious controlling influence, began to further erode our ability to discern fantasy from reality.”

“During Christmas vacation, 1974, my father flew us all to Disney World by route of Tampa, Florida. Ignorant of geography, it did not occur to me that Tampa was out of the way to Disney World until my father drove the rented van to the gates of MacDill Air Force Base. Military personnel met me there and escorted me into the base TOP SECRET high tech mind-control conditioning facility for "behavioural modification" programming. This was the first in what became a routine series of mind-control testing and/or programming sessions on government installations that I would endure throughout my Project Monarch victimization.” She also says that at this point in her life “so far, I had only been to MacDill and Disney World for government/military programming.”

A Disney World, mind control facility…?

Further claims of this association are made within the accounts of another alleged mind control slave: Brice Taylor. In her book “Thanks for The Memories”, she says: “Walt (Disney) took me to an office… and told me that he was my real father. He said the Mickey Mouse Club was my real family--where I really belonged. Everyone was always telling me I belonged to a different family than my parents and I didn't understand, it was all very confusing. Walt Disney seemed nice but I wasn't with him very long. He called another man in and that man took me by the hand and led me away. This man was a very bad man and he really scared me. He took me into another room and gave me those view master box glasses to look into. He showed me pictures in them that were so scary that other parts of me had to come to see them. It was too much for a little girl to see. Dead things—cut up bodies, dead cats skinned with big eyeballs and their tails cut off, people cut up, etc... This event involved several of my personalities.”

Researchers of the mind control phenomenon have often spoken of this. Mary Lewis (LCSW) in “Awakening to the Realities of Mind Control” states, “Certain themes have surfaced throughout the years, which to this day continue to amaze me as I hear them over and over. The Disney Parks, MGM Studios, Disney Movies, Disney characters, and Disney songs have been used in conjunction with the programming. My understanding of this is that using such a familiar and popular theme assures that the program will be triggered easily. To anyone who is a Disney fan (and who is not), this is probably one of the hardest things to believe. However, sitting where I sit, hearing what I hear, and seeing what I see, I cannot refute this truth anymore.”

Ron Patton in his book: “Project Monarch…” writes, “Programming is updated periodically and reinforced through visual, auditory and written mediums. Some of the first programming themes included the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’, both heavily saturated with occult symbolism. Many of the recent Disney movies and cartoons are used in a two-fold manner: desensitizing the majority of the population, using subliminals and neurolinguistic programming, and deliberately constructing specific triggers and keys for base programming of highly-impressionable MONARCH children.”

And also in “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave” by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier: “This is why the Disney movies and the other shows are so important to the programmers. They are the perfect hypnotic tool to get the child’s mind to dissociate in the right direction. The programmers have been using movies since almost day one to help children learn the hypnotic scripts.”

One major aspect of Disney’s alleged involvement in this practice is The Mickey Mouse Club and the inherent “Mouseketeers” who have often gone on to become world renowned celebrities. According to Wikipedia: “The Mickey Mouse Club is an American variety television show that began in 1955, produced by Walt Disney Productions and televised by the ABC, featuring a regular but ever-changing cast of teenage performers. The Mickey Mouse Club was created by Walt Disney.”

Amongst those alleged to have been conditioned: Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake and Madonna - all with connections to Disney. We also often see bizarre situations unfolding with these “artists” in their personal lives. Many have gone through personality fracturing “breakdowns” resulting in periods of time in rehab and disturbing changes in their appearance. One of the most notable of these was when Britney Spears shaved all of her hair off. One witness, who was in the beauty shop at the time, described what Britney said as she was doing it: “She says she's tired of having things plugged into her and doesn't want anyone to touch her.” If you look at the “journey” of these “stars”, they often go through manufactured transformative phases anyway. The unplanned and downright strange ones are perhaps far more telling though.

It is argued by some that these “breakdowns” are nothing more than a manifestation of the stresses and strains that come with the lifestyle of a pop star. This may well be the case. However, they seem to happen with alarming regularity and under the most bizarre of circumstances. If this phenomenon is so pronounced, then why isn’t there a more effective mechanism within the industry to better safeguard against it?

Their “professional” image is also laced with clues to possible mind control aspects. You will often see motifs in their lyrics and music videos such as multiple versions of the artists (multiple personality disorder?), disjointed reality, self-harm, descent into mania and insanity, cracked mirrors (fractured alters), butterflies (metamorphosis), bird cages (entrapment), etc. There is often an abundance of masonic or occult related imagery, and regular nods to Disney such as the Mickey Mouse ‘ears’ or the Minnie Mouse ‘lips’. Their live performances often include strange occurrences. A good example is the symbolic “marriage” and three way kiss between Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Madonna.

On this subject, I must also mention Michael Jackson. There has been much speculation about Jackson’s possible programming. He had a lifelong obsession with Disney paraphernalia (particularly Peter Pan – embodied in his “Neverland” ranch) and is referenced as a mind control slave in Bryce Taylor’s accounts. There continues to be a large amount of speculation surrounding his death.

Associated imagery often permeates the music of even those who have a limited or non-apparent connection with Disney. For example, the collaboration between Lady Gaga and BeyoncĂ© has several nods to “The House of Mouse”. There are even claims made by various researchers that more disparate artists have a connection. One such example is Amy Winehouse. With the circumstances of her sudden death already a source of discussion amongst alternative researchers, is it possible that even she was in some way “conditioned” or “messed with”? She once infamously said in an interview with Jonathon Ross that “the industry” was trying to shape her “into a pyramid”…

Cathy O’Brien named several individuals in the country music scene as handlers and victims, some of these include Kris Kristofferson and Loretta Lynn (respectively). Somebody recently suggested to me that The Muppet Show was a platform for these handlers and victims! There is an obvious association between The Muppets and Disney and they did have a plethora of guests who may fall into this category. The two aforementioned country music stars both appeared on The Muppet Show, as well as the likes of Alice Cooper, Peter Sellers and Sylvester Stallone. Many of these guests have an alleged correlation with the mind control phenomenon. This claim could also be made of another Henson/Disney franchise: Sesame Street.

This phenomenon is obviously not exclusive to those who have trod the Disney path. There are countless cases where a specific actor or musician could be cited as a possible mind control victim. However, even if Disney aren’t responsible for the direct programming of all these other individuals, we should still consider the role that Disney triggers and archetypes may have played in such conditioning.

As I discussed in part one, Disney’s output disseminates widely throughout the cultural landscape. Exposure to this material is often all pervasive, making for easy access to such possible triggers. If it exists, then it should therefore be quite apparent. I will look at some possible examples in part three.

To be continued…

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Big Thank You!

Last night I gave my first full length talk at Truth Juice Birmingham. The presentation was a look at what really happened during The London Olympic Games. Despite the weather, there was a reasonably good amount of people in attendance. The talk seemed to go well (despite my first night jitters) and the crowd seemed to enjoy it.

I had the opportunity to make a few new friends and engage in some very interesting conversations with the audience members afterwards, including (I’m useless with names – I apologise!) the couple who talked to me about the deployment of nuclear weapons and ley-lines and the young lady who demonstrated the eerie connection between Saturn Worship and mobile phone keypad tones… very spooky!

It really is great to spend time with people who have an open mind and a much broader perspective on the world around us. Everybody was very friendly and welcoming - a credit to the cause of truth and shining example of humanity at it’s best.

I had a great night and I just wanted to say a big thank you to everybody who braved the weather, Andy and Claire for inviting me to speak, Suk for his expert technical wizardry and Andrew for getting me there and back (as well as all his continued support – I really appreciate it my friend!)

Hopefully I will be speaking again in the New Year. I will post the details here once it is arranged.

All the best!
Carl (The Truth Seeker’s Guide)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Disney Darkside - Part One

During the last week or so, I have been laid up as a result of a back injury. The reason for this mishap is rather embarrassing and (thankfully) unimportant to the subject of this article. What is relevant is the state it left me in! Incapacitated and doped up to the eyeballs with hospital strength painkillers, I was subject to the tender ministrations of my loved ones. As a result, I have been assaulted with their choice of mind rot – courtesy of the old “Hypnobox” in the corner of the room. Had it not been for the delirious effects caused by the drugs, I’m sure I would have found a way to crawl out the house on my hands and knees and into the path of oncoming traffic…

I have quite a unique perspective on Television and the general “cult of media” phenomenon – having witnessed both sides of the fence: firstly as a sponge, soaking up all that the entertainment industry had to offer and more recently as somebody quite well informed about media machinations and the subliminal, social engineering agenda of the medium. Even in my trippy state, I was still able to clearly recognise the inconsistencies and levels of “high strangeness” that are apparent in TV’s output. It is often with a sense of relief that I have now largely turned my back on this mind muddling conduit, yet I am still baffled that some people just don’t wish to see… even when directed to that which is obvious. Many will say, “How can there be such a carefully orchestrated mechanism with so many people involved?” It is easy really! Any superficial level of research will reveal the mega-corporate nature of the industry. Gone are the days of numerous varied and diverse companies and organisations within the entertainment/communication world, allowing us the option to choose alternative perspectives on the world around us. Most people who are employed by these power houses will rarely question the true intent of industry.

Take America, for example. You can count on one hand how many groups control the vast majority of the industry in the US. The reach of these behemoths doesn’t end there though. Their scope and influence is transnational… practically “global” in every sense of the word. One such example is The Disney Corporation.

At one time or another, Disney has had ownership of a dozen Hollywood outlets (including Touchstone Pictures and Miramax Films), numerous newspapers (including The Kansas City Star, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Wilkes Barre Times Leader and The Belleville News-Democrat), a dozen or so assorted publishing houses, a chain of Disneyland resorts, several record companies, roughly 50 TV stations/broadcasters (including ABC and ESPN) and 40-odd radio stations. They have also branched into other areas including: clothing, food, education, and mobile/internet based communication.

Disney has never been shy of franchise takeovers. The incorporation of Pixar and The Marvel Comic’s empire has recently been joined by The Star Wars franchise. There was an immediate media frenzy following the announcement of Star Wars: Episode 7. No doubt this future outing will include such Disney staples as “the lost child looking for their missing parent”, “the band of diverse, stalwart travellers”, “the final confrontation in the enemy’s lair, involving some display of dark magic”… actually, now I think about it, George Lucas already did that! Maybe Lucas wasn’t such a strong proponent of the so called “Hollywood Rebellion” after all…

In the world of alternative research, Disney is far more than just a vast money making empire with superficial undercurrents of perceptual engineering directed at the minds of impressionable youngsters. It is difficult to nail down the specific roots of these darker and altogether sinister claims. However if there is any truth to them, they deserve closer scrutiny. These allegations draw upon Disney’s association with the US Military / Industrial complex, the FBI, CIA, NSA, NASA, and so forth. As a result of endless personal accounts, there are even allegations of Disney’s   intricate role in a programme of state sponsored, trauma based mind control.

Some of the former claims can at least be solidly quantified. During the 1940s, The “House of Mouse” became a literal propaganda machine for the ruling structures of the US. “Shortly after the release of Dumbo in October 1941, the US entered World War II. The U.S. Army and Navy Bureau of Aeronautics contracted most of the Disney studio's facilities where the staff created training and instruction films for the military, home-front morale-boosting shorts such as “Der Fuehrer's Face” and the 1943 feature film “Victory through Air Power.” (Wikipedia)

This does seem rather odd considering that it has also been claimed that Walt Disney was sympathetic to certain Nazi doctrines. In the 1930s, he welcomed German filmmaker and Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl to Hollywood to promote her film Olympia. Even after news of Kristallnacht broke in November 1938, Disney did not cancel his invitation to Riefenstahl.

In 1941, the U.S. State Department sent Disney and a group of animators to South America as part of its “Good Neighbour” policy and was subsequently contracted by various arms of the US Government to produce a number of   “educational” and “informational” live action and animated films on their behalf, including a collaboration with NASA rocket designer Wernher von Braun: “Man in Space” and “Man and the Moon” in 1955, as well as “Mars and Beyond” in 1957.

“In 1947, Walt Disney testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), where he branded Herbert Sorrell, David Hilberman and William Pomerance, former animators and labour union organizers as Communist agitators. All three men denied the allegations and Sorrell went on to testify before the HUAC in 1946 when insufficient evidence was found to link him to the Communist Party. He also accused the Screen Cartoonists Guild of being a Communist front, and charged that the 1941 strike was part of an organized Communist effort to gain influence in Hollywood.” (Wikipedia) Disney himself was a founding member of the anti-communist group Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals.

The FBI files on Disney make for interesting reading. According to researcher Fritz Springmeier, “Just prior to W.W. II, the FBI recruited Walt Disney. His job was to spy on Hollywood or anything else that looked suspicious. Documents obtained from the Freedom of Information Act, in spite of heavy censoring, clearly show that Walt Disney became a paid Special Correspondent asset of the FBI. He reported to FBI agent E.E. Conroy. In 1954, Walt was promoted to Special Agent in Charge (SAC) which means others reported to him. After "leaving" the CIA, ex-DCI (ex-head) of the CIA William Hedgcock Webster became a lawyer for the Wash. D.C. based firm of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley and McCloy. In 1993, when news broke about Walt Disney’s FBI membership, ex-CIA head Webster worked with the Disney family to cover up to the public that Walt Disney was an FBI agent. Webster went on TV and had interviews to spread the fabrication that Walt was not connected to the FBI. Why?”
From several quarters, it is additionally suggested that Walt Disney even participated in classified CIA projects (including MK-ULTRA). There are also claims that he was a Freemason. Proof of these two aspects is a little sketchy though. Finally, it’s worth noting that he extensively travelled and spent time with Steven Rockefeller (yes, those Rockefellers!) and Dr Hadley Cantril. Cantril was an expert on perceptual psychology and human behaviour, but is also known to alternative researchers for his involvement with the Princeton Radio Research Project – funded by The Rockefellers and the modus operandi of the infamous “War of the Worlds” radio psy-op.

Given that Walt was the man at the top, it seems entirely plausible that certain beliefs and agendas (that perhaps encapsulate some of the aforementioned aspects) would have filtered their way into the output of the Disney franchise.

What is actually quite startling is the true nature of Walt Disney World. It seems that the Florida Governor at the time gave “Disney World” virtual self-determination and autocracy in every legal sense. The property in Florida was totally under Disney’s jurisdiction, they had their own laws, their own police force, their own hospitals, and their own tax rate. No outside authority would interfere with Disney’s jurisdiction. Walt Disney World became (for all intents and purposes) an independent state within a state. Security for the region is staggering. Walt Disney, Inc. teamed up with Los Alamos and Sandia Labs to develop body scans, branding and access codes for the visitors to Disney’s theme parks. This association with Los Alamos, etc. (combined with the bizarre stories relating to the huge labyrinthine network of tunnels underneath Disney World), ties into the countless stories of alleged trauma based, mind control programming of children in Disney resorts.

America’s Most Wanted has documented numerous cases of children being kidnapped at Disney Amusement Parks. “One mother, who got separated from her child when getting off a train, frantically, told a guard her child was missing. The guard took her to the monitor room, where they saw the kidnapper carrying the child out of the park with the boy slumped over his shoulder. In that short of a time, the kidnapper had drugged the child, cut his hair different, and put a different shirt on him. (This anecdote was mention in Inside the Mouse, pg. 52) This mother was one of the fortunate few who did manage to find their kidnapped children.” (Springmeier)
I have often found the whole concept of Disney (especially their resorts) to have a very “Stepford” / “Shiny Happy People” veneer to it. Interestingly (whilst having to endure mainstream TV, because of my injury), this was brought home to me when I caught an episode of the famous US sitcom “Roseanne”. The season 8 episode, “Springtime For David”, involves the son-in-law (David) getting a job at a theme park, staffed by eerie, hyperactive employees. The park is not Disneyworld, but it is curious that the episode immediately follows on from a run of episodes set in Disneyworld. There is a telling line when David says, “It says right on the brochure 'this is not a brainwashing camp'.” To which Roseanne replies, “Yeah and I put my correct weight on my driver's license!”

There is a lot more significance to this when you consider that Roseanne Barr has all but stated that she believes herself to be a trauma based mind control victim…

I will address this aspect of programmed celebrities and the alleged connections to Disney in part 2.

To be continued…

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Neil Sanders - Mind Control

I'm really pleased to announce that Neil Sanders finally has a website!

Neil holds an MA in Film Studies, studied Psychology and Media Production for his BA Honours and is a qualified hypnotherapist. He is considered an expert on the subject of mind control and has been studying the history of this dark art and its application by military and government intelligence agencies across the globe for many years. Neil has appeared on several television shows and made numerous radio appearances in Europe and the USA and is the author of "Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own" - Volumes One and Two.

The revelations regarding state sponsored mind control are hugely significant and need to be fully exposed. Neil really is a first rate researcher in this subject, so please check out his website:

Neil will be speaking at Truth Juice Birmingham (the week before me!) on Tuesday 20th November 2012. For more information, please visit the Truth Juice website.

He has also been interviewed recently by Ben Emlyn Jones on HPANWO Radio:

The Truth Seeker's Guide.

Dr Judy Wood - UK Presentations

Dr Judy Wood - author of "Where Did The Towers Go?", will be speaking at several venues across the UK over the next few weeks. For anybody who is unaware of her work, this will be unique opportunity to hear her talk about her extensive and exhaustive research into 9/11 - research which truly lifts the lid on what really did happen to The Twin Towers and has huge implications regarding Free Energy Technology.

Following her appearance (this weekend) at the Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) Conference in Holland, Dr Wood will be giving a number of presentations around the UK – in a packed schedule. She will be giving an updated/augmented presentation following on from the ones she gave in October 2011 in the UK. It is hoped that at least one of these will be filmed and made available online and/or in DVD format.

For full details of dates and venues, visit:
Or for further information contact or

The Truth Seeker's Guide.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Infinite Energy – But not for the Masses...

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to go Truth Juice Birmingham and listen to Andrew Johnson’s presentation “Infinite Energy – But not for the Masses”. Andrew always tackles his subject matters with enthusiasm and attention to detail, but this was a particularly fascinating talk. Analysis of the evidence shows how numerous individuals have developed cheap, clean and incredibly efficient methods of creating energy. These methods (if utilised correctly) could eliminate our current “dependency” on fossil fuels and nuclear power. So why aren’t we seeing technology based on Radiant Energy, Cold Fusion, Magnetic Motors and “vacuum energy” (for example) in wide scale use?
In the presentation, Andrew looked at:
•What do we mean by "Infinite Energy"/ "Free Energy"?
•What some people have said about free energy devices
•Tesla Reproductions-Palsness
•Wilhelm Reich
•Cold Fusion -- Dr Eugene Mallove and Steve Jones
•John Hutchison's experiments and Batteries
•Water Powered Vehicles
•Bedini Motors
•Magnetic Motor Reproduction (Howard Johnson)
•Bruce De Palma and the N-Machine
•Death of Inventors
•Dr Steven Greer and his "Energy Projects"
•Why we have not got widespread use of Free Energy
•Weaponisation of the technology

It is difficult not to draw the conclusion that a cover up is taking place (and has been for a long time.) Why are we being held prisoner to archaic technology and fuel sources that cost us a fortune in fuel bills? The revelations are staggering (as are the inherent implications) and raise serious questions about the ultimate motives behind the cover up.

I have placed the link to the videos of this presentation below. The videos were recorded in 2010, but it is the same talk that I discussed above. The sound quality is a little uneven to begin with, but improves after the first ten minutes. I hope you will take the time to watch.
All the best.
The Truth Seeker’s Guide

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