Monday, 30 April 2012

Happy 1st Birthday - The Truth Seeker's Guide

   How could I forget something as important as a birthday? Well I did! More importantly, it was the first birthday of something that changed my life in so many ways. Yesterday was the first anniversary of my humble little blog: “The Truth Seeker’s Guide”. As some of you may have noticed, my posts have been a little sparse of late. I’ve been so busy and much of this has ironically been thanks to “The ‘Guide”. I have a number of articles coming up on the subjects of TV, perception, social movements and The Olympics, so please bear with me.

   I thought it would it be a good opportunity to have a look back over my efforts here and take the time to thank so many people for their infinite generosity of spirit and support. My intention with “The ‘Guide” has always been to try and spread a little truth. I’m continuously beating myself up over the fact that I know far less than I wish I did. I’m amazed by the ways that people seem to accumulate information with apparent ease, something that often escapes me. I struggle with the routes of disinformation, agendas (within certain elements of the truth community) and evidential dead ends. Despite this, I’m learning now that it is not the destination, rather the journey that enlightens our way. My only hope is that if just one little piece of information (I include here) has the effect of causing somebody to say “bloody hell” or “I never knew that” and as a result kick starts some cognitive process in questioning a persons established perception if their existence, then it is a job well done.
   Reading my early blogs is a little cringe worthy at times. Thankfully my punctuation and grammar has improved over time… it’s been years since I’ve required the skill to any great degree! Also my own knowledge and perceptions have grown rapidly – something evidenced in my views on the mechanics of 9/11 for example. The wonderful thing is that I’ve realised I have so much more to learn and I know it’s a process that will forever be on-going.

   As a little corner to express my thoughts, I never imagined how many people would notice it’s presence. The real turning point came in August/September of last year whilst covering the tenth anniversary of 9/11 – specifically my analysis of the BBC Three “9/11 Conspiracy Road Trip” hit piece.
The article was a real boon, thanks mostly to the huge kindness of David Icke. The article was linked to and recommended on David's hugely successful website ( ) and, as a result, added several thousand web hits to the blog in the space of a couple of hours! It also increased my regular readership tenfold.

To this day I have no idea whether it was David himself (I emailed a thank you message to his site but received no response) or a fellow truther that recommended my article. Whoever it was though, I remain eternally in their debt and thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Subsequently, many of my articles have received greater exposure thanks to the support of others.  “The Un-Natural War” “Damning Documents”  & “Strange Tales From 9/11” blog series are good examples and still get numerous hits. To this day, my favourite article remains “The Kubrick Conspiracy” – rarely read and I could have written it in six parts but I loved doing it… I almost wrote Part 2 a few weeks ago! The funniest was not the content, rather the reaction. At Christmas I wrote “Merry Everybody!” which was a hit thanks to the seasonal search engine ‘Scroogle’ – a web source for miserable people… I had some strange visits over the holidays! The saddest and hardest thing I’ve ever had to write was “Tribute To A Tribute”, the day after my tribute band to The Who decided to amicably disband after 14 years.

The ‘Guide has brought me into contact with the larger research community as well. Although I tend to be very wary of groups and movements (because of shills, mis-directionists and those with an agenda), much of my experience has been really positive. As a result I have a number of unsung supporters (some who prefer to remain that way) who have yet to steer me wrong. The highlight was undoubtedly meeting Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson for the first time in Birmingham, especially when I realised I had come across kindred spirits.

   On the other hand, I also realised the wrath of a number of 9/11 Truthers after publishing my 9/11 Legacy blogs. What was originally 9 parts, eventually became 7 following a week of abuse, threats and numerous sudden technical problems with my blog itself. The 2 culprit blogs discussed eye witness accounts of the events at The Pentagon. Clearly something I said had whipped up a hornets nest and the days after I posted them were a real pain in the arse! In the space of six hours I received roughly 60-70 comments (thankfully requiring approval, so they didn’t get through!) that questioned my accuracy, sanity, hygiene, parentage, etc.! I also had a couple of threats of violence. I also found that I couldn’t log on to my blog or make changes. Whatever happened remains a mystery to me, although I do know that it all seemed to centre around those 2 articles and that several individuals were active in the 9/11 Truth movement. Ultimately I decided to remove the articles and found that the problems stopped almost immediately. I don’t like the idea of censoring myself for others, but it was becoming just too much hassle.

   I must stress that these folk are not reflective of the 9/11 community at large. Despite the varying viewpoints regarding the events of that day and the politics involved, I know that the vast majority of the ground level campaigners are reasonable people… as is the case with most people in the alternative / truth community. Most of the people I meet and greet are great people with good hearts and open minds.

   Never the less, my encounters (good and bad) have created some wonderful opportunities on the horizon for me. I have a number of truth related projects in the pipeline and ’m really looking forward to seeing where the next 12 months take me.

   I must give a huge thank you to the many researchers and web sources that have inspired and informed me. To those who I continually pester - yet continue to support me in return, those who remain unseen, those who visit regularly (even on the quieter days) and say hello, those who are just passing by accident. I know who you are and I never forget all your support. There’s no point in doing it, if not for you.

The short and long of it is that I really just wanted to say THANK YOU…
And Happy Birthday to my little truth baby!!!!

Until next time.
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

UK Dates 2012 - Andrew Johnson / Richard D Hall

Both Andrew Johnson ( & Richard D Hall ( will be holding events in the UK over the next month or so. Both are extremely interesting and thoroughly informed truth researchers (on a variety of subjects) and well worth taking the time to attend. You won’t be disappointed!

Andrew Johnson has two upcoming dates (for full details visit:

“UFO Disclosure and YOU!”  - An Audio/Video Presentation by Andrew Johnson

Date / Times: Thursday, 03 May 2012, 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: The Lugger Inn Hotel, Marine Terrace, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4DL

For over 65 years, we have heard stories in the news about “flying saucers”, aliens and “UFOs”. Some people still dismiss the whole subject as “nonsense”, while millions have had sightings and thousands have had incredible experiences. Over the last 30 years, many former military, government and other officials have come forward to disclose what they know. A study of the compelling evidence they present proves there is a cover up – but what is being covered up? What is truly known? What are the implications of the cover up?
This presentation by Andrew Johnson will look at a number of strands of a complicated subject, which mainstream media has seemingly given increased exposure to over the last few years. While this presentation does not “have all the answers”, it will attempt to dispel the idea that “we will never know the truth”. The truth that you can know is of vast importance – and affects every single aspect of our lives…

“The Earth - But Not As We Know It”

Date / Times: Monday, 21 May 2012, 7:00pm - 11:00pm (Open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments - 8.00 PM start)
Location: New Horizons St Annes, St Annes Community Centre (next to YMCA), St Albans Road, St. Annes, FY8 1UZ
Admission: £3 Including Light Refreshments
Contact: James Stewart

In this presentation we will examine the evidence that lead some to conclude the earth is hollow. What can we learn from various geological and geo-science anomalies? Is there a possibility that our world is hollow? We will look at some scientific evidence and we will also look at some of the incredible accounts from people such as Olaf Jansen and others. Did Admiral Richard Byrd find “another land” on his polar expeditions? Did either of them find “Giants in the Earth?”
Others such as Neal Adams have also studied quite obvious anomalies which seem to prove that the earth has expanded in the past and is still growing, slowly, in size today. What can this teach us about the physical nature of the planet we all live on. Has Mainstream Science “cheated on us” again?
We will try to navigate between the channels of disinformation and find the truth – on a journey through time and inner space.
Andrew’s information packed web site can be found at Always fact based, always very detailed and very informative. Great stuff.

Richard D Hall’s 2012 UK Tour:
Richard D. Hall presents one of the most controversial shows on television. Looking into hidden truths behind subjects which mainstream media are either too lazy or too corrupt to cover. The TV show airs weekly on Sky Channel 201, Fridays at 8:00pm. Richard is not afraid to “say it how it is”, by using intelligence and an engineer’s critical thinking along with a sledgehammer sense of humour he exposes the massive lies we are being drip fed in our tightly controlled mainstream news and media. The TV show has gained in popularity since it launched in April 2010, and in this 2012 speaking tour Richard will cover many of the subjects discussed on the show such as terrorism (or fake terrorism), 9/11, the UFO phenomenon, animal mutilation, intelligence agencies, hidden knowledge along with some surprises. More details about Richard’s work can be found at .

Ticket price is £10, (plus 90p to cover 5% PayPal charge and postage to send your tickets out). Some of the venues are selling tickets at their box offices for £10. The profit made from this tour supports the production of the Richplanet TV television shows. If you want to support the TV show and keep it going, you are helping by coming to one of these talks (and hopefully have an enjoyable evening as well). NOTE: After you purchase your ticket online, your ticket(s) will be posted to you within 5 days. Most of these events start at 7.30pm with doors open at 6pm. Instructions are given on the tickets.
Dates & Venues:

  • Thursday 17 May, Edinburgh - The Minto Hotel, 16-18 Minto Street, Edinburgh, EH9 1RQ
  • Friday 18 May, Kilmarnock - The Hunting Lodge, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, KA1 4AH
  • Saturday 19 May, Liverpool - The Adelphi Hotel (Formby Suite), Ranelagh Place, L3 5UL
  • Monday 21 May, Barnsley - Academy Theatre, Take2 Centre, Birdwell, Barnsley, S70 5TU
  • Tuesday 22 May, Telford - Oakengates Theatre, The Place Limes Walk, Oakengates, Telford, TF2 6EP
  • Wednesday 23 May, Exeter - Barnfield Theatre, Barnfield Road, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1SN
  • Thursday 24 May, Cardiff - Gate Art Centre, Keppoch Street, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3JW
  • Friday 25 May, Maidstone - Mote Hall, Mote Park, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 7RN
  • Sun 27 May, London - Cecil Hepworth Playhouse, (formerly Walton Playhouse) Hurst Grove, KT12 1AU
  • Tues 29 May, Cambridge - Mumford Theatre, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT
  • Wed 30 May, Newcastle - Peoples Theatre, Stephenson Rd, Newcastle, Tyne And Wear, NE6 5QF
  • Thursday 31 May, Norwich - Puppet Theatre, St James Whitefriars, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1TN
  • Saturday 2 June, Dublin - The Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin, Ireland

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mind Control At 35,000 Feet?!

   With all the recent talk, in the alternative community, regarding false flag operations, predictive programming, psyops and speculation about Manchurian candidate type individuals, I couldn’t help but be fascinated by last week’s story involving the JetBlue Captain Clayton Osbon who decided to go a little loopy mid-flight. I decided to do a little looking into this and ended up encountering some interesting perspectives. Before I continue, I must make it clear that I am merely presenting research and theories that have been gathered by my fellow Truth Seekers. For my own part, I remain cautiously open-minded. It is up to you to decide what you really think…

   The story goes that Flight 191 left New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport at 7:28 a.m., heading for Las Vegas. Osbon was locked out of the cockpit cabin (by the co-pilot) after displaying some “erratic” behaviour. He was witnessed having an agitated conversation with one of the crew, after which he returned to the cockpit. Upon realising that he had been locked out, he began acting manically and shouting incomprehensibly. Numerous passengers and flight crew quickly wrestled him to the deck until the plane could land. According to JetBlue, "At roughly 10 a.m. CT/11 a.m. ET, the pilot in command elected to divert to Amarillo, Texas, for a medical situation involving the captain”. The plane landed soon after.

   The account of these events has become a little confused, thanks largely to the way in which the mainstream media seems to have seized the narrative in an attempt to suit the usual machinations of the global agenda (i.e.: “terrorism”, sabre rattling about several countries, 9/11, etc.). In interviews with the eye-witnesses, the media has placed emphasis on specific things that Osbon shouted, including: Iraq, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan, bombs and Al-Qaeda.  Other eyewitness sound bites include passengers believing that they were witnessing “another Flight 93” (9/11). This is an obvious tactic on the media’s part, given their obsession with keeping the perception of “terrorism” in the public eye.

   There seems to be more to the narrative than meets the eye though. Firstly, passenger filmed footage has been sporadic. Despite the existing footage showing that almost everybody was using some sort of handheld device to document the situation, what has appeared in the news and on the internet seems to cover a short time span. Granted, these situations can develop very rapidly, however the existing footage seems to be variations of the same few moments. It is also interesting to note that in one video, the stewardess asks people not to film the developments. She is clearly heard telling people to stop filming and says, “We don't need pictures of this.”

   The extended account of Clayton Osbon’s actions and word certainly paint a bizarre situation.  Whilst in the cockpit, it is claimed he talked about his church, needing to "focus”, then asked the first officer to take over the controls and the radio. Osbon said, "Things just don't matter," talked about sins in Las Vegas, and at one point said, "We're not going to Vegas." He then "began acting erratically, flipping switches in the cockpit and appearing confused." (ABC News)

   Amongst the various witness statements are claims that he was "foaming at the mouth", that he suddenly just went berserk and that he displayed the behaviour of a crazy / deranged person. He was seen running up and down the aisle screaming, "Say your prayers!" (New York Post), he shouted "Oh my God, I'm so distraught!..  We've got Israel, we've got Iraq, we've got Israel, we've got Iraq! We've got to get down!" and "Pray f***ing now for Jesus Christ".
   It is also claimed that he mumbled something about “September 11” and is alleged to have said “They’re going to take us out!” According to one eye witness, he was heard saying that “we need to take a leap of faith” and giving what sounded like “a sermon”. There are also claims that he attempted to open an exit door at one point… whilst mid-flight!

   Numerous researchers have begun to ask questions about the event, especially given how ‘normal’ Clayton Osbon appeared to be. He seems to have a very grounded personality and home life. All those that know him are shocked by the events. He was featured in a 2011 article entitled “Richmond Hill Reflections : Guys in the Sky”, also showing him as a stable and down to earth guy.

   The issues raised amongst the alternative media about this event, do seem to pose some curious questions. There is the fact that the plane had been in the air for quite some time before Osbon began to act strangely… at least an hour (possibly two). What triggered his actions? Why the delayed effect? One or two folk have suggested that he was exposed to a neuro-toxin at some point, however this remains speculative only.

    There is also the similarity with the story from early March, when a flight attendant aboard an American Airlines flight (set to take off from Dallas to Chicago) got on the PA system and began ranting about how the plane was going to crash and about the company's financial troubles. This was reported in both The Chicago Tribune and Dallas Morning News. She also had to be subdued by crew and passengers. According to one passenger (in an email to a friend), "the flight attendant went crazy, screaming about 9/11 and crashing. Six men held her down."

   With regard to the Clayton Osbon incident, there is also the coincidence of a flight heading to a security conference in Vegas. Many of the passengers were bound for this conference and had various connections with security companies (which in turn had connections with defence contracts, etc.). How fortuitous then, that these same chaps were in the right place, at the right time to help “subdue” Osbon. It’s also fortunate that there happened to be an off-duty pilot on board to help the co-pilot land the plane… but maybe too much has been read into that!

   What has fuelled further speculation, is the extensively documented involvement of defence and intelligence agencies in research and testing of various ways to affect the behaviour of individuals. Texas (where the plane was re-routed) is alleged to be a hotbed of programming centres. It is claimed that the Air Force has run a Texas facility called TRIMS, which has exhibition rooms for slaves and has been used for mind-control programming. It is also alleged that NSA “human sources” of intelligence are often “mind controlled”. Call it what you will: Psychological Operations, Mind Control, Psychotronics, Brainwashing… 

    Many have speculated about the involvement of such measures in everything from the Jonestown Massacres, Surhan Surhan, Mark Chapman, the Columbine shootings and recently Jason “Kony” Russell. Are we witnessing the introduction of such means to instigate false flag terrorism, designed to speed up Problem – Reaction – Solution scenarios? If this is the case, then what went wrong with Clayton Osbon? If this was an engineered event, was it designed to fail? We may never know for sure and as always, these events end up dwelling in the realms of simple speculation.

It is sad to think how people will ultimately judge Clayton Osbon. He was held by the FBI on “medical” grounds… make of that what you will. His wife, Connye Osbon, has said she did not "have a clue" what had happened aboard the plane, in comments to ABC News. She has also firmly stated, "There are several different sides to every story. Just keep that in mind."
Never a truer word spoken.

Till Next Time!
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.