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The Kubrick Conspiracy

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Un-Natural War - Part Four: Vaccinations

   There is an extremely well documented, several hundred year timeline of oddities concerning vaccinations, that SHOULD serve as a warning from history. Despite the accounts and records, it largely goes untold to / ignored by the public. There are countless stories of  vaccination testing and programs being carried out without consent. There are horrendous tales of debilitating side effects and deaths. Accounts of treatments that have had limited or no clinical trials, and when they have, the results of such trials have been falsified or not published. Vaccination components which are toxic to humans and animals…

   Despite all this, mainstream science continues to push for vaccination against a variety of maladies (starting at a young age) and continue to insist that there are little or no health concerns resulting from treatment. History tells us another story though. As early as 1496, Syphilis, in Europe and the Middle East was treated with Mercury compounds, based on an Arabic solution to skin diseases. With regard to inoculation, Denmark began treating Smallpox in 1673, France in 1712 and the UK in 1717. A Clergyman, Cotton Mather, began smallpox vaccination in the US, by smearing diseased puss into scratches of healthy people.

   From 1790, Edward Jenner (credited as the father of the vaccination concept) began horrendous tests on children (including his own son), these tests usually resulted in inducing disease and usually death. Despite his vast recognition from history, Jenner was a fraud who purchased his medical degree in 1790, from St Andrews University for £15. His research, funded by government, recorded that vaccination caused more deaths than saving lives. This conclusion was suppressed from public knowledge. In 1853, and the onset of hypodermic, subcutaneous injection, vaccination took off. The UK Vaccination Act of 1867 saw the introduction of a school of thought that, babies should be inoculated against Smallpox in the first 90 days of their life. Fines and harsh penalties were introduced to punish mothers that refused. 
    Subsequent vaccination programs began to show some worrying discoveries. Between 1871 & 1874, there were 7,706 reported cases of Smallpox in Birmingham, England. Of these cases, 6,795 had been previously vaccinated. In the same year in Germany, vaccination was compulsory. Here there were 30,472 reported cases of which 29,429 had been previously vaccinated.
   With the development of medical practices (or maybe patterns being noticed!), things began to change slightly. The 1907 UK Vaccination Act allowed statutory objection from parents before a child was four months old and in 1927, a committee was appointed to investigate vaccinations causing the onset of “sleepy sickness” . It did, however, take the government five years to respond, as professors had noticed the phenomenon in 1922 (that’s still quicker than today’s government enquiries!!). Despite “rapid progress”, research was still showing complications were arising from vaccines.
   Researcher Thorvald Madsen had linked Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccines to a rise in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  In 1938, 58 UK physicians rebelled against compulsory immunization claiming it unnecessary and citing the disappearance of Diptheria in Sweden (a country without vaccination) as an example and in 1944, Dr. S. S. Goldwater (New York Commissioner of Hospitals) stated “as a result of the drugs, vaccines and other suppressive treatments used to check diseases, chronic diseases are growing at such a rate that America may become a nation of invalids.”
   With the case growing, it seems almost unbelievable that governments across the world, were continuing their programs and testing unabated. By the 1940’s & 50’s, many countries had compulsory programs of immunization. Pharmaceutical  companies began making huge profits and subsequently the connections between Pharma, Industry, Military and Government became intertwined. Manufacturers began adding Mercury preservatives to increase the shelf life of vaccines, causing numerous infant neurological injuries and deaths. The practise was exposed in March 2002, in the Counter Vs. Eli Lilly & Company lawsuit, when it was revealed that mercury based product thimerosal, was introduced to vaccines in 1930!
   Shock, horror; the practise still persists today and has become a part of the case against compulsory vaccination and vaccines in general. Attention has recently been drawn to Adjuvants like Squalene (MF-59) which are contained within vaccinations (designed to stimulate immune system response) and poisonous components like Mercury and Formaldehyde, and their inflammatory side-effects. It is claimed that many animals injected with Squalene developed painful, incurable auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus.

    Mainstream science staunchly believes that Squalene is a natural chemical which no adverse effects. Despite this, there are now no laws in the US allowing Adjuvants in vaccinations. Indeed, the U.S. National Library of Medicine has listed MF-59 as “being too dangerous for human use”  for some time. In 2009, the European Union designated Squalene as a “bio-weapon”. Swine Flu vaccinations contained adjuvants (including Squalene) and have been in mass use since 2009. The US carried out a mass Swine Flu vaccination program despite adjuvants being banned. Authorities were able to side-step the law because vaccines were produced in countries outside the US.
    Additional criticism has been levelled at Squalene, due to unsanctioned and unlicensed use on soldiers in the first Gulf War in the 1990’s. In 2005, the military admitted that 1,200 military personnel who received anthrax vaccine (amongst a cocktail of other inoculations) before going to Iraq recently developed serious illnesses, including memory loss and chronic fatigue. The reaction to the vaccines is comparable to the infamous “Gulf War Syndrome” and is quite possibly one and the same thing.  It is claimed that during the Bush administration (and more recently), funding was made available for development of new vaccines for flu, malaria, HIV and herpes which include Squalene. Research was also carried out in “bio-warfare” vaccines. In 2005, legislation was passed to protect vaccine makers from legal action related to adverse vaccine reactions.
   It is the “Swine Flu” aspect though, that has captured the attention of researchers and conspiracy theorists alike. The story of Swine Flu begs the question: “What the hell is going on?!”  It is here, where the whole notion of an “Un-natural”, man-made war upon itself comes into focus.  The Swine Flu Epidemic of 1976 began as a result of several soldier deaths at Fort Dix, NJ, US and yet the ‘76 virus appeared to come out of nowhere. Gerald Ford instituted a nation wide vaccination program that resulted in 500 cases of Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome and 25 associated deaths from severe pulmonary complications. The company responsible for the treatment at the time was G.D. Searle (under Donald Rumsfeld - see: Aspartame), the same names and faces were directly associated with vaccination against the 2009 Swine Flu.

   The unfolding 2009 “pandemic” had false flag written all over it. Millions of Novartis doses were readied before the fact. The media went into an absolute frenzy of scare tactics and propaganda to terrify the public. Emphasis was placed on frontline and vulnerable individuals getting the first treatments. I had the misfortune  of witnessing this program first hand, in the health profession. I believe that a lack of information was the cause of my work situation at the time. I don’t think there was any underhand intent, but we WERE placed in a position of potential mandatory vaccination. Thankfully, I did my best to inform and educate co-workers and I think I succeeded. Staff (all but one) refused the vaccination, leaving the health authorities with not a lot of options other than to leave the situation alone.  You can read a more detailed account in very first blog post.
   Along with the science of the vaccine make-up, the history of disease and vaccination, the politics involved…. There are some odd coincidences and claims made about the whole Swine Flu affair. It does seem bizarre that the virus began in Mexico and that one of the first deaths was distinguished archaeologist Felipe Solis. He met US President Barack Obama at Mexico’s anthropology museum in Mexico City, exactly one day before he died. Far fetched, but odd never the less.

   It’s also odd that in October of 2005, a team of scientists announced that they had recreated the 1918 flu virus from genetic material of a soldier infected at the time (NY Times 1/29/2006). This was a project that had begun in 1997 and was an attempt to understand the nature of avian & swine flu. According to one researcher: "The hemagglutinin gene matches closest to swine influenza viruses, showing that this virus came into humans from pigs." (Science, March 21, 1997). It was reported after the 2005 breakthrough that pigs on nearby farms had become infected with swine flu. Coincidence?…
   The vaccination debate is huge. I’ve only covered a cursory overview here. There is so much more you can research:

US Surgeon General Scheele‘s (who never practised medicine a day in his life) comments in 1955 about Salk Vaccine

Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the polio vaccine, admitting in 1976 that the live virus vaccine in use since the 1960´s “is the principle, if not sole cause of all polio cases since 1961.”

The Thalidomide birth defects in children.

The 1980 report that over 2 million American children had vaccine-caused disabilities.

The 2 scientific studies in 1988 reporting that the rubella vaccine introduced in 1979 was found to be the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Epstein-Barr virus).

The 1500 six-month old black and Hispanic babies in Los Angeles (1990) given "experimental" measles vaccine that had never been licensed for use in the United States. CDC later admits that parents were never informed that the vaccine being injected to their children was experimental.

The US Draft Vaccine Plan

The UK parliamentary memo SN/SC/5164 (3 February, 2010) that states there is a legal basis for mandatory vaccinations, with wide ranging circumstantial allowances.
   When I’ve discussed the nature of vaccinations in the past, I’ve been accused of scaremongering or spending too long reading “bad science”. All I can say is, I only know what I’ve researched. Like the section about Obama, some accounts are only speculation and I won’t make any claims of hard facts with speculation.. That would be irresponsible. What is irresponsible is ignoring real facts, real documentation and accounts of actions that lead to people suffering. Those that make the laws, run the country, purportedly keep us healthy, sell us our food DON’T care about our well-being. It’s up to us to be mindful, informed and cautious.
Where speculation really does begin and end is: Why?
Why the “Un-Natural” War?

    Well, you could easily argue that it is all about power and money. No real agenda, just greed. There are huge amounts of money to be from research grants and withholding medical breakthroughs. It could just be profit margins. GM foods, mass manufactured cheap food, untested medicine could just be the cheapest way to mass produce and reap the highest profit gains. Business has always operated without morals and ethics… and healthcare is as much a business now as your local supermarket is: just look at the amount of CDC officials who end up on the board of companies who’s produce they once regulated.
   However, this still doesn’t fully explain the need for fluoridation of drinking water. It doesn’t explain how many foods and drugs seem to have the by-product of dumbing down the populace. It doesn’t explain why vaccinations need to be administered at such an early age in such a mandatory fashion AND if Chemtrails and Exotic Weapons are real, it certainly doesn’t explain them!!
   It therefore does beg the question: “Is there an agenda?”
Without any discussion or speculation… That, I think, speaks for itself!
I won't play devil's advocate on this one! I think there is enough evidence all around us.
Those who play their part in this war (And it is a war. Be it biological or chemical), shouldn't be allowed to drag us down their path of control. Our part should be to stay informed, spread the word and take care of ourselves and everyone else.
It really DOES matter.

Till Next Time…
The Truth Seeker’s Guide

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Un-Natural War - Part Three: Toxic Goodness

   The Un-Natural War and the concept of “Nature Modification” is not just about the functioning of our environment around us; it is equally as much about us. We are being modified in a very subtle and gross way. If uninformed, it can be very easy for people to allow an agenda of biological warfare, that affects each and everyone of us, to pass unnoticed.

   The history of military, intelligence agency, industry & pharmaceutical company projects & operations, designed to test biological agents and incapacitate or kill population groups is very well documented. There are examples throughout history such as: the case, in 1940, of 400 Chicago prisoners, unknowingly infected with Malaria to test methods of treatment, the LSD experiments of the 50s & 60s, the Pine Bluff / Dugway Proving Ground testing of BZ Psychotropic Gas, the Anthrax test at Gruinard Island in Scotland in 1942, the release of Bacillus Subtilis into the New York Subway system in July ‘67 and the AIDS infected, Hepatitis B vaccine administered to homosexuals and ethnic minorities in the US from 1976 onward. These are just a few examples but there are many, many more.

   Whilst these endeavours cannot be dismissed, they are “contained” experiments that were designed (initially) to be contained in a specific area or limited number of people. Most people would read about these events and eventually sigh of relief that it didn’t, or hasn’t, affected them. They would be disgusted but they’d eventually close the book and get on with their life, safe in the knowledge that they are relatively healthy and not in the least bit “experimented on”….
You would think that wouldn’t you?…
Well…Let me tell you a story.

   Once upon a time, many years ago; there were lots of little factories that made things like Fertiliser and Steel produce. Realising that their deeds created a toxic by-product, they decided they needed a way to get rid of it. Eventually, they had a “light bulb” moment and decided that they should channel these leftovers into the nearby bodies of water (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc). This way they would be able to say goodbye to it cheaply and all the little fishes and local wildlife could share in it’s toxic-goodness! Unbeknownst to the people in the nearby towns (but maybe “knownst” to the factory owners), it would not be long before they too would be able to share in it’s goodness as well.

   This became a bit of a problem. This by-product turned out to be not so full of goodness! With no where else for it to go, Industry turned to the government to find a solution. Thus was born the concept of “Water Fluoridation”. With a lot of bad science and industrial chicanery to back it up, it was conveniently decided that people needed to take better care of their teeth: Fluoride was the answer. Not everybody could afford dental care, so it was decided that Fluoride in the population’s drinking water supply could help to reduce tooth decay and gum disease. It was convenient that this Fluoride happened to be the same by-product that Industry was dumping in the water.

   Finally, the deception of Water Fluoridation is becoming common knowledge nowadays. Whilst the above tale appears to be first mass fluoridation exercise, it appears that small scale practice of intentional water “chemicalisation” occurred as early as 1917. Thanks to the Halloween events in Denora, Pennsylvania, the whistle-blowing of people like Dr Edward Groth, research like: “The Effects of the Subjugation of Dogs to the Inhalation and Ingestion of Calcium Fluoride” (April 13th, 1962) and the scientific studies of G.L. Waldbott (M.D.), Dr William Marcus (EPA Senior Toxicologist), Phyllis Mullenix (Forsyth Dental Institute), Dr Takeki Tsutsui (Nippon Dental College), to name a few; we are finally learning the true legacy of Water Fluoridation.

   Studies are now showing that there is little difference (in terms of dental problems) between those who have drunk (long term) from fluoridated and un-fluoridated water supplies. What is disturbing now, though, is that science is showing Water Fluoridation can potentially cause Brain Tissue Damage, risks to the thyroid gland, weaken bone strength (possibly even bone cancer), Renal Failure, Headaches and Docility. Studies are even showing the potential for decreased IQ. Despite this, the battle to remove it from our drinking water is still an ongoing struggle. Many countries have acknowledged the scientific studies, with 97% of Europe now water Fluoride-free.

   Sadly, the changes in the US & UK are slow. In the UK, the dental profession still defends the benefits of Fluoride and certain areas of the UK (including where I live) still practice Water Fluoridation. I have a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system which removes most of the toxicity, but they’re not cheap! I took the decision when I suffered rapid Kidney shut down a few years ago (I’m fine now!) and I really see the benefits. The battle to create exposure of this kind of toxicological warfare is ongoing and we must be vigilant. But this is not the only assault on our health that we should be aware of. Additional to our drinking water is the food we eat.

   Food toxicification is the bane of my life! We all know about the benefits of home grown food or local produce; avoiding pre-packaged meals like the plague or continually going down the chippy! These are obvious and I won’t go into any detail here… I’m referring to the chemical hell hound of the Donald Rumsfeld era of GD Searle company: Aspartame.

   This little bastard is in everything!! I get so pissed off sometimes, spending twice the amount of time as I want, buying a treat or a snack. Reading the bloody ingredients to find Aspartame or one of it’s siblings: Sucralose, Saccharine, Acesulfame Potassium, Acesulfame K, etc, etc, etc… I end up leaving with nothing! Healthy food is great, but it’s so boring! I miss cheap sweets and fizzy pop! However, I am doing the right thing, because this stuff is potentially lethal. People eat Aspartame by the shed load and don’t have any ideas about what it does.

   Aspartame was conceived as a dietary and diabetic alternative to sugar and can be found in 98% of low calorie & diet foods/drinks. But it doesn’t stop there. Nearly all confectioners will use some form of derivative. Coca Cola company puts it in just about everything it makes. But that’s hardly surprising when you look into the real history of that particular brand name. In the US, the FDA has received hundreds of thousands (if not more) Neurological complaints with Aspartame connections and never acted on them.

   Aspartame is 50% Phenylanaline, 40% Aspartic Acid and 10% Methyl Ether and it is this component that causes the problem. It’s artificial production and structure results in it breaking down into free Methyl Alcohol/Wood Alcohol and ultimately Formaldehyde (embalming fluid). Inert Aspartame has been found in some MSG capsules and it is well known that experiments with MSG in baby food created holes in the brains of rats when tested. The list of health conditions that can occur from Aspartame are shocking. Here are some examples:
  • Septicaemia
  • Auto Immune Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cardio Myopathy
  • Hearing Loss
  • Short Term Memory Loss
  • Decreased availability of Serotonin
  • Mania
  • Bi-Polar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Seizures
  • Nervous Breakdown
   To get an idea of the corporate cover-up that is the Aspartame story, I suggest you learn more about GD Searle’s 52 week study on Monkeys in 1970. Needless to say, it wasn’t good for the monkeys! I can also recommend: “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” (an excellent documentary film about Aspartame)

If you want to learn more about Water Fluoridation research, I really hope that people will take the time to read the vast studies that have been accrued over the years (a good website is ). But if you’re starting out and want the basics, I suggest Christopher Bryson’s “The Fluoride Deception” (book or documentary film).

   I planned to keep “The Un-Natural War” to 3 parts, but I think it’s important to conclude with something that I’ve had some first hand experience of… something that I think sums up the nature of an unseen biological warfare battleground and raises questions of a larger agenda: “Mandatory Vaccinations”
See you in Part Four.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Un-Natural War - Part Two: Exotic Weapons

   There are some things that I don’t know anywhere near as much I’d like to! Some things are just too damn hard to get to grips with. Take for example: Particle Physics or Seismology… I have a very basic grasps of the principles, but I wish I understood so much more. One of the reasons I do, is when I write about subjects like the following. I wish I could understand the science and say: “that could be plausible” or “that’s just too far fetched”.

   The Un-Natural War (grammatical error intentional!) goes on all around us, everyday. Before I come to the provable aspects of a seemingly intentional attack on our natural world and the human masses that dwell in it, I want to expand on something that I began to discuss (in part one of this blog) regarding the theory of Chemtrails: The notion of “Nature Modification” and “Exotic Weapons”.

   I know, as do most people, that something has started to go badly wrong with regards the weather and the like. You don’t need to work for the MET Office or have invented a new Earthquake detection method, the eyes in your head will tell you that things are changing. Everybody you speak to (of all ages) says that the weather never used to be like it is now. The sceptics will say that we’re just more informed in this technological age or it’s simply Climate Change. Well, we Brits love to watch and talk about the weather! We above all others would know if something was amiss! As for the Climate Change issue (a buzz phrase created by Agenda P.R. man and merchandiser of ideas, Frank Luntz), there is now a lot of good research to suggest much of it is riddled with scientific inaccuracies. The leaked emails from East Anglia University are only the tip of that particular iceberg (no pun intended!).

The increase in earthquakes and tsunamis is troubling, in and of, itself. In studying the subject, I’ve come across the ‘High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program’ (HAARP), near Gakona, Alaska. This is an alleged C.I.A. funded experiment that fires powerful radio waves into the sky creating a patch of ‘artificial ionosphere’, mimicking the uppermost portion of Earth’s atmosphere. For over 2 decades, it has probed Earth’s magnetic field and ionosphere, creating lights in the sky that are similar to the Aurora Borealis. It is dismissed by many as harmless, however the project has managed to induce strange bullseye patterns in the night sky. Team leader Todd Pedersen once remarked (re: this phenomenon),”This is the really exciting part - we’ve made a little artificial piece of ionosphere”. Mike Kosch, chair of Experimental Space Science at Lancaster University, UK, said: “It shows something completely different and new that we hadn’t expected. We didn’t know we could do that from a radio array on the ground”. This shows that the project is capable of creating a basic form of nature modification and begs the question: Is this all it can do?

   It is claimed that there are many more of these research stations dotted around the world and despite not being be able to fully explain the science; I was interested to see that several people of note have pointed a more ominous finger at these projects.

   On 21st January, 2010, FOXNews (of all places!) ran a comment along it’s news tickertape from Venezuelan principle, Hugo Chavez. He stated that HAARP was an “Earthquake Weapon” and was responsible for the catastrophic quake in Haiti, killing over 200,000 innocent people! A Venezuelan news website subsequently claimed that a similar method had been used to trigger earlier quakes in Eureka, California and the 7.8 magnitude quake in China (which killed nearly 90,000 people in 2008).

   Even more bizarre is a video posted on Youtube showing an interview between investigator Benjamin Fulford and the former Japanese Finance Minister. The Minister claimed that the US had asked Japan to accept aid from the IMF. When this was refused, Japan was threatened with an "Earthquake Weapon"! The video has subsequently vanished from the net (some claim it can still be found, but I haven’t found it as of yet), but videos of Mr Fulford making this claim can still be found: YouTube - “Ex Japanese Finance Minister confirms USA have threatened with Earthquake weapon”. Sinister indeed!

   Further oddities add to this claim. In the weeks leading up to the Japanese Tsunami, thousands of people across the far eastern countries, filmed bizarre, “Auroral-like” light formations in the skies. Similar footage was filmed in the weeks leading up to the Boxing Day Tsunami, with researchers citing Indonesia’s unwillingness to open the Straits Of Malacca and join the international community in it’s fight against terrorism; as a possible reason for the following disaster.

   These accounts seem like the stuff of a Hollywood movie, however most people said the same thing about 9/11! Even that scenario has some very interesting questions that need answering. Many have pointed to the possible use of Energy Weapons to bring down WTC 1 and 2. I won’t say much about that here (I’ll be covering the whole gamut of 9/11 in the weeks leading up to the tenth anniversary), but if you want to understand more about this point of view, I would recommend Dr Judy Wood’s superior research source: “Where Did The Towers Go?”.

   The whole science behind “Exotic Weapons” is sometimes tough to get your head around. Not being very versed in this type of science, I don’t want to go about making claims that I might do an injustice to. There is some fascinating reading out there though. Please take the time to be open minded and give it a look. Some areas I might suggest are:

  • Scalar Beam Weapons - invented in 1904 by Nicola Tesla. There are some oddities surrounding his (alleged) death in 1943, with claims that he was sped off to the UK as a result of his sabotaging an ONR “invisibility” project. An entire boxcar full of his research was shipped off to Los Alomos for storage after his death. His work suggests the possibility of all kinds of unconventional weaponry having fallen into the hands of the military in several countries over the years. Scalar Weapons were allegedly tested off the east coast of the US in 1977.
  • Wilhelm Reich’s “Cloudbusting” experiments in Maine, USA in 1954. The idea of cloud seeding is a precursor to the idea of “Nature Modification”. Earlier this year, China was openly reported in the mainstream media as “Cloudbusting” in order to increase crop yields after droughts. If making rain is so easy, why is there still so much starvation through lack of crop growth? Is it also an explanation for the more bizarre flooding we see around the world? Example: Australia! There have been some very strange anomalies filmed in the skies above this continent, but I digress!
  • The C.I.A. weather modification project over Hue, Vietnam in 1963, Cuba in 1966 and $21 million rain-making project over Asia in 1967.
  • The ARPA (Advance Research Projects Agency) sponsored Walter Reed Army Institute in Washington DC. Set up in 1965 to study Electromagnetic Weapons. Also, subsequently, Pentagon’s “Project Pandora”.
  • Dr Andrija Puharich’s "Global Magnetic Warfare”, published in January 1978, chronicles Soviet and US research as well as Tesla aspects. He was a veteran of MKULTRA, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1978.
  • The Soviet ELF Grid at Woodpecker Facility. Functioning throughout the mid and late 1970s. It was claimed, in the January ‘78 issue of Specula Magazine that the effect of the Woodpecker signals could create standing waves in the Earth, create earthquakes at a distant point and severe atmospheric disturbances over a target area (i.e.: The Tesla Effect). See also: The Russian Super Magnet of 1977, allegedly purchased from the US for use in weather modification & connections between Woodpecker and Chernobyl Disaster.
  • 1988 Popular Science Article detailing US Super Magnets, each capable of 9 Teslas (180,00 times the strength of Earth’s Magnetic Field).
   There are also subtle references made to “Nature Modification” and the more nefarious agenda of population reduction in: “The Project For New American Century”, “Report From Iron Mountain”, “The Brookings Report” and “Silent Weapons For A Quiet War”.
Playing god is as much about us, as it is about our surroundings. That’s something I will look at in Part Three.

To Be Continued…

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