Thursday, 13 October 2011

MSN - Part 1: "OFCOM axes Press TV in the UK"

   In preparing some articles about Media Censorship and Bias, I have heard some news today that I felt needed bringing to the top of the list. It easily serves a contextual footnote to my forthcoming posts and complements the ongoing “Media War Against The Mind”, that is now reaching alarming levels of obviousness. Maybe not obvious to everybody, but more and more people are doing a ‘double take’ in reaction to apparent contradictions, one-sidedness and, often, bare faced lies in ‘Mainstream News’ (MSN).

   The current news relates to the Iranian news broadcaster Press TV. All news outlets have an agenda of sorts, they only vary in degrees.  There is no such thing as an independent news media. Discretion is always the watchword. It’s pretty obvious (to me anyway) that certain US and UK outlets (who shall remain nameless) should be avoided where possible, for they serve little more purpose than an Agenda orchestrated Psyop. The only valuable reason to keep an eye on them, is to observe the mechanisms of the said Agenda.

   Others like Press TV have the agenda of serving their respective national interests, which often skews against Western (sometimes UK and American political, military and financial) interests. Press TV is obviously going to criticise the West and it’s supporters because it is Iranian.  In the same way I am VERY wary of Western MSM, I must also apply a level of caution with Press TV. Nation, cultural and religious bashing (to serve ones own goals) serves no real, good purpose in the grand scheme of things. And it is something that I simply don’t and won’t do in my truth seeking.

   That said, you can’t avoid the implications of certain stories that Press TV have brought to public attention. They have highlighted the extensive use of and resulting deaths from Unmanned US Drone strikes in dozens of countries across Africa and The Middle East. They have also given us an alternative perspectives of the public uprisings and crackdowns in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc, etc… a perspective that almost totally contradicts what the western MSN reports. The same applies to the ‘War’ in Libya, the recent UK ‘Riots’, the western attempts to move on Syria the “Occupy Wall Street” protests in the US and the global 'financial crisis'.

   Since spring this year, Press TV has been embroiled in a complaint made against them by the UK’s Office Of Communication (OFCOM) organisation: those responsible for regulating UK broadcasting standards and complaints. Without going into detail, OFCOM is worth having a look at… as with all broadcasting aspects, it is not unbiased.

For the purpose of referring to the allegations, I point you to an article from May on The Guardian’s UK website which refers to the case that has been made:

OFCOM commenced proceedings to remove Press TV’s UK broadcasting license. It seems this week that they have succeeded. Very shortly Press TV will be removed from it’s UK broadcasting platform and (with the exception of the internet, for now anyway…), will no longer be accessible in the UK. Press TV has been criticised by MSN and state officials alike, so it does seem coincidental that the ruling has coincided with the increased attempts to get a resolution on Iran and numerous calls from politicians and MSN that “it is time to deal with Iran”…

   I also find it extremely strange that within the same week, we hear about two Iranian plots: one to carry out a terrorist attack and one to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador.

In the context of this post, however, this issue is solely relating to concepts of media censorship and control of public opinion and perception. Why aren’t other well known MSNs being held to account by OFCOM for many of it’s practices? This is a rhetorical question, of course! Whether right or wrong, we need news from many perspectives. If we end up with TV news, all telling us exactly the same thing, how can we know we're getting the full story? The answer is: We won't though. Regardless of the case or Press TV's views, I find it disturbing that a large news outlet can be totally removed from sight. The implications in a so called 'free society' are very disturbing...

  I don’t believe I have stated anything controversial here. There are thousands of articles on the internet writing about this same piece of information. There is a huge story (with far reaching consequences) here to found, but I’m not going to be the one to spell it out to you. Get out there and research...

   As a disclaimer: I avoid 99% of all news on the TV like the plague. I get my news from the net and trust my better judgement! However, censorship being what it is, I’ve backed up all my posts ( just in case!) and if The Truth Seeker’s Guide disappears…  you’ll know why!!!
Censorship perhaps?!

Till Next Time (I hope!),
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.


DarkStar888 said...

Hi Truth Seker. Great post my friend. All forms of the media, including all print, television, movie, video, recordings, internet, etc., are the ‘go between’, the communication network of the luciferian egregore group of Thinkers and the illusory body we call humanity. Even the words written here, are meant to be used to create confusion and anxiety. As much as possible, attempt to grasp the intent of information. The media systems within the 3D sphere, do not allow for straying from the principles and standards of perpetuating the direction the agenda is meant to go.

Above is a link to the DarkStar where 3 post on the news media will help fellow readers to relize how controlled they (we) are.

Enjoy. DS888

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Thanks DarkStar, for the comments and the link.

The use of language and word is inherently flawed and plays right at the heart of the agenda. Unfortunately I have no other way of conveying my thoughts other than with language! My intentions aren't to confuse or create anxiety! I'm not taking you 'literally' (ha ha)though, because I understand what you are getting at.

I'm glad you still care enough about words to write all you do and (by extension) comment here.

All the best my friend!
Carl (The 'Guide)

DarkStar888 said...

Yes Thruth Seeker, we only have words & numbers to express yourselves in this 3D illusion and the whole system is intentionally flawed to create confusion. Keep in mind though, that the people like us, who are waking up, no long think or folllow like the SHEEPLE. This doesn't mean we are smarter or better, etc. We are just AWARE. :)

Watch, Wait and Don't REACT!!!!!!!!!

Peace. DS888