Thursday, 27 October 2011

Damning Documents - Blog Series

People always say, "Show Me The Money!". If you want insight into any aspects of a global agenda, the evidence is often right under your nose. It may not spell it out like Noddy's Guidebook, but when you combine insight and common sense, and read between the lines... it's there for all to see. It can't all be disinformation can it? Agenda 21, Northwoods, The Brookings Report, The MK Ultra files, The Tavistock Charter... the list goes on and on. I hope to cover many more over time, but for now, I have focused in on four particularly Damning (or controversial, depending on your point of view) Documents that are regularly cited as "smelling of a rat". Below are the links to my overviews and discussions of the four items. The documents themselves are easy to find on the web. So if you have the time, please also give them a read.

Remember though... Open minds, folks!
The Truth Seeker's Guide.

Part 1 - PNAC: Rebuilding America's Defences
Part 2 - Report From Iron Mountain
Part 3 - Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
Part 4 - Global Governance 2025
Part 5 - Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

Books available from Carl James:
Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda - Volume One -
Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda - Volume Two -
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