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Damning Documents - Part 1: Rebuilding America's Defences

   In September of 2000, a neoconservative Washington think-tank called The Project For The New American Century, published a document entitled 'Rebuilding America's Defences'. This particular opus, like many other key documents over the years, quickly became the topic of huge debate and discussion in the Truth Community. Such ‘damning documents’ (as they have become known) are often cited as possible, quantifiable evidence of an inside job, cover up or ‘conspiracy’. For others they are simply the subject of speculation. Over the next few posts, I will endeavour  to examine a few of these key articles, look at their origins and authenticity… and their implications.

   Rebuilding America’s Defences (or RAD), was seized as particularly damning because of it’s immediately authentic origins. The authors and those involved with Project For The New American Century, held  (or were soon to hold) key positions of financial, military and political influence.

   Amongst their number were the likes of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby, and Elliot Abrams. These (along with many others) became intricate in the Bush years in the White House.

   At first glance, RAD appears to be a policy document that outlines detailed aspects of America’s future plans to create a system of global dominance. It discusses ways and means to carry out this policy, including more ’unconventional’ methods.  One such observation has been scrutinized to death, dismissed as coincidence by some and held up as a smoking gun by others.  It is the well known quote from page 52. When discussing possible ways to expedite the policies therein, it states: "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbour". In other words: a huge attack on American soil.

   The significance of this should not be underestimated. There has been much research relating to Pearl Harbour as an “allowed to happen” or “false flag” event, that served as the catalyst for public supported, US entry into World War 2. The authors of RAD clearly understood the true meaning of a statement like that. A year later 9/11 happened. An event that served as the perfect catalyst for public supported, US instigation of the War On Terror. The subsequent war also fitted perfectly with the lengthy policy outlines that were proposed in RAD. If this is merely coincidence, then it’s a biggy!

   There are 3 central notions at the heart of RAD: a “Pax Americana”, securing a “Global Hegemony” and “Using The Military To Gain An Empire”. The conceited notion of “Pax Americana” involves working hard to maintain the US’s position as the world’s “sole superpower”, following the end of the ‘Cold War’. It encourages intervention in countries that are idealogically opposed to The West, "multiple simultaneous large-scale wars" and the pervasion of “American Peace” and “Democracy”. It also places extreme emphasis on “pre-eminent action”. When you look at the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the bombing of Libya, the sabre rattling at Iran and Syria and the intelligence agencies’ involvement in social uprising that have created attempted regime-change in Egypt and Yemen, the existence of “Pax Americana” becomes all to clear.

   At this point in RAD, attention is also brought to “Homeland Defence” (coincidently similar to  “Homeland Security”, which came into existence following 9/11) and several other aspects, including disregarding the power of the United Nations. In this regard, RAD states: "Further, these constabulary missions are far more complex and likely to generate violence than traditional 'peacekeeping' missions. For one, they demand American political leadership rather than that of the United Nations, as the failure of the UN mission in the Balkans and the relative success of NATO operations there attests. Nor can the United States assume a UN-like stance of neutrality. . . . American troops, in particular, must be regarded as part of an overwhelmingly powerful force".

   The second central notion of RAD, “Securing Global Hegemony”, specifically talks about an “Axis Of Evil” which includes the likes of Iraq, Iran and North Korea. It states that any nation pursuing a Nuclear program will be viewed as a threat and talks at length about the threat posed by the rise of China to “great power status”. It also discusses the validity of “Regime Change”. Does any of this sound familiar?!

   The final notion, “Using The Military To Gain Empire”, talks about the multi-generational nature of the task and reinforces the idea that America might, must always remain at the core of these policies. "If an American peace is to be maintained, and expanded, it must have a secure foundation on unquestioned US military preeminence". It goes on to justify the financial cost ($2.3 trillion, Mr Rumsfeld?!) and how that should be distributed throughout the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. RAD also places huge importance on establishing a huge network of US military bases overseas.

   It then expands the remit to larger areas of military means. These means include “Nuclear Expansion” (Obama agreed to cut the number of nuclear weapons several years ago, but the real number is unknown), “Control Of Space” (unknown but highly probable) and Control of the "International Commons": meaning a ‘Star Wars’ like missile program or a missile shield system. "An effective, robust, layered, global system of missile defences is a prerequisite for maintaining American pre-eminence" .The latter means is very real and very much in the process of happening today. In fact, in the last few months, Hilary Clinton has been (both secretly and publicly) signing off the commencement of missile and radar placements with several countries.

   The prospects for the “Future Forms of Warfare“ (which the document proposes) include:
Soldiers in “encapsulated, climate-controlled, powered fighting suits, laced with sensors, and boasting chameleon-like 'active' camouflage“. Drugs to heighten the senses and control the emotions of soldiers in the form of  “skin-patch pharmaceuticals” to “help regulate fears, focus concentration and enhance endurance and strength“. This is something we are already seeing, in the form of vaccinations and pills that soldiers receive prior to going to a combat zone. Although unconfirmed, there is also speculation that army food supplies are tainted with such elements to provide a ‘top-up’. Superior, highly precise and lethal weaponry is also discussed, meaning that a “squad of seven soldiers (are) able to dominate an area the size of the Gettysburg battlefield”.

   It states that “air warfare may no longer be fought by pilots manning tactical fighter aircraft sweeping the skies of opposing fighters, but a regime dominated by long-range, stealthy unmanned craft.”. This is something commonplace now. Unmanned drones are used all across the Middle East to carry out surveillance and combat operations. These drones have also been seen over the skies of Western countries… what they are up to is anyone’s guess!

   Even more shocking is the intention to use “advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes” that “may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool". This is potentially a nightmare scenario.

   It also discusses new forms of war including: Cyber Warfare. Here, it discusses systems whereby the US military has “the ability to disrupt or paralyze either the military's or the commercial sector's computer networks”. This is another aspect which is very much a reality today. The internet is seen a huge threat to the West’s global dominance and has seen the military and intelligence agencies work hand in hand with corporate internet giants, to develop extensive systems that could ’potentially’ limit or even shut down access to the internet.

   It is telling that, whilst most of the areas covered in “Rebuilding America’s Defences” have either been actively pursued or come to pass during the Republican / Bush Administration, the sentiment has remained very much the same during the Democrat / Obama Administration.  This shows that it is not only a bi-partisan way of thinking, but also a systemic intention… something that goes hand in hand with the very existence of the American (and Western) military industrial complex and (by extension) corporate systems.

   The real crime hidden within the pages of this document, is not the spectre of the future of global warfare and western dominance… it is not even the eerie prediction of 9/11 or the fact that it seems to predict the exact strategy of US Foreign Policy for the next ten years. It is the complete and total disregard of the individual. Whilst those from Project For The New American Century (and all those inextricably linked to them) maintain that these proposals are to safeguard and protect the sovereignty and security of The West, I suspect that it is their beloved infrastructure and global reach that they wish to protect rather than ordinary individuals.

Protecting people and keeping them safe is furthest from their minds.
Where the individual is concerned, it is the capacity to control.
That, and another (possibly) ‘damning document’ will be the subject of my next post.
To Be Continued…

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The stealthy unmanned craft (drones) would be perfect for the hit on the Pentagon in 9.11.01. It also has about the same size engine as what was found in the of a massive jet. Who the hell do they think they are kidding? Unfortunately...most of the people (sheeple) of the USA and the world still are being KIDDED!!!