Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Strange Tales From 9/11 - Part 2

   We all make and break plans at the drop of a hat and no one bats an eyelid on any ordinary day. 9/11 was no ordinary day though. If somebody happens to escape fate or has a bad feeling before hand, can we call these predictions? And what if we see a foreshadowed scenario presented  months in advance? Is it still a prediction or mere coincidence? As I discussed in part one, coincidence is a funny thing. You can literally account for everything with coincidence, but when the coins keeps coming up heads, it does make you wonder…

   Some aspects of 9/11 have almost become Urban Legends now. For some, they stretch the credibility of a serious investigation into the events. For others, they are the Rosetta Stone of a more esoteric truth. It seems that the 1995, trading-card game: "Illuminati: New World Order" (Steve Jackson Games) kicked it all off. The game features a number of cards that show some of the exact same events of 9/11: explosions at the Pentagon, the WTC and smoke rising from the Twin Towers (oddly this card is labelled “Population Reduction“!). Speculation deepened when people became aware of the storyline of The Lone Gunmen pilot episode, which involved a U.S. government conspiracy plot to crash an electronically hijacked Boeing 727 into the WTC and blame it on foreign terrorists in order to provoke war and increase the military's budget.  The episode pre-dated 9/11 by at least 18 months. Since then, many have found significance in numerous aspects of pop culture that came before the fateful day.

   In July, 2001, the Oakland based rap group, The Coup, released 'Party Music' in which the front cover shows their lead singer, Boots Riley, holding a detonator and blowing up the World Trade Centre, whilst The band “I Am the World Trade Centre” released 'Out of the Loop' in which the 11th track on their album is entitled "September". Even The Simpsons and big budget disaster movies like Armageddon have people looking carefully. Some cant help but point the finger when they witness an example of the numerological significance of 9-1-1 in relation to New York City or The Towers seen to be hit by an object or on fire.

   On September 6, 2001, English teacher, Antoinette DiLorenzo, noticed a freshman staring out of the window toward lower Manhattan. “What are you looking at?”, she said. The youth made a remark about the World Trade Centre “not being there next week”. The teacher didn’t immediately think much of it, though it stuck in her mind. Whatever you make of this, there are possibly more subtle signs to be found in the time, placement and activities of individuals on 9/11.

The ill-fated John O'Neill

   On September 10, 2001, Deputy for Command Centre Operations Army Brigadier General Montague Winfield asked a rookie Navy Captain (Charles Leidig, Jr) to take temporary command of the National Military Command Centre (NMCC) at The Pentagon for the period of 9/11. The same day, John O'Neill began his first day of work at the WTC, as head of security! O'Neill had recently retired as chief of international terrorism operations for the FBI, where he had been responsible for supervising investigations into the bombing of the USS Cole and the 1998 attacks on the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania… All events with ‘alleged’ connections to Osama Bin Laden.

Salman Rushdie
   In June 2001, Attorney General John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial aircrafts following, what the Justice Department called, a “threat assessment” by the FBI. He was advised to fly only by  private jet for the next three months. On September 3, Salman Rushdie was banned from taking internal flights. He thought officials were aware of an imminent terrorist strike and said that the FAA told his publisher it had intelligence of “something about to happen“.

   September 10, 2001 and a group of top Pentagon officials cancelled their travel plans for the next morning because of security concerns.  On the same day, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown received a travel warning from his “security people at the airport… advising him that Americans should be cautious about their air travel”. According to a report on Pacifica Radio in 2003, it was stated that Condoleezza Rice gave Mayor Brown the warning!

   Again on the same day, President George Bush met Australian Prime Minister John Howard at the Washington Navy Yard to hand over the bell from USS Canberra. Amongst those in attendance was Mackenzie Gregory, a survivor of the sunken Australian Canberra. Staff from the Australian Embassy cancelled his reserved flight for the next day and re-scheduled his flight to coincide with the Prime Minister's attendance at a wreath-laying ceremony in Arlington.  He was witnessed turning to Australian Prime Minister John Howard and saying, "See you tomorrow at Arlington".  President Bush even broke ranks to personally meet Mr Gregory, with Mr Bush ordering a three-star marine general to photograph himself with Mr Gregory, his wife and Prime Minister John Howard. His original plane was Flight 77 that ‘hit‘ The Pentagon...

   At 8am, Flight 93 pushed back from Newark Airport's Gate A17 after passengers reportedly boarded the plane via the terminal's boarding ramp, however a NY Giants football player, who's team's plane landed around 6:45am, says he saw people boarding a plane parked next to his from the tarmac which he was later told was Flight 93.

   Bernard Brown Jnr,  a young passenger on Flight 77 that was participating in a field trip, talked to his father about dying before his flight.  His father told him "don't be afraid to die because we all are going to die someday".  Bernard's father, Navy Chief Petty Officer Bernard Brown Sr., took a "rare day off" from work that day to play golf.  Bernard's dad worked at the Pentagon in the same wing that was ‘hit’  by Flight 77.  The wife of David Kovalcin, an engineer for Raytheon who would be on Flight 11, said her husband woke her up in the middle of the night complaining he couldn't sleep and that he seemed "very distressed" but she didn't know why.  He would leave a note for his wife and two daughters Tuesday morning saying "I will miss everybody very much". Many have lambasted the truth community for their “callousness” in even discussing these particular accounts. If true, the implications are chilling…

   In a twist of fate, Pentagon economist, Bryan Jack, may have lived if he was at his Pentagon office and not on Flight 77. Of the 27 people working in the hit area of The Pentagon, 26 were killed and one was spared when his dental appointment at the Pentagon's dental clinic was moved up earlier in the day causing him to be absent from the office at the time.

   Duchess Sarah Ferguson was headed to WTC just before the events. Jackie Chan was due to shoot on the roof of the WTC and excused due to a late script. Creator of Family Guy Seth MacFarlane missed Flight 11 due to a typo on his itinerary. Real World New Orleans cast member Julie Stoffer missed Flight 11 due to a fight with her boyfriend. The infamous Larry Silverstein (of WTC7 notoriety) was absent from his office on the 88th floor of the North Tower because of a "doctors appointment" and his son and daughter were also “running late”. President Bush's cousin, Jim Pierce, avoided death at WTC due to a "schedule change" the night before…

Of course, all of this could just be a ton of coincidences. Many people doing so many things that day… It was bound to happen here and there.

But I do wonder about this analogy of a coin or penny that keeps coming up heads…
How long before we stop calling it ALL coincidence?
How long before ‘the penny drops’?!

Till Next Time.
The Truth Seeker's Guide.

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13 Muluc said...

Wow. You've really done a great deal of work and a fantastic job on this series. Thank you. I've often thought it would be very enlightening to know more about the people who were killed that day. It's also very interesting to hear who "should" have died, but didn't.
In Lak'ech.

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Many thanks. I wanted to go a bit further with some 'suspicious' deaths I have researched. Sadly, I'm really not sure how reliable these claims are at the moment and they're a bit macabre! I'll keep looking into them anyway.
All The Best.
The Truth Seeker's Guide.