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Damning Documents - Part 2: Report From Iron Mountain

   For anyone who spends anytime looking into aspects of a hidden global agenda, they will inevitably encounter a document entitled “The Report From Iron Mountain”. Whilst some have debated the validity of the ‘Report’ (including claims of genuine authorship, which I shall come to later), others cite it as an example of those, in the upper echelons of power, postulating strategies that could be implemented to advance the cause of an agenda.

   Report From Iron Mountain was released into the public domain in the mid-1960s via one Leonard C Lewin. Lewin purported to have met with an acquaintance, who he ambiguously named “John Doe”. It seems that “John Doe” wanted to remain anonymous because of his alleged connection to The Report. Doe claimed to be one of 15 prominent individuals who had been approached to form a think tank called “The Special Study Group”. The group would be given unrestricted access to both top level documentation and any ‘expert’ who could assist with their research. The purpose of this research was to investigate alternate social, political and economic replacement systems that could be implemented, should the world achieve a state of “permanent peace”.

   The Report claims that the Special Study Group met regularly for two and a half years before producing the final report. Doe claimed that the first and last meetings were held at Iron Mountain, an “underground nuclear hideout for hundreds of large American corporations” with “substitute corporate headquarters“, near Hudson, New York. It was at the last meeting here that the group debated the issue of The Report’s disclosure. Despite the group never explicitly being charged with (or sworn to) secrecy, the group decided it should remain classified. Only Doe believed that it should go public. The final report was submitted to the government ‘Interagency’ and shortly after both the said agency and the study group decided it should be suppressed indefinitely.

   Whilst much of this could be accused of being plagiarised from the elaborate plot of a James Bond novel, it was the tone and content of the  ‘Report’ that raised alarm bells for some. The document uses an almost unemotional, surgical and strategic like approach to analyse the potential systems that could replace the need for a military (and the global dependency on it) during permanent peacetime. Some of these replacement systems are shocking in their implications…

   The Study Group takes it as a given that the entire global system would fall into wreck and ruin if “peace broke out”. The Report details how politics, society, culture, belief, economics and nation states are totally dependant on or connected to the military system and the need for war to allow it to function fully. It also highlights how global systems of codified law, institutions of policing, emergency war powers, distribution patterns, the class system, etc, had all been established and maintained via a model akin to “military victors dealing with defeated enemies”. Therefore, a military style contingency model or “war system” would need to be established as an inevitable replacement.

   The first area of scrutiny is “Economic”. The Report claims that economic systems need to be inherently “wasteful” to survive: “modern industrial societies can be defined as those which have developed the capacity to produce more than is required for their economic survival”. It also surmises that “most of the major industrial advances known to history, beginning with the development of Iron, could never have taken place” without a war system. Whilst it would be difficult to argue with certain aspects of this notion, the alternatives proposed are surprising to say the least.

   The initial proposed scenario of a social welfare system that gives everybody instant access to complete medical care, a full (degree level) education,  housing (clean, comfortable, safe and spacious), mass public transportation, clean water, food, expanded forests and parks, the total end of pollution and a societal wide elimination of poverty (including a guaranteed annual income); appears Utopian. It was ultimately dismissed by the Study Group. Not because it wouldn’t work, but because it would only work in the short term. With all problems sorted, what would money be spent on next?! It is shocking to think that this proposal is considered “inadequate because it would be far too cheap”! The Report then considers the “development of a long range sequence of space research projects with largely unattainable goals”. It also considers the development of a “giant antimissile / missile complex”. Do either of the latter two sound familiar?

   The second area is “Political”. This looks at the nature of national sovereignty and how nations need to be pitted against each other to create a “political authority from some source”, without resulting in a war scenario. The report considers a “well armed international peace force” little more than a military operation in disguise. It does wonder whether this could be combined with a large scale “economic threat”, but surmises that it would lack the “capacity to evoke credibility”. Something resembling this scenario is, coincidentally,  playing out today.

   The Report then discusses some shocking possible means to create political stability. “Uniting mankind against the danger of destruction by ‘creatures from other planets’”, whilst connecting the UFO phenomenon with this system to add legitimacy and commencing a program of cultural and artistic zeitgeist that could stir fear and apprehension in the population. The Report proposes that a similar scenario could be played out with the use of purposeful pollution that would heighten fears regarding Global Warming. In any case, the final conclusion here, is that “such a threat will have to be invented, rather than developed from unknown conditions”. If true, the implications of this scenario would be huge…

   Next up is “Sociological”. Here, a non military-national service, to deal with “undesirables”, is discussed.  Under this heading are: “the socially disaffected, the economically unprepared, the psychologically unconformable, the ‘hard core’ delinquents, the incorrigible ‘subversives’ and the rest of the unemployable”. It then points to the benefit of population control: in the form of artificial insemination, birth control medication that could be introduced through “water supplies and essential foodstuffs” (which the Study Group claim is already in development) and a “direct eugenic management” of population growth. The notion here is that “excess population is tar material”.

   The document then touches on “Cultural And Scientific” aspects, with the opinion that the arts (without the stimulus of a war system) would become hollow and vacuous, serving no other purpose than merely decorative. Sadly, we are gradually seeing this today: in our music, art, television, cinema, literature, etc. It’s not happened totally, but it’s getting there. 

   The Study Group also talks about a modern social and psychological form of “slavery” that could act as an inhibitor. They surprisingly refer to the works of Wells, Orwell and Huxley, but point out that a modern system would need to utilise a modern “mythological or religious structure”. If true, I wonder at this point whether modern mass media and information dissemination has become a principle conduit of sociological and psychological slavery. Within this context, The Report’s idea of establishing the “antisocialist” and “undesirable” aspects of society as the “alternate enemy”, has credence. 

   Bizarrely, The Report then highlights “social purification” and “blood games…  in the manner of The Spanish Inquisition”…

   The final aspect is “Ecological”, where The Report reiterates various aspects already covered in the previous sections. It does make a strange comment though: “It must be kept in mind that the momentum given to scientific progress by the great wars of the past century, and even more by the anticipation of World War 3, is intellectually and materially enormous”. People wanted a World War 3?!!

   The Report’s conclusions generally consider a military system as the preferable scenario. The Study Group does believe though, that the alternatives they presented are credible and realistically attainable if necessary.
   Report From Iron Mountain (allegedly) contained, within it’s entirety, 604 exhibits of statistical support date. The Study Group claimed that these were left out for the purpose of “non-technical” people. These addendums have never surfaced, which has fuelled speculation about The Report’s nature as a possible hoax.

   Additional to this data was a preliminary manual that explained a forecasting technique / information system (called Peace Games”) that was developed help The Study Group to “approximate the effects of disparate social phenomenon on other social phenomenon… a superior capacity to interrelate data with no apparent common points of reference, using algorithms”. John Doe claimed that The Advanced Research Projects Agency (Department Of Defence), General Electric and several other organisations had developed similar types of systems. To this day, no system labelled “Peace Games” is known (publicly) to exist, although it may exist under another name. The science of statistical forecasting has come a long way since the 1960s, although accuracy seems to be largely dependant on established rules, laws of nature, cosmological constants, etc. Some claim that Futurology or “Future Studies” and the ability to forecast more long term scenarios, has moved the science forward in other areas. Note has also been given to the mathematical study of optimising objects, called “Game Theory”. Are any of these areas related to “Peace Games” system? It is possible… but without harder evidence, it remains pure speculation.

   The Report itself has languished in controversy ever since Leonard C Lewin himself claimed that “Report From Iron Mountain” was a hoax, that it was meant to be a social and political satire and that he authored it. Many ‘mainstream’ websites label the book as fiction (under the subheading of satire), but this hasn’t stopped many from believing that it’s origins are much more suspect.

   In November 1967, “US News And World Report” claimed to have had confirmation of the reality of The Report, from a government official. It is also claimed that when President Lyndon Johnson read the report, he “hit the roof” and ordered it suppressed for all time. Several sources were also said to have revealed that orders were sent to U.S. embassies, instructing them to emphasize that the book had no relation to U.S. Government policy. On November 26, 1976, Harvard professor John Kenneth Galbraith. Galbraith cited the report's authenticity “because he had been invited to participate in its creation; that although he was unable to be part of the official group, he was consulted from time to time and had been asked to keep the project secret”.

   There is also the strange remark in the report relating to “the breakdown of ecological balance anticipated after a thermonuclear war”. The Report claims that (under DOD guidance) the RAND Corporation had “planning under way” and that the DOD had “begun to stockpile birds, for example, against the expected proliferation of radiation resistant insects, etc”. A few years ago, an anonymous researcher claimed to be able to confirm this project, allegedly labelled “Operation: Keyhole”. The identity of this individual has never come to light and his research has subsequently disappeared from the internet. If anyone can shed any light on this, please let me know. It may be something that could confirm or deny the authenticity of The Report.

   Finally, we also have reference to a location called “Iron Mountain”, near Hudson, New York… an underground bunker like vault of corporate information. Whilst I don’t wish to infer that the following organisation is the Iron Mountain named in The Report, there is a company called “Iron Mountain“, which was founded in an underground facility near Hudson, New York, in 1951. The company stores and maintains materials for clients, including records, electronic files, medical data and e-mail, according to one of it’s annual reports. It works with more than 150,000 corporations in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. The company went public in 1996 and joined the S&P 500 Index in January 2009, according to the filing…

   The reason that Report From Iron Mountain elicits a shocked response from many, speaks for itself really. The glorification of a War System, the dismissal of a far reaching and poverty removing Welfare System because it is “too cheap”, false flag threats, fear induced trauma, slavery, the list goes on. Whilst I do concede that I can’t prove “The Report” as genuine, I find the huge number of coincidences telling. It can’t really ALL be coincidence that the systems proposed, now seem to be in existence, 50 years later…

Can It?

Next up: “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars”.
All The Best,
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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JediTheOne said...

The thing we must always stay focused on is that we’re fighting a THOUGHT FORM, not 3D puppets or resistors. If we focus on going after the Pope’s, the Royal’s, the Bush’s, the Rothchild’s, the Rockefeller’s, etc. then we’re only going after the Captains and Sergeants that are giving orders to the Privates. When the likes of Alex Jones, David Icke, Makow, the articles on Red Ice, or Rense, go after the Captains and Sergeants in this war, then the war goes on, and the WAR ESCALATES. The luciferian EGREGORE KING wants his Captains and Sergeants to be attacked as this strengthens and multiplies the focus on the 3 dimensional thinking process experience. This attack on the subordinate Sergeants and Captains, in charge of the Privates below them, literally creates more enemy to attack. This attack creates more resistance, more emotional connection, more of the THOUGHT FORM, that is the enemy of wisdom.

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Thanks for the comments.
I do understand why for some, they feel compelled to point the finger of blame. The human psychology is naturally geared toward the need to give a face to the seemingly untangible.
Some faces are not without blame, even if they are only possible footsoldiers and not chiefs.

I do believe that a more constructive approach is to expose the construct, much more than fight the architects. This is not to absolve them of collution... I just believe it's more effective.

If enough people become aware of the system they are enrolled into from the day they are born, the system (and the illusion of self determination) will eventually collapse through mass non compliance... and possible put our lives back in our hands.

I hope anyway!
All The Best,
The 'Guide

JediTheOne said...

Your welcome and here is a little more to add.

You’re either in the trance and don’t see what’s really going on, or you’re out of the trance state. Once you’re out, the perception of what the trance entails increases with every question posed, and the awareness keeps solidifying. The memory of the trance exists even when you see through the scam and deceit.

This is because the new freedom state of existence is non-dimensional and no suggestion has ever been implanted to cause you to forget what was experienced in the trance state. The reason for this is that none of us we’re supposed to get out the trance, ever! The luciferian egregore were certain that the trance would hold.

If you comprehend that humanity is in a mass hypnotic trance, and that the whole 3D experience is an illusion that is perpetuated by a master egregore group hypnotic force, the luciferian mindset, then your trance has been broken.

Douglas Santos said...

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