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MSN - Part 2: "Occupy Together..."

   From the moment Gil Scott-Heron penned the classic  - “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, countless individuals have searched for the true meaning of his words. Since the advent of television, it is claimed that many a revolution has unfolded on the box, for all to see. The truth is that, really, all we see are varying amounts of people making a statement about something for a period of time. This is not to trivialise such matters… as I will explain.

   Context is everything. Why does a revolution happen? There can be a million reasons. Television shows us what it wants us to believe. It sometimes gives us the numbers, the cause, the purpose, the goals, etc, but where is the true context? In terms of television, the only way to know for sure, is if it was a revolution of one person and it came directly from his/her mouth. Even then they could be lying! In which case, you would never truly know what it was all about.

  Years after “The Revolution Will Not…” was written, Heron shed some light on it’s meaning. He said that, “modern revolutions take place in the mind”. This cuts to the heart of the role that the media (and specifically MSN - Mainstream News) plays whenever it goes anywhere near uprisings, protests and revolutions. MSN wants to control your mind - it’s as simple as that! The only time you will get close to understanding what is really unfolding during an uprising, is if it matches with their agenda and suits their purposes.

   The current “Occupy Wall Street” campaign has finally gone global and MSN does not have a clue what to do about it! It may have started as a protest against the”1%” that controls the world economies, but it has become (nothing short of) a mass social awakening. Beside the financial issues of unemployment, job losses, austerity measures, healthcare, pensions, student debt - that have been on display, there are also people taking about censorship, government corruption, oppression, slavery and imprisonment. There are anti-war campaigners, civil liberty groups, anti-nuclear groups, 9/11 truthers, anti-N.W.O. protesters… It is an amazing sight to see and it’s still growing in numbers.

   Naturally, many will not realise this. The MSN has it’s own varied takes on the matter and quite frankly, if it wasn’t such a serious matter, their coverage would be laughable. Several news outlets have ignored it as much as possible and when they couldn’t, their approach was typically dismissive. American MSN (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc) coverage centred on painting campaigners as “Hippies, Students and Antagonists” who “stunk of sweat and urine”, whilst “sitting around playing Peruvian Bongo drums”. One anchor said it was time that they “stop crying and leaching off hard working tax payers, so that you can hang out, like hippies, complaining on Wall Street”. Another said that the those involved were “nasty and ridiculous”. All this from the great minds behind a multi-billion dollar funded, social engineering, mind control Psyop. They certainly got bang for their buck! I personally find it utterly offensive and derogatory.

   In the UK, ITV and SKY have also avoided it where possible. They have bombarded us with 20 minute long stories about Wooten Bassett, the ‘tragedy’ that is the resignation of Liam Fox and (in the case of SKY) hours of coverage of the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor! On Saturday 15th October (the big day for the campaign), one outlet stated that the total number of campaigners in London numbered just over a hundred people. This was clearly a lie. Many reputable web sources can prove that the number was a LOT more.

   The BBC probably realised that not discussing it was damaging their credibility (as if they have any left!) and decided to give the protests SOME attention. However, within every report was the conviction that the movement was “disparate, with no real coherence”. They also showed (on what seemed like a loop) a alleged ‘campaigner’ who said, “When people lose faith, the only option is to riot!”. There’s that old BBC favourite again - Riot…

   Despite MSN’s attempts to underplay the significance of events, the scale of it is getting through. Both RT News and Press TV have devoted significant time in their schedule to show the numbers involved and report some of the lesser known occurrences. It seems that by weekend’s end the number of cities that played host to some form of protest, was over 1500. I have extensively sourced the locations and have put together a US and Europe map to give you an idea of the scale. It is by no means definitive though:

   This is doesn’t even include cities in the Middle East that have taken to the streets in solidarity. There has also been numerous cities in Australia, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Hong Kong, to name a few that have participated. A huge number of cities in Latin America have also taken part in the weekend’s campaign.

   RT News has also reported some interesting factors. In London, police have used the controversial “kettling techniques” on protesters. In Rome, police used tear gas and water cannons against them. There are also claims from several eye witnesses of ‘agent provocateurs’ in Rome. The strangest case occurred in New York when 20 people were arrested by police for attempting to withdraw their savings from Citibank! WHY?!

   The movement has suffered some criticism for appearing leaderless. I actually prefer it this way! Leaders are often nothing more than puppets of the hidden controllers. There is no way to be sure that any form of leadership that comes to fore, will not be usurped in the ‘usual’ way. This movement needs time to grow for it to be truly realised. It may be that the very thing that I often hope for: “conscious (not conscientious) objection and rejection of control”, can grow out of this. Who knows… When somebody does come to the plate, I hope they stay true to their convictions and the spirit of the movement. 

   Patience allows growth. When you leave your parents for the first time, it’s very tempting to run back for safety. We have the chance to outgrow our masters, whilst avoiding becoming them ourselves. I have strayed a little from MSN in this post. Despite being connected, the “Occupy” campaign is too important to ignore…

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