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The Paralympics, Saturn Worship and Other Oddities.

Just when you thought it was safe to forget about “Olympic weirdness”, along comes The Paralympic Games opening ceremony! I’m not entirely sure why I decided to clock it, but I have to say I’m stunned! Did they get all the hoopla wrong? Should these two events have been the other way around in terms of global attention? Who knows if there were less or more eyes on this spectacle, but it seems that those who infiltrate the proceedings with imagery and symbolism have been having a field day with The Paralympics opening ritual. The event made the London Olympics rituals look like a dress rehearsal. I made some extensive notes whilst analysing it, however keeping it in some sort of narrative chronology or context was next to impossible given how downright bonkers it was. I will, never the less, make an attempt.

The title was “Enlightenment”… yes they really were being that brazen! The theme was allegedly liberty and progress through advancement (science and literature featured heavily). On the surface, this seems all well and good in relation to the notion of Paralympic athletes. It didn’t take long to realise that there was a mass of underlying imagery meshed into the proceedings.

Beginning with Stephen Hawking, we were soon presented with 600 dancers with umbrellas (many of whom were flying around the stadium) and quick flashes of words like “flawless” and “precise” across the stadium seating pixels. The inclusion of the umbrella (rain / cleansing) motif is often associated with (what some call) “illuminati” symbology, yet it is also readily connected to the Monarch Mind Control phenomenon. It was also telling that the soundtrack to this was (“Illuminati Princess”) Rihanna’s “Umbrella”. The Tempest / Miranda paradigm was also flagged with a red (Monarch again) umbrella and also included a section where the Miranda character set sail on a red upturned umbrella / “brolly boat”.

The central point of the stadium was a black umbrella. I nearly had a seizure when I thought it had six sides, effectively forming an almost two dimensional representation of the “black cube” – intricate to the Saturn Worship, which is a widespread aspect of the freemasonic / illuminati / agenda players’ belief system. It turned out to have seven sides though! Perhaps six would have been a little too obvious…

The Saturn imagery was still in attendance though. The logo for The Paralympic Games is effectively a graphic of Saturn and its rings and appeared on monitors and flags throughout. The logo consists of 3 “agitos” ("I move" in Latin) orbiting a single point. It is interesting that it sits within the large square (cube) of the 2012 logo. The Paralympic motto: "Spirit in Motion", is also noteworthy. It was also interesting that this flag was raised to the strains of Holst’s “The Planets”. The piece in question was (No not “Saturn”!) “Jupiter”.

How is this relevant? It reminds me of how Stanley Kubrick originally went with the “black cubes” motif, and Saturn as the location of the “stargate” portal in his classic film: “2001 – A Space Odyssey”. It is well documented that his effects team worked on Saturn footage for almost a year before the men in suits stepped in and said, “Absolutely not! We’re going with Jupiter!” Those within the agenda have long laboured their efforts to shift the significance within belief systems (for the perceptions of the masses only) from Saturn to Jupiter. So a nice subtle touch there then!

Despite all of this being hidden within the themes of science and astronomy, anybody who has started to look beneath the surface will know that celestial deification is the root of “accepted” belief systems. In the section: “A Tribute to Navigation”, the nature of the imagery could not have been more apparent when the whole spectacle was flanked by a huge number of dancers forming a hexagon (Cube) pattern across the stadium floor, with lines (rings maybe?) trailing off either side… showing a representation of Saturn as the dominant planet. An unusual hexagonal atmospheric formation has also been photographed on Saturn in the past. Weird eh?!

Another recurring idea that quickly became obvious was the notion of these impaired athletes as “superhuman”. This was reiterated in the accompanying commentary by suggestions that science and technology makes it all possible. They repeatedly explained how “better equipment” makes for “better, more likely to succeed, competitors.” There were also nods (within the literary references used) to “Men like Gods.” This seemed to be backed up with scenes of impaired sports folk flying around the stadium and walking in mid-air. It really does play into the “post-human / trans-human” scenario that is continually applauded by those in the upper echelons of power.

More worrying was the emphasis on military personnel who, having suffered loss of limbs in combat, had gone on to become athletes in The Games. One of those who delivered the ritual torch (who incidentally “flew” into the stadium from the Orbit Tower) was such an example. This, combined with a possible trans-human agenda, is eerily close to the notion of “super soldiers” – an area that more and more alternative researchers are paying close attention to.

As usual, the concept of light and fire was in abundance. There was an action replay of the ritual cauldron lighting from The Olympic ceremony and continual references to “looking to the light”, chanting (close to the start) about “believing in the light”, the song lyrics “eternal source of light divine”, even Bored Coe called the proceedings “a landmark in the progress of mankind toward the light.” The black umbrella eventually became a giant reading lamp (source of light), which broke into seven triangular sections to reveal a golden sphere – incidentally made of several rings.

As the event unfolded, I was struck by how bizarre things were really getting. In the midst of the trippiness, I have to admit to being amused (unintentionally) by the sight of Orbital playing a track with samples from Stephen Hawking. Hawking was placed in the midst of this chaos and the camera tracked past him for a second. It was a surreal sight, like he'd fallen asleep in the middle of an outdoor rave back in the 1990s!

As is often the case with these things, I began to lose the will to live (amongst the incoherence) and simply made notes.There was the usually black, white and red costume/set pieces, several checkerboard patterns, one or two butterflies (again), a maze, a load of green dancers wearing masonic masks and headdresses and several references  (within the framework of “The Tempest”, but ultimately Huxley) to “Brave New World.” There was a giant moon globe hanging over the head of the stadium floor and a sneaky nod to mind control when Miranda is urged to “transform our perceptions” and “break the glass ceiling and set us free.” Even Jon Snow joined in afterwards by saying that he hoped the ceremony would encourage people to “open up our minds and take the next step.”

It was also curious to see just how many royals and politicians were in attendance this time.

A couple of final thoughts: I’ve noticed a few researchers pointing out the heavy involvement of several perception steering groups such as Common Purpose with The Paralympics. Although this wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest (they have affiliations with the London Arts Council, who in turn are associated with these Games), I have yet to look more closely into this. I hope that the likes of Brian Gerrish (who has revealed an awful lot about such activities) will endeavour to highlight any evidence that points to this.

There has also been a disturbing link between 7/7 and The Paralympic Games. Channel 4 (who are broadcasting The Games) presented a film immediately before the commencement of the opening ceremony. The film was about a Team GB Paralympic athlete who has become such as a result of being involved in the tube explosion on that day. Whilst I truly don’t wish to trivialise the traumas suffered by anybody involved in 7/7, I also know that there is a hell of a lot that the mainstream media (and the powers that be) are hiding about it. Continually reinforcing the dogma of half-truths and fear mongering about said fictional terrorists destroys all credibility within the media (as if they have any now anyway!), makes for piss-poor investigative journalism and undermines any attempt to get to the truth of the matter… but I suppose that’s the point in doing it.

At any rate, it should have no place within this setting and certainly not as a sentimental tool to pull at the heartstrings of the masses.

I’m not entirely sure why the organisers of The Paralympics Games have decided that now (rather than a few weeks ago) is the time to pull out the big “illusory” guns. If nothing else, it proves what sick, twisted little minds they have… and why I really should stop paying attention to it.

If we did that though, they’d probably pull a fast one while we weren’t looking!
History has already proven that much.

Until next time.
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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Namaste brother, WOW what a mind manipulating trash fest. Since you have done such a great job of breaking it all down, I will have to find it on you tube.

Thank you as always Carl for taking the time to educate us about the many ways these big events screw with our heads.

In Lak'ech, brother Carl, prosper in knowledge discover information...

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Yeah, it was proper trippy!
I've read on various forums that the "paranoid nut jobs out there" put a crimp in their plans to plaster The Olympic Games with this kind of crap and that The Paralympics is their occult "make-up exam" - now that less eyes are watching!
Who knows...
It was all there in spades though.
If nothing else, it proves there are many influential people involved in this type of perceptual manipulation and that it clearly goes on.
Exposing this is a victory for the waking folk if nothing else.
Cheers my friend.
Carl (The 'Guide)

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