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Sodium Fluoride...

Following my recent bout of kidney stones, I decided to do some additional research into preventative measures. I suffered a similar episode about four years ago and I immediately tried to nail down the factors that are conducive to the appearance of stones in the body. What surprised me is the overlooked role of water fluoridation.
Many GPs will say that the connection between water fluoridation and kidney stones is only theoretical and cite the intake of calcium fluoride in the body as being harmless. This may well be the case, given that calcium fluoride appears naturally in underground water sources and even seawater. Enough of it can cause skeletal or dental fluorosis, which weakens bone and dental matter. However, it is not nearly as toxic (nor does it negatively affect so many other health issues) as sodium fluoride, which is added to many water supplies.

At the time of my initial kidney problems, I was not particularly aware of the intricate nature of our hidden reality and was shocked to learn of the history and implications of sodium fluoride. The introduction into many supplies of drinking water was dismissed in modern historical accounts as a “harmless” industrial by-product dumped in water sources or as an attempt to improve the dental health of the population. It is now generally accepted (although still covered up by the establishment) that water fluoridation for the latter purpose has a negligible, if not non-existent, benefit to our dental health. These are facts folks! There are enough legitimate studies out there to prove the case, if you take the time to look. Yet, it is left to those of us labelled as “kooky conspiracy theorists” to sound the alarm bells…

Further to this, there are historical precedents showing that sodium fluoride has been used (the best example being the Nazi era of Germany) to initiate docility in a segment of the population. The effect included decreased I.Q., lethargy, increased sleepiness and a general feeling of exhaustion. Sound familiar…?

Upon learning that, in the West Midlands (where I live), 100% of the drinking water (for miles in every direction) was fluoridated, I decided to invest in a distillation system for the household drinking water. I genuinely believed that this would be a big step in avoiding further kidney problems. It seems I was mistaken.

The reason may be the underestimated exposure of sodium fluoride intake amongst the general population. Nowadays, sodium fluoride has infiltration our bodies in ways we cannot conceive. Aside from the obvious contamination of many food sources by insecticides, pesticides, chemical spraying and irrigation by fluoridated water, we are also becoming aware of sodium fluoride being added to the actual food at the manufacturing stage. Pre-packaged meals often contain fluoride – either intentionally or via the water added to mulch the meal.

As somebody who is constantly on the go, it is impractical for me to continually transport large quantities of my bottled tap water with me. As a result, I drink a fair amount of commercial bottled water – water which is usually fluoridated.

It seems that there is no escaping the stuff. A cursory look at the phenomenon shows that it seems to be in so many unlikely products. Fluoride can often be found in the likes of milk, bottled juices, soda, and most well-known brands of tea. It is obviously in tooth paste and mouth washes, but it is also in chewing gum, Kleenex tissues, anaesthetics, antibiotics, vaccines, rodenticides, insecticides, household cleaning products, glass-etching or chrome cleaning agents, automobile wheel cleaning products, scotchgard, Teflon, cigarettes (no surprise there though!) and even mattresses! It is also in polluted air. If we further consider the chemtrail phenomenon and the inherent implications, it would not be a stretch to consider the possibility of fluoride factored into it.

In all likelihood, sodium fluoride is in every single cell in our body. When we aren’t exposed to sodium fluoride, we are being bombarded by aspartame, HFCS, MSG, or possibly all four. And upstanding figures within the scientific and medical fields tell us we have nothing to worry about…

I am not trying to jump on the old scare wagon with this. It is important that we become educated in the facts and spread the word. It is possible that with enough weight of awareness, we can stem the fluoridation tide and perhaps even reverse the process. I think of how some individuals have recently boycotted certain businesses because of their questionable tax dealings. Although this particular example will probably accomplish very little, the principle is a good one. Imagine the effect of millions of people boycotting fluoride contaminated products. It might be enough to start the process of significantly reducing sodium fluoride from our daily lives. There are a few products out there that are currently free of this toxic substance. We (including myself) need to work a lot harder to find the alternatives. Our health depends on it!

I realise that this subject is old hat in the alternative arena and we often get complacent when we feel there are bigger metaphotical fish to fry. However, my recent health issues have taught me that we should never get too glib about these matters. They creep up on you, if you take your eye off the ball!

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