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Richard D. Hall at Telford - 2012 UK Tour

Television is one of the most dangerous elements of modern living. If the people of the world truly understood the nature of this WMD (weapon of manipulation and distraction), they would throw them out for the scrap man to collect and never look back. Yet if ever there were one single reason for keeping a TV around, it would be Richard D Hall’s excellent “Richplanet TV” show. I have never missed an episode, thanks to the continued quality of the guests involved, the thoroughness and dry wit of Richard D Hall, and the bravery with which he tackles any given subject matter.

This week I had the chance to witness Richard in action at the Oakengates Theatre in Telford (as part of his 2012 UK Tour.) Every time he has taken to the road I have had gig work that prevented me from attending, so this would be the first time I’d get to see one of his live presentations and I wasn’t disappointed. There was a huge amount of information to jot down in detail, so I apologise if I’ve condensed it a little in places.

The show kicked off at 7pm with a selection of highlights from Richard’s work, some previously unseen footage and the hilarious Bee Gees spoof: “9/11’s a Lie”. The section also included some important updates regarding the recent attempt on the lives of alternative historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.

At 7.30, Richard took to the stage and opened with a news round-up. Here he discussed the various upcoming sports competitions in London that are being ‘protected’ by (of all things) the RAF! He also mentioned the banning of bottled water at the Olympics in case they are ‘liquid bombs’ and joked about people having their bottles of Vimto confiscated. Here he reached for his trademark “Bulls**t Detector”, which got some laughs, applause and cheers from the audience. “We need to cut through the bulls**t and expose the lies”… couldn’t agree more.

He also discussed how Mervin King has stated that the ‘financial crisis’ is ripping the Euro apart. Richard pointed out that the real problems are caused by a flawed monetary system and the systematic theft on the part of the Central Bank. This machine, he said, “keeps the ordinary worker in a state of repression.” He also highlighted some recent cases of animal mutilations – a subject he would talk at length about later.

Richard then introduced himself properly and talked about aspects of his life – specifically his career in engineering. He reminisced about how his mum used to ask him, “Is it really necessary to have a car battery in your bedroom?!” and discussed his reasons for doing a tour, how it helps to fund the continuation of the TV show and his hope that it gives people a chance to meet face to face and discuss things that really matter – rather than solely on the internet where “people are faceless”.

False flag terrorism (and the implications) was the first topic. He pointed to Dr Judy Wood’s book: “Where Did the Towers Go?” Proof that advanced technology was used to carry out 9/11. He also noted 7/7 and the work of Nick Kollerstrom. He said, “you can’t bury your head, ignorance is no good… what I am doing is raising awareness to as many people as possible.”

“Human Race Get Off Your Knees!” Richard agrees with this assessment by David Icke, but thinks that humanity is more likely in one of those wrestling ‘head-locks’. Crucial to this control is The Media. He also expressed that David Rockefeller and the various foundations have controlled (in some form) the US presidents since the 1950s. “Just look at those eyes (David Rockefeller)… p*** holes in the snow!” He pointed to Webster Tarpley and his work “9/11 Synthetic Terrorism” which looks at the structure of false flag operations: ‘the patsies’ (those blamed), ‘the technicians’ (those orchestrating the event) and ‘the mole’ (those that spread the false narrative).
Richard examined the structure of control (that exists today) via five key areas: ‘Money’, the ‘Mind’, the ‘Military’, the ‘Media’, and the ‘Mouth’ (anything we consume). Within these five areas of control are several important issues to consider: how money is distributed, media manipulation and mind control (the direct kind also), false flag operations (which Richard correctly notes that politicians have no influence over), military operations, hidden technology (in use by secretive groups) and the control of commodities (oil, coal, food, water, etc.)

Don’t rely on the politicians, they are just “prostitutes in black suits… chosen because they are malleable.”  He voiced that many politicians are like ‘agony aunts’ who listen to the problems but do next to nothing of value. Richard states that politics is “Pretend Power”, consumed with fake scandals and non-existent issues. “17.5% or 20% VAT… does it matter?! Spending budgets are irrelevant.” In the last election, less than 25% of voters cast a ballot for David Cameron and he still became Prime Minister. Politics is sold to the public as valid. Richard directed us to those that sell us this false notion: the media, with the BBC (specifically Nick Robinson) cited as a good example and concluded that “it’s all bulls**t! They are trying to sell politics to you.” This therefore raises the issue of media control.

The “Hit Piece” has become the latest tool of media perceptual manipulation. It’s not about finding any truths, rather getting witnesses and making them look stupid. Any conclusions are made before the ‘program’ has even been produced. Richard refers to “Renegade Pictures” as a good example of a purveyor of this propaganda. I was interested to see if he would mention his position regarding the forthcoming “UFO Conspiracy Road Trip”, especially given the controversial internet debates about the position of various researchers in relation to this particular hit-piece. On record, he stated that he “is ignoring phone calls” from those involved.

Media attacks upon the individual are common place. An effective example of this exercise can be witnessed in the recent attacks upon Charlie Sheen. Richard mentioned those against David Icke, which have criticised (amongst other things) how his work makes him a bit of money and his past relationships. With this in mind, he asked if it possible to create a hit-piece about the nicest and most undeserving person. In this case, he decided to go with Bobby Charlton! This section presented a fake article (created by Richard himself) which attacks Charlton’s ability to manage a football club, his association with Ryan Giggs, Eric Cantona, etc., his “wayward” brother who “likes to hunt wild animals”, and concludes that the only lasting contribution Charlton will make to history is his bad comb-over! Whilst simply a bit of fun, it proves that it can be done and how effective these pieces can be in influencing public perception and opinion.

Nowhere is media manipulation more obvious than in the recent BBC ‘coverage’ of the developments in Libya. See: ( The Green Square footage, which was exposed by the inclusion of Indian flags being waved, shows the contempt that the media has for the public. He suggests that ITV could have had a field day with this revelation. Instead what do we have? ITV presenting combat footage from Libya which is actually a sequence of computer game footage, filmed from a computer screen by a camera. At this point he hit the ‘Bulls**t Detector’ button again!

All of this questions whether we are witnessing media blindness or (worse) media collusion. Here, Richard examines a hypothetic situation where Nick Clegg instructs his bodyguards to bump off a few fellow politicians. He rhetorically asks if this should be exposed to the public. To emphasise this point, he describes the activities of Iraqi vice president, Tariq Al Hashimi, who was exposed to have instructed his bodyguards to kill fellow ministers. This shocking case has remained unreported in the English speaking, Western media. He reminded us that these politicians (in Iraq, for example) were put in power by The West. The western media has a responsibility to monitor them and account for any untoward activities, yet it rarely ever does. Every bombing or attack in those countries invaded during the ‘war on terror’, is exclusively blamed on extremists and terrorists. He says, “The Media is blind to this completely distorted version of events.”

On the screen appeared the face of Rupert Murdoch. “Do not be fooled by this man!” Richard firmly believes that the phone hacking scandal was an orchestrated farce, with attempts to pull at the heart strings of the public and create an unfounded outrage, resulting in the closure of “The News of the World” newspaper. With the main event taking place over the 5th – 8th July 2011, it is interesting that Murdoch registered the domain name for “The Sun on Sunday” on the 5th of July. Richard asks how he could have had fore-knowledge of the hacking stories / “NOTW” closure. It suggests he was involved in creating the scandal. There is also the date to consider. At this time, there was increased exposure about the true nature of 7/7 via the likes of Muad’Dib and Tony Farrell. Was the hacking scandal also timed to quiet these exposing stories? Richard questions if Murdoch may have orchestrated the demise of NOTW in order to destroy evidence (not related to the phone hacking) and reminds us that he is a “shrewd operator… look at him acting at the enquiry. It’s not real.”

After a short clip from the movie “They Live”, we were asked to consider the nature of money as a form of “legalised theft” and a condensed overview of the fractional reserve system. Richard rightly states that “money should only be used for the exchange of goods and services… you shouldn’t need a bank. You would just need a safe to keep it in.” He proposes that JFK knew all about this (look at what happened to him) and that the Bank of England is at the top of the ‘Wealth Pyramid’. This subject is more fully explained in Richard’s ‘Debt Based Economy’ lecture:

The next subject was the notion of mind control, the effectiveness of hypnosis and the extent of psychotronics. He pointed to the research of Neil Sanders and Dr Rauni Kilde, noted the extensive study of alleged NSA involvement in the practice and discussed the possibility of mind controlled assassins or “Manchurian Candidates”. As an example, the audience was reminded of the demonstration by Derren Brown who instructed an individual to shoot Stephen Fry with a fake gun. The individual had no control over or recollection of the event. Brown himself has even suggested that Sirhan Sirhan was a programmed killer.

This steered the subject into, what some consider, a very controversial area. Richard cited whom he believes may possibly be modern day Manchurian Candidates: Michael Ryan (Hungerford), Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane), Sabina Eriksson (see: “Madness in the Fast Lane”), Derrick Bird, Raoul Moat, Anders Breivik (Norway shootings), Michael Atherton and Mohamed Merah. This is a huge subject to research in its own right, so I have made a few notes of interest for the those wishing to look into it further: Derrick Bird’s solicitor (Kevin Collins) who was trying to sue United Utilities for neglect that resulted in the Cumbrian floods (where a police officer drowned),  the resignation of Phillip Green (United Utilities – also once chief operating officer of Reuters), PC David Rathband who was reported as having committing suicide this year, and Lisa French - crucial to the 7/7 inquest narrative and believed to have undergone cognitive behavioural therapy / rapid eye therapy, which may have messed with her recollection of the event.

Richard moved onto the topic of military operations and hidden technology. He asked if we really need or want Predator-style drones in the skies over the UK – something currently being proposed. He then turned to the work of Dr Judy Wood and the use of directed energy weapons. At this point, Richard took a 15 minute break allowing for an apt segue way into his new video “9/11 Video and Radar Analysis”. Rather than try to explain the huge amount of work he has undertaken to produce the film, I suggest you watch the 20 minute film now and then continue to read the rest of my post:

The film is a revelation and raises a number of new questions which are crucial to 9/11 research. Is it possible that those supporting the idea of doctored footage (such as Simon Shack of “September Clues” fame) are barking up the wrong metaphorical tree? If Richard’s hypothesis is correct, it could mean that what people saw and filmed was a projection into the sky of a fake plane, projected by some sort of drone – as indicated in the Rades 3 US Military Radar data, and certainly consistent with the “cartoon physics” of the alleged ‘plane impacts’. In other words, the videos were real and the plane was fake, not fake videos of a real plane. Below is additional footage to go with the film & an article by Andrew Johnson:

After the video, a few people asked some questions regarding 9/11 in general and the alleged passengers of the alleged planes. Richard knows of a travel agent who checked the four related flights on 9/11. It appears that after 9/11, it was still possible to book flights on said planes. Curious that…

One audience member asked questions about Thermite and Richard asked Andrew Johnson to take the stage. Andrew managed to cover the relevant evidence in the space of a few minutes and set the record straight: The Qui-Tam cases, the field interference, The Hutchison Effect, Hurricane Erin, etc. On a personal note, I am always surprised by the continual referral to Thermite amongst the alternative community. I’m convinced now that Thermite is a dead end issue in 9/11 research, but that’s just me!

Richard continued with a look at the expansive work of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, and their discoveries regarding the real King Arthur and the true resting place of The Ark of the Covenant. Academia will not even look at their evidence, many ‘mainstream’ researchers have gone out of their way to discredit this alternative historical perspective and attempts have even been made upon their lives. He believes “they are valid researchers because of their King Arthur work… I have no idea if that Ark is there or not, but I do have confidence in their work.”

People often ask Richard about 2012 and what might happen. He joked, “Do I look like Mystic Meg!?” With regards to the London Olympics, he points to the curious disaster predicted in the Rockefeller Foundation document: “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” ( and refers to the work and death of Rik Clay. He admits though that he doesn’t know what may happen at the Olympics.

The work of Bill Cooper & “Behold a Pale Horse” was next. Cooper predicted the events of 9/11 ten weeks earlier (28th June 2001) and also noted how CNN managed to interview Bin Laden not long before. It therefore seems strange that the intelligence agencies couldn’t locate Bin Laden after 9/11!

He then ventured into the area of Ufology and hidden technology. Stan Deyo claims that the curtain came down on anti-gravity technology during the 1950s and Richard suggests that the global agenda of the last 60 years may be directly connected to this point. It is even more plausible if you consider the true nature of 9/11. On this subject, he referred back to Bill Cooper who reportedly witnessed UFO activity during his time in Vietnam. Cooper also noted the possible existence of an EBE (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity) that was captured in 1947 and lived until 1952, discussed NASA space flights that have been monitored by UFOs, structures and bases on the Moon, witnessed Roswell documents / autopsy photos and suggested the existence of underground facilities in Dulce, New Mexico. This is a commonly held belief. Timothy Good’s book, “Unearthly Disclosure”, documents at least 10 secret subterranean bases across the world.

Richard was trying to raise an important issue at this point. It seems that all these aspects of Ufology, mind control, secret bases, hidden technology, even ET communication (see: Dan Sherman), they all tend to circle back to the NSA. He also showed that the NSA runs GCHQ.

The final section of the night covered the bizarre phenomenon of animal mutilation and the question of whether a non-human intelligence is responsible. It appears that no one has ever been seen, caught or arrested in relation to these mutilations. Richard has worked extensively in the past with David Cayton and the Animal Pathology Field Unit, some of which has been documented in his films “Silent Killers” & “Silent Killers in Sussex”.

A possible explanation for this phenomenon is proposed in the research of Dr Phillip S Duke, who posits that these animals could be incubators to harvest some form of anti-bodies and that they have also been chipped/implanted for the purpose of monitoring and tracking. It is obvious that there appears to be a number of operatives who keeping an eye on these mutilations. Richard considers the work of Duke as a possible theory, but remains on the fence about it. He also noted the work of Mike Freebury – “Killers on The Moors”.

The mutilations are normally very precise and include the stripping of the jaw area (possibly the location of a tracking implant), removal of the reproductive organs, rectal coring, small holes with sealed edges, etc. The case of a mutilated seal on the Norfolk coast revealed an unusual spiral cut. The phenomenon is longstanding and continues to this day. Cases in January this year alone include: a pony (in Carmarthen) and 2 stallions (Cornwall & Devon respectively). Richard explained that animal owners are getting p***ed off with the authorities and their vague attempt at an explanation.

More strangely however, it seems that animals seem to be moving and disappearing en masse. In April 2000, 248 ewes silently vanished from a secure barn in Worksop. The nearby Sheepdog remained undisturbed all night, the yard was clean (no poo!) and it appears that it took place between 1.30 and 6am. Where did they go? Four miles away, 1268 sheep vanished over the course of 3 nights.

In Lincolnshire, 1500 sheep (597 ewes and 901 lambs) disappeared from a field. The BBC claimed that they had been “stolen” for an “illegal abattoir” and that it was likely done in the dark.  Detective constable Nick Jones stated that whoever was responsible “knew what they were doing”, that they were “organised” and needed “necessary transport”. At a quarter of an hour per lorry load, 1500 sheep would be noticed by somebody. Jones therefore states that the only option is that they had to have been slaughtered. All a bit Bob Lazar me thinks! There is no end of debate regarding the nature of animal mutilations. Richard suggested that they may have been taken as a source of food – just not in the conventional sense though!

He thanked everybody for coming and opened the floor to questions from the audience. These included views on The Titanic, Bin Laden and Team Six, the location of The Ark of the Covenant, and Russia Today / Julian Assange – somebody he warns to be very wary of. The audience seemed impressed with the night and continued to approach him individually for quite some time afterwards. I tried to do a head count to get an idea of how many people had attended, but it was difficult in the darkness of the theatre. I suspect it was easily in the region of 150 people, probably more.
There’s no denying that Richard is a consummate professional, who brings a touch of showmanship (in the most positive sense!) to all he does. His stage presence (combined with an ability to inform AND entertain) is part of the appeal to his large viewership. Yet it is the intention and conviction that sets him apart from the sea of vacuous media figures that saturate our culture.  Let us hope that “Richplanet TV” remains (and grows) in the public consciousness for many more years to come.

As a post-script to this article, I was lucky enough to be asked to go for a few bevvies with Richard and Andrew Johnson (who so kindly offered to ferry me to the event).We had a few laughs as Richard circumnavigated an island for about 5 minutes whilst he adjusted his satnav, prompting Andrew to sing the theme tune to “The Magic Roundabout”! It was great spending a few hours in their company and gaining some insight into their views on a variety of subjects. Both are well informed, a real good laugh and a couple of top blokes, and I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to spend some time with them.

Don’t forget that all of Richard’s shows are archived on his website: and can be viewed every week on Sky channel 201 / Showcase TV. They are well worth taking the time to watch, if you haven’t already.

Until Next Time.
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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Anonymous said...

Just want to make the point here that Richard wa sno invited to contribute to the Conspiracy Road Trip UFO Show on the advice of some of the group taking part. The BBC listened to what the people starring in it said and decided not to apporach him. Good job they didn't.

captron52 said...

Hi Carl Once again you have given us much to think about and to chew on.Thanks for your efforts as i believe you are helping many of us to use our minds to finally really "think" about this world of ours.Keep up the great work!The best to you and yours

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Many thanks for the your support Cap. Richard D Hall deserves the credit though, for his tireless effort.
All the best my friend.
Carl (The 'Guide)

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Re: UFO Conspiracy Road Trip.

I respect your position b8449.
Whether Richard participates or was asked/or not, is beside the point. I don't currently know who will be involved with the 'program', but I have no ill toward them either.

My concern is with the BBC because my respect for them is about as low as low can get.

For at least the last 6 years (possibly much longer) they have shown themselves to be contemptable toward the general public of this country on countless occasions and are totally irresponsible in their continual attempts to engineer detrimental social attitudes and perceptions.

In short, I wouldn't trust them if I was on fire and they offered me a bucket of water.
I apologise for being blunt, but that's how it is.

I appreciate you taking the time to comment though.
All the best.
Carl (The 'Guide)

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother, fantastic synopsis of what sounds like a fantastic lecture. I have always maintained that there is no hard evidence to indicate any planes actually flew into those towers.

I am convinced the video footage was of a HAARP vision attributed to the scalar technology frequency modulation.

Slowly but surely the chains of slavery are made clear, too f!!%$343 bad it has to be one link at a time.

In Lak' ech, brother Carl, visionary of truth....

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Many thanks Christopher.
Yeah it's trippy technology to say the least. If true, which I suspect it is in some form, then the ramifications are mind numbing.
It's certainly one thick skinned onion - the truth!

Peace & all the best my friend.
Carl (The 'Guide)

Andrew Johnson said...

Thanks Carl - it was a good night all round - good to meet you as well. I think the folks reading don't realise what a busy chap you are - because your other talents are often in demand! This is an excellent write up, as ever.

And just to add, I had agreed with Richard I would come to the event to sell a few DVDs and books and agreed to meet Carl on the way!

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

I had a great night. Very informative stuff, especially the new 9/11 analysis.
Thanks again for all your support.
All the best.
Carl (The 'Guide)