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Eleven Years Later...

Today is the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. A year ago, I wrote over a dozen articles addressing certain factors that set the stage for the tragedy of that fateful day, the events themselves and the legacy that was left for the world. My views have changed a fair amount since posting those articles (the articles remain in the blog archive, should anybody wish to see my perspectives at the time) and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m glad they have.

The event itself remains (in my belief) the biggest cover up in history – not only the implications and the global changes that followed, but also the deeper levels of deceit that have distorted mass perceptions even further. In drawing these conclusions, I have often asked myself: how deep does the rabbit hole really go?

There are several factors that have reshaped my understanding of 9/11. I have a huge amount of respect for the people who have worked tirelessly to uncover the hidden layers of 9/11. Without sounding like I’m banging the drum for them, I genuinely believe we are indebted to them – not only for their work, but also for remaining true to their convictions and not selling out to a more “convenient” stand point. If you haven’t already, I hope you will take the time to follow up these areas of research. This is a brief look at some of the areas I feel are critical to a legitimate investigation of 9/11. I’ve also included some links to relevant information.

“Where Did The Towers Go?”

Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufWggCESyDg
Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4XDN9sY3GI
Dr Judy Wood’s book is (in my opinion) the current “Rosetta Stone” of 9/11 truth. The information not only dismantles many of the myths about what happened to the WTC Towers, but also raises questions about the true levels of technological capabilities that may exist in the world today. It takes the evidence to a whole new level of meaning, with staggering implications for humanity. With this is mind, it is understandable that many people have fallen over themselves to debunk and discredit her and her work. It never the less remains a shameful act. Such activities are documented in:

“9/11 – Finding the Truth”

I accept that there will always be people who believe the “official” version of events without question, despite the fact (no matter how much it is denied) that the evidence tell a very different story. There are also those who have embraced a limited position of “truth”. Andrew Johnson’s book “Finding the Truth” exposes the lengths some of these folk will go to in order to rally those in the alternative community behind specific concepts – having the effect of muddying the waters so much, with regard to 9/11. The book also raises questions about the true motives of these individuals and reveals how they connect to a much larger agenda of suppressing the true levels of directed free energy technology, mass perceptual management and controlled opposition – which brings me to:


Activism and “truth seeking” often leads to the “movement” phenomenon. It is understandable that people (who feel the need to ‘do something’) would want to rally behind a group or movement, believing it is far more effective than going it alone. There are two flaws here. Firstly, activism can be achieved in many ways. Sometimes, revealing the information to others is more than enough. There is no real need to “recruit” people. Let the people decide for themselves and take their own path. Surely we can all agree that this should be the basic principle of finding truth. Secondly, individual thinking is far more productive than a mass of people all saying (virtually) the same thing. I know it may sound extreme, but there is something very “cultish” about it all. Most groups are “controlled opposition” – whether you want to admit it or not. The evidence is clear. Intelligence agencies have poured huge resources into creating or co-opting movements and groups. If your modus operandi for finding truth is so you don’t feel alone in your beliefs (although this not a very healthy motivation!), remember that you are never really alone. We are all in this together… you don’t need to sign up or anything! This dovetails into:

“The Alternative Community”
What we (collectively) are discovering is very dangerous and threatens any plans that the agenda players may have for our future. I believe that part of the reason for 9/11 occurring, was to reassert mass perceptions of the world. The effect pulls people in line with “accepted notions” and isolates anybody who can be bothered to think and question the bigger picture. This may be by design. There are growing numbers of individuals in the larger alternative community who are "limiters", disinformation agents and fear mongers. Others buy into the information ( these "truthers" spread) and unwittingly perpetuate it, often with nothing more than the best of intentions. With enough time and research, it is possible to recognise the contradictions in the information. You can usually find the reality somewhere in the middle.

Some other considerations regarding 9/11:

“Richard D Hall’s Video and Radar Analysis”

Like many people, I was drawn to Simon Shack’s film “September Clues”, which suggested that the visual footage of the “plane impacts” were generated (possibly CGI, etc.) Certainly, the footage displayed oddities in the craft themselves and the “cartoon physics” of said “impacts”. Richard D Hall’s careful analysis of the footage, combined with radar data and 3D modelling has revealed two “flight paths”. One is the “impact” path, while the other misses the towers completely. If we consider the nature of the “impact” footage, it is my belief that we what we are dealing with is, not faked footage, rather an aircraft (of some type, following the path that misses the towers) “projecting” the image of the “impact” plane into the sky – therefore appearing “real”... or something to that effect anyway. This also perhaps ties into one final area of study that seems to have been largely discarded in 9/11 research:

“The Pentagon
Whilst I still have a lot of questions about the research of the Citizen Investigation Team, their 2006 investigation of The Pentagon eyewitnesses appeared to show something of interest. A significant number of accounts put “an aircraft” in a very different position in the sky, to that of the “official flight path”. You have to wonder if this may mirror the “plane” scenario that has been raised in Richard D Hall’s research. The Pentagon aspect is difficult because of the lack of evidence. For this reason, many now ignore this part of 9/11. There may be something even more significant (yet to be uncovered about this specific event) that may add to the weight of overall 9/11 evidence in the future.

We must always keep in mind “the human factor” to 9/11. As with all these events, many often forget about the victims and their families. Without sounding trite, we owe it to their memory (as well as to future generations looking back on that day) to continue to talk about what really happened and support legitimate areas of research. By doing this, we may avoid having to witness something of its kind ever again.

Be vigilant, keep your minds open and spread the word.
All the best.

The Truth Seeker’s Guide.


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