Saturday, 29 September 2012

Some Updates, Derby Event & New BBC Conspiracy Road Trips

The last few weeks have been a busy time for me. Aside from my truth album project and preparing my first talk, I’ve also had to deal with some work related glitches and juggle a few other things. It really is a shame that we live in a world where we are trapped within the money concept and therefore have to work in order to get any. I’m not a slave to material consumerism, but even finding the money to pay the bills and get the essentials, highlights the disproportionate gulf between the cost of living and wages. It is a vicious circle and therein lies the trap, not only is it incredibly difficult to get out of this system – but it was designed (and is still perpetuated) that way. Imagine what we could accomplish if we didn’t have our noses to the grindstone all the time! This is a subject for another time though…

This Sunday (30th September 2012) is the “Not on the Six O’clock News” event in Derby. I posted all the details in my last article and you can get the full lowdown here:
Times: 11am - 10pm (Doors Open 10:30am)
Location: YMCA Derbyshire, 770 London Road, Wilmorton, Derby, DE24 8UT.

I just wanted to remind folks about it because it really will be worth attending if you can. Not only is it a bargain (at £15 - for a full day event), but the speakers are also amongst the finest researchers around. Andrew Johnson is organising (and speaking at) the event, with additional 2 hour presentations from Richard D Hall, Neil Sanders and Lloyd Pye. I had the opportunity to see Lloyd’s latest presentation at Truth Juice in Birmingham just over a week ago and was staggered by the implications of his evidence regarding The Starchild Skull. The same can be said of the research of all the speakers who will be attending. It really is “open your eyes” stuff!

Also, don’t forget that the BBC will be airing the first of their new propaganda/hit pieces on Monday. The subject of the first Conspiracy Road Trip “programme” is 7/7. Although I would never recommend anything that “Auntie Beeb” excretes out the TV screen, it is worth watching in order to gain some insight into how the creation industry is dedicated to screwing with the perceptions of the masses. It also should allow anybody who has researched the true nature of this false flag event, to better set the record straight with those who might buy into the lies perpetuated in the media.
Here are some (ahem) “details”:
And the dates and times can be found here:

I should be back to posting more regular articles next week.
Until then, thanks for your continued support and readership. It really is appreciated.
Keep smiling and the best to you all.
Carl (The ‘Guide)


Christopher Dos Santos said...

eedscaph 7Namaste brother, have a fantastic time and good luck with your imminent speaking engagement.

In Lak'ech, prosper in truth.....

captron52 said...

Hey Carl I know what ya mean about having to have money.Maybe we should be like our president Mr Obama aznd just print more money as we need it? No wait, that is illegal for us citizens and only ok if you are the government.What does that tell ya about the U S plan for the economy? You got any room in England for me old friend?Hope all is well with you and yours these days!

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Many thanks Chris.
Hope all is well with you.
All the best my friend.
Carl (The 'Guide)

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Cheers Cap.
I'm afraid it's no better here... indeed, the world over.
Although I am amusing myself with thoughts of a £20 note with my grinning mug on it. I'd also get rid of all that masonic imagery and replace it with little smiley faces!!
"The Bank of Carl" - the bank that likes to say "help yourself"!
All the best my friend.
Carl (The 'Guide)

Andrew Johnson said...


Many thanks for your mention/write up of the event.

I am glad to report we had a magnificent day - 150 people were there for some of the time - and probably over 100 for most of the day. DVD's will be available before too long!

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

No probs Andrew.
I'm really glad there was such a good turn out. Hopefully folk will take away what they've learned on the day and spread the word to others.
Once the DVDs are ready, I will set up a permanent link in the side bar.
All the best!
Carl (The 'Guide)