Monday, 10 September 2012

The Paralympic Closing Ceremony - Stadium Layout

 Just a few more details now that I've had a better look at the podium designs and general layout of the stadium floor. The detail in this picture is pretty good. As I've said before, I'm no expert on interpreting such things, but one or two details have sprung to mind. The overall layout (including the symbols on the podium) are very similar to some of the many crop circle designs witnessed over the years. This is not really a debate about the validity of the phenomenon - some are clearly man made (even many of the very intricate ones), whilst some defy conventional explanations. Obviously, some unseen hand did not swoop down and design the layout for The Paralympic Closing Ceremony, but the parallels are interesting. Here are a few crop circle designs (how they were created is unimportant in this context) along similar lines:

There are also some aspects of the masonic / occult / magick symbolism that can possibly be interpreted from the design. I've included an overall layout here, with some examples for consideration. The most striking comparison is with The ‘Monas Hieroglphica‘ (one glyph) -

"an emblem proposed originally by Athanasius Kircher and expanded on by Dr. John Dee for his sixteenth century treatise on the creation of a mystical symbolic language of the same name. The figure is based on the Egyptian Ankh and contains symbols of the seven planets/alchemical metals: The sign of Aries, the cardinal sign of the zodiac: A cross representing the four primal elements: The sign of Sol, the sun, and alchemical gold: A lunar crescent, alchemical silver: The symbol appears in other places, notably, the “Speculum Veritatis,” or Mirror of truth, an alchemical text."

Strange stuff anyway! Whoever says that there simply is nothing to all The Olympic speculation, isn't really looking. If nothing else, the symbolism is clearly visible. What it all means... that's for you to decide.

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