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BBC 7/7 Bombings: Conspiracy Road Trip

On Monday, the BBC aired the first of three new “Conspiracy Road Trip” programmes. The subject: the 7/7 bombings. For those of us already familiar with the “hit piece” nature of these shows (thanks to last year’s 9/11 Conspiracy Road Trip) the tone  was hardly surprising. Four researchers (or “conspiracists”, as the BBC called them) were taken around the UK, retracing the steps of the alleged bombers, interviewing “experts” and those affected by the events, as well blowing up a London bus in a quarry.

As comedian Andrew Maxwell introduced us to the trippers (Layla Randle-Conde, Davina, Tony Topping and Jon Scobie) he made no bones about the true intentions of this programme: to “change the minds” of those involved. In an ideal world, such a programme should obviously have been more concerned with examining the questions that have been raised about the official 7/7 narrative. Sadly, we don’t live in such a world.

As with the previous 9/11 piece, the issues raised were confined to a few of the more obvious aspects that anybody (believer or not) could easily answer for themselves. The first matter: whether or not the alleged bombers were capable of being just that, involved going to the home town of the four individuals and talking to people in the community about their suspicions. It was strange that the programme highlighted how uncomfortable people have become in voicing their concerns and opinions, for fear of reprisals. It is also a shocking reminder of the land we really live in, one where it is dangerous to have an opinion. The issue here of not suspecting a person of being capable of terror or murder is superfluous to the subject. We hear stories everyday of how the nice, friendly neighbour or family member we thought we knew, has suddenly bludgeoned somebody, etc. We also know there are people with sick minds, capable of carrying out horrendous terrorist attrocities. Interviewing a psychiatrist about the surprise felt in a community about such events, adds nothing new here.

Neither does recreating a train journey to see if one can arrive within the same time frame as a previous journey, as witnessed when the four trippers retraced the steps of the four alleged bombers. Public transport is notoriously unreliable. Trying to arrive on the dot on several journeys following the same route at the same time of day is nothing short of a miracle.

The next matter raised was the absence of CCTV footage on the tube itself and the underground platform. Whilst expert Brian Paddock admitted that he didn’t really know why this was the case, his point about possible equipment failures is a plausible one, although a bit convenient. More importantly, I noticed the absence of any discussion about the mysterious car caught on car park CCTV when the four men parked their own car (as addressed in previous shows of Richplanet TV regarding 7/7) and the anomalies within the existing CCTV footage – such as limbs that seem to pass through metal railings, etc.

In order to drive home any feelings of guilt we should feel for remotely questioning our so called “honest” leaders and media, we were presented with somebody who was front and centre in the event. This matter has evoked a strong reaction within the media following the programme. It has been suggested by many that even discussing 7/7, especially in this context, is insulting and disrespectful to those involved and the families of the victims.

As I have said many times in the past, I have never meant any disrespect when addressing issues like 7/7 and 9/11. I cannot conceive of what it is must be like to be in the shoes of someone who has suffered a loss in such an event. The only thing I do know is that if I had lost somebody in that way, I would want to know how it happened and why. If the person offering me the answers was somebody I trusted, I would accept their answer. If they had no answer to give, I could begrudgingly accept it. But if the answers were given by somebody I didn’t trust, I feel I would owe it the person I loved to keep asking until I knew for sure, and if there was even a remote chance that I’d been lied to I would want to know why.

Returning to the programme, further questions were raised about whether or not the alleged bombers were patsies or duped into their actions, whilst a secondary operation was conducted. This raised the mock terrorist drills conducted by Peter Power’s security outfit at the same time and in the same location as the events that occurred. Power’s unsurprisingly declined to take part, but did issue a statement that the mock drill was confined to a single room with only six people sitting around a table. Much of the information regarding this drill and Peter Powers has been glossed over in the programme, so I will include links at the end for anybody interested in learning more.

The next issue was the notion of pre-planted bombs under the tube carriages. Counter Terrorism Consultant Chris Hunter claimed that the pattern of destruction was consistent with bombs in the carriages, rather than beneath. He also said, “To suggest that the government would carry out an attack against its own people, is quite frankly ridiculous.” He has obviously never heard of Operation Gladio then… one of many examples proving that such things have happened throughout history.

The final aspect concerned whether or not homemade devices could blow up a London bus, by taking a London bus to an abandoned quarry and doing just that. This obviously proved that it could be done, but doesn’t really prove anything else!

A final interview with the father of a 7/7 victim rounded out the program.

The usual tactic of including plenty of footage of crying, shouting, arguing and “I’ve seen the light!” moments filled much of the rest of the hit piece. As with the 9/11 piece, key issues were also blatantly ignored. The 7/7 programme employed a couple of new, quite subtle tactics. Layla purposely set up several scenarios in order to “catch out” Tony. Those unfamiliar with these two individuals may have fell for the set-up, however I have had a few questions about these two for a while. I cannot for the life of me understand how Layla ever became involved in this trip, other than because she seems to fit the goals of the programme makers. I knew from the moment I saw her name involved, that she would end up professing her belief in the official story. Tony, whilst maybe having the best of intentions, has made a few bizarre statements over the years in various talks and articles on other subjects. Davina, I know nothing about. Jon Scobie, on the other hand, conducted himself very well and stood fast to his position until the end. Whilst I may not agree with his some of his views on certain matters, I respect him for having the balls to stick with his principles.

Jon has given an interview since the programme aired, revealing some interesting details about the production. It seems that over 35 hours of footage was filmed of the trippers and carefully edited for effect. He claims that he raised many of the crucial issues surrounding 7/7 and made continual references to Gladio and MI5's admitted involvement in Real IRA bombings, all of which were cut. He raised the admitted prior knowledge of 7/7 such as the warning received on that very morning by Bibi Netanyahu , who was due to attend a conference in a hotel situated directly above where one of the blasts took place, which was also cut. He also says that the director continually tried to prompt them into making statement that would better suit their goals in the programme. I understand that you cannot really air a 35 hour programme, but you would have thought that such important information would have remained... alas this is the BBC we are talking about.

He also claims that an interview with terrorism expert Crispin Black, has Black slamming Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, Jack Straw, et al, regarding the Downing Street memos and the Iraq debacle. He also says that they “dug their own graves” and “need to be held up for treason”. Unsurprisingly, this never made the final cut.

There was a slight change in tone between this road trip and the last. The final interview with the father of a victim has him questioning why intelligence agencies failed to prevent 7/7, given that they had been monitoring one of the alleged bombers for possibly 10 years. This is quite a critical view of UK intelligence and doesn’t especially make it into such BBC hit pieces.

There was also an interesting remark made by Maxwell in the closing moments: “Who am I to be suspicious of the media, the political classes or the cops, I am too…”

It is possibly that the BBC realised that many people saw through the charade with the last road trip. Perhaps they believed by being just a little more user friendly, it may restore their credibility. Unfortunately for them, this doesn’t wash with many people anymore. You’ve been ratted out, Auntie Beeb! We know that you are riddled with Tavistock and Common Purpose graduates, and we can see you for what you are.

This is nothing to do with us believing in “conspiracies”, as you think. It’s just that people have long since stopped trusting you…

And like the story of the boy who cried wolf, we ain’t listening anymore.

Until next time,
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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Hey Carl. How's it going man? This is really a great entry.Thanks for sharing your point of view with us.

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Namaste brother, what more could we expect from the BBC!

I listened to a couple of the interviews, the photos you included put some faces to the names. Thanks for sharing this detailed analysis.

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