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What Really Happened at The London Olympics?

I’m sorry for my absence of late! It has been a busy time due to my on-going truth album project and preparing for my first 2 hour talk. The album is going well. Over half of it is pretty much recorded now, although I’ve had some problems with compression quality, etc. I’ve relocated to another studio to re-record some of the vocal tracks in order to improve the sound levels. I’ve been asked when I’ll post some of it here and have decided to upload a raw version of the (currently) last track of the album for you to listen to - which will be in the next post. Please understand that it is a bit rough round the edges though! The clean version of the track is being readied as I write this.

As for my talk, I’ve pasted the details from Truth Juice Birmingham’s website below. The presentation is entitled: “What Really Happened at The London Olympics?” I have built upon the research I did for my London 2012 blog series and incorporated a load of new and quite “eye-brow raising” information have recently uncovered. I will be speaking at The New Billesley (Birmingham), 8pm, on Tuesday 27th November 2012. Here are the details:

“What Really Happened at The London Olympics?”

From the moment London was announced as the host city for the 2012 Olympic Games, speculation began about the true significance of this event. All the signs suggested that this could possibly be a defining moment in history – along the lines of 9/11. Many alternative researchers became convinced that it would be a platform for a staged, false flag event – a terrorist attack or ET encounter. In the months leading up to The Games, this speculation began to filter into the mainstream media… unusual given how they usually take great steps to discredit such notions.

Many people were left scratching their heads, when London 2012 came and went without any such event. The general consensus was that “nothing happened”.

For the last several months, Carl James has been studying the entirety of London 2012 and discovered that The Games were far from uneventful. Indeed, it appears that a carefully orchestrated assault upon the psychological senses of the world took place.

In this talk, Carl will investigate the circumstances that established the idea of an “event”, examine the context of these theories within the alternative community and dissect the evidence for a mass occult related “psy-op” within The Games themselves. What we think we know is just the tip of the iceberg…

Carl James has spent much of his life interested in alternative knowledge and the hidden global agenda. His interest has reached a whole new level of awakening in the last several years though. He is author of the popular Internet blog site: “The Truth Seeker’s Guide”, a part-time health care professional and full time musician and singer / songwriter. Alongside his musical work, he spent 14 years as front man for the UK’s top tribute band to rock legends The Who. He is currently working on self-written material for a “truth” themed album project entitled: “Songs For Chaotic Times”.

Artist: Carl James
Date: Tuesday, November 27th 2012
Time: 8:00pm
City: Birmingham | West Midlands
Venue: The New Billesley
Address: Kings Heath
Venue phone: 0121 444 3563 ‎
Country: United Kingdom
Admission: £5 or £3 Concessions
Age restrictions: All Ages/License

You can also click the link in the “Upcoming Events” section of the right side bar of this blog. There are also links to Andrew Johnson’s upcoming talk “Infinite Energy: But Not for The Masses”, Neil Sanders “Your Thoughts are not Your Own” and various dates for Dr Judy Wood’s upcoming visit to the UK and Holland.

All The Best!
Carl (The Truth Seeker’s Guide)

Books available from Carl James:
Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda - Volume One -
Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda - Volume Two -
What Really Happened at the London 2012 Olympics -

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