Saturday, 18 May 2013

Richard D Hall - 2013 UK Tour Details

Richard D Hall, host of Richplanet TV, will shortly be commencing his 2013 UK Tour.
Some of the venues have sold out so if you wish to catch one of his talks, now is the time to book your seats.

Richard has consistantly presented some of the finest alternative researchers on his show, as well being a comprehensive researcher in his own right. If you live in the UK and have the opportunity to get to one of his talk, I can thoroughly recommend him.
You won't be disappointed!

2013 UK Tour details from the website:

Ticket price is £10, plus 90p for paypal charge & postage. Once you purchase your ticket(s) you will receive them in the post within 28 days. NOTE If you buy a ticket AFTER 15th May 2013, please print out your paypal recepit as proof of purchase and bring it, as a physical ticket will not be posted out after that date. The evening events will start usually at 7:30pm and go thorugh till 10:30pm. The afternoon events will start at noon and finish at around 4pm. There may be minor changes to the venues & dates listed so please check the website on or after 1st November, all venues and dates will be 100% confirmed by 1st November 2012.

An update on all Richplanet subjects will be covered in the talks. More detailed information on the subject areas will be posted on this page in the coming weeks. There will also be plenty time for discussion or questions.
Richard is liasing with a number of objective UFO researchers and has also received testimonies from hundreds of UFO witnesses. These testimonies have not been published before. Findings from the research will be presented in the talk. Taking a 100% objective study of UK UFO reports in recent years and in past decades it is possible to build a reasonably accurate picture of the unidentified objects that are in our skies. What they look like, and even the technology which may be being used to power them. Once we have described and proven the nature of these craft, we can then start to address the question, who do they belong to and where are they originating from? Also covered in this section will be an expose of how the subject is being mis-prepresented by a host of bogus individuals (pretenders) who have been put out into the "UFO research" field, and also certain researchers who have been bought off to encourage them to muddle up, cheapen and discredit one of the most important issues on the planet. 
Continuing from last years talk about the mainstream media this years talk will go further to expose what is being done not only to control mainstream media, but also to control what is termed "the alternative" media. It seems that in terms of information, the new threat was coming from the growing area sometimes known as the truth movement. A number of very questionable organisations, TV and radio shows (more pretenders) have been put out in the last few years some of which are the opposite of what they purport. As Lenin once said the way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves and this is what is happening in the so called alternative media. 

Updates on the Wilson and Blackett conspiracy and an update on the Richplanet 7/7 campaign will be included. 

A number of other research areas will be covered, some of which will not be specified here as I want to keep my powder dry so to speak.

Full details and ticket purchasing can be found at the following link

Dates & Venues:

Sun 19.5.2013  12 noon
Powerleague, Dunston, NE8 2HD SOLD OUT
Tue 21.5.2013  7:30pm
The Iron Horse, 115 West Nile Street, G1 2SB SOLD OUT 

Wed 22.5.2013  8:00pm
Northern Ballet, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7PA 

Thu 23.5.2013  7:30pm
Adelphi Hotel, Ranelagh Street, L3 5UL

Birmingham (Bedworth)
Sat 25.5.2013  1:00pm
Bedworth Liberal Club, 22 King Street, CV12 8HT

Tue 28.5.2013  7:30pm
Grand Atlantic Hotel, Beach Road, BS23 1BA  

Wed 29.5.2013  7:30pm
Southampton Park Hotel, 12-13 Cumberland Place, SO15 2WY

Thu 30.5.2013  7:30pm
Reading Irish Centre, 96-104 Chatham St., RG1 7HT

Fri 31.5.2013  6:30pm
Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, W1T 6AQ

Sat 1.06.2013  1:00pm
Leytonstone School, Colworth Road, Leytonstone, E11 1JD


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Carl; although I do not necessarily subscribe to Richards UFOlogy premise, I respect the man for being honest, straightforward and always an intelligent character with reasonable views.

I hope you are feeling well enough to attend this years Rich Planet expose.

In Lakèch, brother Carl, prosper with love..... live with health...

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

I'm totally with you Chris.
I'm a little in the greyer areas of Ufology, but he really does deliver with a level-head, sincerity and credibility...
Which is always a good sign!

I'm still getting there health wise but, all being well, I shall be attending Richard's talk this weekend and hope to cover it here shortly.

All the best my friend.
Carl (The 'Guide)

captron52 said...

Hi Carl. I personally don't have any particular mindset as to ufo's but I have to believe that there is intelligent life beyond this planet. If not I would say too much space is being wasted! Hope you are able to attend and enjoy the talks. As always the best to you and yours.

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Cheers Ron.
There does seem to be evidence that a sizeable amount of the UFO phenomenon has been "staged managed" in some manner, however there are still many cases that raise a lot of questions.
Do I think that the ET/UFO phenomenon is real? Cautiously, I would say yes... although it may a manifestation of something we haven't even considered yet.
You are right though! We are probably being very naïve if we think it is "just us"!
All the best my friend.
Carl (The 'Guide)