Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Alternative Goes Mainstream... Or Does It?

Ye gods! Those winged media minions of “the powers that be” have been busy little monkeys in the last week or two! The timing makes the situation hardly a surprise, particularly here in the UK. The Bilderberg Group have once again held one of their contrived confabulations where the “great and near great” sit around tables sipping their particular poisons and decide the next step of global governance. The most recent meeting occurred at The Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire (June 6th-9th 2013), so it does figure that there would be at least a smidgeon of token media coverage.

However, Bilderberg has rarely had mainstream publicity on the scale it is currently receiving. Whilst there was a time when this kind of collective and secret global strategizing was vehemently denied even its existence, in recent years Bilderberg has been acknowledged (albeit in a downplayed and dismissive manner.)

To hear those involved talk about it, you would think it was little more than a glorified gentlemen’s club, full of heady economic and political discussion (perhaps one or two whipping boys for the fun of it!) but not much else to write home about. However, we must bear in mind that those who attend are actually amongst the most powerful and influential people in the world, so it would be a little naïve to think that Bilderberg meetings are their “well deserved break” from running the world - an occasion where all discussion of future-planning and decision making are strictly taboo subjects…

All of a sudden though, the unthinkable is starting to happen. Representatives of the mainstream media are actually taking about Bilderberg in a realistic fashion. I nearly fell through the floor last week when the subject was raised on Channel 4’s political satire programme “10 O’Clock Live.” David Mitchell even went so far as to label the attendees (in a straight faced and serious manner) as “the elite rulers of the world.”

Interestingly, Bilderberg appear to have pandered to all viewpoints this year with the Bilderberg Welcoming Committee using their Press Office “to facilitate the mainstream and alternative media in their coverage of the meeting.” Actually the whole blurb on their website makes for amusing and telling reading material: 

Alex Jones managed to make a sizeable appearance on Andrew Neil’s “Sunday Politics” – a piece that, some state, has always served as a “credible” (although it actually is nothing of the kind!) discussion of current affairs. Even fellow guest David Aaronovitch admitted that Bilderberg is doing exactly what it says on the tin. The interview eventually descended into Jones’ typically loud mouthed, abrasive, tub-thumping – with mention of cancer causing vaccines and FEMA camps… unfortunate given that the vaccination subject is a very important one and makes one ponder the implications of its inclusion.
Although these subjects have always been a staple of Jones’ rhetoric, you can’t help but wonder about the contrivance and convenience (on the part of MSM) of the whole affair… this is without even mentioning the credibility of Jones.

Furthermore, an even more curious programme has been advertised recently that begs the question; just what the hell is going on in the mainstream media? In the past, I have kept a watchful eye on the work of Miles Johnston and the abduction support group AMMACH. Miles’s “Bases” videos have always been a fascinating source of information regarding the extent of mind control programming and the possible capabilities of the human consciousness. Despite this, I have always maintained a degree of level-headedness when viewing these pieces – long before one or two of my fellow truthers warned me eye the material with caution.

So, out of the blue, there appears the face of Miles Johnston and others involved with AMMACH in a trailer advertising a new programme; “Confessions of an Alien Abductee”.
The various trailers have included a man who insinuates that he has had intimate relations with an ET cat lady (much to the annoyance of his wife apparently) and a woman who claims that her abduction experiences seem to increase every time she has chicken for her tea. Here is some of the usual (ahem!) “coverage” from The Mirror’s website:http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/ammach-britains-weirdest-support-group-1940401

The implications are obvious here. Although it may be the case that those who have been involved with the making of the piece did so with the best of intentions, the tone has been clearly established – let’s all have a good chortle at the loopy-loos! Without getting too uppity, I have continually maintained that it is a mistake for anybody (with serious issues to discuss) to be duped into taking part in any programming produced by the mainstream, no matter how honey-voiced the editor in chief may sound. I understand the frustration felt when the old hypnobox simply won’t touch reality with a cattle prod, but we perhaps should have learned our lessons by now. The BBC’s Conspiracy Road Trip hit pieces are enough to demonstrate the real intent here.

Never the less, some feel that we may have actually turned a corner regarding the current truth stalemate; that perhaps there is room to gradually merge the interests of the alternative and mainstream media. Before some of you get out your party poppers and noise makers, and declare victory, I will pose a few questions regarding MSM:
  • Why is it that some issues are metaphorical plague carriers in the media? Why do they never address the energy cover-up (or Dr Judy Wood’s research) on BBC current affairs programmes or evening documentaries and satirical comedy shows?
  • Why now should anybody care (in mainstream media) about the reality of the world? When did they suddenly develop a conscience or grow a pair of truth kahunas (and why)!? 
  • If they are suddenly concerned, why do they still perpetuate the tin foil hat wearing paradigm and why are many subjects treated as little more than comedy material?
It may be that a corner has been turned with regard the manner in which the media wants to be perceived (“a little truth can go a long way” – as it were.) We should always keep in mind what the media represents. There is no middle ground there. Some people will maintain that media control is far from all-encompassing and that truth does slip through. This is actually true, but these revelations are never delivered in a direct and straightforward fashion.
Any truth in the mainstream media is filtered through the lens of vagaries and metaphor, sometimes combined with misinformation, other times as nothing more than an exercise in deception and misdirection. The media does what it has always done and will never change; it programmes us. There is a perfectly good reason why intelligence agencies, the military industrial complex and psychological/social engineering outfits can often be found lurking around the darker corners of broadcasting corporations. It is reflective of the very nature of the mechanism.
Ironically, the movie “Network” once highlighted the parody that is the MSM. All is pre-packaged and designed for your adjustment. Whilst truth is an elusive and often ill-defined commodity, never delude yourself into thinking that you will find it beyond the flickering glow of the box in the corner.
Believing that you’ve found some truth there, leads to a very slippery climb indeed!
Peace my friends.
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.


captron52 said...

Hey Carl. Another terrific post! Here in the U.S. our mainstream media is way too arrogant for my taste. They continue to skew things to fit their own personal agendas and feed us "little" people only what they would like us to know. I remain very leery of most media output to say the least. Glad you are back and continuing to try and shed some truth for all of us to see. Keep up the good work!

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Carl; excellent post however, like yourself, I won't hold my breath in hopes MSM turns over a new and socially responsible leaf. No doubt that the alternative media is globally gaining considerable traction, as a result, MSM is attempting to convey their ability to address the many social travesties which beg out attention.

At the end of the day whatever MSM concoct we can be assured of one thing, they are programming our minds at the behest of elite power players.

All the best brother, have a fantastic summer and continued good health.

In Lak' ech, prosper with love... live in peace...