Saturday, 17 August 2013

Truthjuice Gathering 2013

This is just to remind folk in the UK about Truthjuice Gathering 2013. The event will commence on Thursday 22nd August and conclude on Monday 26th August. It is being held at Stonehenge Campsite, in the beautiful location of Berwick St James.

Truthjuice is an amazing collective of awakened individuals who have established several venues across the country, playing host to some of the most enlightened alternative thinkers and researchers you could hope to find.

The Truthjuice Gathering 2013 will be presenting many of these speakers:
  • Santos Bonacci - A talk about the big 3: Astrotheology, Astrology and Syncretism
  • Kerry Cassidy - Robotic Superman or Angelic Human? Empowerment for the Future
  • Tony Gosling - Investigative Journalism – A Revolutionary Act
  • Maria Wheatley - Tarot – from the Romany to the Adept, Crop Circle and Megalithic Site Tour
  • Neil Sanders - MK ULTRA, LSD and the Hippie Movement (Please note; this talk may not be suitable for children!)
  • John Byde - Implosion, Cymatics, Zero Point energy and the work of Victor Schauberger
  • Yannick van Doorne - Ancient techniques applied to food production: Pyramid applications for agriculture and energy production
  • Lucy Wyatt - From the Ice Age to the Modern Age & the Origins of Cities, Questions of Identity & why the Celts did not build Stonehenge
  • Dave Murphy - Practical Free Energy & Telepathy and the Complete Human
  • Lawrence Main - Ley Hunting and King Arthurs Camlan
  • Nick Marchmont - Ceremony, Healing and the End of a World Age
  • Gary Biltcliffe - The Legacy of the Etruscans and the Pelasgi
  • TruthJuice Dave - Media Mind Manipulation and the Spiritual War on Humanity. (Please note; this talk is not suitable for children!)
  • Rob Buckle - Crop Circles, Rabbit Holes & Time Loops!
  • Philip Weeks - Make Yourself Better with Natural Medicine
  • Gary Evans - Natural Technologies of the Ancient World

Links with full details of each speaker and their presentations can be found here:

The weekend will also feature the TruthJuice Crop Circle and Megalithic Site Tour.
Full details for the 2013 Gathering can be found here:


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother; how was the event. Looking at the list of speakers, I doubt I would attend as there is a real mixed bag of nutters and great speakers.

In Lak'ech, prosper with knowledge live beyond fear...

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Cheers Chris,
I wasn't able to attend, but I understand it went very well.
TruthJuice always tries to cater for as many diverse points of view as possible, which I suppose is a good thing in principle.
I imagine I would have found other things to do when a couple of the speakers were on!
It was worth it alone to have Neil Sanders there though - evidential research and the subject is right up my street.
All the best!
Carl (The 'Guide)