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75 Years On: The War of the Worlds Psyop - Part 3

Rockefeller Skank
It seems clear that “The War of the Worlds” broadcast was the tool of choice for The Rockefeller Foundation, for specific reasons.  It is also well documented that the Rockefeller family has always taken a specific interest in the phenomenon of mass perception management. However, it didn’t begin with The Mercury Theatre broadcast of October 1938.

In 1914, in Ludlow, Colorado, a group of coalminers began striking over pay and working conditions. Matters took a darker turn when a labour organiser was shot dead by men working for the Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation – owned by the Rockefeller family. With the cause of the Union of United Mine Workers drawing public attention, the billionaire robber baron John D. Rockefeller dispatched the National Guard to the tent colony - which housed the miners and their families. The National Guard soldiers shot and killed scores of inhabitants living in the colony - including women and children. The details of these events and the implications for P.R. are documented in Scott Noble’s documentary film “Psywar” -
A YouTube version is available here:

The notorious P.R. baron, Ivy Lee, immediately went to work for the Rockefellers (as a kind of “crisis management” consultant) to manage public perception of the massacre. It was then that the phenomenon of the “press release” was invented. Lee was charged with creating a faux “friendly face” for all Rockefeller owned assets.

John D Rockefeller handing out dimes
Lee championed disinformation campaigns via news bulletins and set about rebuilding a “mainstream perception” of the Ludlow incident, by convincing the public that the deaths were accidental, as well as discrediting the labour union movement. His attempts were (initially) largely unsuccessful, mostly because he was a highly visible figure with obvious connections to the Rockefeller family. The lesson learned from all this was that P.R. tactics could be very effective, provided they were practiced from the shadows.

The Rockefeller Foundation decided to set aside $100 million for P.R. Lee convinced them to donate sizeable sums of money to colleges, hospitals, churches and charitable organisations to create positive publicity. He encouraged the Rockefellers to personally hand out money in public for the purpose of staged photo opportunities. This orchestrated and strategic act effectively birthed the P.R. industry as we know it today. Into this field stepped the likes of Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann, who suggested that propaganda would be most effective if the “public mind” were “readjusted”, rather than the system. Thus, perception management was born.

The implications were staggering. Agencies of global governance were put to work, exploring every corner of human psychology. No area was off limits, even (eventually) bolstering the burgeoning phenomenon of state-sponsored mind control research (of which both Bernays and Lippmann had varied connections to) and programming. This was far more than just protecting the public face of elite business families and their assets – it was the beginning of full-spectrum psychological manipulation and control of the masses.

Walt Disney and Werner Von Braun

Whilst connecting the dots between the Rockefeller influence over the pioneering days of the mainstream media and the science of perception management, I have noticed some even more curious aspects. Steven Rockefeller was close friends with Dr Hadley Cantril. Both travelled extensively with Walt Disney, who spent plenty of time in their company. The implications here are important given the connections between the Disney Empire and the military industrial complex, Disney’s alleged role in the state-sponsored mind control phenomenon, and the historical part they have played in perception management.

According to Christopher Knowles, author of the Secret Sun blog, Rockefeller money was also crucial in establishing and maintaining The Esalen Institute. “Esalen is a Rockefeller project. Rockefeller money helped build it, sustain it and grow it. It helped rebuild it after various crises. The Rockefeller in question is the late Laurance Rockefeller, whose very, very deep pockets helped build a New Age Empire in California, including Esalen, the San Francisco Zen Centre, the Lindisfarne Association, the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and the California Institute of Integral Studies.”

Esalen is also home to colonies of Monarch Butterflies!
Esalen connects various new age paradigms to NASA, CIA mind control and psychic spying programs, and (again) the military industrial complex. ‘IONS’ connects in a very similar way, but has an additional association to the energy cover-up. The general conceit is that Laurence Rockefeller appeared (at least on the surface) to be far more esoteric in his interests than those of his other fellow family members. However, surely even he would have been aware of the obvious connections between these outfits and the larger global agenda… He was a Rockefeller after all!

Laurence Rockefeller invested much money in the field of ET/UFO research. He was a principle sponsor of John Edward Mack “an American psychiatrist, writer, and professor at Harvard Medical School. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, and a leading authority on the spiritual or transformational effects of alleged alien abduction experiences.”

John Edward Mack
In the early 1990s, Mack commenced his decade-plus study of 200 men and women who reported recurrent alien encounter experiences. In May 1994, Harvard Medical School appointed a committee of peers to investigate Mack’s work – unheard of in the history of Harvard. Despite the dogged attempts to delegitimise his work and attempts to close the study down, Mack was (strangely) granted “academic freedom to study what he wishes and to state his opinions without impediment".

The Centre for Psychology and Social Change (co-founded by Mack and Robert Jay Lifton) received $250,000 a year (allegedly over a four year period) from Laurance Rockefeller. Rockefeller also gave $194,000 to PEER (Program for Extraordinary Experience Research), along with various other donations.
For further claims about the work of John Mack, see: Gregory M. Kanon, “The Great UFO Hoax” (Lakeville, Minnesota:  Galde Press, 1997)

The X Files
Mack claimed to have received funding from an ex-CIA source and was reportedly heavily involved in the Russian/American exchange at the Esalen Institute. Mack was also a member of Scott Jones’ Human Potential Foundation, also reported to be Rockefeller-endowed. Mack died on September 27th, 2004, under rather curious circumstances.

It has also been suggested that there was a Rockefeller connection to the “The X Files” – the phenomenally successful “UFO/global conspiracy” television series from the 1990s. Although many people will argue till eternity, I do believe that the series ultimately served some form of quasi-limited hangout / plausible deniability platform.

The question of whether it served a global agenda purpose (perhaps in cahoots with certain elite figures – such as The Rockefellers) is a curious one. We do know that John Mack was a consultant to "The X Files" creator, Chris Carter, in the early years of the show. “I found it fascinating to hear this,” Carter said. “This man [Dr. John Mack of Harvard] in the highest levels of academia and a scientist using rigorous scientific methods had come up with something quite astounding. So I thought that was a wonderful entry into explorations of the paranormal. And so I came up with Mulder and Scully, the FBI, and this fictional investigative unit called the X-Files."
Paula Vitaris, “X-Files: Filming the Fox Show That Has Become a Horror and Science Fiction Sensation”. See:

There are a number of name-checks and references to the Rockefeller Foundation in the show. The season two episode “Little Green Men”, has a scene where Mulder recounts the story of astronomer George Ellery Hale who was visited by a small “elf” creature who told him to go and get money from The Rockefeller Foundation to build a large telescope.
William Sheehan & Donald E. Osterbrock, “Hale's ‘Little Elf’: The Mental Breakdowns of George Ellery Hale”, Journal for the History of Astronomy, p.93

However, I will leave you to your own conclusions as to how much deeper these connections may go.

Finally, it is worth remembering that Laurence Rockefeller took an interest in Dr. Steven Greer’s ET and UFO “Disclosure Project” – into which he invested financial support. Greer also has a loose affiliation with Esalen and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

The Legacy
It could be argued that early perception management projects, like “The War of the Worlds” psyop, helped to shape contemporary psychological study and influence every existing think-tank of academia. Via these channels, those research projects have ultimately affected the policy making processes of many governments. Such projects have also undoubtedly influenced the press and mainstream media.

It is claimed that the inspiration for “The War of the Worlds” broadcast came from a BBC piece called “Broadcasting the Barricades” transmitted on 16 January 1926, in the early days of radio. The broadcast involved the BBC interrupting an academic lecture from Oxford to announce that rioters had gathered in Trafalgar Square. Rioters went on to tear down the likes of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. This broadcast itself is believed by some people to have been an early example of a media conveyed, experiment in mass public perceptions and reactions - assisted by some of the early Tavistock pioneers.

The success of such a broadcast often lies in the format itself which adds to the realism and psychological reinforcement of the notions being proposed. Orson Welles’ 1938 broadcast had the advantage of being a ‘sustaining show’ (it ran without commercial breaks), adding to the program's “realism”.

The news coverage of 9/11 showed just how effective the studied practice of perception management can be in reinforcing specific notions on a global scale - particularly the relentless “accounting” of the staged events. The technique afforded the viewers no opportunity to remove themselves from the “manufactured reality” being continually asserted. When studied enough, the news footage from the day reveals many similarities with some of the techniques used way back in 1938.

It also seems strange that whenever a new shift in the agenda of global governance has occurred over the last hundred or so years, “The War of the Worlds” re-emergences in the wake of these shifts.

This happened during the early years of the Cold War - in 1953 with Byron Haskin’s big screen version of the story - and after 9/11, with Steven Spielberg’s “re-imagining”. Both appear to dovetail into the perception-managed “fear culture” programming of each respective era. It is a pity that Spielberg ended up directing the latter version in the manner he did; given that he (seemingly) was once a leading figure in American Zoetrope’s so-called “Hollywood Rebellion” of the 1970s, directing such ground-breaking films as "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "ET: The Extra Terrestrial".

Perhaps the themes raised in Wells’ story have a much broader significance after all. Whenever I read or hear how the invaders of his piece “slowly and surely, drew their plans against us”, I can’t help but think how the true architects of global dominance have always been much closer, and far more Earthbound, than any Martian creature could ever be!
In my mind, those lines from Wells’ novel will always serve as a much darker metaphor for the true legacy of a seemingly innocent radio broadcast from seventy five years ago.

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