Monday, 12 January 2015

Richplanet TV - New Series Jan 2015

Richard D Hall's excellent Richplanet TV series has returned for a run of new episodes. The show can be watched on Sky channel 192 & Freesat 402 every Tuesday at 9pm GMT. The first new episode - "The Mars Rover Hypothesis" - discusses a hypothesis that the Mars exploration rovers, currently claimed to be on Mars, never left the Earth. Several landers and rovers have allegedly landed on the surface of Mars starting in 1976 with the Viking mission. As Richard says, "Before you dismiss this, we suggest you study all the evidence put forward in the hypothesis. Several photographs which can be found on NASA's own website claiming to be taken from Mars seem to show objects commonly found on the Earth such as a lemming, a lump of wood and a bone to name just a few." Andrew Johnson and Douglas Gibson join Richard to discuss the evidence which could point to one almighty hoax. The new episode can be viewed at this link:
I'm also pleased to announce that copies of my book "Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda" can now be purchased on the Richplanet website (from the Richplanet online store) priced £12.00. Details to order a copy can be found here:

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