Saturday, 5 September 2015

Truth Seeker Updates - Sept 2015

It has been several months since I posted anything here on the blog and it felt like the right time to explain my absence! I have been incredibly busy with a multitude of projects – some of which have been delayed by the usual restrictions of having to go to work and a few bouts of illness and back problems – but I won’t bore you with! I’m now starting to make some headway on the aforementioned projects which means you will hopefully see the fruits of my labours shortly. Firstly, I have been updating my book “Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda”. I am always gathering up new research material on this subject and decided it was time to incorporate the new material into a new edition as the original was starting to feel a little "dated". My regular readers will know that I have revised some of the conclusions I came to (in the book) regarding Stanley Kubrick and his possible connections to the NASA/Apollo cover-up and it is only fair that people know where I now stand on this subject. I have also dug deep into the “limited hangout” that orchestrates much of the disinformation surrounding the Kubrick/Apollo subject and managed to shed some light on its true nature. I have discussed this in my most recent talks on Kubrick and now have the opportunity to fully explore the subject in the updated version of the book. I am also incorporating several brand new sub-topics into the book that weren't covered in the original. I will be posting links to the new edition of the book (and, all being well, a kindle/amazon version) as soon as it is completed. Hopefully, that will be in a month or two's time.

On the subject of the book, I am hoping to record two interviews with Richard D. Hall for his excellent Richplanet TV show in early October. Provisionally, the subjects will be Stanley Kubrick and (respectively) the whole Gene Roddenberry/Andrija Puharich/Lab Nine subject. If all goes according to plan, I will post links on the blog when these shows are aired. I also have a couple of other interviews with other researchers in the pipeline – although I have to admit I haven’t had the opportunity to get back in touch with them to make the arrangements – so watch this space.

My musical work is pretty crammed at present. Most importantly, the songs I have written (with a relevance to the subjects I cover here) have languished in “recording hell” for over a year now. I am making progress but it is very laborious and subject to the restrictions on my time. This will be another project to watch this space for! I’m also currently working on the very early stages of a fictional novel which relates to some of my experiences in the jobbing world of music gig performance. I wouldn’t normally consider such a project (given that I have enough on my plate at the moment!), but the genesis for the plot (actually a love story, of all things) came to me in its complete form in a dream. I related the story to a few trusted friend and they told me that I HAD to write it. They seem to think it is quite good, but we will see. Given the nature of how it originated, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least try to follow it through. If and when this develops, I will let you know.

Several months back, I began working on a YouTube film which examines the phenomenon of Saturn Worship in contemporary culture – called “CubeRing”. I was making good progress and announced (at a few talks) that the film would be available by now. Unfortunately, I have had to delay the project (simply through lack of time) but I intent to get back to it in a month or so. I will post the link on the blog when it is completed and available to watch.

A year ago, I was asked by a number of readers to post the Ridley Scott material (from my book) on the blog. I fully intended to do this but somehow that also got lost in the midst of time! Fortunately, updating the book has allowed me to add some new material to the subject and I will begin posting this in the next week. The response to the book and my last few talks has been amazing. I feel truly blessed to be connected with so many people who get some of the proverbial “bigger picture” and make an effort to understand our “reality” in a manner contrary to that which we regularly have forced upon us. I often wonder what could be achieved if many more people abandoned the “indoctrination” and “worldview warfare” and started to “think outside the box”. There is much we can accomplish in our own daily lives once we accept and embrace the realisations, but consider how this might manifest if it occurred on a mass scale. The possibilities would be limitless! Let’s keep working toward the possibility of a realisation of that day.

In the meantime, stay well and my best wishes to you all!
Carl (The Truthseeker’s Guide)


captron52 said...

Hi Carl. great to see you again. Know what you mean about being busy! Good to hear the music is still "coming" to you for an outlet. And the book plans sound really great! When those ideas come into your mind via a dream or vision I think it means it is something well worth writing. I always see it as an "idea" that is sent to me and that I am meant to be the conduit is uses to get expressed. Don't feel too bad about the songs being in so called limbo. Man, I still notebooks full of stuff Ive written and they been in that state for years lol. Keep up the good work my friend. I wish you and yours all the best!

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Hey Ron. Nice to hear from you. Hope all is good with you. I think you're right about the story. It all seems a little strange - how it came to fruition - but strange (in this regard) is always a good sign!
Cheers for all the support my friend and all the best!

GalaxyHorse said...

Congratulations on your work, I have seen a few sessions on 'rich Planet' and i find your research both disturbing and intriguing - as any rational person would have to.
It is abundantly clear that our world has a vastly different history and present than is being presented to us all via our education and broadcast media!

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As a fellow alternative information seeker, I can offer you assistance in this regard if you would like to pursue it - I have heard of some independent journalists and bloggers having their sites deleted with no recourse, because the infrastructure is actually owned by someone else.

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