Thursday, 9 June 2016

Richplanet TV - New Series & Madeleine McCann

Here are a few links and updates regarding Richard D. Hall's excellent Richplanet TV series. Richard has uploaded the first episode of the new series to the Richplanet website (see: ) The episode includes (taken from the website) "Some comment on world affairs including the missing Egyptian airliner, the EU referendum and mutilated cats! After that, part one of a lecture given in February earlier this year which introduces the latest Madeleine McCann film. Everyone is sick of the Madeleine McCann case, but the case is probably the best stick that has been handed to the public to hit the mainstream media with. It's not going to go away, and I will continue beating the mainstream media to a pulp with it until they tell the truth. Also in today's lecture I look at issues being used to deliberately spread antagonism and confusion in society including gender confusion - "are you a boy or a girl?" - lol - get a grip man. People are now being encouraged to believe they are not male or female! Next we will be encouraged to believe black is white and up is down. Are you buying the LGBT bullshit?"

As I have been absent from this blog for several months, I have not yet had chance to include information and links to Richard's latest research regarding the Madeleine McCann. His most recent film "When Maddie Died" ( ) is a compelling and disturbing addition to his previous exposes: "THE PHANTOMS" an "BURIED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA - THE TRUE STORY OF MADELEINE MCCANN". All of his Madeleine McCann films can be downloaded from the following page - If you haven't already explored this subject, I highly recommend watching these documentary films. As Richard demonstrates, it is clear that multiple aspects of the Madeleine McCann case have been intentionally muddled-up / covered-up. His research also shows that the mainstream media have played a key and central role in this dissembling. There is next to nothing about the media that can be trusted or relied upon in this day and age. Anybody who still believes that the medium has any shred of credibility really needs to book tickets on the next flight to La-La Land! They will probably right at home there; alongside the rest of the shameless individuals that work in or control and disseminate aspects of the MSM.

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Namaste Carl; thanks for the reminder that he is back on air. Always appreciating his even handed scientific objectivity, I will enjoy catching up to Richard on a regular basis. Have a fantastic week brother.

In Lak' ech, prosepr with love... live with joy...

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Cheers Chris.
It is a shame Richard's show is no longer on the actual broadcast television, but I do understand the restrictions and limitations the broadcaster was placing on him. On the positive side, the show is still being made for the internet and the episodes are now longer in this format - bonus!
Richard's show is one of the few remaining alternative media sources left worth taking the time to tune in for.
All the best!