Thursday, 15 June 2017

Richplanet 2017 Fake Reality Tour - Overview

I just wanted to remind folk about the most recent work of Richard D. Hall and Richplanet TV. I wanted to cover this material several weeks back. Unfortunately, I have been snowed under with my own research and work of late. I will be updating you all with the fruits of my labour in the next day or two. I managed to attend Richard's most recent Richplanet 2017 "Fake Reality" Tour in Birmingham a couple of months ago and it was, unsurprisingly given the amount of work that Richard puts into his research, talks and films, an excellent and enlightening event. Richard covered a myriad of subjects at the event. I did try to keep some basic notes on the subjects covered but I lost track of this when I became so engrossed in the material! There were several real "standout" aspects to the presentation that are worth mentioning. Richard looked at length at fakery and misdirection in the media and gave some shocking examples to ponder over. Following on from his previous films about the Madeleine McCann mystery, Richard also announced the release of his latest films. The pieces attempt to tackle the most difficult questions of all. Assuming Madeleine died, which Richard firmly believes is the case, how did she die? and why was the death covered up with the help of British government agencies? All parts of the two films can be viewed at the following links:

Madeleine - Why The Cover Up? - PART 1 OF 6 -
Madeleine - Why The Cover Up? - PART 2 OF 6 -
Madeleine - Why The Cover Up? - PART 3 OF 6 -
Madeleine - Why The Cover Up? - PART 4 OF 6 -
Madeleine - Why The Cover Up? - PART 5 OF 6 -
Madeleine - Why The Cover Up? - PART 6 OF 6 -
To check out Richard's previous films on the Madeleine McCann subject visit The films can also be watched on the Richplanet YouTube channel - Please try, if you can, to support Richard's ongoing research by purchasing his dvds. The latest Madeleine McCann films (collectively titled Madeleine : Why The Cover Up?) are available for £12.00. The DVD box set consists of two 90 minute films. The first film examines the movements of the initial suspect in the case, Robert Murat, both immediately before and after Madeleine was reported missing and attempts to shed light on whether he played a role in the cover up of Madeleine’s alleged death.

A real standout aspect of the Richplanet 2017 Tour (as it is a subject very close to my heart) was Richard's shocking revelations about NASA's Apollo 11 historical fakery / disinformation campaign. Richard once again secured the services of the highly respected expert in statement analysis (American Peter Hyatt) whom he utilised to reveal "embedded confessions" in a 2011 mainstream media interview given by Kate and Gerry McCann. Peter Hyatt analyses "[speech], the process involves deciding which tense to use, which words to select and what order to put them in. This happens in a fraction of a second. If somebody is constructing sentences from their experiential memory, the process follows particular patterns, which can be identified. If a person is fabricating when they speak, the cognitive process of choosing words is interrupted, because the mind must censor and insert artificial information in a very short time period. Language of somebody who is fabricating is therefore different and can be identified."

This time, Richard employed Peter Hyatt to use his skills to analyse an interview with Apollo 11 "astronaut" Neil Armstrong - conducted and filmed in the immediate period after NASA "Apollo 11" era. Peter Hyatt's conclusions were shocking, if not unsurprising. It appears that Armstrong was being deceptive / dissembling about his "Apollo 11 experiences". What is particularly noteworthy is that Hyatt explained to Richard that he had no real interest in the notion of NASA / Apollo fakery and, like many people, believed the "official" narrative of Apollo 11. The insight he gained from this analysis shocked him thoroughly. Hopefully, Richard will put this information together on his website or as a film or show of Richplanet TV as I feel this information (as with all his other research) needs to reach the widest possible audience.

Richard has recently released a light hearted "On the Road" video of his experiences during the 2017 Tour. I was really pleased to be asked by Richard if I would film a short interview (whilst at the Birmingham venue) for inclusion in this video. You can view this video at the following link. RICHPLANET 2017 Tour, video "on the road" -
Richard has now released a 4 DVD Box Set of the 2017 Tour (priced £14.00) - available at the following link: The boxset (filmed in Merthyr Tydfil, 13th April 2017) is region free (Format PAL 16:9 / 200 minutes) and presents the 3 hours of the tour presentation. Here is an overview "The lectures expose mainstream medias fake reality and how it creates fake news in order to hide the most important questions and facts. This includes an introduction to Richards latest Madeleine film "Madeleine : Why the Cover Up?", and some opinion on the sheer breadth to which mainstream media is being used to cover up the truth about Madeleine. A VERY big state secret must be being protected. The lectures contain some research into the Bridgend suicides with some shocking insights. Peter Hyatt surprises himself when he analyses a 1970 interview given by Neil Armstrong and his alleged experience of walking on the moon. Richard also continues with his research into NATO and its alleged involvement in the targeting of UFOs. Many other subjects and issues are discussed." The Box Set also includes the aforementioned "On the Road" film.

My thanks to Richard for all his ongoing efforts. His work is always relevent, thought-provoking, thoroughly investigated and done so for all the right reasons. Long may Richplanet TV and all Richard's hard work continue!
Carl (The Truth Seeker's Guide)

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Thank you for the write up! I would really like to see the statement analysis of Apollo 11's press conference. Is it already available somewhere?