Monday, 3 July 2017

Doctor Who - Themes & Symbolism - From 7/7 to Saturn Worship

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I have uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel entitled: "Doctor Who - Themes & Symbolism - From 7/7 to Saturn Worship." I have been meaning to put something together on this subject for quite a while and it seems an appropriate time given the recent renewed interest in the BBC's popular TV show "Doctor Who". In this video, I have used portions of the research included in my book, "Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda" - Volume Two, along with some new bits and pieces. I look at the foreshadowing of 7/7 in the (pre-7/7) 2005 first season of "Doctor Who", as well as the repeatedly visited themes and symbolism indicative of occultism, arcane and mystery school knowledge, secret society beliefs and the practice of Saturn worship. I also touch on some synchronicities with the London 2012 Olympics - a subject I have covered comprehensively in my new book - "What Really Happened at the London 2012 Olympics" - available from Lulu Publishing here:
The link to the video is below. I have also embedded the video on this page. Please give the video a watch and a "thumbs up" if you like it. Many thanks, as always, for all your support.
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Doctor Who - Themes & Symbolism - From 7/7 to Saturn Worship

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captron52 said...

Hey Carl Very interesting stuff my friend! As always the very best to you and yours!