Sunday, 20 August 2017

Carl James on The Divine Truth Radio Show - 20/8/17

For those interested in listening to tonight's live show, I will be speaking on Revolution Radio's The Divine Truth show - hosted by Taj & Nyssa. We will be discussing at all things Disney and dispelling the myth that The House of Mouse is all sunshine and smiles! We will also discuss the works of filmaker Stanley Kubrick - one of the few industry insiders who dared to point a finger at those things that go unseen in our everyday world. The show will be approximately two hours long and kick off at 11pm UK time (6pm US EST).
To find tonight's show click the following link:
Then scroll down the "Sunday" column to 6pm (11pm UK time) and click "The Divine Truth" link: (This is the embedded link:
If you want to catch previous shows, visit the YouTube channel Taj Investigates at:
Hope you are able to tune in!

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