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Star Trek & 9/11 - The Ellison Family Connection

Talk about making the most of your time! I am currently researching and writing three factual, alternative knowledge books!! The gathered material I am sizeably basing these three books on was originally meant for one book… but when I figured out how big the book would be (especially as I am still gathering and assembling yet more research!) I had a rethink. I don’t want to end up with something akin to “The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick” and I wouldn’t even try to achieve that kind of feat! Obviously, I am trying to post things here on the blog and my Facebook page whenever I can, but the book research and writing is very time intensive and consuming. Once I get into my writing “groove”, I try to stay there as long as I can and not get distracted as it allows me to get a lot done. That said, I had to take a break to bring something to your attention that piqued my curiosity greatly. The following is an article I have put together from research I have been looking at in the last few days. Although it will be looked at in far more detail in at least one of the aforementioned books, I had to flag this as it may have provided me with some answers to a few questions that I left unsatisfactorily unanswered in my “Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda” books. I hope some of you find this revealing.

Carl (The Truth Seeker’s Guide)

Star Trek & 9/11 – The Ellison Family Connection
In my “Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda” books, and in various articles, videos and talks, I have dissected the hugely popular science fiction television and film franchise “Star Trek”. I have evidentially demonstrated a myriad of connections between the franchise and the likes of the RAND Corporation, Boeing, Lockheed, Stanford Research Institute, the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, JPL, the NSA, the CIA and so on. I have also documented how 9/11 seems to repeatedly synchronise with “Star Trek”. 9/11 and the post-9/11 world was somewhat thematically foreshadowed in the television series “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” – a couple of years before 9/11 even happened. Post-9/11, the entire third season “Xindi” story-arc of “Star Trek: Enterprise” was based on 9/11 and the post-9/11, “War on Terror” climate. Nowhere was the connection with 9/11 more apparent than in J.J. Abrams’ 2013 movie “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. Anything attached to J.J. Abrams should sound some concerning alarm bells for people. I have covered this matter at length in part 2 of my recent presentation “Disney Darkside”. See: Disney Darkside 2/2 (Carl James@Truth Juice B'ham - 14/2/17) -


In my 2016 edition of “Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda” – Volume One, I had to leave a dangling question about the possible motives and agendas behind the making of “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. In the book, I demonstrate how the film was a reinforcement of the official narrative of 9/11. I was a little perplexed as to what happened to a reference to 9/11 in the closing credits of the film. Here is a short section from my book: “A dedication “to the post 9/11 veterans” was included in the closing credits of the cinematic release of the film. Curiously, since the release of the first edition of this book, it has come to my attention that the dedication “to the post 9/11 veterans” has been removed from the closing credits of the European DVD and Blu-ray releases, as well as from those versions aired on UK television. We really should ask the question why? I have yet to confirm if the dedication remains in any DVD / Blu-ray releases of the film sold outside of the European coding region.” I have yet to clear this matter up to my satisfaction. However, the revelations later in this article may provide a possible answer.

Further in my book, I wrote: “On the subject of the film’s closing credits (and as a substantial connection between the film and the 9/11 / free energy technology cover-up), the producers of the film used the credits to thank “Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Operated by Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC, for the US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration” – who were consulted (in what capacity I am unsure) during production of the film.” I raised this subject again in my recent “Disney Darkside” presentation: “Although it is known that Livermore Labs and the Department of Energy were extensively consulted for the film, it is not known why they were involved. Given that the film is a blitz of 9/11 propaganda (reinforcing the “official” narrative of those events), we should also note the existence and use of directed free-energy technology on 9/11 (as exposed by Dr Judy Wood in her book “Where Did the Towers Go?”).  In this regard, we are once again back in the territory of energy. J.J. Abrams and his associates have repeatedly returned to the subject of energy (in one form or another) throughout their careers.”

Star Trek has often synchronised 9/11 to the directed free-energy technology / weaponry used on 9/11. The aforementioned “Xindi” story arc in “Enterprise” is triggered when a directed free-energy weapon is utilised to destroy a huge chunk of the eastern coast mainland of America. Then there is Robert Picardo’s (who portrayed the EMH Doctor in “Star Trek: Voyager”) multi-faceted involvement with the NASA/JPL outfit “The Planetary Society”. Picardo has served on the advisory board of The Planetary Society for approximately two decades. The Planetary Society is (by its own admission) sponsored by the likes of Underwriters Laboratories. This provides a significant connection between the Star Trek franchise and the 9/11 cover up - given the connections between Underwriters Labs, NIST and the 9/11 cover story. Dr Judy Wood (author of "Where Did the Towers Go - Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11") has extensively documented her Request for Correction (RFC) to the NIST WTC reports and her Qui Tam cases verses a number of defendants including Underwriters Laboratories.

But back to “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. The film’s co-writer, producer, and director J.J. Abrams is (as I demonstrated in the aforementioned “Disney Darkside” presentation) quite fixated with the themes of energy and consciousness in his media output. He has also collaborated extensively with the likes of the U.S. DoD, the CIA, NASA, the United Nations and the Department of Energy on his television and film projects. Note also that the Department of Energy and the DoE-funded Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (both credited as collaborating on the production of “Into Darkness”) have worked with every branch of the military industrial complex on the likes of so-called "psychic warfare", mind control, and free-energy technology development... and the suppression of it, for that matter. Although you can read between the lines (based on all the aforementioned) as to why these entities were involved with “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, I was never able to evidentially demonstrate who got them involved and why… until now. As is often the case with such things, the evidence was staring me in the face all along. It was in the public domain all along and I somehow failed to notice it.

My discovery was prompted by some recent additional research into the Kathryn Bigelow-directed film “Zero Dark Thirty” – which was presented as a depiction of the “true story” (which in itself is a wholly false narrative) of a military assault on the compound where we were told “Osama bin Laden” was “killed”. Interestingly, the villainous “Khan” character into “Star Trek: Into Darkness” was described by several people involved with that film as a “Bin Laden-type character”. You will see why I have highlighted this synchronicity as I go on. “Zero Dark Thirty” shows how torture was used by the CIA to “obtain intelligence” about “Bin Laden”. It has now been evidentially documented that the CIA were involved with the production of “Zero Dark Thirty” – despite their repeated denials that they were ever involved with the project. Additionally, Kathryn Bigelow received classified documents from The Pentagon (not even privy to members of the US Congress) to help with production of the film. The extensive use of military equipment and assets was also procured for the film - which must have been cleared by the military given the narrative and themes of the film. Remember that Kathryn Bigelow also directed “The Hurt Locker” which was a classic example of a Hollywood film serving as a recruitment/propaganda film for the US military.

David L. Robb’s excellent book “Operation Hollywood” demonstrates how many films and television productions have received Pentagon / DOD support in exchange for their input in the writing / rewriting of scripts. Although this is usually done to allow the military to create positive portrayals of the institution and encourage recruitment uptake, it is also done to allow the military to “white-wash” the less-than-favourable aspects of military history (“Black Hawk Down” is a good example of this) and maintain the fa├žade of certain psyops and cover-ups that have involved the military / industrial / complex. The CIA have precisely the same arrangement with various Hollywood film and television productions for precisely the same reasons. It appears that the same situation is also true of the likes of the FBI, NSA, NASA, United Nations and, for that matter, the Department of Energy. With regard to the latter, it would explain why the DoE and LLNL were involved with “Star Trek: Into Darkness” – a film that maintains the mainstream illusion (at least thematically) of the “official” narrative of 9/11 and simultaneously muddles and redirects attention away from the true nature of the directed free-energy technology on 9/11 cover-up.

Now we unravel more deeply! “Zero Dark Thirty” was co-produced by Annapurna Pictures. Annapurna Pictures was founded in April 2011 by Margaret Elizabeth "Megan" Ellison. Megan Ellison is the sister of David Ellison who is also a bit, big hitter in the Hollywood industry – he is a notable film producer, close associate of J.J. Abrams and the founder and CEO of Skydance Media. Skydance is responsible for producing (amongst others) the following feature-length films Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (both co-produced by J.J. Abrams and both assisted in production by the CIA), G.I. Joe: Retaliation, World War Z, Terminator Genisys, Jack Reacher, and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (all Pentagon / DOD associated), and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (DOD & CIA associated). They are also currently producing Top Gun: Maverick. This film, like the first Top Gun film, involves (multiple DOD / CIA collaborator) Jerry Bruckheimer and, I’ve no doubt, will (like Top Gun) almost certainly receive full DOD / Pentagon support. The short and long of it is that almost every production that has come out of Skydance Media has received DOD and / or CIA support.

And now for drumroll… are you ready? Skydance Media also produced… wait for it… Star Trek: Into Darkness AND, for that matter, Star Trek: Beyond!

But it doesn’t end there. Megan and David Ellison are the son and daughter (respectively) of Larry Ellison. It appears that all the opportunities that Megan and David have had in their lives in establishing their positions (both connectively and financially) in the Hollywood industry have been thanks to the position, wealth and power of their father. Larry Ellison is a businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who, according to numerous sources, is now listed as the fifth-wealthiest person in America and the seventh-wealthiest in the world – worth over $60 billion. Larry Ellison gained his wealth by co-founding (and serving as the CEO) of the Oracle (interesting name!) Corporation. His corporation began life in a rather telling manner. In the 1970s, Larry Ellison worked for Ampex Corporation where he was tasked with creating a database for the CIA – which he named “Oracle”. His Oracle Corporation grew out of this project. The following is taken from a 2014 Business Insider article by Julie Bort entitled “Larry Ellison Is A Billionaire Today Thanks To The CIA”: “The CIA was the customer that launched Oracle, cofounder Larry Ellison said on stage Sunday night during the opening keynote for the company's massive customer conference in San Francisco. "Our very first customer was the Central Intelligence Agency," he said.” Historically, Oracle has had many dealings with the likes of the CIA and The Pentagon. Are we seeing a pattern in the Ellison family?

To bring this piece to a conclusion, I want to briefly touch on 9/11 again. Thanks to Larry Ellison, Oracle seems to have played a substantial role in the 9/11 cover-up as well. Soon after the events at The Pentagon on 9/11, Larry Ellison had allegedly “already made arrangements with the army for more than two hundred staff from the damaged Pentagon to be accommodated in Oracle's Washington offices. A secure Special Response Center had been quickly established to provide support for government agencies needing security-cleared communications channels. Ellison said that in New York a similar effort was under way, including the creation of an "emergency office locator" to help identify the temporary office locations of thousands of displaced workers.” (Quote taken from “Softwar: An Intimate Portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle” by Matthew Symonds, pg. 402)

It has also been claimed that Todd Beamer, a 32 year old account manager at Ellison's Oracle Corporation in New Jersey, was an “alleged” passenger on Flight 93 on 9/11. Beamer was forever connected with the 9/11 cover story via the propaganda movie “United 93” as the “passenger” who (according to “official” sources and narrative) said “Let’s Roll” and then joined others in proceeding to overpower the alleged hijackers. Of course, there are so many flaws in the Flight 93 “narrative”, I wouldn’t know where to begin here. I suggest you gain a clearer perspective by looking at some of the research of Andrew Johnson and Mark Conlon. Links to some of the research into the “planes” on 9/11 subject are included in my previous article “The Truth About 9/11” -

So there you have it. By no means am I saying that the Ellison family are the ones we should hold exclusively to account for the subversive (in a negative sense) content and agendas of the aforementioned Hollywood films. They are only a part of a chain of entities that are steering and influencing these films. But, if nothing else, this article should give a little insight into the processes that are at work.  There is no such thing as a coincidence or harmless association when we read “thanks to…” in the end credits of a film – at least not when those being thanked have very clear and documented military, political, historical and social agendas. Like the sunglasses motif in the film “They Live” or the lines of code in “The Matrix”, it really is time to recognise the media for what it is. Stop treating it like it is good, harmless, all smiles and sunshine, friendly and helpful, and on your side. It may not have been all bad at one time, but today it pretty much stinks rotten and isn’t worthy of anybody’s time or attention. My advice is now, always try and ignore it whenever you can. If you do notice it, whenever it waves its glittery arms all over the place – screaming for your attention, learn to see it for what it is.

Until next time!
Carl (The Truth Seeker’s Guide)

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