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Bilderberg 2011

   As I type this, it’s five o’clock in the morning and I’m just winding down from a gig with my band. I know I’ve got to get some sleep, but I need to cover this before the weekend is up. The reason…

   It’s that time of year again, when various politicians, business leaders and individuals of global influence get together and discuss how they can f**k up the world even more! Yes, it’s Bilderberg time. These guys are like some bastardized parallel universe version of The A Team… lock them up in a room together and they’ll come out brandishing a new global pandemic agenda or false flag operation created using only 3 rolls of loo roll, a shopping trolley and a blowtorch! I can just imagine Kissinger shouting: "I pity za fool..."

   According to various websites and investigative journalists, The Bilderberg Group are meeting this weekend in Switzerland for their annual knees-up. This years details have been difficult to keep track of. According to an article in The Independent (of all places), the 2011 meeting was touted as being held back in February. Although this amounted to nothing (possibly a piece of disinformation), there are indications that the main event in St. Moritz may not be the only venue. Rumours persist that the gathering will be spread over several locations in and around Geneva. It may be that this has been the case for several years or has only begun this year. It makes sense that they would spread themselves about, given the increased exposure that the group has attained through various media outlets.

   For those who are still unfamiliar with Bilderberg, the “official” story states that the first meeting was held at Hotel De Bilderberg near Arnhem in The Netherlands in May of 1954. Described as an annual think-tank of European and American leaders, brought together to promote “Atlanticism” and create a better understanding of cross-cultural political, economic and military issues. “The guest list was drawn up by inviting two attendees from each nation, one of each to represent Conservatism and Liberalism… At the meetings, no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued.” (Source: Wikipedia)

   All sounds fine so far doesn’t it? The main problem with The Bilderberg Group is the way it conducts itself in almost total secrecy. There are never any press releases of any consequence, 99% of all mainstream media treats it as though it doesn’t exist. Venues and dates are only ever found out by researchers watching the global activity of innumerable venues large enough to house the event, or if an insider decides to leak the details. Indeed, it is only due to anonymous whistle blowers that any of the meetings minutes or subject matters have reached the public domain (there is no way to be sure that those documents that have, are complete or uncensored). You might say that leaders have a right to conduct themselves in privacy?

   This is all well and good until you look at who has attended, their possible connections, the timing with which certain individuals have appeared there and finally, what is discussed.

The Cast List:   
   There have been hundreds (possibly thousands now) of attendees. Rather than list them all here, I’ll pick out a few of interest. The usual suspects with “Agenda” connections that have been in regular or semi-regular attendance include: David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Alan Greenspan, Paul Wolfowitz, Paul Volcker and Timothy Geithner.

   There has also been royalty: Prince Charles, Prince Phillip, Juan Carlos I of Spain, Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands and Prince Bernard of The Netherlands (who founded the meetings and has a direct involvement in the 1976 Lockheed affair and (allegedly) dubious connections to the German Nazi Party to his his name).

   There have been countless industries and businesses represented by their C.E.O.s including: Philips Electronics, Shell Oil, Electrolux, WHSmiths, Tesco, Kraft, Google, Heinz, Microsoft, Nokia…. The list is endless.

   Politicians include Kenneth Clark, George Osbourne, Ed Balls, Margaret Thatcher, Paddy Ashdown… again hundreds (even more of significance that I will come to in a moment).
If what is discussed is a forum of free thought and not a policy influencing/making operation, then why do these people even bother attending?! Imagine this: You own a business. Every year you get together with hundreds of other business owners and talk shop. You discuss strategy and forecasts, business models and planning. When you leave, nothing of what you have discussed will in any way whatsoever translate into the way you conduct business for the next year…

   Rubbish! The only way in which you could avoid the influence of this meeting would be to erase every conversation you had /heard from your memory. And lets face it, if you DID do that… you wouldn’t be a very good business person!

Coincidental Timing:
   One of the stranger things about The Bilderberg meetings, is there uncanny ability to predict the next national leader…  Both Bill Clinton and Tony Blair attended the year before they were elected to office. Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama attended together in the months before the 2008 US elections. Strange coincidence that!

The Leaked Minutes:   
   Despite the fact that you could dispute the authenticity of the minutes that have been leaked from several meetings, they still make for interesting reading. Iraq was discussed with a militaristic attitude prior to both wars. The Petro-Dollar system was discussed the year before it’s introduction, as was the IMF. The North American, African and European Unions were all discussed years before their inception, as was a single currency. Strange that by chance these things came to pass, after the fact.

   What is most disturbing is the language used at these meetings by certain individuals. Routes to depopulation are discussed with regularity. As is the use of the media to “better educate” people (we all know how the media “educates” us!).
With regard to publicising threats to the public, the minutes of the 1980 meeting in Aachen has a chilling observation. One individual (suspected to be Henry Kissinger. All members are listed but not referenced by name when they spoke) was quoted as saying: “If the danger is real it makes sense to warn about it; if it is not, the warning does no great harm”.

The 2011 Meeting:   
   This years agenda is worrying. Although we have no way of knowing what will be discussed overall, one subject may have an effect bigger than many of us realise. On the list for discussion this year is: Internet Censorship. I’ve noticed that Chris R. Hughes (co-founder of one of my pet hates: Facebook), Eric Schmidt (executive chairman of Google) and Jeff Bezos (founder and C.E.O. of Amazon) are in attendance, which give credence to the possibility of that subject.

   Media censorship has been banded about a lot recently. There is much interest in the privacy of those in positions of influence (a cover for censorship if ever I saw it.) and criticism of the alternative community and their awakening to the global situation. Those with “The Agenda” would love nothing more than to shut us up!

   We have it within our power to draw people to the possibility of a new perspective on the world around them. It’s daunting speaking out about such things sometimes. The fear of reprisals and intimidation kept me from putting fingers to keyboard for a long… or was it that I was just apathetic and couldn’t be really bothered! I’m very thick skinned though. I don’t intimidate easily and I’m far too long in the tooth to care what anybody else thinks of me! Unless it’s good of course!!

   Ultimately, what really matters is the truth. We can be as free as we want to be, if we care enough.

   If you want to know more about Bilderberg and its connections to the larger scope, I can recommend the following:
  • Alex Jones / Prisonplanet / Infowars (he is listed in my blog links to the right)
  • Ian R Crane (Again, in the links)
  • Daniel Estulin & Jim Tucker (Bilderberg researchers with years of experience documenting them. You can find much of their work through Alex Jones)
  • Tony Gosling and (don’t let the biblical pictures put you off! He has many of the minutes and other documents available to download for free from his site)
  • If you get the chance to see the Channel 4 Documentary by Jon Ronson called: “The Secret Rulers Of The World”, It’s worth a look as well.
   I haven’t been prompted to do so (in case you're wondering!), but I also want to do a shout out for my fellow blogger Ben Emlyn Jones and his blog: HPANWO. He’s written some very incisive stuff about The New World Order and I hope you’ll check him out by clicking the link in my Recommended Blogs box to the right.
   Off to bed now. I’ll either dream about a world without these power crazed maniacs or a world with that group of girls dancing by the stage last night!!
Till Next Time.
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