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WANTED: Dead Or Alive! - The New World Order

   Lately, I’m reminded of a line I regularly sing when out with my band: “Meet the new boss…same as the old boss!”. If you don’t know the reference (And you should!), the lyrics are from The Who’s seminal classic: Wont Get Fooled Again. For the sake of this blog, I think they should more appropriately be:
“Meet the new Agenda… same as the old Agenda!”.

   Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: The NEW New World Order! Same as the old one, just given a new lick of paint and a new label. The past few weeks have presented us with an incredible and (if it wasn’t so tragic) almost comical insight into new developments forming in “The Agenda”. To the novice, it would almost appear as if the “powers that be” don’t know their arse from their head. I’m not sure though that this situation can be dismissed so flippantly.

   As I’ve written in previous posts, I tend to be a bit pragmatic and as a result I don’t buy into the whole N.W.O. zeitgeist in it’s entirety. I must be clear though: I never say I don’t believe it at all though. I struggle with some of the Annunaki bits and I also don’t buy into some of the 2012 Apocalypse / Rapture / End Times stuff (my non-denomination / almost non-spiritual ethos gets in the way a bit!). I do believe that there is an ultra powerful, minority cabal trying to steer the world according to a loose-ish plan. I call it “The Agenda“ (because agendas are flexible and subject to change), but I’m also ok with the New World Order tag.

   I read an article a few days ago (I won’t name the source because I don’t think it was worth the webpage it was written on!!), pointing out the possibility of the Euro currency collapsing and the immanent ceiling smash of the US debt. This individual pointed out a load of other old bobbins and then declared: “THE NEW WORLD ORDER (if there ever was one) HAS FAILED”.

   As I chuckled to myself I thought, “bless ‘em, if only it were that easy!”. Not wanting to be a pessimist, I really do hope the day comes soon when enough people spread the word, stand defiantly against these N.W.O. filth that call themselves human beings and finally stop them. I’m just not sure that we’re there yet though.

   Proving a “conspiracy” or cover up is the zenith of any researchers work. In my early days, I remember getting really excited when I managed to obtain the PDF minutes of over half a dozen or so Bilderberg Group meetings. I also remember how disappointed I was when I naively thought I could get the detailed minutes for every meeting there had ever been! It was rewarding though, that I had managed to prove its existence to myself and consequently opened up other roads of research.

   With The Agenda it is much harder. I sometimes wish there was a file I could present to people that has “Top Secret” across the top and has a detailed confession of intent signed by the perpetrators. I am convinced The Agenda exists (you can see the ramifications all around us every day through political, military and commercial conduct) although I think that stating the intentions and timetable of it, does the “Truth” cause an injustice. It also opens the door for articles like the one I referred to a few paragraphs back. Because it didn’t play out as we insisted, were we were wrong?… Actually, how can anybody know it’s over or never existed if we never knew what the sequence of events were to begin with?! You also have to bare in mind that those who perpetrate the agenda are not all on the same page. Perhaps their ultimate goal is the same, but their methods sometimes differ.

   The shifting of the ground in the last few weeks and months has thrown a curveball at our perceptions of this agenda. An example would be the curious chain of events regarding the International Monetary Fund (IMF) & The World Bank, which many believe to be one of the main weapons in the creation of the N.W.O. It develops with the arrest of IMF director Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK) on sexual assault charges. DSK was believed to making plans to run against Nicolas Sarkozy in the next French presidential elections. It was also believed that DSK sought to replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency with a de facto IMFUN financial tool commonly known as special drawing rights (SDRs), a plan which China fully endorsed in 2009.

   Here's a section from an article by Victor Thorn called: “Was Arrest of Top IMF Bankster Part of Planned Sting Operation?":
“To show his resolve, DSK pulled the trigger on Feb. 10 via an IMF report that specifically mentioned the introduction of this supranational one-world currency that challenged the dollar’s dominance. CNN’s website reported the matter, as did other sources. Back in January, DSK appeared on BBC Radio to speak of his plans for a global central bank. He boasted, “Never in the past has an institution like the IMF been as necessary as it has been today. . . . Now is the time to do it, and I think we’re ready to do it.””

   To muddy the waters more so, DSK was a close friend of Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou. It is well documented that Greece has received substantial financial bailouts from the IMF (via The EU) which has failed to secure its economy. If DSK had remained in his position, it is possible the following could have occurred: Yet more bailout would be issued unsuccessfully, the US economy could have collapsed immediately and permanently, the Petro-Dollar system for trade in Oil could have collapsed and China would almost certainly become the largest economy in the world. DSK was charged with allegations though and removed from his position awaiting trial.

   This week, we’ve had an E.Coli outbreak in Europe. Ignoring the oddness that this strain is resistant to over 8 types of antibiotics (unheard of before with E.Coli), Germany and France immediately blamed Spain for the outbreak, which has had a devastating effect on their already faltering economy. Coincidence abound, Spain was also due an IMF bailout any day. The true source of the outbreak (in Germany, I believe) has been revealed and an apology issued to Spain. The damage however has been done. Russia has allegedly decided not to import European fruit and vegetables for the foreseeable future. In another twist, Spain has also been implicated (allegedly!) in the original financing of Cluster Bombs that have been recently used on civilians in Libya. Cluster Bombs are apparently illegal because the they disperse as mini-mines that can go unexploded for years.

   And it continues… Today, Germany has told various countries (those on the IMF bailout list) that they are not doing enough to reduce the deficit. They have blamed early retirement, low working hours, etc., for the economic woes (blaming the masses again!). They have also told them that they probably won’t get further bailouts and that they should consider abandoning the Euro and reverting to their former currencies! Spain and Greece have been considering this for weeks now. Indeed, 60,000 Greek protesters gathered in Syntagma Square in Athens in the last few days to voice their concerned about the economic situation.

   All this pales into the background if you consider that money isn’t really real anyway! The paper currency we use is just a usuary note based on the gold reserves that a country continuously re-loans out to all and sundry. In fact, it’s not really even that! It’s just a data transaction… But I digress into a subject for a later date! If you want learn more about the way Global Economics work, I suggest checking out Max Keiser of The Keiser Report on RT news.

   So what does all this mean? If the endgame needs all countries to lose their sovereignty, this can be achieved either through unified states (countries are totally dependent on each other to survive) OR economic isolation (countries have nowhere to turn for support). With this in mind, the collapse of economies becomes irrelevant next to the bigger picture. The individual that wrote the article I referred to much earlier in this post, pointed out that single currencies and unified countries across one continent was all part of the New World Order plan… with total globalisation and control of the world populace as the ultimate goal.

   Well the second part (I believe) is true. But I’m not sure whether one thing was mean’t to lead inexorably into the other… this was only assumed! Who is to say what the short term strategy is? Was the plan delayed or derailed at some point? This is why I refer to it as The Agenda.. Remember, it is flexible and subject to change. Regardless of the current shape of nations and economies, the road to the end was always mean’t to include: increased fear, anxiety, chaos, upheaval, uncertainty, ignorance and desperation… All in order to make us more grateful and compliant when the inevitable arrives. We’ll welcome it as our saviour with open arms! Will we S**t!! If that happens, I’m going out the same way I came into this world: kicking and screaming!

    I think what we’re seeing now is a shifting of the pieces… a transition into the next phase. We need to be mindful that even if we don’t know the shape of things to come, we must be ready. I always say this again and again, but it’s the best advice I can give anyone: Learn your stuff, be aware and spread the word. Your perception is your greatest weapon. Use it to shine a light of truth in those dark corners where lies and deceit make their abode. Use it to expose the rest that sits in plain sight... the stuff that we see, but others maybe don't.

   I’ll leave you with some gems from a truly wonderful human being (I say, as I try not to swallow my own tongue!). These are the words of the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski:

“The whole world has become politically awakened” the people are becoming "consciously aware of global inequities, inequalities, lack of respect, exploitation.”
"Mankind is now politically awakened and stirring” which “makes it a much more difficult context for any major power, including currently the leading world powers.”

Let’s show him what we can do, eh?!
Till Next Time…
Peace & Long Life!
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.

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