Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Guide - 2012

   Welcome folks and a very belated Happy New Year you all. Sorry for the lateness of my first article of the year. I unfortunately suffered some damage to my back over the New Year, which has prevented me from sitting, writing, typing… well most things actually! I am still in considerable discomfort but I’m feeling better by the day.

   On the plus side it has given me the opportunity to do a load of reading, which is always a good thing. I’ve been itching to re-read some Orwell and Milton for a while and I’ve finally got around to getting through some truth related books: “Operation Hollywood” by David L. Robb, “The Age of Manipulation” by Wilson Bryan Key, Peter Reich’s “A Book of Dreams” (many thanks again Andrew, for the copy!) and a stack more.

   I love to read and I always impress the importance of literature to anyone who listens to me! That said I’ve missed getting about, work, gigging, etc. I hoped to kick off a week or two ago, with some ruminations about 2011/2012. Whilst it’s probably all been said now, I can’t help feeling that this year will be the game changer.

   There is something fundamentally important about the times we live in. 2011 was a ransacked year on multiple levels. The political and social upheaval was immense. Regardless of your opinions of how genuine or manipulated the Arab Spring was, the implications of Mark Duggan and the (ahem) “UK Riots”, the curious nature of the overall Occupy Movement (something that initially promised so much), NATO’s attempts to see how many nations they can topple in record time… it shows that the Agenda players are most certainly positioning themselves for something big.

   What’s next on the cards… who can say. It’s a given that Iran is in their sights, some sort of manipulated economic catastrophe is almost certainly imminent and I would not be in the least bit surprised if the Olympics turns into the event of the year (in ways that we can’t yet fathom).

   As for the whole 2012, end of the world, rapture, Nibiru, Comet Elenin stuff, I don’t know personally. I suspect it may all come and go without event… we’ll have to wait and see. It’s troubling, never the less, that there does seem to be some bizarre stuff going on. I was truly surprised to learn that there was, in excess of, 150 (6.0 magnitude or above) earthquakes across the world last year and, when you look at events like the Japanese Tsunami, it appears that this is not just a case of “business as usual”.

   The animals were also behaving oddly! There were huge numbers of birds literally falling out the sky, thousands of fish washing up dead, species appearing thousands of miles away from their usual stomping grounds… what’s going on?!  Is it just a case of nature’s little aberrations (!) , toxicological, weather modification or something as yet unconsidered?

   More troubling than ever is the rapid programme of social engineering and perception management. I am appalled, more by the day, with that which is being pedalled by the mainstream media, social trends and education system as “acceptable”. I’m no prude but surely it can’t be right for people to be so numb toward morally bankrupt behaviour? Whilst I am always heartened by the increasing number of people who are having their own awakening experiences (in whatever form it may take), there are also increasing amounts of people who are being steered to perfection. Their ignorance is staggering and their apathy borders on “not even spitting on you, if you were on fire”….

    What state we will be in by this time next year, is anyone’s guess. Only time will tell…
I remain optimistic though. I was a classic product of the system for several (prolonged and hazily recalled!) periods in my life and if I can initiate my own process of metanoia, then there is hope for anyone! As for the future… we make our own.

Till Next Time...
The Truth Seeker’s Guide.


captron52 said...

Good to hear you are staying optimistic as am I. But it does seem so many things going on makeds one wonder . Hope you and yours are doing really great!

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Cheers for dropping by Cap.
Peace my friend & all the best!
Carl (The Guide)