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Is The UK Government Backstepping On Swine Flu?

   An interesting set of developments occurred in the last few days that grabbed my curiosity. I was minutes from heading out the door, when I caught a MSN bulletin (a rare thing I might add) suggesting that the UK government ‘may’ have got it’s tactics wrong with regard to medicating the population in anticipation of 2009’s false flag, “Swine Flu Pandemic”. The announcer also stated that, in doing so, the government had subjected groups of individuals to “potential health risks”. I remember shouting at the TV: “I could have told them that obvious fact 3 years ago!” Trying to keep an eye on the various mainstream outlets for the next few days was also interesting, given that there was little further coverage on the matter. Despite this, I did manage to find a few articles drifting around the net shedding some light.

   It seems that the story revolves around the so called ‘wonder drug’ Tamiflu which was used to prevent and treat influenza in the past and mass distributed to hundreds of thousands of people (if not more) in the UK during the scaremongering period of 2009. Tamiflu was discovered in 1999 by the Californian biotech company, Gilead Sciences and is currently manufactured by Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche.

   Roche’s studies on Tamiflu suggested that it reduced the number of patients who needed to be hospitalised after becoming infected with swine flu. These findings have been recently called into question by Sir Iain Chambers (founder of The Cochrane Collaboration, “a non-profit group who analyse medical evidence through results from the world's best medical research studies”). He says, “We have invested millions of pounds on stockpiling Tamiflu on the basis of a paper that presented the results of 12 trials, only two of which have been published… the investigation shows Roche refused to provide data to evaluate these trials.”

   Both Gilead Sciences and Roche have a colourful history regarding pharmaceutical development that deserves a thorough examination (no pun intended!). As for the health risks, the reported side effects have included nausea, nightmares (in children), and narcolepsy… although many others have been cited.

   The truth about Tamiflu goes much deeper than these adverse reactions though and it seems that here is where the MSM will not dare to tread… for to discuss it would invoke a public scandal. The subsequent Swine Flu vaccination (and many other vaccinations) proved an even greater risk to the public. The treatment contained the deadly adjuvant Squalene (which wreaks havoc with the human immune system and was listed in the EU as a bio-
weapon), the vaccine had been sitting on the shelf for an eternity and was shipped out with virtually no trials on humans, it created huge profits for Big Pharma, it had already been shown to potentially trigger auto-immune diseases and famously highlighted government ineptitude during the 1976 Swine Flu outbreak when the vaccination killed hundreds and left others with the crippling Guillain-Barre syndrome.

   Most disturbing of all were the attempts by several western governments (in tandem with the fear tactics of the mainstream media) to create a mandatory vaccination programme. Although this never extended as widely as they hoped (due in thanks to a surprisingly large number of well-informed individuals and a lacklustre uptake), the UK Government’s own documents show that large scale, mandatory treatment was well into the advance planning stages.

   The callous nature of the TPTB continues unabated even now. There were many unreported deaths, not from Swine Flu, but rather as a reaction to the treatment. These statistics were bundled in with ‘official’ number of Swine ‘FLU’ fatalities. During the 2011/2012 winter period, numerous seasonal flu deaths were reclassified as Swine Flu deaths. Why?!! Examples of government thinking can be witnessed in the documents “Draft Strategic National Vaccine Plan” (11/26/08) & The House Of Commons Swine flu vaccination - Standard Note: SN/SC/5164 - Author: Dr Gavin Colthart. The UK NHS Swine Flu Survival Guide pamphlet also makes for interesting reading (between the lines, of course!)

   There is a much more important issue here though. The media, huge corporations, medical institutions, the government… all colluding to try to get all of us to expose our health to potentially life threatening risks. What the hell are they playing at?! You only have to due any peripheral research into a company like Monsanto to know that it ain't good anyway! The rhetoric, after the Swine Flu ‘Pandemic’ amounted to nothing was “prevention and luck saved the day”. Quite frankly this is a cover story on the scale of a steaming great pile of horse manure! It's possible that this recent touch of truth regarding Swine Flu will open the gate to larger exposure, but I doubt it. Disclosure would raise far to many uncomfortable questions.

   As for you, I can only make a suggestion: If they ever tell you vaccinations are good for you and that you need to have one, I suggest you run for the door as fast as you can. This might sound like scare tactics from the flipside of the coin but don't take it from me... Do your own homework, get informed and make up your own mind. You’ll be glad you did.

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